Kim Kardashian, Robert F. Kennedy and why Donald Trump Scares the Hell out of the GOP


If you ask any American who Kim Kardashian is – other than perhaps one of her 34 million Twitter followers – they’ll likely tell you she is a vapid, self(ie) obsessed brunette with a propensity for public displays of nudity who leads a reality show band of dysfunctional misfits. They’d be right of course, but that wouldn’t be whole story.

That characterization would miss the fact that she is a brilliant marketer and businesswoman who has successfully harnessed rapidly evolving social media for a decade, and in turn attracted the attention of millions of young fans at a time when young people are notorious for having short attention spans. She has in turn turned those millions of fans into hundreds of millions of dollars not only for herself and her family, but for E! and a wide swath of the American publishing industry.

Good or bad, Kim Kardashian is an American cultural icon. So too is Donald Trump. When it comes to self promotion, Kim’s a piker as Trump has been at it for almost four decades – although she has ten times as many Twitter followers.

And now, in perhaps the greatest example of self promotion in human history, Donald Trump is running for President. And he just might win. In the world of political media, where seasoned politicians have spent years cultivating messages and controlling coverage, Trump is running the table. Although there are currently 17 candidates for the GOP nomination, from a media perspective there is really only one. He is sucking all of the oxygen out of the room… and as a result many seasoned and successful politicians will not survive for long.

And he’s doing it on someone else’s dime, despite the fact that he could afford to spend 10 times what everyone else in the field could, combined. Just as Kim Kardashian has leveraged the media to benefit herself, Donald trump has leveraged the media to put himself at the front of the pack. While Rick Perry, the extraordinarily successful governor of Texas is eliminating the paychecks of his staff, Trump has spent nary a dime advertising his campaign. Just as you may not like the way Kardashian gets coverage, she’s very good at it… and so is Trump. It’s neither the fault of Kardashian or Trump that America is celebrity obsessed. They simply take advantage of it.

But to write Trump off as a mere celebrity would be a mistake. He’s that, but much more. He is a consummate operator. Although he was born with a quarter billion dollar silver spoon in his mouth, to his credit he has improved on what he was born with twenty fold. Certainly there have been very public stumbles along the way, but each time he has recovered, spectacularly.

For those gnashing their teeth as to how it’s possible that a celebrity, with what might charitably called shaky conservative principals, could be leading the GOP field, they’re missing the forest for the trees. Donald Trump is not leading the field just because he’s a celebrity. He’s not leading the field because he said Mexico is operating a modern day Mariel boatlift and he’s going to build a wall to stop it. He’s not leading because he said something rude about Megyn Kelly. While those all have contributed, he’s leading because Americans think he can and will get something done… particularly building the wall.

In A Thousand Days: John F. Kennedy in the White House Arthur M. Schlesinger recounts a story about the president’s brother Robert F. Kennedy… if I remember it correctly! As Attorney General RFK noticed a sign on the GW Parkway indicating the exit for CIA headquarters. He called someone in charge to get the sign removed. Months later the sign was still there. He called again. Months later the wheels of bureaucracy had still not turned and the sign was still there. Finally Kennedy called the Parkway gardener and told him to take it down personally… and it was gone.

Americans see that nothing works in Washington. America has become that sign. Cameras catch thousands of illegals crossing into the country every single day for decades and yet Washington can do nothing. Regardless of how much money is spent on welfare it keeps growing. The tax code is so complex that the people who wrote it don’t even understand it. Government has become V’Ger from the first Star Trek movie; it’s taken on a life of its own, with no master.

Rightly or wrongly, Americans think that Trump can be government’s master. He may not say the right things, he may be a crony capitalist of the highest order, he may have an ego the size of the Empire State Building… but he gets things done. America sees itself as the Wolman Rink of the world, and the Washington establishment is the Koch administration.

Sadly, the GOP establishment and the media don’t get that. In what is perhaps the most inane interview in political history, Bradley Blakeman, a former Bush administration official complained that Trump doesn’t have the infrastructure, the boots on the ground that campaigns usually have. He decries the fact that Trump has not announced who his advisors are, hasn’t spent any money on a campaign and doesn’t have what’s necessary to get voters out to the primaries. Americans don’t care if Trump spends a dollar on his campaign. They don’t care that he doesn’t have an army of advisors telling him the right thing to say, the name of the president of Burundi or what the new EPA regulations stipulate about CO2 emissions. Americans don’t want someone who can ace a civics test. They want someone who can get things done. Trump does that.

Blakeman, like the GOP establishment, misses the fundamental point. The point of campaigns is to get voters excited and get them to vote, not to build infrastructure or hire campaign strategists. The establishment fears Trump because he can win without them. He doesn’t need them or their cabal to succeed. Like Ronald Reagan before him, Trump can and does take his case directly to the American people.  And if a president doesn’t need the establishment… their power is gone… and with it their privilege.   Then they will have to figure out how to compete in the real world, where effort and results drive success, something they are not particularly accustomed to doing.


Of course, Reagan had a long track record of success in government experience before he entered the White House. Trump does not. For six years we’ve lived with the consequences of a president who has no executive experience in government. It’s been a disaster. But it’s been a disaster not because Barack Obama doesn’t know what he’s doing, but rather because Barack Obama is an anti-American anti-free market narcissist with dictatorial proclivities. Donald Trump too is a narcissist and may have dictatorial proclivities and none of his books are titled Wealth of Nations… but he’s nothing if not rabidly pro-American.

Actual voting is still months away and by January Trump may have faded from view like most of the males who enter the Kardashian universe. But until then, Donald Trump is giving Americans something they crave, someone who promises to go to Washington and change the rules, break the bureaucracy and get something done. In the process he’s doing the nation a great service that hopefully will outlive his campaign… reminding Americans that that the business of Washington isn’t to perpetuate its own power, but rather to serve at the behest of the people.

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Was it just yesterday (or this morning) that Trump made his immigration plan public?
It is comprehensive.
It takes advantage of laws already on the books.
Already Jeff Sessions has endorsed this plan.
Already Gov Scott Walker is favorably comparing Trump’s plan to his own.

In other words, as “OnTheIssues” points out, Trump is showing himself to be a Hard-Core Conservative.

I hear those on in the media whine and complain that Donald Trump is playing on his “celebrity.” You would think that is a new phenomenon. It ain’t.

George Washington was THE celebrity of his day.
Andrew Jackson played on his celebrity all the way to the White House.
FDR was widely known, a celebrity of sorts, and parlayed that into a White House stint.
David Axelrod, one of the most brilliant strategists to ever hit the campaign scene, understood that. He arranged for al little known, obscure state Senator from Illinois to give the key note speech at the DNC national convention. He built a “cult of personality” around Obama, completely ignoring Obama’s lack of experience to be fit for office, instead making Obama into a “celebrity.” Not much different from the tactics of Kim Kardashian. As Joe Biden said, a “young, articulate, good looking” black man became the hottest ticket going.

Trump knows all of this. And the Bushies and the Chamber of Commerce just don’t know how the hell to handle it.

@Nanny G: I wouldn’t call Trump a “hard core conservative” He’s not smart enough to realize that the term “Assault Weapon” is a coined phrase from the Lefties.

For assault weapon ban, waiting period, & background check

I generally oppose gun control, but I support the ban on assault weapons and I support a slightly longer waiting period to purchase a gun. With today’s Internet technology we should be able to tell within 72-hours if a potential gun owner has a record.

To my best recollection I’ve given 47 seconds to Kim K. Mainly noting that her ass is as big as Mooches.

@upChuck.Liberals: I wouldn’t call Trump a “hard core conservative”

That was not MY designation of Trump.
It was OnTheIssues designation based on a weighting of his every statement on various issues.
It is only a theory – please take it with a grain of salt!
Social Questions: Liberals and libertarians agree in choosing the less-government answers, while conservatives and populists agree in choosing the more-restrictive answers.

Economic Questions:
Conservatives and libertarians agree in choosing the less-government answers, while liberals and populists agree in choosing the more-restrictive answers.

Donald Trump scored the following on the VoteMatch questions:
Social Score 23%
Economic Score 75%

Where the candidate’s Social score meets the Economic score on the grid I linked to is the candidate’s political philosophy. Based on the above score, Donald Trump is a Hard-Core Conservative.

@Nanny G: You sneered at Trump after the debate–has hubby won you over? You think he’s a Conservative?
Saw Evangelical preacher say he doesn’t know a single clergy member who likes Trump.This time 4 years ago Michelle Bachmann was the Conservative darling–then Perry–then Gingrich then a couple more I’ve mercifully forgotten–then Mitt

Whether Mr. Trump is the answer to pare this Leviathan government so that”… the business of Washington isn’t to perpetuate its own power , but rather to serve at the behest of the people..” is the million dollar question for Conservatives not George Will and company. The latter thrives off the current state of affairs and openly derides, the “little people” ,who read his prose in an attempt to uplift them in the next stage of Civility as defined by the old guard RNC.

When Mr. Trump advocates term limits for all in Washington and ends The Hunger Games motif via crony capitalism, that is creating winners and losers on the backs of the taxpayers, he will get my attention.

An image found on line:

I suppose this is open to various interpretations, depending on the game that’s being played.

Donald Trump’s Immigration Plan

I’ll give him this: He’s more specific than any of his republican opponents. They’re definitely going to have a big problem with this guy. I think he’s in it all the way to November 2016, no matter what they do.