Obama Warns Congress…If You Vote Down Iran Deal It’s Going To Happen Anyway


obama middle finger
Just one more circumstance Obama is giving Congress the middle finger:

[Josh Earnest] predicted the international economic sanctions would collapse and Iran would get the economic benefits it has sought anyway — and noted that even if American sanctions stay in place Iran has far more at stake economically with sanctions from other countries around the world.

“The problem is Iran is going to get all that money and the United States doesn’t get anything for it,” he said, predicting Iran would get sanctions relief from the international community even if they don’t reduce their stockpile, centrifuges or all-but-dismantle their plutonium-producing reactor.

A vote to kill the deal is a “vote to allow Iran to get off scot-free and to get all the sanctions relief.”

So basically Obama won’t object if the supposed coalition just says eff it and lifts the sanctions…especially if Congress doesn’t do what he says.


If Earnest believes the rest of the coalition is so hellbent on lifting sanctions that Congress’s recalcitrance will tank everything, why would he trust the coalition to reimpose “snapback sanctions” if/when Iran is caught cheating on the deal later? What he’s saying here, essentially, is that the economic pressure on Europe and Russia to start trading with Iran again is so intense that Congress can either get with this program or get out of the way. If that’s true then it’s ludicrous to think the Russians or Europeans will ever agree to reimpose sanctions in the future. Iran would have to cheat in an unrealistically flagrant way to force their hands. Whether he realizes it or not, Earnest is telling you here that the punitive parts of the deal are a farce.

This is, in other words, Obama’s latest attempt to tell Congress that his agenda will move whether they like it or not, except this time he’s willing to make sure an enemy power benefits lavishly if Congress tries to defy him.

Not to mention the endaround he is doing by submitting the deal to the UN prior to the Senate voting on it.

This embarrassment should of been impeached long ago.

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Nah impeachment means nothing
What would we get Biden?
I shudder
Until the populous gets its act together we will continue to be saddled with politicos who
Screw us all for their own narcissistic aggrandizement
Democrats are making a big mistake if they think this will win them seats or the presidency, look for a revolt from his own party, not all dens want to sacrifice themselves for his holiness

This embarrassment should of been impeached long ago.

How was this embarrassment allowed to even run for president? Not vetted by the FBI. No American birth certificate. Using someone else’s social security number. 39 Social Security numbers connected to him. Fake Selective Service registration. The Constitution states that to run for president, BOTH of their parents must be US Citizens, and obama’s dad never was.

How did the democrats get him qualified to run for president in all 50 states? I asked my Idaho politicians that question, and found out all that Idaho requires is a letter from the political party stating that their candidate is legal to run for president, and our Secretary of State IS LEGALLY BOUND TO ACCEPT IT. I wrote my politicians back, and asked them to introduce a law that states that candidates must include their Social Security number, and a copy of their birth certificate. I suggest those who don’t want another illegal president to ask their politicians to do the same, and include the following links:

Fake birth certificate (http://www.wnd.com/2011/05/296881/)
His using someone else’s Social Security number (http://www.wnd.com/2011/09/344461/) and (http://www.wnd.com/2010/05/152773/)
His name linked to at least 39 DIFFERENT Social Security numbers (http://www.wnd.com/2011/02/261033/)
His fake Selective Service registration (http://www.wnd.com/2012/03/sheriff-joe-wants-obamas-original-draft-card/)

For citizenship only one parent needs to be us born or child can be born anywhere in USA by anyone.
Quit making nonsensical ill informed arguments as those are for liberals.

@Matt: #3
We are both correct. The anchor baby was passed saying that someone being born in the USA is an automatic citizen if their parents agree to it. If the parents don’t want their baby to be a citizen of the USA, they aren’t.

Article II, Section 1, Paragraph 5, of the U.S. Constitution says that for a person to run for president, they must be a “natural born citizen”, and at the time the Constitution was written, that meant that both parents had to be American citizens.

No added law has changed the “natural born citizen” part of the Constitution, so it still stands. Each person will decide for themselves what “natural born citizen” means.

I would like the law to be changed so that a person’s parents and grandparents have to be BORN here so that they have DEAP roots in the USA. Too many people are moving here, but trying to keep the way they lived where they came from, and one generation isn’t always enough to change a person’s way of wanting to live.

Obama will do whatever he wants. The dems in Congress will “reluctantly” support the deal. If that still isn’t enough to get the deal passed, he will merely do what he has been doing all along which is whatever he wants. There will be lots of whining but no action on the part of Congress. Remember Libya and the War Powers Act? If a legal challenge is made to his thumbing his nose at our laws, Roberts and the other legislative clerks on SCOTUS will decide that since he allegedly had the best interests of the country at heart, it is constitutional. Separation of powers, laws, and the Constitution need not apply.

@Matt: There is quite a difference in ‘citizenship’ and natural born citizen. The presidency requires ‘natural born’ Natural born mean that both parents have to be American citizens when you are born. Obama had a British/African father (if BHO Sr is really his father) , Cruz had only one parent, Rubio had no citizen parents, Jindal had no citizen parents. NONE of those are eligible to be president.

@another vet: it’s a treaty so it should require a 67% vote to be approved. They will violate the law, they will reject it by a 51% or greater vote, Obammy will veto and they will not get a 67% vote to override. This is totally illegal, but Obammy has no respect for this country or it’s laws.

Picture says it all

@Redteam:Right now we are a republic in name only.

There is not a single good reason for this deal to have been negotiated, other than to satisfy Obama’s political determination.

It is a major event, and is absolutely wrong.

We do not even know what Iran’s current capabilities really are. And we have no way to find out what they are. Handing the Ayatollah the means to develop nuclear arms is nothing if not insane.

@James Raider: it was a complete surrender to Iran. They stole Obama skivvies and made him smile about it. He betrayed this country in every way possible in this deal. He’s a disgrace.

@Redteam: do not let the traitor Lurch off any hooks

@Budvarakbar: Lurch is not even worthy of mention. He was guilty of felony treason back in the 70’s, he hasn’t gotten better. Just imagine how a military veteran must feel to realize that he is guilty of treason of his country. That would be hard to live with.

@Redteam: #6
Let us also not forget that if an American woman gives birth in a foreign country, her baby is as much American as if it had been born in the USA.

@Redteam: #11

He betrayed this country in every way possible in this deal.

He has betrayed this country every way he could ever since he became president. That is his mission.

I am convinced Obama’s goal is to weaken the United States to the point that we cannot exert pressure internationally to impose our will. While we usually impose this will in the name of peace and safety, helping others withstand stronger forces, Obama and his ilk believe that all the US does around the world is evil. So, our power should be curbed to make the world “fair” ( allowing, of course, Russia and China to strengthen and do “good” here and there).

Apparently, an extrapolation of this idea is that Israel blocks all efforts at “peace” in the region, being selfishly more interested in their own survival and existence than in what terrorists want and, being nuclear armed, are just being hard-headed about it. So, it may be Obama’s brilliant plan to make THIS scenario more “fair” by handing Iran a nuclear-tipped spear. Perhaps that will make everyone more “reasonable”.

Meanwhile, he unilaterally reduces our nuclear weaponry and conventional military.


if an American woman gives birth in a foreign country, her baby is as much American

That’s not the issue. And if that child’s father is also an American citizen, then the child is natural born. If that child’s father is not an American citizen then the child is a ‘naturalized citizen’, but not a ‘natural born’ citizen. That one fits Cruz.
Rubio and Jindal did not have American citizen parents but are ‘naturalized citizens’ due to the fact they were born in the US.


That is his mission.

and he’s accomplishing his mission with many abetting companions.

I have no idea why our military has not taken the necessary actions to remove this administration from office.
If anyone was ever worthy it is the current inhabitants of the White House..

@Bobachek: It is not a mission of the US Military and should not be. We are not a military dictatorship. While it’s true that many of Obama’s actions are treasonous, he will only leave office on Jan 20 1917 in an orderly transfer of power.

@Redteam: #17
I should have been more specific. I was referring to those who say that if an American couple have a baby in a foreign country, the baby is not American.

@Bobachek: #19

I have no idea why our military has not taken the necessary actions to remove this administration from office.

I have been wondering myself. I don’t know the laws concerning such an issue. Are the general more concerned about their careers than their country? Do they know what happens to the top officers in the military when a country is taken over? Have they or their families been threatened?