John Boehner has to go


obama w boehner hand puppet
Obama shows off his new puppet


It was the most curious of spectacles. John Boehner, abandoning everything he claimed his stood for, has been reduced to an Obama hand puppet. That stench is the smell of Boehner hypocrisy.

Boehner was instrumental in getting passed Obama’s Transpacific Authority and it has consistently been cloaked in secrecy.

Secrecy. As in zero transparency.

For being a good boy, John Boehner got to ride the pony.

John Boehner and Barack Obama’s relationship reached new heights Friday.

The Republican House Speaker took his first trip with the president on Air Force One as the two headed to Charleston, South Carolina, to mourn the nine African-American men and women killed at their church last week.

Obama has never been known as much of a schmoozer, but in recent months he has treated fellow lawmakers from both parties to trips aboard Air Force One with him as a way of currying favor and engaging in discussions with a captive audience.

And those among the GOP who balked at having to pass it without reading it and keep it from the eyes of the public? They paid a price.

Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) and his allies are charging ahead with their effort to punish conservatives who have been a thorn in leadership’s side — a purge that is roiling the GOP conference.

The latest victim is Colorado Rep. Ken Buck, who could be stripped of his title as GOP freshman class president on Thursday morning.

Boehner allies have been retaliating against rank-and-file members who voted against a procedural motion earlier this month, nearly derailing a major trade package favored by Republican leaders that is set to clear the House on Thursday.

While the Speaker has lashed out at conservative rebels before, the latest intraparty purge has been particularly aggressive, this time targeting members of the new, conservative House Freedom Caucus who voted against the rule.

Three members of that caucus have been booted from the whip team, and another was stripped of his subcommittee gavel. Buck, meanwhile, faces being ousted as head of the freshman class just months after being elected to that position by his peers.

“It’s clear that leadership has decided there’s going to be retaliation,” he told reporters in the Speaker’s lobby just off the House floor.

Boehner’s actions are Mussoliniesque and go far beyond anything even Obama did against those democrats who did not support his TPA/TPP plans.

Trade actions that need to be classified are frightening. It can mean only one thing- the result will be good for big business and piss-poor for American workers. Proof of that lies in the additional need to provide assistance for American workers displaced by this trade agreement:

In a glaring example of Orwellian double-think, ObamaTrade advocates are simultaneously pushing for Trade Promotion Authority (TPA, aka “Fast Track”) to get the supposedly jobs-creating trade agreements through Congress, and Trade Adjustment Assistance (TAA) for U.S. workers who lose their jobs because of the agreements. So which is it? Is ObamaTrade going to lose jobs or create jobs? The answer, according to House Ways and Means Committee chairman Paul Ryan and others who support ObamaTrade, is yes — both.

Apparently they believe (or expect voters to believe) that jobs must be lost in order for jobs to be created. Moreover, without government intervention in the marketplace jobs will be lost and created as a result of innovation and consumer preferences. (How many workers make typewriters these days compared to computers?) But does it make sense for the U.S. government to sign treaties that will destroy jobs and then increase government spending to help the displaced workers? How can such an approach end any way but badly?

But let’s crank up the Wayback machine and see what Boehner once said about this kind of fascist secrecy:

“Shame on us. Shame on this body. Shame on each and every one of you who substitutes your will and your desires above those of your fellow countrymen.”

“We break our trust with America.”


“And look at how this bill was written,” he said. “Can you say it was done openly, with transparency and accountability? Without backroom deals and struck behind closed doors hidden from the people? Hell, no, you can’t.”

Fine words. It’s a shame he threw America under then bus to become an Obama puppet for a ride on Obama’s pony.

You just can’t call this the opposition party any more. Boehner is a traitor to conservatives. He’s broken his trust with America. He’s got to go. With friends like this, who needs liberals?

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Boehner has been a weasel for years. Say one thing and do another. Ohio, vote him out of office.

I have a hard time being against the TPA because I know so little of it.

Therein lies the problem. And, that’s what I have the problem with; why does a “trade deal” have to be secretive?

I say as well, jettison Boehner, unless he can produce something quickly that shows the bill to be greatly beneficial.

He is another one who is afraid of Obama. Congress should be defunding every part of every law that was changed through EO or by SCOTUS. Sitting idle while one branch of government rules by executive fiat and the other rubber stamps it demonstrates a lack of leadership and makes Congress look like they are no longer a separate but equal branch of government.

During wartime a POTUS has near omnipotent power And trying to create divisions within the people of the United States enables and emboldens our enemies. Anyone recall anyone saying anything like that when Bush was POTUS ?

@old guy: Why can’t we bump him from speakership?

@john: I can recall the Democrat Senate leader saying Bush was stupid, a loser and that the war was lost. That sort of “enabled and emboldened” our enemies. However, I don’t recall anyone claiming he was decisive (one of the few false accusations you leftists forgot to make) since, obviously, he never did any such thing.

One can only wonder if maybe Mr. Boehner has riding the same “game bus” as his predecessor Mr. Hastert (aka Coach aka pedohpile)

About what one has come to expect from “America’s #1 Alcoholic Crybaby”

MistrX #5. My wish would be Boehner out as Speaker and out of the House. However, I don’t think the GOP, House Version, has the balls to really do it. There have been ripples but no real push.

@Bill: What are you talking about? How can you not be against it? Your reasoning is completely faulty. You don’t know enough about it? That alone is a reason to be against it. Look at who is for it, another reason to be against it. How have the other so-called “free trade” treaties worked out for America? Not so good, yet another reason to be against it. WFT over?

@Bill the Eighth: Perhaps you read someone else’s post. This was mine:

I have a hard time being against the TPA because I know so little of it.

Therein lies the problem. And, that�s what I have the problem with; why does a �trade deal� have to be secretive?

I say as well, jettison Boehner, unless he can produce something quickly that shows the bill to be greatly beneficial.

Does that sound like I’m for it?

@Bill: I agree Boner has to go! I guess I don’t understand why you are neither for or against the TPA. I agree the secrecy is ridiculous. So, looking at who’s for it, mostly RINOs and radicals, including Oblah blah, makes me automatically against it. To change my mind on this, they would have to publish it for the public to read. I also do not understand the necessity that the idiot in chief needs this unconstitutional “fast Track” authority.