The “Trans Pacific Partnership (TTP)” Hustle


House and Senate committees have agreed to “fast track” an international trade agreement being negotiated by Obama.  Conservatives have been thrown a ball of confusion — aren’t they supposed to support free trade?  Isn’t international trade a good thing for America?  Does anyone know what’s in this deal?  Does McConnell know?  Does Boehner?   Not a chance.  They and enough Republicans have been conned into trusting and believing Obama on what will be the most far reaching trade agreement in the history of mankind.



Too many Conservatives are confused.  Many Democrats and unions, therefore the ‘left,’ are against this deal. So how should conservatives think of this impossible-to-understand global accord?  Should conservatives not cheer this pact since it purports to be a free trade deal? If the left is against it, then conservatives should be ‘for’ it. No?  And then we have all-business-hating-pro-big-government ideologues like Elizabeth Warren asking for declassification on the negotiations.  . . . . So damned mindnumbingly confusing.  Or not.

Does anyone really believe that the Obama/Jarrett machine is capable of negotiating a treaty that strengthens the state and future of 319 million Americans?   Does anyone believe that O/J, along with a few of their favourite  too-big-to-fail international banks and corporations, will negotiate a strong deal for America?  Is there anyone left who would believe that they are remotely capable of structuring a deal that will bring back strength and positive economic energy to America?  Is there anyone left who believes that this deal will provide America’s grandchildren the wherewithal to repay the overwhelming trillions of debt this Administration has amassed under its watch?  Will this agreement bring back the millions of jobs lost in the U.S. and Canada as a result of NAFTA?  No Chance.  America’s manufacturing infrastructure has been gutted, and worse, its will to manufacture has been annihilated.

What countries are involved in this supposedly secret deal (kept secret only from Americans)? The United States, Canada, Australia, Brunei, Chile, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Peru, Singapore and Vietnam, with hope that Europe, China and India will hop onboard.   So this is virtually a global deal.  Does this not stink of virulent toxins?  Systemically corrupted nations such as Chile, Brunei, Mexico, and Vietnam, are negotiating with O/J  to influence our behaviour into the next century?   No, no, we’re told, this deal will ensure that they conduct themselves according to our principles.  Not a chance.

International trade must be managed and can only be negotiated from a position of strength, and with assertive attitude. If you are to have anything remotely close to “free trade” you must have balance between the trading partners.  No such agreement exists, or is being negotiated.  American leadership has miserably failed on this front in recent years and we are witnessing a capitulation.  America’s leadership has allowed foreign nations such as China and Japan to eat its lunch.  We have zero balanced free trade, and sporadic impositions of tariffs resulting from occasional special interest pressures, do not “balance” bring.

If this is such a good deal O/J are cooking up, why does it need to be secretive?  It doesn’t. It’s just more of the “sign it to see it” insanity so gloriously dished up with Obamacare.  And is it really all about trade?  No again.  It’s also about movement of capital — as long as the largest banks can manipulate currency, all is well — for American small to medium businesses, not so much and American savers, . . . not at all.

The perception we should all maintain on this deal, is one of extreme scepticism.  Getting bogged down in the macro details of the potential deal is tantamount to chasing shadows down a rabbit hole.  Whatever particulars we may guess on, are almost irrelevant.  We will not know the structure of this momentous deal until it is too late for anything to be changed, but McConnell and Boehner will be thrilled — such brilliant bi-partisanship.  Bi-partisan sellout of America. Your leadership at work, negotiating just for you, and accomplishing great things.  No?

Just look at what Obama/Jarrett negotiated yesterday on your behalf and what truth they told you, and that will dictate what they will negotiate for you tomorrow and what they will tell you tomorrow.  Nothing good, and nothing true. You wouldn’t let these two negotiate your lunch.  And McConnnell and Boehner?  Have they provided reason enough to support their opinions, insights and perspectives?  None.

Small to medium sized businesses are the backbone of America, and they pay their taxes here and keep their cash here, unlike the too-big-to-fails.  They create jobs and they are a source for a majority of the tax dollars collected.  There is no chance that this secret deal being negotiated by ignorance, in ignorance, will ever be a positive force for the majority of Americans. Jobs will continue to be exported and humanless factories will satisfy our avaricious consumption of “stuff” paid for with debt — keep borrowing it’s good for us  you.   Perhaps O/J see themselves in future sitting atop an international behemoth organization with legal powers, feeding from the international trough they are now erecting, encroaching on the sovereignty of all Americans.

Whatever this deal contains, we can be certain that this Administration will have allowed it to adversely impact the Constitution, and erode freedom of all Americans, Republican or Democrat. This deal may represent the biggest assault on American personal independence in history.  Both Republicans and Democrats should be shouting against a continuation of this charade parading as diligent governance. There should be no ambiguity, and yet, . . . .

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Really good post, James. We all need to recall that Obama declared that manufacturing jobs are gone for good. We also need to know that this agreement would rule the US instead of Congress and our Constitution.

@James Raider:

You don’t seem to understand the connection, and the common ground, between George Clooney and Barack Hussein Obama, Jr. Both reasonably nice looking fellows who earn their living by pretending to be something/someone they are not. One does it in video scenes the other, on the national scene. Both earn their living due to others, both claims to be for the downtrodden while they live like kings. So you see, the commonality is great.

As to the Republican leadership (if that is what you can call it), they are nothing more than players in the destruction of what it took 200 years to build. Disappointing doesn’t even begin to address my feelings for them.

I try to maintain an open and hopeful mind about what the United States does, but when you recall all the things Obama described as “great for America and Americans”, it is probably the safest bet to impulsively denounce and reject anything he proposes as such.

I guess “Co-Prosperity Sphere” was already taken.

@Bill“:impulsively denounce and reject everything Obama proposes”
, Exactly what Repubs have done in Congress.
How’s that worked out?
Serious question Who on Repub. side can beat HRC?
Do you agree election will come down to Ohio and Fla?
Who is your pick?

@rich wheeler:

, Exactly what Repubs have done in Congress.

Why are you and Gullible Greggie beginning to sound like each other’s alter ego?

@rich wheeler: Well, Rich, considering some of his junk has even been rejected by moderate Democrats, what would be the reason Republicans would accept the failures Obama was proposing.

Obama considered them “enemies”, suggesting they be “punished”, why would anyone negotiate with such an arrogant bastard? Obama is the WORST at respecting or seeking bipartisanship.

I guess the Republicans just didn’t succumb to Obama’s overwhelming charisma and never understood that simply because he wants it, they have to provide it.

@retire05: Bill and others are glad Repubs. have rejected everything Obama proposes. Aren’t you?
This has been the strategy of the party of no. Is that a problem?

@rich wheeler:

This has been the strategy of the party of no.

“The Party of ‘No'” was just word smithing on the part of Democrats, swallowed whole by clueless lemmings who seem to hang on Democrats’ every word. The truth be known, no other time in the history of the Senate was it ever more dysfunctional than under the claw of Dirty Harry Reid. Bill after bill, passed out of the House, many with bi-partisan support, went to Harry Reid’s desk to die of neglect.

And now, in true hypocritical fashion, you Democrats shout “What have the Republicans done” when the Republicans have held both houses for only a short time.

@rich wheeler: Bad programs and policies should not be proposed, much less acceptable to anyone with the best interests of American citizens in mind. So, opposing what Obama has been doing is patriotism. Obama is bad for America.

@retire05: Take your time.Let me know when Repubs get something done.
Are you looking forward to the Repub. primaries? Carly first woman in—think there may be as many as 12 competing—great sport.

Bill says Party Of No is patriotism in it’s finest hour.

@rich wheeler:

Take your time.Let me know when Repubs get something done.

If the Republicans are going to follow in the foot steps of the socialist Democrats, I’d just as soon they do nothing. And what did the Democrats do but raise taxes, take over the health care industry, lie to us about keeping our doctors and our insurance, no family seeing an increase in health care premiums, lose Iraq, Libya and the rest of the Middle East, and create a problem that will eventually come back to bite even you in the ass?

Bill says Party Of No is patriotism in it’s finest hour.

That’s really how it all started, isn’t it, with the colonialists saying “No” to King George?


@rich wheeler: HA! And you have what… HILLARY? Then some worn out socialist that, at least, has the courage to ADMIT he’s a socialist.

Let’s see….. mass corruption of full-blown socialism. Gosh, decisions, decisions.

#####Does McConnell know?  Does Boehner?   Not a chance.  They and enough Republicans have been conned into trusting and believing Obama on what will be the most far reaching trade agreement in the history of mankind.####

You can’t be conned if you are a part of the con. I wonder how many bills actually get read. They are PURPOSELY written in a complicated way to make it hard to understand what a person is reading. BILLS SHOULD BE INTRODUCED IN PLAIN ENGLISH.

Only two republicans read the bill ( I guess that since they need campaign donations to run for office, all that politicians have to do is ask the donors what bills they should vote for, and what bills to vote agains. It does make it easier for politicians to decide.

McConnell, Boehner and the Establishment Republicans do not represent the conservative base. The only represent their Wall Street elite cronies and the US Chamber of Commerce. Middle class workers and those who used to be have little representation in government.