Bush would have gone to France


bush yankee stadium

October 30, 2001. Game 3 of the World Series.

George Bush throws out the first pitch of World Series.


In the frenzy of the aftermath of the 9-11 attacks, George Bush made his country proud.

In the aftermath of what some call France’s 9-11, Barack Obama hid.

Twitchy noted Obama’s absence:

Barack Obama sent three representatives to the funeral of Michael Brown. He sent a pathetic fundraiser to France.

In the aftermath of 9-11, French President Jacques Chirac was the first outside head of state to visit the US.

Obama couldn’t be bothered with France. He hid.

Either Obama is a coward or he didn’t want to offend Muslim terrorists. This is a terrible embarrassment for the United States.

je suis moi


Jake Tapper points that Obama had a higher level representation on “The Good Wife” than in Paris.

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People write about BHO like he really cares about the USA and how it stands in the world. When will people get a clue that BHO does not give a damn about the USA.

Bib was there! And God knows if there was a security risk involved against anyone it was him. As usual so much for our chicken s… leader

@joetote: What have you got against chicken s…?

Yes, Bush would have gone to France.

And then he would have come back and fucked up all of the actual responsibilities of his job.

In the first couple of years of the Obama presidency he constantly complained about the ‘mess he inherited’. Now we know that everything with him is projection. He intends to leave a ‘mess’ for the next president. The next president will be occupied with fixing the economy, health care, foreign relations, race relations. You name it, it’s probably broken. But, that’s the point. The democrats will claim to be the ones who can fix all these problems, so you have to elect them.

You’re right. i shouldn’t insult chicken s…! But then again, i should also apologize to the folks at Mad Magazine. After all, Alfred E Neuman didn’t deserve to be insulted by me when I compare the President’s looks to his. not fair to Alfred.

Honestly, I am beyond the stage of disgust as to this lame brain in the White House. He is an insult to everything we stand for as a country and his latest stand as usual once again diminishes our role as the leader of the free world. Oops! Forgot. Obama doesn’t believe in that!

However, his minions say it would have been a distraction if he had been there or it would have taken to long to get the security right, anything bu t the truth. The man doesn’t give a damn! People have mentioned how he sent reps to the funeral of Mike Brown, yet where is the outcry over the fact he and others in his administration could not be bothered to attend the funeral of one of our 3 star generals!

Oops! Forgot again. His disdain for our military is every bit as evident as his hard support for Radical Muslims! As I said above. Bibi showed up and whether I agree with the premise as to these marches of solidarity or not, I sure as hell will continue to refuse to equate this President with Bibi, not only as to leadership, but bravery as well.

@Steve M.: Aw, does it make him feel better for supporting a worthless failure that has done immense (if not irreparable) damage to the USA by making vague, ignorant insults at Bush? Does it hurt him widdle butt-hole to see how right and able Bush was compared to an empty-suit community organizer?

Awww… him feel better when Obama is relegated to the garbage heap of history.

Yes Bush would have gone to France but Greg would have blamed him for it!!

@Steve M.: One more positive then President Obola!!