Obama said he didn’t want to be President with a GOP Senate, but you know what a liar he is



OK, this is really just for me. It’s an indulgence prompted by Barack Obama’s past and current blather. Obama has just lectured the press, pretending to be humbled by the events of the last 24 hours. As usual, he is full of sh*t.

Here’s a recap of Obama’s speech today:


Back in June Obama said:

“I don’t really care to be president without the Senate.”

Cue the violins.

About the same time he said this:

The president’s political world is more and more beyond his command. Instead, it is driven by Republicans in Congress, potentially power-shifting Senate races in states where Obama isn’t welcomed to campaign, and to speculation centered on Hillary Clinton’s agenda – not his own. Obama tells anxious Democrats that there is only so much he can do beyond fundraising and better implementing the health care law. But he also has told allies that losing the Senate to Republicans would make his last two years in office unbearable.

That alone was good enough a reason to vote for the GOP to take the Senate.

Naturally it conflicts with what he said today:

“It doesn’t make me mopey. It energizes me.”

But hey, you know what a liar he is. And just listen to this exchange. What an arrogant a**hole:


Obama yesterday said he’d “enjoy” having a bourbon with Mitch McConnell.

Yet on April 27, 2013 Obama ridiculed the notion:

With his re-election six months behind him, the president regaled the April 27, 2013, White House Correspondents’ Association dinner with this: “Of course … some folks still don’t think I spend enough time with Congress. ‘Why don’t you get a drink with Mitch McConnell?’ they ask. Really? Why don’t you get a drink with Mitch McConnell?”

Let me leave you with something from Jimmy Fallon:


The GOP Senate could save Obama’s Presidency but his megalomania is probably not going to let that happen.

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What stuck in my mind during Obama’s presser was an image of John Edwards ”channeling” dead children in a court case.
Obama can ”channel” all of the non-voting Americans out there.
Now, that game fooled a few juries in Edwards’ case.
But I doubt Obama was fooling anyone but his most dim-witted syncophants.
Obama wants the Republicans to ”show him their ideas,” and HE will decide which of them are in his best interests.
Otherwise the Republicans should go back to the drawing table.
Maybe it will work out quite a bit differently.
Maybe Bill Clinton will reason with Obama over drinks (or pot or blow) and remind him how he can take credit for successes his opposition allows him to sign into law.

Obama is narcissistic enough to be very, very dangerous. As was put forth in another post, “scorched earth” is more likely his policy. It will still be the burden to bear for all who ever supported him.

“I don’t really care to be president without the Senate.”

Simple solution for Obama, resign.