Obama’s nationalism: Corporations are the new Jews


enemy of the state a

‘I don’t care if it’s legal, it’s wrong’

This is a very scary statement. We’ll get to it later.

In Nazi Germany, Adolf Hitler galvanized a country around economic nationalism with the hatred of Jews, blaming them for all the evils in pre-war Germany. Hitler was an early community organizer, fomenting hate against those doing nothing illegal. It’s an election year. Obama needs an enemy- it’s what community organizers do. They identify an enemy and rally people around and against it. From Alinsky’s rules:

RULE 5: “Ridicule is man’s most potent weapon.”

RULE 8: “Keep the pressure on. Never let up.”

RULE 12: Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it.”

And so we have this year’s democratic playbook. Economic nationalism. Corporations are this year’s Jews.

The White House is seeking to amp up the Democratic base this fall by criticizing corporations for abandoning the United States to lower their tax bill.

It’s a return to economic populism months for a White House that has repeatedly flirted with the theme, but sometimes been distracted by other pressing domestic and international affairs.

Democrats believe the issue could help their party hold on to its majority in the Senate, which Republicans are hoping to take over.
“Let’s rally around an economic patriotism that says, instead of giving more tax breaks to millionaires, let’s give tax breaks to working families to help pay for child care or college,” the president said during a speech in Texas last month. “Instead of protecting tax loopholes that let corporations keep their profits overseas, let’s put some of that money to work right here in the United States rebuilding America.”

democrats will be assailing the companies employing this legal technique, questioning their patriotism:

Democrats see the tax issue as a political winner that allows President Obama to side with middle class taxpayers and against corporate executives who can be painted as disloyal and unpatriotic. They think it will be difficult for Republicans to defend the practice.

Obama calls companies who use this legal tax technique “corporate deserters.”

“Even as corporate profits are higher than ever, there’s a small but growing group of big corporations that are fleeing the country to get out of paying taxes,” the president said. “They’re technically renouncing their U.S. citizenship, they’re declaring their base someplace else even though most of their operations are here. You know some people are calling these companies ‘corporate deserters.'”

This Obama-inspired “economic nationalism” is reminiscent of early Nazi Germany:

German nationalism that began to develop before World War II was a major motivation behind many individuals who joined the Nazi Party. Adolf Hitler, the leader of the Nazi Party, used his profound oratory skills to manipulate the German people into following his regime’s propaganda. The people were looking for something to improve the economic situation caused by the depression. The Nazi Party had a great propensity to purvey “mythical nationalist beliefs”; in 1933, they began deliberately blaming the Jewish population for the economic disparity in Germany (van Evera, pg. 8). The fact that the Jewish population was targeted as scapegoats would now be seen as blatant prohibited discrimination; however, the Nazis persuasively qualified their argument. The Nazis told people to blame the Jews because many Jewish citizens were still wealthy while everyone else was monetarily suffering, using economic inequalities to agitate relations between groups. This began to fuel the anti-semitism that the Nazi Party endorsed. Another reason to blame the Jewish, as advertised by the Nazi party, was their collective refusal to fight in World War I, argued to have caused ergonomic depression in Germany. In a state of ubiquitous anxiety, the once disjointed Germans unified under a government that provided comfort and security, a new state that would take control and help Germany become a rising hegemonic power. This newfound nationalism was built around a common enemy: the Jewish people. The people were blinded by these newly instilled nationalist beliefs, coerced by their superiors to believe that the Nazi way was the right way. The government was telling the people to represent and preserve national interest first and foremost. Simultaneously, the people were told that the Jewish citizens were threatening this national security. Some perpetrators knew exactly what evil they were doing during the Holocaust; on the other hand, other individuals were just nationalistic pawns of the Nazi Party that were so programmed to operate for the state and its interests. The binary dichotomy of victim and perpetrator is problematic because these traditional, distint roles assume that one cannot overlap the other. The Holocaust happened in large part because an over-powering government took advantage of a weak people who just wanted to be provided with directon during a time of disparity. The people followed their government whole-heartedly because their faith in their previous government, the government where they had lost their possessions and valuables, had been compromised.

– Profound oratory skills
– Hyper-nationalism
– Demonization of citizens
– Creation of an enemy

Sound familiar?

Ironically, Obama allowed Delphi to use this strategy to survive as part of the auto bailout:

As part of the bailout of the auto industry in 2009, Obama’s Treasury Department authorized spending $1.7 billion of government funds to get a bankrupt Michigan parts-maker back on its feet — as a British company. While executives continue to run Delphi Automotive Plc (DLPH) from a Detroit suburb, the paper headquarters in England potentially reduces the company’s U.S. tax bill by as much as $110 million a year.

Just what is the cost of these inversions? About $2 billion per year, maybe. Obama has blown more than that on the comforts of illegal aliens.

The US corporate tax rate is 35%, highest in the world. Lowering the corporate tax rate to make the US competitive with the world would be a reasonable approach but as far as democrats go it’s out of the question. The amount of money involved isn’t all the large but democrats will try mightily to make a mountain out of the anthill. In so doing Obama and the left decide to once again demonize lawful citizens and companies doing absolutely nothing wrong or illegal, but Obama doesn’t give a damn about things being legal:

‘I don’t care if it’s legal, it’s wrong’

Says who? Wow. Obama gets to decide what’s right and wrong, superseding the law. The dog whistle has been blown and democrats are already introducing legislation to correct this “wrong.” It’s unlikely to pass but that’s not the point. It’s designed to be a political wedge. The GOP might be wise just to go along with a tax plan and then credit democrats as corporations accelerate their departure from the United States and wave goodbye.

Obama said

“If you’re a secretary or you’re a construction worker, you don’t say, ‘you know what? I feel like paying a little less so let me do that.’ You don’t get a chance to do that — these companies shouldn’t either. ”

Yes you do- if you’re the President. Obama paid only 20% in taxes on an income of nearly $500,000 last year.

Obama also said:

“You shouldn’t get to call yourself an American company only when you want a handout from American taxpayers.”

GM, anyone?
Goldman Sachs?

Obama and Adolf Hitler share a characteristic:

“Hitler understood how to mobilize the various resentments of the large majority of the German people.”

Obama has a history of demonizing the opposition, questioning patriotism repeatedly and that is exactly what Obama and democrats are trying to do in order to determine the outcome of the 2014 election. All they needed was the right enemy. This pogrom shows early signs of working with low information democrats (as if there was any other kind). One made this comment this morning over at The Hill:

Simple. Ban the product of any traitorous corporation.

Another added:

End their charter to do business in America
Corporation death sentence.

Think about this- your being a traitor, your being unpatriotic, your being an American, your being wrong- is judged, defined and decided upon not by and by our laws, but by King Obama alone. John Adams said that we are “A government of laws, and not of men.” That always sounded to me like a good idea. Unfortunately the President doesn’t seem to think so. Kings seldom do.

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Ironic that even in a competition BETWEEN states inside the USA, companies are fleeing Obama’s lefty buddies…..
Hollywood Continues to Flee California at Alarming Rate
Toyota withdrawal a bombshell, economic blow to California
Reuters TORRANCE, CA Mon Apr 28, 2014
State leaders closely watch migrating millionaires – SFGate
San Francisco Chronicle
Jan 13, 2014 – Wealthy people say they have moved out…
Southern California aerospace industry hits turbulence
Daily Breeze
Feb 22, 2014 – businesses driving California’s economy … industry navigated major disappointment last year and started 2014 with even more turbulence. … Losing it will hurt…
And then there’s California’s HUGE underground economy!
Calif. losing millions in taxes to ‘cash-only businesses’
May 8, 2014 – The state of California is tired of seeing lost tax dollars to “cash-only businesses” It’s the next wave in crimefighting

I suppose in your mind Dr John, all that trite Nazi/Hitler rhetoric makes you feel all macho or such but at the end of the day, Obama’s argument was that certain corporations were utilizing American paid resources to make profits while using their overseas status loopholes to avoid paying taxes that paid for that very opportunity for them. On a lower level analogy, that’s kinda like a trucking firm that wears out the county roads to make big bucks while claiming overseas status, forcing the county to raise taxes on the village folk in order to repair and or replace those roads- so that tax exempt trucking firm can continue making big bucks at their expense.

So somewhere in all that ridiculous stupid crap that you spew, one has to conclude that you advocate such practices? If not, precisely what the hell are you advocating on this issue?

@Ronald J. Ward:

What is it about the highest corporate tax rate in the world that you don’t understand? All Obama and the dems have to do is lower the corporate tax rate, and businesses will not need to resort to tax inversion strategies to stay competitive. Corporations are not like government bureaucracies, and cannot just raise prices at a whim without accepting the potential negative impact on business finances. The 35% corporate tax rate is criminal theft by the government. Telling a business that they just have to take it in the shorts and pay the egregious tax rate is tantamount to slavery. The marxist political ideology that refuses to acknowledge that such confiscatory tax rates are actually causing the problem of tax inversion is insane. Cutting into a business’ profits means less capital for hiring more employees, and less financial support for the retirement investments for 401k accounts. This leads to more people depending on government handouts, in the form of unemployment and greater dependence on social security.

Perhaps it is the leftist desire to make more people dependent on government that is partially the reason democrats never want to see tax rates go down to reasonable levels, hence the stupidity of characterizing corporations engaging in legal means of lowering their tax burdens as economically unpatriotic.

I notice that when Obama uses strategies to lower his tax rate on his estimated $500000 annual income from the 39.6% rate to 20%, that isn’t considered hypocritical by the left -despite the high dudgeon expressed over corporations acting in the same manner.

@Ronald J. Ward: that’s kinda like a trucking firm that wears out the county roads to make big bucks while claiming overseas status, forcing the county to raise taxes on the village folk in order to repair and or replace those roads- so that tax exempt trucking firm can continue making big bucks at their expense.

Except that the federal gas tax has long used to help states pay for roads and bridges.
States add to that tax as a state gas tax if needed.
Trucks might be based in Mexico BUT they buy gasoline or diesel (and thus support road and bridge building and upkeep) while they are on the roads.

It is perfectly legal to set a corporate ownership in another country and it is even required by many, if not most business charters that profits be maximized by all legal means.
IF Obama thought it was ”unpatriotic” to do this, he had 2 years with a Dem controlled House and Senate.
He could have made changes.
If Obama REALLY thinks it is “immoral” he could RETURN all the funds from such businesses, but he has not.

@NannyG#1 – Not only that, here is a whole sordid story on how CA wants to push creating poor and wealthy ‘states’ within the State!?!!!

Apparently the proposal received over a million signatures!

What the Hell??

First we hear Obama trying to ‘agitate’ the low information and the ‘disenfranchised’ of his liberal left base, and the masses of dim thought with his income inequality propaganda ….

…now California is not only promoting income inequality, they are acknowledging it exists and will never be a gap filled – not only that they are openly promoting SEGREGATING it!! Honestly Liberalism is truly a bastion of pure unadulterated bulls#it…a sickening disease…

How backward and dysfunctional can you possibly get??? Obama is using the ‘disenfranchised’ of America for political brownie points and Wealthy California Liberals are planning to work and live as far from their ‘poor’ (whom they care so much about – yea. OK.) …in their Wealthy Utopia…as possible. They are saying ‘not in my back yard’ – Flaming hypocrites!! Frauds!!

Wonder if they will be planning to close ‘their’ borders…and actually doing it!!

@Ronald J. Ward:

From comments…

Phd Klaus • 15 hours ago

ALL taxes are paid BY the Consumers. There isn’t a single tax paid out of money that isn’t from the Consumer.
There is no pot of gold at the end of a rainbow that corporations and businesses pay their taxes from…it’s all money collected from the consumer
From local business taxes to the CEO’s personal income taxes…..it’s all paid with money from the Consumer
Higher taxes means higher prices. HIgher costs of regulations, mean higher prices.
Higher min wages mean higher prices.


@Thirteen#6 – You are absolutely right!
Not only that, I remember I was working for a company some years back, there was a mandated surcharge. If I remember correctly, it had to do with fuel, I would have to research that, anyway the point is, the mandate was imposed on the company. The company just passed that ‘cost ‘ onto the consumer.

@Nanny G:

Except that the federal gas tax has long used to help states pay for roads and bridges.

Yes but that isn’t the point. The trucking firm was a simply analogy and doesn’t apply to corporations claiming overseas status to avoid paying their fare share here. State laws and businesses are irrelevant and you seem more interested in simply arguing to be arguing than actually addressing the issue. @Pete:

We now have in the neighborhood of 50 of the top Fortune 500 companies paying NEGATIVE taxes, actually making them actual welfare recipients of working Americans. The vast majority of the rest pay less than 1%.@Thirteen:

Aside from the argument of what the market will bear, that statement is true, all taxes are ultimately paid by the consumer. It’s also true that all payroll and overhead is paid for by the consumer. The CEO jet and yacht is ultimately paid for by the consumer. All businesses from Mom and Pops on up should enjoy a profit after paying their taxes and expenses. They should not enjoy a profit and then bill others for their expenses, which is precisely what these oversea status dodgers are doing.

It’s also true as we’ve learned from the Bush tax cuts which have been implemented for well over a decade is that these tax cuts don’t lower prices for the consumers, don’t create jobs, and don’t increase the standard of living for the consumer. It has simply enabled the rich to become richer. So while it’s true that consumers ultimately pay for whatever is taken from corporate profits, they themselves don’t see any relief when corporations make even higher profits. And when these failed tax cuts are ultimately repealed, the consumers will be hit yet again because corporations will still expect to enjoy those high profits.

The loophole should certainly be closed. Even Mitt Romney hinted and campaigned on this albeit he never had any intentions of doing so. He just knew he had to campaign on some form on what was right.

The only logical explanation for anyone of not millionaire status to not support Obama on this is simply because they hate Obama.


You are correct. In 2005 trucking companies started a fuel surcharge to offset the cost. Ozinga concrete company assessed a $35.00 fuel surcharge on each delivery.

@Ronald J. Ward:

Obama’s argument was that certain corporations were utilizing American paid resources to make profits while using their overseas status loopholes to avoid paying taxes that paid for that very opportunity for them.


Obama names GE CEO Jeffery Immelt to head a jobs advisory board


GE pays NO income taxes


GE shares vital technology with China, costs jobs to move overseas.

Again, this is an Obama economic advisor and one that helped, immensely, Obama to get elected. Hypocrisy simply drips from this administration.

@Ronald J. Ward:

It’s also true as we’ve learned from the Bush tax cuts which have been implemented for well over a decade is that these tax cuts don’t lower prices for the consumers, don’t create jobs, and don’t increase the standard of living for the consumer. It has simply enabled the rich to become richer.

Wrong, wrong, wrong. The tax cuts were responsible for an economic boom, lower incomes benefitted far more than the upper incomes and they brought in an additional $750 billion in tax revenues. I think you actually ENJOY being on the absolute wrong side of every issue.

Now, under the Lord Obama Greater Prosperity Sphere, middle class incomes are almost $20,000 less than they were before he took office. Most of the jobs he created are low-paying and part time. The “income gap” he loves to use to incite envy and hate has become wider under his agenda. He and his ideology are failures. Yet, you like it.

Single moms with ONE child:
If you don’t work a job at all but you do take advantage of EVERY benefit the government offers, you can have an effective ”income” (not ”cash”) of $45,000 a year.
You can do better if you work a job that brings you (after taxes) only $29,000.
Add all legal benefits to your income and you have $57,327 per year.
BUT if you get a ”raise” from your boss to $30,000, you only bring in (at most) $50,000.
In fact, you cannot beat the welfare money until your boss is paying you $70,000 a year!!!

When so called poor people point a finger about how businesses take advantage of their LEGAL tax breaks, they are pointing four fingers back at themselves.
Either it’s legal to use an expert to find every tax-saving there is, or it is NOT legal.
Sauce for the goose is also sauce for the gander.


Hypocrisy simply drips from this administration.

More like SPEWS!

@Ronald J. Ward:

It isn’t hatred of Obama that leads intelligent people to believe tax rates are too high, it is common sense.

It is under Obama, with higher tax rates, that the income inequality problem has gotten worse, not because of Bush tax cuts. Every dollar taken by government taxes from businesses or individuals is a dollar that cannot be spent on hiring more people, expanding a business, or saving for retirement. Any person with self respect would rather have a job than be dependent on welfare. Yet under Obama’s higher taxes we have doubled the number of people on foodstamps.

“Fair share” rhetoric and enviously bemoaning the possession of yachts and private jets is just class warfare propaganda, unfairly depicting CEOs as Snidley Whiplash style robber barons, as if those CEOs do nothing in running the companies that provide the majority of jobs, except figure out ways to screw over people. And classifying a progressive income tax system as “fair” is ridiculous. A fair tax system would charge individual the same percentage of their income regardless of how much one makes, rather than the devious income redistribution scam perpetrated upon us in the false decoration of “fairness”. Why should Bill Gates, who is responsible for creating tens of thousands of jobs, be required to pay a larger percentage of his income in taxes than me, or anyone else? Such a system as we have is hardly fair, and is in fact unjust.

Could right vs. left be nothing more than a diversion? The question might be worth thinking about.

Princeton Study: U.S. No Longer An Actual Democracy

What about Jeff Immelt and GE. They got several billion dollars in tax credit and have been moving jobs overseas faster than any other company in the nation. Big difference is they contribute to the Democrats. Obama’s talking out his ass and needs to shut the hell up.


A lot of people are so fixated on their problems with Barack Obama that they’ve lost the ability to think about anything outside of that context. Such a fixation is very useful to people who don’t really want clear thinking, but those they manipulate will never see that. When Obama is gone, they’ll just redirect attention to some other object of distraction. They’re very good at doing that. They always know which buttons to push.

I’m going to take a wild guess that obama takes EVERY legal deduction he can to pay as little as he has to on his income taxes. Why can’t other people and businesses do the same?

Are more people realizing that what obama is doing is almost exactly what Hitler did to gain power in Germany, including obama wanting a national civilian security force like Hitler had?

Let’s not give obama more credit than he deserves. Hitler was a great orator. obama isn’t even a good reader. Hitler knew when to emphasize what he was saying. obama’s voice hardly ever changes. Hitler was in charge, and made all of the decisions. Our Marionette-N-Chief has to wait until the proper strings are pulled before he can say or do anything.

If the Fair Tax was enacted, there would be no income tax on any person or corporation, and the corporations would bring their headquarters back to the USA, and other countries would move their’s here. You would pay your taxes as a sales tax when you buy new items. You can’t get any simpler than that. The IRS would disappear, and the agency in charge of collecting the money would have much fewer employees.

Simple. Ban the product of any traitorous corporation.

I’m guessing the democrats want to decide which corporations are “traitorous”.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t congress enact the laws that let corporations do what they are doing? Oh, wait: I forgot that obama wants to bypass congress and make up the laws as he goes, so I guess that doesn’t apply any more.

@Ronald J. Ward: #2

On a lower level analogy, that’s kinda like a trucking firm that wears out the county roads to make big bucks while claiming overseas status, forcing the county to raise taxes on the village folk in order to repair and or replace those roads- so that tax exempt trucking firm can continue making big bucks at their expense.

As usual, you are commenting on something you know nothing about.

What trucking company is owned by a foreign company? I drove those highways for 20 years, and most trucking companies are based in the USA. Please list the foreign owned companies. I’m not saying there isn’t any, but I have never heard of one. Most of the chain truck stops are owned by foreign companies.

I drove for a company, and never owned my own truck. Trucking companies don’t make “big bucks” like you think they do. Their margin of profit is less than most other companies. They also are more regulated more than most companies. I don’t know what the cost of operating a truck is today, but when I was driving, it was over $10,000 per truck per year. This includes the high federal taxes added to the fuel, then you have the states adding their taxes.

You complain about the wear and tare of the highways, but you don’t mention how to get the products to the customers without using the highways. One reason they don’t last as long as they should is because of the way they are built. Why is the German Autobahn still in existence? Because it was built to last by using thick concrete. We quit using concrete a long time ago. Why?


Truck drivers would love to go to the edge of a city and drop the load at a warehouse, so we wouldn’t have to drive in the city, but the customers want the delivery to their business, because if our trailer was full, it would take 10-15 straight trucks to move the product from the warehouse to the business. This would cause more damage than one semi, and you would have to add in the cost of EACH driver to drive the 10-15 straight trucks.

Some say that the railroad is the answer. It is a partial answer, and you see thousands of containers on trains every day. The major problem is that the railroads can’t guarantee a delivery time. More businesses are going to a “just in time” delivery system to cut down on how much they have to keep on hand. The railroad can’t delivery when the customer wants it, and they would have to keep a lot in stock, otherwise, there employees would be paid to sit around and wait for the product to arrive.

You liberals haven’t figured out yet, or don’t want the general public to know that ANY EXPENSE ADDED TO A BUSINESS IS PASSED ON IN HIGHER PRICES. Most of my life I fell for the politician’s, “We aren’t going to raise individual taxes, we are only going to raise corporate taxes.” The corporations then have to raise their prices to pay for the higher taxes.

Are you old enough to remember the Gold Bond and Green stamps. Businesses would give them out with purchases. When you saved enough of them, you could redeem them for products. Why aren’t they still around? Because the customers figured out that, since the business had to BUY the stamps, that just increased the price of the products, so that the stamps weren’t free.

The same ripoff is going on with the credit card “cash back” program. The credit card companies charge businesses between 2-3% when a credit card is used. This means that an item that a business sold for $100 before the credit cards came, they now sell for $102-$103. The retailer also has to pay the “cash back” amount, so that amount goes into the price of the product. You might get 5% “cash back” for certain purchases, but the 5% has already been added to the price of the product so that the retailer can still make a profit from the sale of the product.

Also, take into account those of us who like to pay cash. We are the ones helping give you the “cash back”. You’re welcome.

Please list any “tax exempt” trucking companies. In 20 years of driving, I have never heard of one. There was a program where if company hired certain people, the government would pay half of their wages for a certain time, but I have never heard of a “tax exempt” company.

@FAITH7: #7

Not only that, I remember I was working for a company some years back, there was a mandated surcharge. If I remember correctly, it had to do with fuel, I would have to research that, anyway the point is, the mandate was imposed on the company. The company just passed that ‘cost ‘ onto the consumer.

This happened in the trucking industry. The cost of fuel was rising so quickly that the government let the companies put a “surcharge” on the freight costs. The politicians who wrote the law forgot about the drivers who owned their one trucks, and were leased on to a trucking company. Some crooked companies would charge the surcharge, then keep it for themselves, and not pass it on to their drivers.

A similar thing happened with the meal allowances. Truck drivers used to be able to deduct ALL of their meal expenses. When congress passed a law stopping the lavish meal and other expense for corporations, that also included truck drivers, since trucking companies (even the ones where a drive owned just the truck he drove) couldn’t deduct ANY meal. Congress fixed the problem the way they usually do. The saw all that money coming in, and didn’t want to give it all back to the truck drivers, so they passed a law allowing a percentage of a truck driver’s meals be deducted, and the percentage is SUPPOSED to increase each year. I don’t know if it has.