Hillary Clinton’s worst enemies are not conservatives


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It’s not the GOP.

It’s not a Republican.

Hillary’s two worst enemies are 1. herself and 2. Barack Obama

I read the current spate of negative articles about Hillary Clinton with a good degree of schadenfreude but then I can’t help but wonder- what’s going on?

Barack Obama got a pass from everyone. No one talked in the left wing media focused on his lack of accomplishments, his lack of a footprint, his lousy record as Illinois State Senator, how he used the people of Grove Parc and left them to whither, how he did the same for people involved in the redlining case.

It’s as though they wanted him to win. /snark

Hillary has long blamed the press for all of troubles- as though the press created cattlegate and Whitewater, and forced Monica onto Bill. The press didn’t hire Craig Livingstone. That hasn’t stopped Hillary from letting the press know how she feels:

But consider this recent speech by one of the more improbable rising stars in Clintonworld: her tormentor-turned-defender David Brock, who exposed many of the ugliest Arkansas scandals of the Clinton years when he was a conservative investigative reporter in the 1990s. “Fox has accused Hillary Clinton of murder, compared her to a murderer and suggested she commit suicide,” Brock told a crowd at the University of Arkansas Clinton School of Public Service in March, arguing that she’s the ultimate victim of “misogyny.”

Through intermediaries, Clinton let Brock know she appreciated that sentiment—then echoed it publicly a short time later, a welcome signal to those in her camp who felt she was too afraid to speak her mind during the 2008 presidential primary campaign she so famously lost to Barack Obama. Both Clintons still attribute that defeat to fawning coverage of her rival. “The double standard is alive and well,” Clinton told an audience in New York last month. “And I think in many respects the media is the principal propagator of its persistence.”

Hillary is often her own worst enemy. When prodded about why Clinton doesn’t reach out to the press, a Clinton source said:

“Look, she hates you. Period. That’s never going to change.”

More recently Hillary whined about having to pay for two mortgages on her mansions as she was “dead broke.”

Then she made another astonishingly tone deaf remark when she said that she and Bill, whose combined net worth is around $100 million, weren’t “truly well off.” I don’t know about you, but I find it hard to imagine scraping by on a paltry $100 million.

Donna Brazile was quick to defend Hillary making big bucks:

“I hope Hillary never apologizes for trying to earn a living,” Brazile said. “She’s no different than [former secretary of state] Colin Powell, no different than [former Florida governor] Jeb Bush, no different than anybody else who’s left public office and looked for ways to make an income. . . . What is wrong with a woman having the same earning potential as any man?”

Neither Brazile nor any other democrat offered Mitt Romney the same accommodation. Wealthy liberals are OK, wealthy Republicans are evil. To say that liberals are hypocrites is to notice that it’s dark at night.

The Washington Post has published an article pummeling Hillary’s imperial nature and sense of entitlement.

Some influential Democrats — including former advisers to President Obama — said in interviews last week they fear that Clinton’s personal wealth and rarefied, cloistered lifestyle could jeopardize the Democratic Party’s historic edge with the middle class that powered Obama’s wins.

“I don’t know whether it’s just that she’s been ‘Madam Secretary’ for so long, but she’s generating an imperial image,” said Dick Harpootlian, who recently stepped down as Democratic Party chairman in South Carolina, which hosts an early presidential primary.

Harpootlian, who backed Obama over Clinton in 2008 and is a longtime ally of Vice President Biden, added: “She’s been living 30, going on 40 years with somebody bringing your coffee to you every morning. Is it more ‘Downton Abbey’ than it is America?”

It’s clear Hillary is as close to knowing normal as Earth is to Pluto:

Bill Clinton rose from poor beginnings in rural Arkansas to the presidency. In 1992, it was Clinton’s everyman connection that helped him defeat then-president George H.W. Bush, a patrician who was ridiculed for not knowing the price of a gallon of milk and for expressing amazement at supermarket scanners.

Now Hillary Clinton risks a similar caricature. On tour this month for her new book, “Hard Choices,” Clinton mingled with regular people at signings, but only under strict rules: no photographs and no personalized autographs. There are Secret Service agents to keep the crowds in order and aides to hand her books, count how many she signs and ferry her to the next stop. The former first lady recently said she hasn’t driven a car since 1996.

Then we come to Ed Klein’s book “Blood Feud” which describes the conflict between the Obamas and the Clintons.

The book asserts that the Clintons and the Obamas hate each other:

Outwardly, they put on a show of unity — but privately, the Obamas and Clintons, the two power couples of the Democratic Party, loathe each other.

“I hate that man Obama more than any man I’ve ever met, more than any man who ever lived,” Bill Clinton said to friends on one occasion, adding he would never forgive Obama for suggesting he was a racist during the 2008 campaign.

The feeling is mutual. Obama made ­excuses not to talk to Bill, while the first lady privately sniped about Hillary.

On most evenings, Michelle Obama and her trusted adviser, Valerie Jarrett, met in a quiet corner of the White House residence. They’d usually open a bottle of Chardonnay, catch up on news about Sasha and Malia, and gossip about people who gave them heartburn.

Their favorite bête noire was Hillary Clinton, whom they nicknamed “Hildebeest,” after the menacing and shaggy-maned gnu that roams the Serengeti.

Klein’s book reveals a potential candidacy ender- Hillary allegedly has heart trouble.

According to a source close to Hillary, a thorough medical examination revealed that Hillary’s tendency to form clots was the least of her problems. She also suffered from a thyroid condition, which was common among women of her age, and her fainting spells indicated there was an underlying heart problem as well. A cardiac stress test indicated that her heart rhythm and heart valves were not normal. Put into layman’s language, her heart valves were not pumping in a steady way.

When the author attempted to contact the Clintons’ cardiologist, Dr. Allan Schwartz, he refused to comment, which made it impossible to determine the exact nature of Hillary’s medical status or its long-term significance. However, sources who dis- cussed Hillary’s medical condition with her were told that Hillary’s doctors considered performing valve-replacement surgery. They ultimately decided against it. Still, before they released Hillary from the hospital, they warned Bill Clinton: “She has to be carefully monitored for the rest of her life.”

Now anything that impairs Hillary’s chances to wreck this country beyond the damage Obama was created makes my day, but I have to wonder- where is all this coming from? The following exchange is fascinating:

Bill then moved the conversation to Obama’s vaunted 2012 campaign ­organization. He told Obama that it would be a good idea to fold the organization, along with all its digital and social-media bells and whistles, into the Democratic National Committee.

Obama’s only response was a disparaging smile.

“You have to use your organization to aid the candidate in 2016,” Bill pressed Obama.

“Really?” Obama replied in a tone of undisguised sarcasm.

The two men went back and forth over the subject of where the money for Obama’s campaign organization had come from and how to allocate funds for the 2016 presidential election. Bill raised his voice. So did Obama.

As Bill Clinton went on about his managerial experience, Obama began playing with his BlackBerry under the table, making it plain that he wasn’t paying attention to anything Clinton had to say. He was intentionally snubbing Clinton. Others around the table noticed Obama thumbing his BlackBerry, and the atmosphere turned even colder than before.

Hillary changed the subject again.

“Are you glad you won’t have to campaign again?” she asked Obama. “You don’t seem to ­enjoy it.”

“For a guy who doesn’t like it,” Obama replied tartly, “I’ve done pretty well.”

“Well,” Bill said, adding his two cents, “I was glad to pitch in and help get you re-elected.”

There was another long pause. Finally, Obama turned to Bill and said, sotto voce, “Thanks.”

After the dinner, and once the Clintons had been ushered out of the family quarters, Obama shook his head and said, “That’s why I never invite that guy over.”

What makes it fascinating is that the account is intimate and highly detailed. It almost certainly has to come from someone who was present. Someone deep inside. Someone who hates Hillary more than conservatives do. Someone who has a big, sharp ax to grind. Someone who might dislike Hillary enough to call her “Hildebeest.”

The heart trouble story has been up all day on Drudge and there have been no denials.

Hillary’s worst enemies are on her side of the aisle.

And in her mirror.

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Funny how ObamaCare treats a family where mom is a nurse and dad a firefighter as ”RICH.”
But Hillary, at $200,000 per speech, tries to pass herself off as not ”that kind of rich.”
As for her running, she has made no promise to run.
Her book tour is an attempt at burnishing her record and drawing our her enemies so as to identify and take them out IF she runs.
Frankly I think Obama’s words should be applied to her:
“I think, at some point, you have enough money.”
Maybe Obama could see to her income being taxed at 99% like he wants to do to ”the rich.”

OMG, she looks damn OLD as DIRT in that pic!!!

@Nanny G: How about “I think, at some point, you’ve done enough damage to the country.”

@Francis: #2
“Where’s my rusty horseshoe?”

‘Hillary’s two worst enemies are 1. herself and 2. Barack obama”. Number 3 would be gravity.