Harry Reid’s crazy rants are now indistinguishable from parody headlines



Allah puts it best when viewing this video of Harry Reid blasting the GOP over some Koch conspiracy:

In which the Grandpa Simpson of the Senate utters the word “radical” 21 times in less than seven minutes.

It has, alas, come to this:


He blames the GOP’s position on the bill because of the evvvvviiiiiilllll Koch brothers but in fact it was because Reid put idiotic provisions into the aid bill and Ted Cruz called him on it:


“The world, Russia and the people of Ukraine should understand – Mr. Putin should understand – that all of us are united in standing with the people of Ukraine, that the United States will act,” Sen. Cruz said. “I am convinced we will act decisively to impose sanctions and serious consequences on Russia for their unprovoked act of war. We will act decisively to stand with the people of Ukraine. There should be no doubt in any observer’s mind that this will unify both parties, we will stand together. We would have done so tonight had the Majority Leader not made the cynical decision to hold Ukraine aid hostage to politics. Politics should end at the water’s edge, and I think it’s unfortunate to see the Majority Leader trying to use the crisis in Ukraine for political advantage. That’s the mistake, but there should be no ambiguity. We will impose sanctions. We will stand with Ukraine.”

Sen. Cruz highlighted four main reasons that the IMF provisions contained in the Ukraine aid package are harmful to the U.S. and misguided:

  • They are unnecessary. Estimates show that Ukrainian aid would cost no more than 5 percent of IMF’s current resources, which it is completely capable of handling without increased contribution from the U.S.
  • It could double the U.S.’s contribution to the IMF. We should not be opening up U.S. taxpayers to billions in additional financial reliability.
  • It would diminish U.S. influence on the IMF, reducing our ability to control IMF’s decisions and taking away the U.S.’s veto authority over the funds.
  • Most astoundingly, it would increase Russia’s control over the IMF, at a time when we are seeking to punish Russia for its act of war and aggression.

But instead we get Reid uttering this like some crazed idiot:

“I’m not afraid of the Koch brothers.”

Too funny…he’s not afraid of the boogeyman he and the Democrats invented to scare people.

Can’t make this crap up.

Why not just put up a clean aid bill, then it will be passed. But noooooooooo. Reid could never do that.

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The other day Obama claimed (falsely) that he had to act on his own to enlarge a CA national park, because Congress wouldn’t act.

Turned out the HOUSE had passed a perfectly legal bill on a bi-partisan basis to do just that!
So….why wasn’t Obama able to sign a bill instead of an executive act?
Because Harry Reid simply never put it in front of the Senate for a vote!
Had Reid done so, it would have passed there, also on a bi-partisan basis.

Obama and Reid are engaged in fantasy theater.
They take turns as to which one is the straight man and which one the comedian.


Which park? Just curious.

Sooner or later those who live a lie and want others to do so also, become insane. Reid with his crooked deals that made him owner of half of his state, now is much to loose a cannon to be let out in public, and yet he presides over one third of the legislature. Were completely screwed.

@Nanny G: They’ve been doing this ever since the Democrats lost the House. Remember Obama’s “pass this NOW” jobs bill? Reid shelved it because it lacked enough Democrat support to pass (Remember McConnell goading him to bring it to a vote?). Obama’s much publicized unilateral action to expand overtime pay is being held up… where?

Obama survives in office for one reason and one reason only; the powerful support of the corrupt left wing media that refuses to report on such obvious, easily seen hypocritical ploys. While there have been legislation proposed to truly help the unemployed, economy and nation, not to mention budgets, the left has opposed and blocked all action and the media only reports what the left wants them to message. This, in the age where information is all around us, is moving beyond simple willful ignorance and borders on outright stupidity. Dangerous stupidity.

And Reid is an unscrupulous liar.

Poor Dingy is going to be having fits from here on to the election when his Majority Leadership role will end!!

I think that the Koch bros. should buy out CocaCola and put their name on the other side of cans and bottles. “Would you like a Koch with that?” That would make leftists heads explode.

Have a Koch and a smile.

@Ditto: Wan’t that Barney Frank’s motto?

@inMAGICn: Which park?

He incorporated the Point Arena-Stornetta 1,665 acres of coastline into the California Coastal National Monument.

House Natural Resources Committee Chairman Doc Hastings noted that the lower chamber had already passed bipartisan legislation to protect that area and was awaiting action from the Democrat-controlled Senate:

Instead of using imperial powers, the president should pick up the phone and call upon Senate Democrats to take action. There is no inherent danger to this area or compelling reason for the president to take unilateral action now.”

“Whom the Gods would destroy, first They make Mad.” Prometheus


That’s fine; can they hurry a bit on the destruction part?