The Race Democrats Couldn’t Afford to Lose



A few days ago Barack Obama issued a warning to democrats: It’s time to worry.

The election is coming, the election is coming!

That’s the message coming from President Obama as he tries desperately to rouse Democrats out of a midterm election stupor that could cost his party control of the Senate — and bury his agenda once and for all.

Obama has increasingly sounded like the nerdy kid in a bad horror movie constantly warning his friends to stay out of danger as he’s called on the Democratic base to not be complacent in 2014.
“You’ve got to pay attention to the states,” he begged at a recent fundraiser for the Democratic Governors Association. Obama lamented that Democrats don’t think state-level races in the 2014 midterms are “sexy enough.”

Raising cash for Senate Democrats in Virginia, Obama said Democrats tend to get “a little sleepy” and “distracted.”

“We’re good at Senate and House elections during presidential years — it’s something about midterms,” Obama said. “I don’t know what it is about us.”

This time he is way off point. He thinks it’s about getting the vote out. It’s not. Obamacare stiffs young people and they are waking up to that fact. And the reality is settling in on liberals.

Dye-in-the-wool liberal commentator Chris Matthews predicted that Democrats could lose as many as 10 Senate seats in the midterms.

“To the Democrats, this election, a rosy scenario is to lose five Senate seats, not six,” he said on “Meet the Press.” “They could lose 10.”

Yesterday David Jolly won a special election in Florida. It had been characterized as the election democrats “Can’t afford to lose.”

It’s rare in politics that anything other than a presidential contest is viewed as a “must win” — but the special election in Florida’s 13th District falls into that category for Democrats.

A loss in the competitive March 11 contest would almost certainly be regarded by dispassionate observers as a sign that President Barack Obama could constitute an albatross around the neck of his party’s nominees in November. And that could make it more difficult for Democratic candidates, campaign committees and interest groups to raise money and energize the grass roots.

Lose they did, despite Jolly running what the National GOP called a “Keystone Cops” campaign. Liberals on the political boards are quiet today after the open throttle smugness of the day before.

Reality is also finding the liberal media:

Democrats face a daunting electoral landscape, with almost no chance of winning the House and a high risk of losing the Senate. Although polls show Democrats have an advantage on most issues, they also show it is not turning into an advantage in voting — a problem illustrated on Tuesday when Democrats lost a special House election in Florida.

Carney still thinks it’s about turnout:

“I think the observation about complacency is more about statistical reality when it comes to who votes in midterm elections,” White House press secretary Jay Carney said Tuesday. “And it’s certainly been the case that Democrats tend not to turn out in the same numbers in midterms as Republicans do. And so the president and everyone else involved in the effort to support Democratic candidates and incumbents is making the case that it’s really important to turn out and exercise your right to vote, whoever you are.”

David Axelrod spouts exactly the same line– that the left needs to fire up its base. They need motivation.

Your base is not highly motivated when you screw them over. Younger people are getting screwed by Obamacare. They are the cash cows. They were always supposed to be the cash cows and get screwed but just now are they awakening to that fact. It’s not like we didn’t warn them.

The liberal base has been disenfranchised.

And right after Obama issued his warning about it being time to worry about the elections and Crimea was falling to the Russians, Obama headed to the Keys for another golf vacation.

Nothing says worry like golf in the Keys. When Obama says it’s time to worry, what he means is that it’s time for you to worry about him.

It’s coming.

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The luster is almost off… Democrats need to lose..

Americans are tired.

Tired of the incessant lies. Tired of the venom of the left. Tired of the constant dribble and liberal/ progressive – Democratic encroachment into every facet of their lives…Tired of the Liberal-Progressive “Social Engineering” that isn’t working, will never work, and was never suppose to work… Socialism/Communism doesn’t work – 92 million people out of work – millions dependent on Government – this is not what America is all about…I do hope Americans finally ‘understand this’.

Government doesn’t ‘deliver’ especially outside of the functions it was meant to do….this administration has proved that beyond a shadow of a doubt.

Americans are tapped out mentally and fiscally.

I feel that over the last 5 years a majority of Americans have been forced to paddle upstream and against a natural current…very taxing – and very tiring. Where exactly is the ‘Hope’ in doing this? What is the goal in doing this? I see none. We desperately need to “Change” course.
Sadly, it will be hard to ‘fix’ and ‘undo’ all the damage that has been inflicted upon us.

I do know this… America is still a great country and Americans are a resilient people…better days are coming….

Well, according to the eloquent Ms. Wasserman-Schultz, the GOP underperformed in the election, which apparently shows their weakness, or something.

It appears that they may run on a “Let’s Polish That Turd!” platform for the foreseeable future, but for now it looks like the Collective is losing it. The thrill is gone.

Not to worry. All we have to do is drop our cable and ObamaPhones and we too can afford the Affordable Care Act.

Here’s an amusing passage from the pingback above:

What happened last night in Florida was really scary. Republican super PACs and outside groups rode to the rescue of a straight-up corporate lobbyist — spending $5 million to tear down his Democratic opponent.

Can anyone tell me, what exactly is the Collective’s beef with lobbyists?