Bring on the Rain (Guest Post)



Imagine playing God and taking the rain before it falls and putting it in the lakes and oceans without it ever having to fall. What would happen? Well simply put, the rain that didn’t fall on the mountains, hills, and plains would not feed the plants and soil or fill the streams or rivers on their way to the lakes and oceans. All the life, both plant and animal, living upon the mountains, hills, and plains or near the streams and rivers would starve. Does this appeal to you? It does to the Democrats.

Rather than allow money to flow freely in our economy, they wish to take from “the top” and deliver it directly to “the bottom”.

Let me use John Kerry’s infamous yacht as an example. He paid about 15 million dollars for the construction of the yacht. (He unfortunately chose to have it built in New Zealand rather than the US, but that is for another blog.) Let’s think about how the money was spent.

He probably began with a naval architect to design his yacht. It may have been an individual or a team of white collar, college educated persons who performed this task. After deciding on a hull and layout, construction would have begun. The shipbuilder would have employed a team of craftsmen from fiberglass layers and gel coat applicators, to woodworkers, mechanics, and electricians. At some point interior designers would have been consulted to design the interior, choose a design style for each cabin and the salon, and probably to help obtain the right pieces to fulfill their vision. Teak from the Indonesian forests will have been shipped in. Various textiles will also be purchased for the construction.

After construction is complete, the Yacht must be transported. It may be crewed or transported on a larger ship designed to transport other ships.

When it reaches its final destination, the dock master and his crew at the marina take care of the vessel. If docked at a private dock, a crew lives on the yacht, doing daily maintenance and preparing it for events and trips.

Now lets review how the money traveled en route to this creation of a “toy for the rich.”

The construction of this yacht directly employed naval architects, fiberglass workers, gel coaters, painters, wood workers, manufacturers, electricians, interior designers, and boat transporters.

These people in turn employed fiberglass manufacturers and suppliers, gel coat manufacturers and suppliers, electrical fixture and parts manufacturers and suppliers, engine manufacturers and suppliers, lumber jacks and their suppliers. Of course transportation of each of these items employed others. Once the boat was docked at its final destination, a full time crew or marina employees were gainfully employed in its care—as in permanent full time employment.

Countless others are in turn patronized by the people receiving paychecks as a result of this yacht, and it goes on and on…

The government receives a piece of each transaction either as a sales tax, payroll tax, import tax, etc… and uses this money to provide goods and services to “the poor.” What happens to the middle class when the government takes the capital that would employ them?

This is what Democrats don’t understand about why taxing “the rich” is not smart economically. Luxury taxes or death taxes or any tax aimed at “the rich” ultimately hurt the middle/working class—who need the rich to spend money to purchase their services or products.

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The Liberals never see that side of things. They only see the filthy rich playing with expensive toys while the ‘poor’ struggle to feed thier kids with low wages from McDonalds. They don’t see that the expensive toys pay a lot of people a lot of money to design and construct.

They also don’t see the ‘poor’ taking the Gov’t cheese, and spending it wastefully on things they want, not need. Then, turn around, pawn it off for 10-cents on the dollar when times get hard or benefits get interrupted. Then the benefits come back online, and they repeat the cycle. Instead of taking the benefits and seeking job training or skills building to get a better job to make it on thier own.

A proverb that is very telling: “Feed a man a fish, and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime.”

This is what Democrats don’t understand about why taxing “the rich” is not smart economically.

I’d go so far to say they know exactly the outcome. But the pols can’t ever say it.

This is the mindset: They are so smart to know when a business has enough money and will insist that increased operational costs don’t stress the business model.

So what’s a couple more dollars from the Middle Class. Disagree and you are a greedy bitch. And just like Capitalist Business Owners, they see the Middle Class just as privileged.

Dems also project that the inner-cities generational welfare society are victims of something else other than their failed policies – see Detroit. That’s why they point the finger at us. It’s not them you see, but fat cat penny pinching employers or the neighbor who doesn’t pay his fair share.

And it’s always the Left that arbitrates the definition of penny pinching and fair share.

@PhilJ: Of course, Kerry tried to skip out on HIS taxes on his yacht, but that, also, is another blog.

Democrats want only to assuage their own guilt feelings by handing out bundles of goodies to those in poverty… but it is always someone else’s goodies.

“Teach a man to fish and he will eat the rest of his life. Give a man a handout and he will vote Democrat every election.”

Wouldn’t it be a lot easier for everyone if all the liberal socialists would just move to a country with true socialism, like maybe Venezuela or Cuba? That way they wouldn’t have to expend all the effort to change our country.

bwax@#4 Great Idea!! I Love it!! Cuba? Venezuala?? Live there for awhile would certainly shut them up…

I have no use for this so called meme by the Liberals and Progressives of “White Guilt” or this so called “White Privilege” BS.

Anyone who comes to America, or living in America with a mindset for taking advantage of the 0pportunities (for anyone) this country has to offer and eventually succeeding even moderately… is a win – win for all…

The Democrat-Liberal mindset predominately of fairness and equality – especially under Government dependency is not and never will be equal to anything but stagnation and still being poor or distressed…

FRAUD UNCHECKED – takes away from those who could truly use and especially “need” the help…It also leaves the Government (taxpayers) in more debt and the perpetual cycle of “more”… more taxes…more money needed…. more… more… more…. Which then begs the Conservative question….when is it ever enough???

And that is why to the Liberals and Democrats it is never enough…after it’s not THEIR money being spent…however fraudulently in many cases….

Can’t fix stupid…

Great post, Blowhard. Reminds me of that classic economics lesson regarding the complexity in something as seemingly simple as the construction of the pencil.
My question is why does the GOP still exist if it can’t even get out a message like this when the libs start with their class warfare rhetoric?

When people say “tax the rich”, I want to know where they suggest that the rich should cut back on their spending. Just a short list:

Business investment, venture capital?
Jets, cars, yachts? (Google yacht luxury tax)
Real estate?
Employees, domestics? ( and where, by the way, does the money come from that Buffet’s secretary uses to pay her taxes?)