Media attempts to hide Colorado shooter’s anti-Republican anti-gun socialist past


Karl Pierson is shown in a Facebook photo.

Bet you haven’t heard this from the major news outlets:

Colorado gunman Karl Pierson, who seriously injured a 17-year-old girl when he opened fire at his school, supported tougher gun laws.

The 18-year-old, who had been dropped from the debate team, was said to have had strong views on politics and gun control, classmates said.

Pierson was also allegedly suspended from the school in September for making threats against the team coach, Tracy Murphy, believed to have been the target for Friday’s attack.

‘He had very strong beliefs about gun laws and stuff,’ junior Abbey Skoda told the Denver Post.

The paper reported that Pierson had once posted an image on Facebook with the slogan: ‘The Republican Party: Health Care: Let ’em Die, Climate Change: Let ’em Die, Gun Violence: Let ’em Die, Women’s Rights: Let ’em Die, More War: Let ’em Die. Is this really the side you want to be on?’

The post had been removed on Saturday.

Despite seemingly supporting gun control, Pierson legally bought the shotgun that he used only one week before carrying out his attack.

The teenager carried out his attack while his mother, who he had been living with since his parents divorced, was out of town caring for a sick relative.

During the attack he fired five times, shooting 17-year-old Claire Davis at point blank range, before shooting himself in the library.

Pierson has been described as a “very opinionated socialist.”

While liberals blamed the NRA for the tragic Arapahoe High School shooting, it turns out the alleged shooter was one of their own, according to the Denver Post. An article posted at Saturday said that one classmate identified senior Karl Pierson as a “very opinionated Socialist.”

The Post said Pierson described himself as a “Keynesian” on Facebook who mocked Republicans and had outspoken views on a variety of topics — including guns.

The Denver Post saw fit to edit out Pierson’s socialist description. What read as

Now reads

“Thomas Conrad, who had an economics class with Pierson, described him as very opinionated.”

Facebook didn’t mind the anti-Republican vitriol until the shooting. They then decided to sanitize the record of young man who committed a crime with a Joe Biden-endorsed weapon. The Denver Post edited out the shooter’s left wing tendencies. Liberals jumped on the opportunity to blame the NRA, complete with death threats, for a crime committed by one of their own.

That’s about right. Also, it’s very illuminating that finding the unvarnished truth so often means seeking foreign news sources.

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Media Works To Keep Mass Shooters’ Profiles Secret

Democratic socialist occultists make up majority of mass shooters

In Brief:

An undeniable pattern has continued to emerge in light of mass shootings, despite the media’s attempt to avoid connecting the dots. (snip)

…In 2011, Tuscon, Arizona shooter Jared Loughner, who viciously murdered six people in his unsuccessful attempt to kill U.S. Representative Gabrielle Giffords, was immedietly deemed a “right-winger.” It was soon learned that Loughner was a left-wing liberal obsessed with drugs, mind-control, dressing like the grim reaper and engaging in occult rituals.

Despite initial reports attempting to paint the same picture, information now shows that last week’s shooter in Colorado, Karl Halverson Pierson, was a devoted and “opinionated socialist” who blamed gun violence on Republicans.

Sandy Hook gunman Adam Lanza, who murdered 20 children and six teachers, exhibited identical traits. Although the media attempted to connect Lanza to the NRA, this was later found to be inaccurate. Instead, Lanza, who admittedly had mental health issues, was obsessed with playing video games and updating his ’online devil worshiping page.’

Aurora theater shooter James Holmes, who was falsely labeled a member of the Tea Party by ABC News, was linked to fringe elements of the Occupy movement by renowned private investigator Bill Warner.(snip)

…Similarly, going back to the tragic Columbine shooting, left-wing shooters Harrison and Klebold, who reffered to themselves as “gods,” were know to take SSRI’s for mental health issues.

Spending hours playing video games like Doom, the pair reportedly obsessed over death and the occult. The same profile – occult obsessed, leftist mass murderers – can be traced back to countless others from Son of Sam, to the Night Stalker, to National Socialist Adolf Hitler.

Blue states want to take away guns… Red states want to protect the right to bear arms… All these recent far-left shooters…Street gangs thrive in Democrat controlled cities…Which tend to have the highest crime rates…

… Scratching my head on this one, I might have had an epiphany. Check me on this:

… Clearly the problem is that too many Democrats, socialists, communists, socialist-fascists, etc.. (OK, I know that’s redundant, they are all progressives.) …simply can’t be trusted to bear arms… Because when they are armed, they prey on their communities, kill their family members, yadda, yadda, yadda…

The big blue Democratic strongholds seem to be unknowingly close to solving the problem, but haven’t put it all the puzzle pieces together yet. I think I have it! My solution is that if you are a registered Democrat or socialist party member, you automatically qualify for a tougher, more in-depth background examination including your juvenile criminal records and mental health history. Even the non-violent Democrats should be perfectly fine with this solution because they don’t want guns anyway. The Government also passes laws to require the showing of voter registrations when applying for a background check, and every time you want to buy a gun or ammunition. If you’re a life long time Republican, Libertarian, Constitutional Party member, go right ahead buy all you want. For those who changed their party affiliation from Democrat at any time, include a cumulative waiting period; one day for every year you were registered as a Democrat.

Come to think of it…They might have also been on to something in the old Kurt Russell “Escape from New York/Los Angeles” films…

Facebook routinely takes down the pages of people who have committed high profile criminal acts. That’s done without regard for their apparent political leanings.

“The Media” isn’t attempting to keep the killer’s past political statements secret. Responsible mainstream sources simply haven’t fixated on details that likely have nothing whatsoever to do the incident. Obviously they’ve been reported in the media, because you know about them.


“The Media” isn’t attempting to keep the killer’s past political statements secret.

Nonsense. The Denver news report editorial department went back and removed the statement from a fellow student who knew the shooter and said he was a socialist. Why go back and wipe such facts from a report unless the editor orders you to? Had he been affiliated with a TEA Party organization it would have been right there as the headline on every MSM news agency in the nation.

Because there’s no indication that his political views had anything at all to do with the shooting. You seem to want to create the impression that they somehow did.

The editor probably did delete the comment. That’s what editors do, when they want their stories to be straightforward news rather than expressions of someone’s political agenda.


Responsible mainstream sources simply haven’t fixated on details that likely have nothing whatsoever to do the incident. Obviously they’ve been reported in the media, because you know about them.

Is that why Brian Ross was so quick to name (ON AIR) a Tea Party person as the Aurora Colorado shooter after it happened?

Jon Stewart Tears Apart ABC’s Brian Ross For False Tea Party Report On Aurora Shooter

Greg, I noticed the media could not get enough of that Sandy Hook hero Gene Rosen….until he became a clown act. If it wasn’t for your clownish perspective, we’d never have as much entertainment around these parts!

If there were a hole straight to hell and I had the power, I’d have every gun on the planet thrown in. It would be a good riddance.

Claire Davis


Of course you would, because you insanely want to blame inanimate objects for what their owners do with them, rather than blaming the person who perpetrated the crime. The killer could have just as easily used a kitchen knife, a machete, a chainsaw, a baseball bat, golf clubs, etc… but everyone would recognize you as a fool if you publicly declared that you wanted to ban those tools, because a small number of individuals used them to kill.

What really needs to be done is to research and discover out why it is that so many Democrats are committing these crimes.

Oddly, we don’t seem to see very many stories on the evening news about golf club or kitchen knife massacres. Why do you suppose that is?

This argument is frequently presented as if it actually made some sort of sense. Homicide can be committed with a bowling ball, so everyone might as well have easy access to a firearm.


Oddly, we don’t seem to see very many stories on the evening news about golf club or kitchen knife massacres. Why do you suppose that is?

It is because the MSM and gun control fanatics like you have a political agenda to take away our right to bear arms. As a result both of you sensationalize any tragic event involving people killed by guns and mostly ignore events where other weapons were used or when guns were used to save lives.

Ever heard of 9/11? How many was it who died thanks to men armed with box cutters?

Worst School Massacre in US history: Bath, Michigan School Massacre. 1927. Murder accomplished with explosives. 44 victims (equal to the Columbine and Virginia Tech massacres combined).

Worst Domestic Terrorist Attack in US History: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building bombing. 4/19/95. Murder accomplished with a rental truck full of fertilizer based explosives. 168 dead (including many children in an onsite day care).

Worst Foreign based Terrorist Attack in US History: September 11, 2001 attacks on NYC, PA, Pentagon. Murder accomplished with box cutters and commerical airliners. ~3,000 people dead.

Non-Gun Mass Murders (worldwide):
By no means is this a complete list. I have focused on 2008, and NOT included the majority of terrorist attacks in recent times, most of which involve car bombs (London), attaché bombs on trains (Madrid), the Sarin gas attack in Tokyo, etc. (and in fact almost all modern terrorist attacks are done without guns for the reasons of efficiency stated above).

Arson, Stabbing Rampage in Seoul South Korea : 10/20/2008. 6 people dead, 5 from stabbing. 7 others wounded, 4 seriously. An angry man felt people “looked down on him.”

Anti-police stabbing spree in Shanghai, China: 7/2008. 6 Police Officers stabbed to death, 4 wounded. 28 year old man angry at police attacked a police station with a knife.

Akihabara Massacre, Chiyoda City, Tokyo, Japan: 6/8/2008. 7 people killed (3 struck by car, 4 by stabbing), many more injured. Man slammed into a crowd with his car, then jumped out and began stabbing people to death.

18 year old slashes 4 to death in Sitka, Alaska, US: 3/25/2008. 4 people killed. 18 year old (old enough to purchase a rifle over the counter) kills 4 people, related to him, with a 5 inch knife.

Stabbing Spree kills 2, Tsuchiura, Japan: 3/23/2008. 2 killed, 7 wounded. Man “just wanted to kill anyone.”

Stabbing spree wounds 41, 6 seriously in Berlin Train Station: 5/26/2006. 41 wounded, 6 seriously. Thankfully no one died in this attack, but not for lack of trying on the part of the drunk 16 year old.

4 killed in stabbing spree in London, UK: 9/2004. 4 killed, 2 wounded. Mentally ill man attacks mostly older people.

6 killed over Xbox dispute in Deltona, Florida, US: 8/6/2004. 6 killed. 4 men (all old enough to legally purchase firearms) bludgeon 6 people to death with baseball bats over purloined Xbox.

Daegu subway fire, Daegu, South Korea: 2/18/2003. 198 killed, 147 injured. A 56 year old unemployed taxi driver, dissatisfied with his medical treatment, sets fire to a crowded train.

Osaka School Massacre, Osaka Japan: 6/8/2001. 8 children dead, 13 other children and 2 teachers wounded. Committed by 37 year old former janitor armed with a kitchen knife.

Homicide can be committed with a bowling ball, so everyone might as well have easy access to a firearm.

That is their 2nd amendment right and of course it makes sense. Any time someone is trying to kill you by whatever means they have chosen, you are within your rights to use any means possible to defend your life. For the weak, firearms are the great equalizer. If you take a bowling ball into a gun fight, the odds are not in your favor.