The liberal racist attacks on Ted Cruz



The masks are off. democrats are proving just how deeply fulminant racism runs through them. They maintain a charade of cordiality but burn inside with hatred of Hispanics.

Especially highly educated, intelligent Hispanics.

democrats have decided to target Ted Cruz with these racism. The attacks are led by a trio of privileged whites.

David Denby of the New Yorker is a white WASP who grew up in New York and , lives in Manhattan and donated to John Kerry in 2004. He is said to have been influenced by Pauline Kael (irony alert). This vicious, privileged white man had this to say about the Hispanic Cruz:

When Ted Cruz lies, he appears to be praying. His lips narrow, almost disappearing into his face, and his eyebrows shift abruptly, rising like a drawbridge on his forehead into matching acute angles. He attains an appearance of supplication, an earnest desire that men and women need to listen, as God surely listens. Cruz has large ears; a straight nose with a fleshy tip, which shines in camera lights when he talks to reporters; straight black hair slicked back from his forehead like flattened licorice; thin lips; a long jaw with another knob of flesh at the base, also shiny in the lights. If, as Orwell said, everyone has the face he deserves at fifty, Cruz, who is only forty-two, has got a serious head start. For months, I sensed vaguely that he reminded me of someone but I couldn’t place who it was. Revelation has arrived: Ted Cruz resembles the Bill Murray of a quarter-century ago, when he played fishy, mock-sincere fakers. No one looked more untrustworthy than Bill Murray. The difference between the two men is that the actor was a satirist.

Denby likened Cruz to Joseph McCarthy:

Cruz speaks crisply. Still, like McCarthy, he evokes a menace that is destroying the nation: Obamacare, which is killing jobs, obliterating businesses, demoralizing everyone. Obamacare is his Communism, a conspiracy that is the main impediment to economic growth. It is a malaise that is particularly hurting “single moms, Hispanics, African-Americans”—a brazen touch on Cruz’s part, since it is exactly those three groups whose interests Republican policies tend to ignore. It takes a certain ingenuity to suggest that an attempt to insure the powerless is rendering them powerless. One of Cruz’s tricks is to turn his enemies’ words back on them so that they stand accused in their own language. Meanwhile, he remains, at least rhetorically, invulnerable behind a mask of sincerity.

Thing is, McCarthy was right.

Cruz took a lot of heat for joking that Nigerian email scammers were running the Obamacare website. That’s obviously false. The Nigerian scammers would have done a much better job.

Then there’s the racist Sally Kohn.

She tweeted this:

Sally is a privileged white Jewish woman who lives in the affluent Park Slope area of Brooklyn.

Kohn suggested that the deaths at Benghazi, including a US Ambassador, were “barely a molehill.” She also blamed Ted Cruz for the long security lines at airports.

Kohn, as do all hateful liberals, misrepresents and tortures the positions of those who disagree with her. Cruz does not have a truck with anyone who immigrates legally, which mirrors conservative beliefs.

Then we come to Harry Reid, the uber-privileged pasty, wimpy, wealthy white racist Mormon from Nevada. Until 1978 blacks were second class citizens in the Mormon Church and black men were forbidden from participating in the priesthood.

Reid once said that Barack Obama was electable because he was a “‘light-skinned’ African American ‘with no Negro dialect, unless he wanted to have one.”


Reid recently piled it on the Hispanic Cruz:

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid blasted Sen. Ted Cruz Wednesday night during an interview with MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow.

Reid, a Nevada Democrat, admitted that Cruz raised a lot of money and earned a lot of support from Republican conservatives during the government shutdown battle, but suggested that the freshman senator from Texas would cripple the Republican Party.

“If I didn’t care so much about the country, I would hope he got the Republican nomination for president, because that would mean the end of the Republican Party,” Reid said. “He stands for everything America doesn’t.”

So what is it that makes Cruz so un-American? Let’s have a look at some examples:

Cruz Urges Supreme Court to Uphold U.S. Sovereignty

Cruz: I Hope the Fifth Circuit Will Uphold Texas’ Reasonable Law Protecting the Health of Texas Women and Unborn Children

Cruz: It’s Clear Obamacare Isn’t Working and it’s Becoming Harder for Democrats to Defend It

President Obama should listen to people who have lost their plans

President Obama Blocks WW II Vets from Their Memorial to Force Obamacare on American People

Reid Tables Bill to Fund Government, Refuses to Come to Table with Republicans

Debt Ceiling Increase Avoids Needed Reform

Nasty stuff.

Ted Cruz, unlike these liberal racists, does not make personal attacks. Let’s listen to someone who really knows Cruz and says Cruz is nothing like his caricature:

Everyone wants to know: Who does this guy think he is?

Unlike most of his critics, I’ve known Cruz for more than 10 years. And, the real thing doesn’t resemble the caricature.

Here are the charges leveled against him: Cruz doesn’t ask “Mother, may I?” before he speaks. Cruz doesn’t respect his elders in the Senate. (This includes John McCain, who ironically, in 2000, built an entire presidential campaign on his reputation for being a “maverick” in the Senate.) Cruz insults his colleagues for being “squishes” on tough issues. (Like Chuck Hagel who, in January 2007, scolded his Senate colleagues for waffling on the surge in Iraq, telling them: “If you want a safe job, go sell shoes.”) Cruz has an enormous ego. (No, not in the Senate!) And, lastly, Cruz is in an awful hurry to make his mark. (Like Barack Obama, who formed an exploratory committee for a presidential run in January 2007, just two years after being sworn in to his first Senate term).

Not all the reviews are negative. Consider what one well-known Beltway exile had to say about Cruz.

“I think he is the most talented and fearless Republican politician I’ve seen in the last 30 years,” Democratic strategist James Carville said during a panel discussion on ABC’s “This Week.” The Ragin’ Cajun is right. Ted Cruz doesn’t back up. He keeps coming. He is not shy, deferential or susceptible to peer pressure. And that terrifies the D.C. establishment — in both parties. Just as it frustrates the media. Neither one knows what to do with him.

Those of us who know Cruz can offer some advice: Stay out of his way.

And the people who know him love him.

There is no racist like a white liberal racist.

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I have a question for the Liberals who come here…specifically Greg and This One –

Do you feel the American People have grown ever so tired of the “Tactic” of “Racism” used by the LEFT to disparage, dissect AND ATTACK those who disagree with them and their (failed) socialist utopia ideology ???

I know I have…

Scott in Oklahoma
as soon as he was sworn in. he send HILARY to KENYA with a lock suitcase,
why and what was the hurry? what would HILARY SAY IF ASK,
it was a rush order to do as if his life depend on it,

@Scott in Oklahoma:

I am not up to speed enough on photoshop but a couple of my friends are, they came to the same conclusion as I did just looking at it. Again, what is the truth?

I’m no different from you. Obviously what your friends who are up to speed on photoshop believe is good enough truth for me. I didn’t know that high-end document forgery was done on photoshop, but it’s probably best to just shut up now and believe your friends.


@drjohn: You and Nan G were kidding when you suggested comparing Hispanic Cruz to Irishman McCarthy was racist. Weren’t you??
Nan You said Obama supporters discouraged White blue collar workers from going to the polls. Could you elaborate on that statement. Thanks

@Nathan Blue: Greg has NO proof on any of his outrageous comments!! He’s a monkey boy for 0-blama and his press machine. I’m sure he has to plug in before he even changes his diaper in the morning!! I have asked him to prove his statements and still waiting for one shred of proof. I’m not expecting him to come forth with anything though!! He won’t even admit that 0-blama lied to America on keeping health insurance and doctors!!

@Tom: 7

tells us, well, actually “McCarthy was right”

As anyone that knows history will agree that McCarthy was right.

@Richard Wheeler: #25

I’ll be interested in watching the actions of birthers towards Cruz and Rubio candidacies.

Ah so, the first admission I’ve seen (but I haven’t been looking for) from RW that he recognizes that Obama is not eligible to be president because he is not a natural born citizen. Well, RW, you don’t have to be concerned about Conservatives, they know Rubio, Cruz, Jindal, (and some others) are not eligible because they are not natural born citizens. We don’t have a double standard. I wouldn’t be for Rubio in any case, he’s for letting all illegals aliens become citizens.

@Richard Wheeler: #29 Wow, still playing the racist card.

@ilovebeeswarzone: #37 Bees:


And of course we all know that Obama has never produced a legitimate birth certificate, only a very poorly forged one.

@Tom: If casual observation of the document for 2 minutes doesn’t convince anyone of it’s fraud, then they just can’t think for themselves. Photoshop has nothing to do with it.

@Redteam: Definitely believe BHO eligible based on Hawaiian birth. Your natural born er birther claim against Cruz will put you in conflict with your sidekick o5.

In 29# I stated I saw no racism directed against Cruz. I’m sure you’d agree.

@Richard Wheeler:

Your natural born er birther claim against Cruz will put you in conflict with your sidekick o5.

Why should it? I don’t know where Obama was born and although I think it was probably in Hawaii, I can’t prove that and he has not to my satisfaction.

So under which Hawaiian statute, in force at the time, do you think applied to Obama’s birth certificate?

@FAITH7: Very well said!! Every time 0-blama gets called on his failures, the failures of his administration, his lies, and deceit the liberal wachos run out of explanations so they play the race card!! It’s like there is not other angle that justifies his disgusting behavior so they say OK let’s play the race card to divert the discussion away from the facts!! Fast and Furious, Benghazi, keeping health insurance, keeping your doctor, and many more failures are NOT about race!! It’s the truth of failure by our President and this administration!!

@Richard Wheeler:

Definitely believe BHO eligible based on Hawaiian birth

So you don’t think Obama was speaking the truth when he said he was born in Kenya? What does that make him, or you? The fact that his father was not a US citizen is what makes him not ‘natural’ born. Has nothing to do with Hawaii or Kenya.
Cruz father not US citizen when he was born, Rubio’s father or mother not US citizen when he was born, ditto Jindal. I don’t care who I’m at odds with. I’m stating facts.

@retire05: I suggested you’d be in conflict with RT over CRUZ eligibility. Obama produced his B.C. to most everyone’s satisfaction.

RT Obama never said he was born in Kenya. A publication said he was. Should I call you a liar?
The fact his father was not a U.S. citizen matters not.

@Richard Wheeler:Entire contents of 29

: Racism from the left against Cuban/Canadian/American Ted Cruz? I don’t see it. If racism comes it will most likely come from the Right against not only Cruz but his fellow Cuban American Conservative Marco Rubio. Watch those Southern Christian Evangelical supporters of Rand Paul go after these two.
It won’t be pretty.

you asked:

In 29# I stated I saw no racism directed against Cruz. I’m sure you’d agree.

No I don’t agree. All the messages referring to Cruz contain racism, and all from racists. Since you said you don’t see it, I said you are playing “the Card”. As I said, those playing the card are the racists.

@Richard Wheeler:

Obama produced his B.C. to most everyone’s satisfaction.

LOL. Obama didn’t produce anything. His handlers did the fake and gave it to the press. Let’s test your credibility RW, have you seen his ‘purported’ birth certificate? How long did it take you to realize it was a fake? Was that time ‘more’ than two minutes? If so, you were looking the wrong direction.

@Richard Wheeler:

RT Obama never said he was born in Kenya. A publication said he was. Should I call you a liar?

Actually you only need to stop smoking what it is you’re smoking. There is no dispute over him saying it.

@Redteam: So now you are seeing racism all over the place. By your own definition that makes you a racist. You’re a hoot RT.
Like over 90% of Americans I believe Obama B.C. is legit. You’re with the crazies on this one RT.—not surprising.

@Redteam: RT Let’s be clear. Obama never said he was born in Kenya. I’m calling you a liar.

Semper Fi

@Richard Wheeler:You’ve run a wheel off there RW. First I didn’t bring up the racist issue. I only responded when asked. Those that bring it up are the racists. so by my definition, I am not the racist.

: So now you are seeing racism all over the place. By your own definition that makes you a racist. You’re a hoot RT.

Like over 90% of Americans I believe Obama B.C. is legit. You’re with the crazies on this one RT.—not surprising.

So you can only form an opinion based on popular belief. 90% of the country have never even heard of the birth certificate issue.

@Richard Wheeler:

: RT Let’s be clear. Obama never said he was born in Kenya. I’m calling you a liar.

And I’m saying they have not changed the Dimocrat flavor of your Kool Aid. While you’re at it, which comment did I state that Obama was born in Kenya?

@Redteam Obama never said he was born in Kenya. You are a liar RT. Everyone at F.A. SHOULD KNOW YOU’RE A LIAR.. Until you show us A QUOTE where Obama said he was born in Kenya I’m gonna ignore your B.S.

@Richard Wheeler:

Damn, RW, losing it, aren’t you?

Obama’s bio on a book made the claim he was born in Kenya. Having worked for a publisher, I can tell you most bios are written by the authors, not the publishers, who might simply clean up the wording a little. So…………..if Obama did, in fact, write that bio, then he did, in fact, claim Kenyan birth at one point in his life.

@retire05: No good o5 BHO didn’t write it or say it and the publisher doesn’t claim BHO said it. Publication had “bios” of many people. Wanna try again?


As anyone that knows history will agree that McCarthy was right.

As a student of history, I have to disagree. McCarthy made the mistake of going after “communists”. He would have been “right” if he labeled them as “socialists” which is what they truly were(/are). Since very few of the people McCarthy went after were of the subset communist-socialists, his continual poor choice of the incorrect descriptive noun made him look like a fool.

@Richard Wheeler:

Now, you are perfectly welcome to believe that some literary agent “assistant” (i.e. lackey underling) wrote the bio, but I can tell you that doesn’t happen, and it sure doesn’t happen and then is left unchanged for years. The only way it would remain unchanged is if the book was such a flop that it never got passed the first printing.

And how do you know, with certainty, that the agent assistant, wasn’t lying just to cover Obama’s backside? I want your proof that she was telling the truth. And perhaps an explanation why the publisher left that bio on its website until 2007, when Obama clearly declared his bid for the presidency.

And while you’re at it, tell me when Obama denounced his British citizenship that would have been awarded to him through his father. Oh, yes, RW, Obama held dual citizenry. One from the nation of his father, under British control, and one from his mother.

@Ditto: Ditto, the question at the time was “are you now or have you ever been a member of the Communist Party”. History and all the files released from the former Soviet Union have proven that McCarthy was right. So far, every person he named has been proven to have been a member. There has been no one cleared. I am only speaking of those McCarthy accused, not that others accused. If you know of any, and this has been bandied about on this blog quite a bit, no one has come up with an ‘innocent’ accused person.

@Richard Wheeler: In addition to running a wheel off, I think you have slipped down the slope.

Obama never said he was born in Kenya. You are a liar RT. Everyone at F.A. SHOULD KNOW YOU’RE A LIAR.. Until you show us A QUOTE where Obama said he was born in Kenya I’m gonna ignore your B.S.

I’ll say again, give me the comment number where I said that Obama was born in Kenya. Then put your wheel back on. Where did you learn your childish habit of ‘name calling’ I’m sure it wasn’t in the Corps, they wouldn’t teach you that?

@retire05: With all the books Obama has actually authored and the thousands of speeches he’s made he has NEVER written or stated he was born in Kenya. Give me something that is first hand. You can’t do it. Nobody can.

@Richard Wheeler:

Can you prove, with certainty, that Obama did not write that bio? Unless you can, you are blowing smoke out of your lower orifice.
Would Obama lie? Remember, if you like your insurance, if you like your doctor, you can keep them.

@Redteam: #65 you said “So You Don’t Think OBAMA Was Telling The Truth When HE SAID HE WAS BORN IN KENYA.”
In The Marines we’d say You’re a Damn Liar—- which of course you are.

Nobody claims Obama wrote it–well except you and other far right crazies You got nothing 05–What do you think of RT.He lies then doubles down on it. Hilarious
I’m going out to dinner and the movies Sat night,

@retire05: but Retire, you know it’s not a lie if he is telling the lie to ‘help’ you, is it? No, the real challenge is not to find a lie Obama has told. The real challenge is to find out something that he said that is ‘true’.

@Richard Wheeler:

In The Marines

spokesman for the Corps? is that official? I’m not sure fellow Marines would appreciate you saying that you learned name calling from being in the Marine Corps. Say it ain’t so.

: #65 you said “So You Don’t Think OBAMA Was Telling The Truth When HE SAID HE WAS BORN IN KENYA.”

You’re gonna have to call a tow truck to get that wheel back on Wheeler. let me quote your quote:

you said “So You Don’t Think OBAMA Was Telling The Truth When HE SAID HE WAS BORN IN KENYA.”

now, in my English classes, I would say that I asked a question about what Obama said, not about what I said. So after that tow truck tire gets that wheel that you run off back on for you, apologize to the Marine Corps.

@Richard Wheeler:

In The Marines we’d say You’re a Damn Liar—- which of course you are.

I’m sure that the Marines also taught you never to disgrace the uniform ever, something you continue to do.

You got nothing 05–

And you have no answers. You’re turning into a Greggie, this one clone.

What do you think of RT.He lies then doubles down on it. Hilarious

I don’t know that he’s lying. Where is your proof positive that Obama did NOT write that bio, or do you always believe some lower level lackey?

@Common Sense#64 –

They are beating a dead horse …. (with the ‘race card’) and we know it…


@Tom: You’re seeing what you want to see, and that’s the real issue. Doublethink, as I said.

I was concerned that some idiot would have a field day by taking my comparison of “teabagger” to the “N-word,” but let it ride to see if I hit a nerve. What you said was revealing, and completely validated my point.

The term teabagger and birther are derogatory terms used to judge and compartmentalize people and their views into a cultural prison. It’s wrong. The freedom for all to have their own opinion, and for others to listen to the individual, is everyone’s duty. All of the criticisms of Obama and his background are legit, but people like you have been duped into exaggerating every skepticism, and thus marginalizing the very idea of it.

You like Obama — we get it. You will swallow any delusion needed for that to be reality, but then defend that delusion by telling others they are delusional . . . building whatever cognitive walls and prejudices are necessary (birther, teabagger, etc). The worst part is that this didn’t even come from you; it was a very deliberate, very metered campaign meant to influence those open to it to think what they were told to think.

Thanks for taking the bait. You’ve only confirmed the lunacy that a small part of the country has been indoctrinated with, and also proved that they don’t even understand the twisted pathos they are promoting.

@Tom: Well, I’ve looked at the document in Illustrator. There’s just too many layers and augments for anyone to say it’s legit.

I asked a friend of mine who’s and computer whiz, but sadly an Obama loyalist. He said it was just an amateur job of polishing a scan, but legit.

My issue is that too many things on that file are doctored or changed for any one to say it’s proof. It wouldn’t stand up in a court of law, so why is it good for the American people?

Personally, I don’t think Obama isn’t from America, but I do think they’ve had to hide many things from his past to keep the marketing campaign going.

I think the weak file posted was meant to be weak, and to keep the argument going. This way, people like Tom get to feel even more viscous and justified in their crusade against the “teabaggers” and “birthers”.

That was always the point: manufacture public division, and keep it going by hiding the lies in plain sight, but with enough misinformation that those arguing don’t even know what their looking at. And now that a vast majority of GOP hopefuls are first gen or non-white, non-male, the dem voters are poised to become real “birthers” with a clear consciousness. Just get the rubes to do your work for you, and any government can be compromised rather quickly.

Bravo Tom, bravo. Taking the bait once again.

Richard Wheeler
OBAMA would have refute it in one two three seconds,
it never was ask to change, IT MEAN THIS WAS THE TRUTH,
i can picture the argument she had from him after,
it was told that he paid millions to hide his past identity,
why is that? and with the taxpayers money, wow,

@Richard Wheeler:

Nobody claims Obama wrote it

I really like that part. If someone were writing about RW’s heroic efforts in VietNam and on the cover of the book, they wrote a profile that told all about the US Army hero they were writing about, I’m sure RW wouldn’t even notice that they said U S Army and he would allow that to remain on the cover for at least 16 years without mentioning it. That must just be the way it is about book sellers, hell I guess even if they said RW had served in the Kenyan Army in Nam, he wouldn’t have noticed it, I mean no one that has a book written about them ever looks at the cover. They might be considered as conceited to notice that someone had written about them. But then, maybe Obama didn’t even know the book was written about him, maybe they just changed that part of the book in 2007 also, maybe it was all about someone else til that point. RW, you got any idea who that book was originally written about? Someone that was really born in Kenya? When you gonna apologize to the Corps?