The Government As A Jealous Girlfriend [Reader Post]



Now I actually found this fairly amusing. This administration has definitely opened itself up to mockery even though the subject matter itself is in fact far from funny. But on the other hand, you almost have to laugh to keep oneself from sinking into a chronic depression or catatonic state as the ‘land of the free and the home of the brave’ is now evidently completely dominated and governed by people who think nothing of building multi-billion dollar facilities devoted to spying on American citizens and tracking and recording every word on the internet and every thought expressed in email.

I do not buy for one second that such things are merely designed and devoted to rooting out Akmed the unruly Pashtun in the back wilds of Pakistan. That may be the excuse, but that may very quickly not be the reality if the powers-that-be decide they’d rather turn their sights on you or me. Such a vast and powerful all-knowing, all-seeing intelligence gathering ‘entity’ in the wrong hands, whether now or later, would indeed be the death knell for the Republic and constitutional liberty as we know it. Can you see such an intelligence weapon being turned on American gun owners if a few folks get a bit trigger happy somewhere along the way? Such scenarios are not that far-fetched and likely more fact than fiction.

TokenLibertarianGirl is awesome and in her kinda nerdy way does a great job making the case that certain things are simply not the government’s business. Even if the government having “it” is supposedly for your “own good.” In our culture, becoming the wide-spread focus of mockery and derision can be far more devastating and emasculating than thousands of “serious” analytical articles and editorials. But when you combine both, it makes it even worse. At the moment the Obama administration has been nothing but a clown car loaded with scandals, petty tyrannies, and revelations and getting hammered from every direction. It will be very interesting to see how this all works out.

And, by the way, nobody let our little youtube sensation know that I actually do have a Star Wars action figure collection. I don’t think that’s any of her business or Obama’s for that matter. Do you? Shhh…. let’s just keep that between you and me… and our friends at the NSA.

Hey Obama, can you hear me now? (: And, if it’s not too much to ask, don’t drone me bro!


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Nice job Dave, This whole idea of the government collecting and storing your life, just in case you become a subversive is unnerving, especially after our government agencies like the IRS and EPA have become tools of the Left. Which means your information can be used in the future, whether you are a subversive or just a political opponent of the Left.

Most people if not all people would like to keep some things under wraps, but now our Leftist government will be able to destroy you and confiscate all your worldly goods if you resist the tide of the Leftist movement. Scaring people about donating to TEA Party groups or Pro-Life groups is only the beginning, with our federal agencies riddled with Leftist operatives, they can get the EPA to close down our business or they can put you in Audit Hell and Leftists actually defend this strategy by saying you deserve such treatment because of your “wrong headed” political ideas.

Until the IRS and EPA are dismantled the USA is dead. The Leftists have seized control of the government, will they be able to consolidate their power and control to bring about an end to democracy in America?

Screw Obama and his NSA goons, they can spy on me all they want, it will be pretty boring. Right now I am reading up on fossils, but some of you younger people might reconsider how much of your privacy you want to surrender to Little Brother, especially you Leftists who are so proud of your new found power. This power will be used to control you in the future.

FAITH7 says

This was excellent.

I especially liked the end “The Terrorists want to destroy our Freedom(s)….SO THE GOVERNMENT RESPONDS TO THE TERROR (terrorism) THREAT BY…DESTROYING OUR FREEDOM(s)”…PERFECT analogy!

The USA is quickly becoming “The Land of the Lost”…AND a TOP DOWN – and BOTTOM UP permanently Dysfunctional Country…. There is an erosion of our Society by “a segment” of our Society by an enabling Government infiltrated by Dysfunctional people…. Totally Scary…

This young lady has more BRAINS and MORE Common Sense then 95% of Washington DC and half of this country…

Loved it!
Especially this:
“The Terrorists want to destroy our Freedom(s)….SO THE GOVERNMENT RESPONDS TO THE TERROR (terrorism) THREAT BY…DESTROYING OUR FREEDOM(s)”

And the threat of parody and satire is the perfect foil for this.
I wanted to CC every email to the White House/DOJ/NSA and a few others.
But guess what?
They don’t have regular emails you can add to your own.
You have to go to their website and use their ”contact form.”
I simply put it in the BCC.
It doesn’t change anything, my email recipients don’t even know about it.
BUT IF they actually are watching…..they see it!


Dave the Sage,

Such scenarios are not that far-fetched and likely more fact than fiction.

The Data IS stored. GoogleFacebookMicrosoftVerison and friends are RW&A to provide the government anything the government bureaucrats may wish which they don’t already have. No fiction here.

The Data IS being processed. The algorithms are hard at work analyzing data a trillion bits per nanosecond. No fiction here.

We are angered by the fact that the overwhelmingly very liberal-left bureaucracies have access to the Data. Even if the Administration and the Senate were Republican, the government bureaucracies and agencies would remain staunch progressive statist. That fact will not change.

Limiting intrusion and invasion of our lives may reduce safety, but only slightly. Allowing intrusion, and continuing to allow government to make stifling decisions spinning on fear, will destroy the most vital fibre of the Nation.

JR, it is generous of America to support an army of Leftist operatives with handsome salaries, cushy retirement plans, and a guaranteed job. Some employers might expect all these employees, tens of thousands, to do a good job for the citizens of our country, but alas, that is not the case. They are Leftist political operatives, their. Main obligation is to Leftist ideology or to the leader of the cult.

@Skook: #1,

The Leftists have seized control of the government, will they be able to consolidate their power and control to bring about an end to democracy in America?

Isn’t it amazing that in 2013, such a thought even comes to mind? How rapidly this has occurred . . . . wouldn’t have 20 years ago.

Today, with the abuse of power acknowledged by the IRS, which has evidently been rampant for some time and obviously supported by the Administration, the battle against the government bureaucracy is ideological – it’s no longer a Constitutional battle. The Constitution is being trampled and Congress barely cares – they won’t fight that battle, so it’s basically lost.

Is this still a Republic? Not when a majority of 22 million government employees are implementing the wishes of the statist ideologues.

@Skook: Skooks After reading your #1 and #5 I’m concerned.
I’ve always thought you a rational, thoughtful writer of outstanding prose and poetry.
You seemed to share the good reasoned common sense of other FA authors like Mata,Aye and Word.
Your recent screed about leftists stealing your rights and your country and burger joint managers your computer privacy. Really? Don’t tell me you condone the actions of this Snowden kid.
I’m hoping you’re just over worked and too long on the road.

Semper Fi

Rich, the Black Bear Diners are haute couture for us live on the road guys.

What seems irrational to you, is a valid response to abuse by the IRS, political abuse of a one-sided nature. I assume you have been in business most of your civilian career. Thus you know the power they have if they want to shake you down. If they send you a note saying you owe $2,500 more, you pay to make them go away. I know, I played the game a couple of times.

When they are playing political games to stifle donations to “patriot” and TEA groups, they have betrayed the public trust, a trust that may never be restored. The leaders are still there, the low level pours are still there, but if you are I would have tried anything faintly in the same genre, we would be straightening our affairs before a stretch in Leavenworth. I know, there is a certain felonious license that comes with politics and government jobs, but that doesn’t mean, we conservatives aren’t worried about how far the abuse will be tolerated. It is real, it happened in this great country, you and I would have said this is impossible forty years ago, but it happened and I am not going to be quiet about the abuse.

Semper Fi

@Skook: I think the IRS should be abolished. Hope they’re listening.

Rich, I fell asleep, but I am wide awake now.

I forgot to mention Sir Edward Snowden, the title sounds much bigger than the man, and I think this is part of the story. Why was a high school drop out given access to top secret files? Our security apparatus is not secure, there is an endemic problem, and that problem may be a result of politicizing our security programs rather than concentrating on security.

Snowden is a pathetic case, who is about to realize the effects of his treachery and this disease of the young, that causes them to seek fame by any means, unless he is more clever than he appears. In the final analysis, Snowden is but a symptom of a much larger problem, who is probably even money on losing his life or being arrested. The disease is the politization of the NSA. That is a plane that won’t fly.

How many more Snowden’s have access to top secret data? Oh boy, we have the best men in the world getting out of the military, and our HHS classifies them as potential terrorists. Playing with grenades is a fool’s game, and trusting high school drop outs with no particular loyalty to the US is like playing with grenades.

Everyone is surprised with our data mining, and the process can be used and abused domestically, that is a dubious operation at best, but the data gathering of terrorist and rogue nations is a legitimate and traditional vocation for the NSA. Why are we looking at our battle hardened troops with suspicion and trusting untested malcontents with critical intel? Could it be part of this politics run amuck?

@Skook: The moral of the story is to ignore the problem of big intrusive government and the erosion of our rights. It is a figment of our imagination. For some, it only becomes reality and a problem if there is someone who has a letter besides ‘D’ after his/her name occupying the WH. As for the felon who fled the country, eventually he’ll get his. It’s amazing that he was granted a security clearance. There were red flags all over the place. He was obviously at least somewhat unstable.

But not a 100% jealous girlfriend!
There is a little-known group inside the Justice Department called the Sensitive Operations Review Committee.
That group has made this decision: mosques are off-limits to FBI agents, to surveillance or undercover string operations
In fact, so complete is our Justice Dept.’s respect for Islam that they won’t even contact mosque leaders for help in identifying images captured on closed-circuit TV cameras and cellphones of suspects in terrorist attacks!
Nice dragnet you got there.
Too bad it won’t catch anyone!

And, it goes BOTH ways!
See CAIR’s poster about Muslims and the FBI:

Very good. There is a small chance that if a prog watches this it may cause them to think. A small chance, a very small chance.

Love it Dave:

And, by the way, nobody let our little youtube sensation know that I actually do have a Star Wars action figure collection. I don’t think that’s any of her business or Obama’s for that matter.

If they are all of slave-girl Leah, we’re telling you mother.