Why did Obama’s campaign manager attend meetings with the IRS?


stephanie cutter

You all remember Stephanie Cutter. She was Obama’s Deputy Campaign Manager in 2012. Cutter accused Romney of all sorts of things, including Romney essentially being a liar, a felon and a murderer.

Mitt Romney either lied in federal filings that show he worked at Bain Capital through 2002 and could be guilty of a felony, or has lied to the American people in saying he left the company in 1999, the Obama campaign is arguing in light of news reports on the firm’s filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

“This is serious business,” said Bob Bauer, the Obama campaign’s counsel, in a conference call for reporters coming after the Boston Globe published a story Thursday that calls into question the timeline of Romney’s involvement of the firm that the Republican candidate has been promulgating for years.

Deputy campaign manager Stephanie Cutter laid out the issue as the Obama team sees it: “Either Mitt Romney, through his own words and his own signature, was misrepresenting his position at Bain to the SEC, which is a felony.”

“Or,” she said, “he was misrepresenting his position at Bain to the American people to avoid responsibility for some of the consequences of his investments,” including layoffs and the outsourcing of jobs.

If the latter is true, she said, it’s a “real character and trust issue” that voters should be aware of as they decide who to vote for in the presidential election. If Romney was still at Bain through 2002, he’s also “politically responsible for the consequences” of deals that the firm made through then.

Andrea Saul, the Romney campaign’s press secretary, countered that the Globe’s “article is not accurate” because”[a]s Bain Capital has said, as Governor Romney has said, and as has been confirmed by independent fact checkers multiple times, Governor Romney left Bain Capital in February of 1999 to run the Olympics and had no input on investments or management of companies after that point.”

The emergence of the SEC filings appears to conflict with that, the Obama campaign contends. There are “literally scores of filings that make it very, very clear that over a period of time that Gov. Romney claims that he was not active with Bain, the Securities and Exchange Commission was informed” that Romney was the chief executive officer, chairman of the board and sole shareholder of the company, Bauer said.

Her assertions were roundly discredited.

Cutter was shown to be a liar:

BURNETT: Stephanie, let me ask you about that. Because here at CNN, we fact checked that, that $5 trillion in tax cuts and we’ve come and said that’s not true. Mitt Romney has not promised that. because he’s also going to be closing loopholes and deductions. So his tax cut wouldn’t be anywhere near that size.

CUTTER: So you’re disputing the size of the tax cut? Or are you disputing also how he’s going to pay for it?

BURNETT: We’re disputing the size.

CUTTER: Erin, he has campaigned on lowering tax rates by 20% for everybody, including those in the top 1%. that was one of the main selling points in the Republican primary.

BURNETT: So you’re saying if you lower them by 20% you get a $5 trillion tab, right?

CUTTER: It’s a $5 trillion tab.

BURNETT: But when he closes deductions he won’t be anywhere near $5 trillion. That’s our analysis.

CUTTER: Well with, okay, stipulated, it won’t be near $5 trillion, but it’s also not going to be the sum of $5 trillion in the loopholes that he’s going to close.

Given that Cutter is a political hack, Obama flack, and a liar, it is really interesting that she was in attendance when Shulman visited the White House:

An interesting factoid emerges from a look at a transcript of last Friday’s edition of “The Lead With Jake Tapper” — Stephanie Cutter was in on the White House meetings that IRS Commissioner Douglas Shulman attended.

Cutter insists that Shulman was simply meeting about implementation of ObamaCare — and in fairness, one of her responsibilities was managing communications strategy for the unpopular law. But as everyone knows, Stephanie Cutter’s expertise is not primarily in the policy area; it is in the realm of politics: Political strategy and communications. She has been described by the Daily Beast as a partisan “pit bull.” Her job isn’t the nuts and bolts of governing. She is a political fixer. That’s why she was a Deputy Campaign manager for the President’s re-election.

Given that’s the case, it’s far from clear why she would have been in meetings with Doug Shulman at all. The whole point of the IRS’ supposed “independence” is to insulate the agency from the influence and machinations of people exactly like Stephanie Cutter.

The timeline offered is damning

May 2009 – Cutter moves to White House from Treasury Department

January 2010 – Citizens United is handed down; Democrats are hysterical

March 2010 – IRS begins targeting Tea Party and other conservative groups

April 2010 – Cutter assigned to sell health care reform; if meetings with Shulman didn’t occur before, presumably they did so afterwards.

And just as in the movie “Clear and Present Danger” the President need not give a direct order-

Indeed, this time line and Cutter’s presence in the IRS meetings makes it more likely than ever that subtle political influence was wielded. Did anyone explicitly order Shulman to target conservatives? Probably not . . . because given the extent and type of contact he had with White House politicos, no explicit directive was needed.

It seems likely that everyone understood each other just fine, and the IRS operated accordingly.

all he needed to provide was the “unofficial nod.”

Obama wink

This puts the IRS scandal directly into the Oval Office. Interesting

smoking gun

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The whole group around BHO and including BHO seem to have no problem with lying. The Truth is a foreign concept for them.

Perhaps he didn’t need to be directly involved, but he was.

all those around OBAMA are not elected people, they should not be believed,
they are the OBAMA covers, they lie for him and he provide generous money taken from the PEOPLE,
clean up that WHITE HOUSE and throw the liars out,
they like the MUSLIMS, so send them in MIDDLE EAST
where they will cut their tongue for lying,

I (we) are not crooks. I see a promotion in her near future.

Will Stephanie Cutter be rebranded as some White House Advisor so as to get a new veil?
The veil is of executive privilege.

Notice that Obama just gave Susan Rice that veil.

The timeline should also include Obama’s unprecedented rebuke of the SCOTUS at his SOU address admonishing them for their decision on Citizens United 2 weeks after in Jan 2010.

More lies have come out of this administration than I’ve ever heard in all my years of watching politics in action. Sneaky den of thieves, arent’ they? Out with them……2014 elections can make a difference, let’s do it!

Not a far reach when you consider the similarities

Rabel rouser
very well done. I LIKE and AGREE with it.
thank you for that ,

Rabelrouser #8

Very good article.


So Dr John you think that Shulman who was appointed by Bush to a five year term in 2006 that was going to end in 2011 became an ObamaBot in 2010 and immediately targeted his former friends. What had he to gain by doing that ? Did hew see some reward by Obama? Again an article that is conclusion followed by a fact hunt.

The story has been proven a lie. Nice try


Gee John you should know Shulman was and is a democrat. He gave money to the 2004 Kerry campaign. His wife is an occupy wall street sympathizer and committed leftist. Your argument falls flat on its face.


It’s a running gag by now how former IRS Commissioner Douglas Shulamn was appointed by George W. Bush. No Democrat can discuss the Obama IRS scandal without mentioning it. We would suggest they’re overreaching and overplaying their hand, but this could result in a backlash against the GOP. Anyway, there’s a fascinating look here on Shulman and some of the interesting company he’s kept in past years, including with perhaps the most notorious Democrat tax cheat in recent memory.

The IRS’s top man came to Harlem — and shared a stage with an accused tax cheat, Rep. Charles Rangel.

Commissioner Douglas Shulman and other officials yesterday urged New Yorkers to get the most out of their tax returns.

Asked about appearing with a pol who’s being probed for failing to pay taxes, Shulman said, “He’s one of the leaders in this country on tax policy issues. I work closely with him every day, and I’m honored to be on this stage with him.


It would seem that a culture of “political intimidation” has premeated all of DC; especially against the Tea Party(s):

Audit the IRS Rally in DC

June 19 Wednseday 12:00 noon

We wanted to give you as much of a heads up as possible, but we are calling for as many people to come to DC as possible on Wednesday, June 19, 2013, at 12pm noon for an Audit the IRS Rally. We apologize for the short notice, but we were just finally able to secure the permit today. Read about the details on why it was delayed (Warning: If you despise government bureaucracy and big government in general – this will make your blood boil).

This is important. With all of mess and scandals that are going on in DC, we need to have a big presence to tell them that we aren’t going to take it. We are focusing on the IRS because it is the issue that can cross both lines. No one likes the government abusing its power, and that’s the message we want to convey.

All of the other scandals and issues are important right now as well, but the focus for this rally will be the IRS to try to reach the broadest audience that we can and gain as much support as we can.

Please start spreading the word to your groups. If you have the ability to organize buses, we might be able to help with grants. We are still analyzing that. We will have more information tomorrow for the general public, but we wanted to let you know what’s going on with as much notice as possible.

Thanks again for all you do in this fight for liberty.

Thank you!
Jenny Beth Martin and National Support Team


Capitol Police to Tea Party: Show Us Your Websites or Forget Your Rally

Posted by Jim Hoft on Tuesday, June 4, 2013, 3:53 PM


The Tea Party Patriots were planning a rally in Washington DC on Wednesday June 19th.

But they ran into a wall.

The Capitol Police want to see their websites first.

Kevin Mooneyhan from the Tea Party Patriots described this latest Tea Party challenge:

Below is the timeline of events surrounding our June 19th rally at the Capitol. We haven’t done anything to publicize this event yet because we wanted to make sure we had the permit in hand. You know, follow the rules, do the right thing, etc.

Event Date: June 19, 2013

Permit Submitted: 5/22/2013 via fax

Officer Brown contacted me on 5/23 to ask me 2 questions

If we would have a banner and if so what the dimensions would be and how we would hang it.

If we were going to have buses and to make sure that we coordinated with Union Station since the Capitol couldn’t accommodate buses.

The impression that I got was that it would likely be approved in a few days. She told me, “Hopefully the next time you hear from me, it will be to let you know that the permit is approved.”

The following Tuesday, 5/28/13 I reached out to Officer Brown for an update and she told me that it had been submitted upstairs for approval and that 3 sargeants still had to sign off on it. She didn’t know when the final approval would be.

June 4, 2013: I contacted Officer Brown again to inquire about the status. She told me that it wasn’t submitted to the higher ups until last Friday, May 31, 2013. This contradicted the earlier phone call. She said she would follow up on it and contact me later this afternoon. I didn’t confront her about the conflict of information because at the time I didn’t have the exact dates of when I communicated with her. But her comments made me suspicious, which is why I went back to look at the dates that I made contact.

June 4, 2013: I reached out to some contacts I have on in Congressional offices to see if there was anyway that they could help speed along the process. The response they received from Captiol Police was that they wouldn’t speak to them because they weren’t the party who submitted the application.

June, 4 2013: Jerry Bell contacted me to inquire about the permit.

Questions asked:

Is the purpose of your event to promote government accountability?

My answer was yes. This was also indicated on the application

Have you ever had an event on Capitol grounds before? If so, when was the last one?

My answer was yes and March of 2012.

Have you ever had any opposition to your cause show up at these events in the past?

My answer – possibly. If there was any opposition it was a small amount. Nothing ever escalated beyond civil conversation.

Do you know of any opposition that will be at your June 19th event?

My answer – not at this time because we haven’t publicized the event yet because we wanted to make sure we secured the permit first.

Have you invited any members of Congress to the June 19th event?

My answer – I have informed some Members of Congress, but official invites have not been extended because we are waiting for approval of the permit.

Does your organization have any social media sites like Twitter or Instagram? I know that you have a Facebook page.

My response – yes we do, but I’m not sure why this is relevant to the application.

Then he thanked me for my answers. Then I asked when he thought it might be approved and I went into details about this permit, including the timeline of events, and he asked me to submit the timeline to him in writing.

June 4, 2013: Officer Brown called me back to follow up from this morning. She said the permit still hasn’t been submitted, it still needs to be signed off on, but she sees no reason why it wouldn’t be approved. She then said it would be okay to go ahead and send out invitations to the event.

A copy of this permit is attached. You can see in the “Timeliness of Application” section that it states, “Applications must be submitted at least one hundred twenty (120) hours, or five (5)

days, in advance of the activity to guarantee processing. Applications will be accepted up to one (1) year in advance. Additionally, demonstration applications must satisfy all requirements stated herein before processing can be completed; therefore it is imperative that the spokesperson responds promptly to all queries from the Special Events Coordinator.” This seems to indicate that it shouldn’t take more than 5 days to receive an approval or denial of the application. It has been nearly 2 weeks for this application and still no approval or denial.

More… Event Date: October 12, 2013

Permit Submitted: April 29, 2013

We also applied for another permit for 10/12/13 and haven’t heard anything back about that permit. That permit was submitted by Darcy Parker of Tea Party Patriots on 4/29/2013. On 5/1/2013, she called to ensure they received the application. On 5/9/2013 she called and spoke to Officer Nichols who indicated the application was received, but there was no way to tell when we would hear back about it. That is the last communication we have had regarding that permit. This permit has been outstanding for over 5 weeks and we still haven’t heard anything.

Noted liar Stephanie Cutter is making the media rounds, furnishing Douglas Shulman with an alibi for many of those White House meetings he attended during President Obama’s first term — far more visits than most cabinet secretaries logged. Cutter insists that Shulman’s frequent presence at 1600 Pennsylvania isn’t the least bit “nefarious” because he was there to attend Obamacare implementation planning sessions. She knows this, she says, because she was in the room!
Video here:
In her haste to douse one IRS/White House fire, Cutter has raised another set of questions.
Why did Shulman meet repeatedly with one of the president’s most unapologetic and partisan attack dogs?
Is it difficult to imagine the two of them discussing ways to help the president and hurt his adversaries?

She attended those in her capacity as a White House staffer, not as Obama’s Deputy Campaign Manager, a role she assumed later.
I’m saying that Cutter’s reputation as a hardcore political operative proceeds her (dating back to Kerry ’04), so the fact that she was involved in regular discussions with the IRS commissioner doesn’t jibe with the White House’s preferred distancing mechanism (“the IRS is totally independent from us”).

So, some want to parse times and job descriptions in order to give Obama and Cutter passes.
Won’t fly.
Either the White House was totally independent from what the IRS does…..or it isn’t.

oh no they want to please the LEADERSHIP who is against the PEOPLE WHO ARE PAYING THEIR EARNINGS,
it’s the world upside down, THE PEOPLE MUST RECLAIM THEIR RIGHTS or
they rule like a MUSLIM COUNTRY,
I cannot stand the SHIT they ARROGANTLY throw to THE GOOD PEOPLE,
THE TOLERANT PEOPLE WHO OBEY THEIR SHIT COMMAND so to diminish and humiliate the PEOPLE POWER whom are
under the CONSTITUTION given to them for century,
I doubt that leadership will survive after what they did to THE PEOPLE, insult and arrogance impowerment over them as if they are in the MIDDLE EAST, where OBAMA WAS RAISED
where he kept the mentality
bad things are here and IT”S JUST THE BEGINNING, they will have their smile wipe out of their mouth
and end up in prison for a long time,
THE PEOPLE WILL WIN, just you wait ,
the freedom of expression belong to the PEOPLE and cannot be oppress. never,
in any way in any time.
smoke it with your drug

Maybe we need to head in another direction, away from the monster that has been created; here is an option.

Freedom Fest: Great Video, Great Topic, and the Perfect Place to Meet

@john: Shulman did get a new appointed job from obama. He is nothing but a typical politcal underqualified government employee.

There didn’t have to be specific direction.

“Will no one rid me of this meddlesome priest?” — Henry II about Thomas Becket. Becket, the Archbishop of Canterbury, was then murdered in his own cathedral.