118 times to the White House and can’t remember why?



Former head of the IRS Douglas Shulman made a multitude of visits to the White House during his tenure

Top IRS officials, whose agency was under investigation for targeting conservative groups, visited the Obama White House more than 100 times over two years while the probe was going on, far more often than in previous administrations and frequently enough that Republicans suspect White House officials knew about the targeting.

Lawmakers now investigating the Internal Revenue Service practice zeroed in on those nearly weekly White House meetings to determine whether an IRS official — or someone higher up in the administration — had approved the targeting and whether it was politically motivated.

The frequency of visit casts more doubt on the Obama regime’s claim of non-interference with the IRS

The frequent meetings also raised questions about the White House’s claims that it couldn’t have instigated the targeting of conservative groups because it took a hands-off approach to the tax agency, going so far as to describe it as independent of the administration even though it’s part of the Treasury Department.

The number of visits was unprecedented:

The frequent trips to the White House under Obama far outnumbered the times other administrations felt the need to meet with the IRS, according to Mark Everson, who led the IRS under former President George W. Bush. Everson said he remembers making only one trip to the White House between 2003 and 2007 and said he felt like he’d “moved to Siberia” because of the isolation.

“I fear the IRS is on a slippery slope as regards its traditional independence due to being so intertwined with a major domestic policy initiative like health care reform,” Everson said.

And why did he visit so often?

He can’t remember.

Shulman said he couldn’t remember why he went to the White House so frequently, though some of the visits were probably about the IRS’ role in implementing Obama’s health care reforms, he told a congressional committee. Logs show Shulman met with two West Wing officials working on health care.

Shulman does remember one reason for the visits- the Easter Egg Roll.

Asked why he visited WH 118 times, Former IRS Commish Doug Shulman, cited the Easter Egg Roll as one reason.

118 Easter Egg Rolls. I must have missed them.

I find something else to be very fascinating:

Acting Director Steven Miller, who took over at the IRS in November, also made numerous visits to the White House, though variations in the spelling of his name in White House visitor logs makes it difficult to determine exactly how many times.

Variations in spelling?

Steven Miller?

This is not like spelling Zbigniew Brzezinski or Dzhokhar Anzorovich Tsarnaev.

Steven Miller.

To whom would this represent a challenge? Does White House security not require proper spelling?

What would you do if you wanted to conceal the number of visits you made to the White House?

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He probably had a secret liaison with the Easter Bunny in the Rose Garden. How in heavens name do we have such idiots in charge of powerful government agencies? Wait… I remember now… I was bringing the DUCK sauce for the Easter Eggrolls! Yeah… that’s the ticket! Funny thing is: Douglas is Jewish… he doesn’t even believe in the Easter Bunny!

I cannot remember so much “I don’t remember, I don’t recall, and “I know nothing” from an administration. They have far outnumber the number of times the Mafia who took the 5th during the Kefauver hearings of the 1950’s, or as the communists before congressional hearings.

Is “dementia” and “Alzheimer’s” a prerequisite mental condition for employment in the Obama regime?

No, but “selective Alzheimer’s” seems to be. Probably taught at the Bill “I didn’t have sex with that woman” School of Political Chicanery and Lying. They all couldn’t have been on LSD, could they?

Douglas Shulman pretends he is a product of the MTV generation where the attention span is around three minutes or less.
And he HOPES we all are, too.

I was astonished by his other claim (I know it has to be false) that he NEVER read even one news article about the very organization he led.
When we had the printing shop we had special news search features for such things as ink, paper, print industry, paper mills, first amendment, counterfeiting and so on.

Variations in spelling?
Steven Miller?
This is not like spelling Zbigniew Brzezinski or Dzhokhar Anzorovich Tsarnaev.
Steven Miller.
To whom would this represent a challenge? Does White House security not require proper spelling?

Maybe the one writing in the names hasn’t learned English yet.

@Max Friedman: #2
Lawyers teach their clients that if they say, “I don’t remember,” I’m not sure,” etc., it is harder to prove that they are lying than if they try to outright lie their way out.

Daniel Shulman was not appointed by Obama, and owes Obama no loyalty. He was appointed by the former POTUS (he whose name must not be said) Lois Lerner the former Head of teh Tax Exempt Division was also appointed by Bush (00000pz sorry said that name).


I fail to see what difference it makes who appointed whom in this whole IRS scandal. To me, it just doesn’t matter, as it is the biased and unequal treatment, and political persecution of particular groups, that is the point of the entire thing.

I get a sense that liberal/progressives are trying to throw as much crap on the wall as possible just to see what might stick, in there defense of their god Obama.

This is why liberal/progressives will never ‘get it’, when it comes to true freedom and equality. It’s because they only care about “winning”, and not the manner in which it is accomplished.

Sounds like the story line from 50 First Dates. Every morning Douglas Shulman woke up with no memory of anything that had happened the day before. Obama must be playing the Adam Sandler part.

well now it turns out that he did not go as many times as the obama haters said he did. In fact he went 11 times,
So this looks like another complete fabrication. How do you feel about getting hoaxed Dr John?
Remember Menendez and the underage Dominican hookers?
I would suggest the next time The Daily Caller prints something taht you look for verification. As that former POTUS famously said “Trust. but verify”
Reagan was also for an assault weapons ban

@john: Just remember, liberals will backstab you every time. They have no loyalty to the country, and they are very comfortable in lying to cover their asses- but then, you would know that.