After Three Days Of Therapy Weiner Is Resurrected



Anthony “visited” the Gabbard Center, a Houston based psychiatric facility that provides a 3-day outpatient psychiatric evaluation for professionals who are in personal or professional crisis, after his session, Weiner has declared himself healed.

Weiner supposedly sought treatment for his bizarre habit of sending lewd pictures of himself to young women, via the internet. He alludes to the possibility of more pictures of his private parts and alter ego popping up, but those will be from the days before he was cured.

Weiner isn’t discussing his diagnosis, he doesn’t consider his problem to have been an addiction,

“I mean, it was just a place to get away and to meet people…who might be able to help.”

Weiner says he didn’t really go to rehab, he just worked with a therapist for a few days

“Look, I made some big mistakes, and I know I let a lot of people down,”

After a comprehensive examination of his assets, Weiner says he feels good and he is ready to do the deed and is in to win. He has spent the last two years in the political void of disgraced politicians, doing what comes naturally to the professional politician, absolutely nothing.

He announced his candidacy with a hundred and forty-second video after a 140 word tweet exposed his peculiar perversion and ruined his career in congress; he managed to keep his clothes on during the entire video or at least it appears that way after the editing process.


Weiner has obviously suffered through ups and downs since he had his buns toasted after revealing himself to the nation as a pervert, the question is whether the people of New York City are willing to elect a national punch line to be mayor.

His wife is the beautiful Huma Abedin, who has worked for the propaganda bureau of the Muslim Brotherhood along with her immediate family who still function in that role. She is also extremely close confidante, intimate friend, fellow traveler, and advisor to Hillary Clinton. Although Huma would be a difficult deficit to explain in much of the country, New York likes to be seen as a progressive city willing to embrace those who hate them, especially if they are associated with our enemies. Thus the pervert and iconic daughter of the Muslim Brotherhood are ready to descend on NYC and work their magic, but is NYC ready for them?

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Huma’s relatives are pinwheel-eyed fanatic Muslim fundamentalist revolutionaries who nevertheless tolerated her marriage to American Jew “Tony the Beard” Weiner, tolerated her gay liasons with Hillary Clinton, and who refrained from throwing Anthony into a wood chipper after his wanking idiocy shamed them all and set back their plans.

The principle here seems to be two-fold:

(1) Blending in with the enemy is permissable when undermining their defenses, e.g. the 9/11 hijackers getting drunk in strip clubs before the attacks; (2) Muslim women are expendable property to be used for the benefit of Muslim men.

Mata Huma is whoring for Islam. Anthony is doing, whatever it is he does. The Democrats did not ultimately support him during his trying times as a congressman because (1) He owed them a large sum of money in unpaid Democrat Party dues and unmet fundraising targets, and (2) he was an argumentative, arrogant, abrasive jerk.

The NY times recently published an article about Huma’s illegal undeclared consulting work when she was at the State Department; a money-shot across the bow, so to speak. More recently NY governor Cuomo denounced Weiner’s run for mayor. The Dems still don’t want him. But they’ve fired their two factual bullets: “Huma” and “Hey people, it’s Weiner, snap out of it.” Now in a perverse way, he’s shielded from their media machine. What could they make up about him that’s worse than the truth?

I realized you were holding back. I was stating the obvious. But don’t get me wrong. Next payday, I’m sending his campaign fifty bucks.

Wm T Sherman
why would you send him a fifty bucks
instead of filthy sucks


I think people should get the government they deserve.

WM T Sherman
yes but only HALF of those PEOPLE like this GOVERNMENT,
if counting the dead and illegals,
because they profit from it, and they are not bright enough to vote,

and why care about those halves, they are the one responsible for the problems which are intensifying on a every day upscale,
the poor have all the time and energy to create destruction of their own COUNTRY if it will secure their checks
every month,

Sarcasm, Bees. I often indulge in it.

Wm T Sherman
I assure you that I did not Address sarcasm to you personally,
I like your comments and read them all,
if it look to you like sarcasm, it’s maybe my own anger about the abuse on the GOOD TEAPARTY AND CONSERVATIVES, and of course I don’t forget my anger about the deaths unpunished
of the 4 BRAVES who had ask for help long before they where attack, that is 7 times
& call for help unanswered outragely, by this LEADERSHIP proving to be useless for the AMERICANS betterness, useless for the AMERICAN dreams, useless for the recovery on providing the climate to get the jobs from the CREATORS of jobs, I care for AMERICAN, I’m here to do my very small bit to help
expose the sore and where it is, again and again because the indoctrination is so powerfull that they
go back to sleep right after they read one way to wake them up, against the other harangue coming to make them sleep again and again, between the truthful and the liar following as close as they catch
the truth.
best to you

@ilovebeeswarzone: I mean, everything I wrote was sarcasm.

Now everybody shut up. The Weiner is cured.

Wm T Sherman
oops my bad

The Clintons use Slick Willy’s foundation as a billion dollar piggy-bank for personal use, and Abedin gets well paid by it to work on the side for the second Clinton-would-be-president. Meanwhile, sicko Weiner has obviously learned from uncle Willy that sexual abuse and stained dresses cannot keep any Democrat down for long, since the base sees perversion as excusable peccadilloes – just say you made a mistake and it’s all good, we all make mistakes. Weiner must be jealous that Willy gets more support in the polls from women than he does from men.

Still, the Weiner resurrection is dead in the water, IMHO.

Anyone hear from Hillary?

I think Weiner has a good chance to win… Bloomberg has made a project out of attacking the residents of NYC, the Big Gulp deal, no salt, no smoking, no guns etc etc… Also, look at the election record there. Hilary got elected even though she had only been a resident for a short time, not a “real New Yorker”. That’s a bizarre and unpredictable place there, anything can, and usually does happen there.

@Scott in Oklahoma: Not to change the subject, but is everything okay on your end? Hopefully you didn’t suffer any loss like so many did.

@another vet: We’re all good here, about 60, miles southwest of that one’s path. Thanks for asking!

@Scott in Oklahoma: Glad to hear everything is okay. There’s not a whole lot one can do if you are in the path of 200mph plus winds. Hopefully you have a basement or storm shelter.

No hard news here.

I’ve watched this stiff on CSPAN and other wonk news talking head shows, and he just comes across as a jerk.

Will New Yorker’s grab onto Weiner, or will they be flaccid about his campaign?

@Ditto: Weiner is a drama queen; although, he is boring for the rest of us, New Yorkers might be intrigued by Weiner. Bloomberg has proven the mayorship is a grand platform for an exhibitionist to make a spectacle of himself. Weiner would have countless opportunities to pose in provocative photos for the public and imposing ludicrous measures of totalitarian control would be a means to keep himself in the public eye.

Yes, the mayorship is the second coming for Weiner and his strange perceptions of life and women. Oh, did I say women, lest we forget: Weiner targeted young impressionable women. His crimes, despicable as they may be to us hairy legged guys, were directed toward women, young women. But, but, Liberals are stand behind women; unfortunately, women will need to learn not to bend over in front of Weiner, since he has already proven his propensity to stand behind them.

In the conservative war against women, I think we are too quick to overlook the Liberal perception of women and of what the term waitress sandwich actually referred to when Teddy and Dodd, did the DP on that lost soul. Yes no one else will mention what it actually refers too, but I don’t give a damn. They were laughing about the two of them porking the waitress at the same time, front berth and back door. This is the Liberal perception of declaring peace with women and Weiner is merely an extension of their perversion and disregard of women.

Hey …….New York can have a gay self-centered yid just like Chicago………great idea!!!

@Skookum: If they support someone who will go so far as to regulate Big Gulps, they will elect anyone. Individual freedom be damned.

Yes, New Yorkers will learn, if they drop their wallet on the sidewalk, it will be best to just kick it along until they reach their destination rather than reaching down to pick it up.

NYC LOVEs their corrupt and perverted Dems. Can do no wrong.

IS there any other CANDITATES FOR THE JOB?
he might run just like OBAMA ran,on IT”S BUSH FAULT,
the CANDIDATE would be favored by running on WEINER SCHNIZEL,
that alone is a sure win.

today,AMERICA gather together and RAISE THE FLAG HIGH UP WITH HEADS HIGH , on the thought of those who spill their blood and limbs for the FREEDOM OF ALL AMERICANS,
today no arrogance, no shouting loud unless it’s for AMERICA’S PRIDE,
MEMORIAL DAY, give me a memory of OLD TROOPER 2, who spend his life, fighting the enemies,
in many COUNTRIES, 30 years, and many WOUNDS, he always had a good comment
specially for MEMORIAL DAY, I remember him as he represented all the BRAVES of ALL THE WARS,
from all THE STATES of AMERICA and of ALL COLOR OF SKIN also of those BRAVES ,
some are still fighting and dying and exploding loosing their LIMBS painfully,
we salute you and think of you with such respect and feeling of owing so much to you all,
which make us CIVILIANS stop our activity to thank you and humble ourselves to recognize
your superior breed, like BENEVOLENT GIANTS OF THIS AMERICA always giving,
never asking from the CITIZENS, they PROTECTED with their LIVES.

Weiner’s new campaign slogan- Vote for Weiner- the Big Salami.

@James Raider: Doubt if Weiner can beat Bloomberg.

It does seem adulterers who outright lie to their constituents are doing well with Republican voters in S.C. Ask Mark Sanford.