Why are Barack Obama and Jimmy Buffett teaching kids to shoot other kids?


obama w gun a

Arizona, 2007: A child is suspended for drawing images of a gun:

MESA, Ariz. — Parents of a Florence student suspended for sketching a gun during class say his punishment is an overreaction by school officials.

The eighth-grader at Florence’s Walker Butte K-8 school was suspended for three days on Aug. 24 for drawing images of a gun.

Stephanie Vardarkis said her son, Joshua, had drawn the images on index cards, sort of like a cartoon that included a stick figure holding a gun.

In one image, the boy included the name of the school resource officer. Rather than it being a threat, Vardarkis said the character was meant to be calling the officer for backup.

New Jersey, 2007: A child is suspended for drawing a picture of a gun:

A second-grader’s drawing of a stick figure shooting a gun earned him a one-day school suspension.

Kyle Walker, 7, was suspended last week for violating Dennis Township Primary School’s zero-tolerance policy on guns, the boy’s mother, Shirley McDevitt, told The Press of Atlantic City.

Kyle gave the picture to another child on the school bus, and that child’s parents complained about it to school officials, McDevitt said. Her son told her the drawing was of a water gun, she said.

A photocopy of the picture provided by McDevitt showed two stick figures with one pointing a crude-looking gun at the other, the newspaper said. What appeared to be the word “me” was written above the shooter, with another name scribbled above the other figure.

School officials declined to comment Friday. A message left at the superintendent’s office Saturday was not returned.

Mount Carmel, PA: Child suspended for terrorist act- threatening to shoot classmate with bubble gun:

A 5-year-old girl was suspended from school earlier this week after she made what the school called a “terrorist threat.”

Her weapon of choice? A small, Hello Kitty automatic bubble blower.

The kindergartner, who attends Mount Carmel Area Elementary School in Pennsylvania, caught administrators’ attention after suggesting she and a classmate should shoot each other with bubbles.

“I think people know how harmless a bubble is. It doesn’t hurt,” said Robin Ficker, an attorney for the girl’s family. According to Ficker, the girl, whose identity has not been released, didn’t even have the bubble gun toy with her at school.

Talbot County, Maryland: Child suspended for making a gun with his finger:

Is it child’s play or a serious threat of gun violence? For the second time in less than a month, a Maryland child is kicked out of school for using his finger in the shape of a gun.

Kai Jackson has more on the controversy.

No one is debating the importance of keeping children safe. The question being asked is what’s child’s play and what’s not?

There’s controversy at a Talbot County school after two 6-year-old boys were suspended while playing cops and robbers during recess and using their fingers to make an imaginary gun.

“It’s ridiculous,” said parent Julia Merchant.

This is the second time a Maryland child has been suspended for such play. Earlier this month, 6-year-old Rodney Lynch was suspended from his Montgomery County school after pretending to fire an imaginary gun more than once.

bufett w gun

Images via Washington Post

So why are Barack Obama and Jimmy Buffett teaching children to shoot other children? Clearly, these are gateway toys and need to be banned.

It’s all fun and games until 26 are dead.

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Damn, Jimmy Buffet’s still alive?

Who knew?

Didn’t you forget one?

A 5-year-old student at Hyannis West Elementary School is facing possible suspension from after-school day care for building a toy gun out of Legos.

This is ridiculous. And pathetic.
“Zero Tolerance” policies are merely a mechanism that allows lazy people a soundbite method for avoiding the need to do two extremely difficult (for them) things.
To think.
To make rational decisions.
After all, it is too much to expect anybody in the field of education to actually evaluate a situation and develop a thoughtful, effective response.
That is one of the many distinctions between the Liberal mindset and the Conservative.
Conservatives believe in reasoning, and solving problems.
Liberals believe in emotions, and burying problems. Usually under a pile of fertilizer painted a pretty color.
Liberals are like spoiled children. They want to play all day, and then come home to find that someone else has solved all of their problems. Their dinner is served for them, their laundry has been done, their bed has been made, and when it’s time to go to sleep, an adult tucks them in and makes them safe.
Conservatives are like Scouts. They want to meet the wilderness head on, make their own campsite, prepare their own meals, wash their own clothes, and solve their own problems. When it’s time to sleep, they will do so knowing that they have seen to their own safety. They may not be as safe as they would be at home in bed, but they understand that some things are worth the risk.
The spoiled children will point at the Scouts and say, “You’re stupid. You’ll get dirty, you’ll get hurt, you might get sick.”
And when they go to bed, they will hide under the covers, shaking in fear that every little, normal, noise is a monster under the bed waiting to eat them.
Crying for Daddy to protect them.

The worst thing about liberals is that, like spoiled children, when they do encounter a real problem, they want to ignore it and hope that it will go away. Like small children, fingers stuck in ears, eyes squeezed shut, screaming “La La La, I can’t hear you!”
The mobs and shootings in Chicago… ignored.
The devastation of Detroit… ignored.
The mobs and riots in Indianapolis… ignored.
And on and on it goes.

The second worst thing about liberals is that they are bigots.
Over 400 young blacks are killed in Chicago every year, and the liberals are silent.
One nutcase steals some guns and kills 26 white children and it’s a national tragedy.
The ATF supplies Mexican gangs with guns that are used to kill over a hundred Mexicans, and it’s no big deal.
Two little girls want to blow bubbles at each other and they’re terrorists.

The largest problem faced by liberals today is that they are running out of adults willing to take care of them.

Liberals are insane.

Don’t forget the 5 year old who is facing expullsion, not just a suspension, for bringing in a plastic gun for show and tell. There is no critical thought going on in the schools, how are they going to be able to teach our kids critical thinking?

There was another incident yesterday.
A student opened fire at his middle school Thursday afternoon, wounding a 14-year-old in the neck before an armed officer working at the school was able to get the gun away.
This was in Atlanta, Georgia.

Not a ”Gun Free Zone,” apparently.
But there was also a metal detector which this boy thwarted somehow…..so….that doesn’t work.


Liberals are insane.

Maybe we should start “zero tolerance zones” for far-left “zero tolerance zones”

Better yet, let’s get conservatives elected to the school boards so that children will learn about the Constitution, founding fathers, revolutionary war, reading, math and science and dump all the far-left indoctrination curriculum. I don’t know why parents put up with it, but I suspect it’s because they don’t know that their children are being propagandized and programmed.

yes the school board should be suspended to incite children , because the child has been given a question of why did I DO SOMETHING SO BAD AS TO DESERVE THAT BIG PUNISHMENT,
I would like to know where that teacher come from her full profile, is she a new immigrant from a hateful country, she doesn’t know enough the AMERICAN HISTORY,


We do know, at least some of us, but it is very hard to get good people elected to the local boards. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard the same comment, “We need to have teachers on the board because they know what the other teachers and kids need.” When you mention that we need people who know finance it’s like you’ve got three heads. They think all the finance guys are going to do is say no to any spending. And in my town, it’s like the high school popularity contests, people vote for their friends or their son’s soccer coach because they’re “nice.”

beside as long as theUNIONS are calling the shots, and OBAMA IS at the WHITE HOUSE,
THE PEOPLE don’t want to know more behind the jolly smile they get.

@Robin H:

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard the same comment, “We need to have teachers on the board because they know what the other teachers and kids need.”

Not with the way that this mix has resulted in the “dumbing-down” of our children. I don’t think you really “need” any current teachers on the board. The school board manages the teachers. That’s like putting a union steward on a corporate board. What they really are saying is that want is to stack the board with teachers so that they get what they “want” (and for the “progressive” zealots to rubber-stamp their democratic indoctrination agenda).

What is “needed” is a scant few well educated parents, who also might “know what the children need,” (Like, perhaps a good education,) and the rest being mostly local business trained folk who care about the future generations. Politicians should be banned from serving on a school board due to conflict of interest. Although I would consider a retired teacher who doesn’t have anything to benefit from the system to be eligible.

Neither Barack Obama nor Jimmy Buffett have any control whatsoever in any of the local school boards that reacted to the many school shootings with zero-tolerance policies that the crazies obviously feel are too strict. If they did, I’m sure that the crazies would be bitching about the need for the big bad federal government to stay out of local school board policies and decision-making!

Just an observation: Neither Barack Obama nor Jimmy Buffett appear to be playing with squirt guns at any school!