More lists I think ought to be published


The Journal News in New York took it upon itself to publish a list of legal gun owners and found itself in the cross hairs of outrage. So much so that the editors felt they had to hire armed guards for their own protection.

Additionally, a list of the names and addresses of those working at the newspaper has been published and they don’t like it one bit.

The brain dead editor of the paper, Jane Hasson, expresses her displeasure with having to deal with the fallout of her exceptionally stupid decision:

But the article, which left gun owners feeling vulnerable to harassment or break-ins, also drew outrage from across the country. Calls and e-mails grew so threatening that the paper’s president and publisher, Janet Hasson, hired armed guards to monitor the newspaper’s headquarters in White Plains and its bureau in West Nyack, N.Y.

Personal information about editors and writers at the paper has been posted online, including their home addresses and information about where their children attended school; some reporters have received notes saying they would be shot on the way to their cars; bloggers have encouraged people to steal credit card information of Journal News employees; and two packages containing white powder have been sent to the newsroom and a third to a reporter’s home (all were tested by the police and proved to be harmless).

“As journalists, we are prepared for criticism,” Ms. Hasson said, as she sat in her meticulously tended office and described the ways her 225 employees have been harassed since the article was published. “But in the U.S., journalists should not be threatened.” She has paid for staff members who do not feel safe in their homes to stay at hotels, offered guards to walk employees to their cars, encouraged employees to change their home telephone numbers and has been coordinating with the local police.

Gee, let’s see. The Journal News singles out for ignominy and harassment people who are guilty of absolutely nothing other than abiding by the law and then has the audacity to be troubled by the reaction.

Not to be outdone in the stupid department, Gawker published the names of “All the Assholes…Who Own Guns.”

Among the “assholes” listed are Robert Deniro and Donald Trump. FWIW.

As long as we’re into lists, I have some suggestions for additional lists that are worthy of publication.

Food Stamps

A record 46.7 million people are on food stamps and it costs the US taxpayer over $75 billion per year. Let’s identify them. Let’s publish their names and addresses.

Welfare Recipients

Welfare money is being squandered liberally.

They’re on the dole — and watching the pole.

Welfare recipients took out cash at bars, liquor stores, X-rated video shops, hookah parlors and even strip clubs — where they presumably spent their taxpayer money on lap dances rather than diapers, a Post investigation found.

A database of 200 million Electronic Benefit Transfer records from January 2011 to July 2012, obtained by The Post through a Freedom of Information request, showed welfare recipients using their EBT cards to make dozens of cash withdrawals at ATMs inside Hank’s Saloon in Brooklyn; the Blue Door Video porn shop in the East Village; The Anchor, a sleek SoHo lounge; the Patriot Saloon in TriBeCa; and Drinks Galore, a liquor distributor in The Bronx.

Let’s see the list of those who spend our taxpayer money in this fashion.

NY York liberals don’t want this pornanza ended:

Democratic state lawmakers, led by Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver, have blocked welfare-reform legislation that would end “sinful spending” by preventing people receiving government benefits from withdrawing taxpayer-funded cash at jiggle and gin joints, The Post has learned.

The state Senate passed the reform measure last year — and if the Assembly doesn’t act by 2014, New York could lose $120 million in federal funding because of new regulations, officials warned.

“Sheldon Silver decides which bills come up for a vote, so it’s up to the speaker whether he considers this a priority,” explained upstate Republican Assemblywoman Jane Corwin.

And listen to this:

One reform opponent, Assemblyman Richard Gottfried (D- Manhattan), compared welfare recipients to municipal employees and said the government shouldn’t dictate how the taxpayer-funded checks are spent.

“Last I checked, this is America, and if somebody wants to propose that policemen, firefighters, sanitation workers, state legislators and other people paid with government funds be restricted as to what they use their money for, let them propose it,” Gottfried said.

I beg to differ. It’s not THEIR money. It’s OUR money.

Planned Parenthood

Planned Parenthood sucked down more than $540 million dollars of taxpayer money last year.

Planned Parenthood’s most recent annual report for 2011-2012, released Monday, reveals that the abortion and women’s health provider received $542.4 million from taxpayers in government grants and reimbursements — constituting 45 percent of the organization’s revenue.

According to the pro-life Susan B. Anthony List, the 333,964 abortions the organization performed in that timeframe represented a record high for Planned Parenthood. The group noted that from 2009 through 2011, the organization performed 995,687 abortions.

In the organization’s annual report message, Planned Parenthood chair Cecilia Boone and president Cecilia Richards expressed thanks to their supporters, and recounted some of the struggles the organization confronted over the past few years.

A million abortions from 2009-2011. I think it’s only fair to list the names of those who have benefited from taxpayer largesse and how many times each.

Mental Illness

The National Institute of Mental Health estimates that 26.2 million people suffer from mental illness in this country. As 10% of the homicides are committed by the mentally ill the names of those being treated for mental illness should be published so we can cross-reference their names against gun owners or gun-owning family members.


90% of homicides are committed by those with criminal records. Once again, the names of those with criminal records really should be published regularly so that they can also be cross-referenced against those who own guns. If someone on the list was seen carrying a weapon it could be reported to the proper authorities.

If there is a list of the mentally ill and of those with criminal records gun dealers and sellers would have a handy method to know to whom NOT to sell a weapon. There ya go.

Liberals apparently love lists so let’s have lists.


I forgot a list- the list of all members of Congress who own guns and who has a concealed carry permit.

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I don’t know about those other lists, Dr. J. I’d concentrate on expanding the lists related to the Journal News.

-Provide a cross-reference list with Journal News employees that do NOT possess firearms.

-Provide names and addresses, linked to a map-generating site where driving directions to those homes can be obtained.

-Provide a list of the paper’s subscribers, including addresses, so that businesses who support the paper by buying subscriptions can be boycotted.

-Provide a list of known, tangible assets by the paper’s employees, to complement there identification as “gun-free”, criminal targets.

-Provide a list of those employees’ security measures, like ADT security alarms, or the lack thereof, sweetening the idea that those homes are “soft” targets for those who would commit burglaries and such.

In effect, turn up the heat on the Journal News to stop their irresponsible behavior. I don’t agree with actually threatening the employees, or engaging in criminal enterprise in order to make them stop. Sooner or later, though, even the stupid woman in charge of the paper will get the idea, as fear is a great motivator.

Things that make ya go — hmmm? — All the reports I recall on this list seemed to imply that this newspaper was just a little “neighborhood” rag — huh? WTF?– a “little” rag that has 225 employees?? — does not sound “little” to me — looks like a nice size tip of the media iceberg to me.

@johngalt: Agree completely — good recommendations

I Love the “List” thing it’s Great!! I would love to have ALL these Hypocrites EXPOSED!!! Supporting these ‘retaliation sites’ and those who are behind them are [to me] imperative to exposing the blatant stupidity, straw men and the hypocrisy…of the Left.

I really love the fact that the retaliation ‘list’ has been so successful it also hit the Journal News in the pocketbook.. and I hope it hurts too!!!.. by forcing the Journal News into Spending Money on armed guards and hotels for their employees..

And what makes me laugh is this oh, so bright editor/Pres [sarc] did something very stupid, and very smug by putting out this ‘list’ thereby putting law abiding citizens in jeopardy…now [as this post states] they don’t like the ‘reaction’ of Law Abiding Citizens who are just plain old Pissed Off at their smugness, and their liberal stupidity…that they have hired Armed guards “Out of Fear???” Are you kidding me???

What this idiot did was was poke a stick in a bees nest….bees pretty much keep to themselves until they are poked with a stick…it’s not a good idea to poke a stick in a bees nest…

I do love the idea(s) of all those “other” Lists as well, and as Dr John says; “Liberals apparently love lists so let’s have lists.”

And Let’s expose every hypocrisy… every straw man too!!!

How about any other public records on the Journal News employees? Divorce records, bankruptcy records, and and all court files that doesn’t deal with minor children, arrest records such as DUI/DWI records. Divorce files are public record, find out what they had to split and that will lead to what they own now.

And why did Jane Hasson feel the need to hire private security guards, with guns, of course? Seems the NYSlimes it not telling everything, like the fact that I read last week that the paper had gone to the police with “threatening” emails in hand, and were told that the emails did NOT consitute viable threats. Anyone with an I.Q. over room temperature would know if there were actual threats, the police, not private security guards, would be required to protect the paper’s employees. Seems like just one call to Nanny Blumberg would have done the trick if there were really legitimate threats.

So a failing newspaper, whose subscriber list has been cut in half in the last few years, pulls a publicity stunt to garner attention, never mind those it harms, and the editor is whining? What happens when some woman who has been stalked and got a court order against her stalker, has bought a gun to protect herself and now her stalker knows exactly where she is? Is Ms. Hasson going to feel responsible when that woman is harmed, or even murdered? I doubt it. Liberals have no conscience. None at all.

Welfare Recipients?
It would be a LOOONG list!

128 million Americans are now on government programmes.
March 2011 US Census Bureau Current Population Survey (CPS)

The number of people receiving benefits from the federal government in the United States has grown from under 94 million people in 2000 to more than 128 million people in 2011. That means that 41.3 percent of the US population is now on a federal government program.

The entire population of the USA increased 27% in that time.
Those on federal gov’t programs increased 62% if you only count those named on the programs, but 180% if you include the children not named.

In 2010, over 70 percent of all federal spending went to dependence-creating programmes.
Americans enrolled in at least one federal programme growing “more than two times faster than the US population,” does.

Obama denies there is a spending problem.
To him there is only a revenue problem.
He refuses to even address reform of or slowing the growth of these programs.

I read about this….this Richard Gottfried [DemoRat] is a ASSHAT of major porportions…HE is a HUGE part of the problems we are facing right now… … Is this guy seriously ‘comparing’ NON-PRODUCTIVE asshats living off the Taxpayers Money/Gov’t Dole, with…PRODUCTIVE [moral] WORKERS…????

‘Morality’ you say? Yes this lies in the fact that the Police Firemen/Women etc… are not “stealing taxpayer” money under the fraudulent guise they are “poor” or “struggling”….or better yet in so much poverty…

THIS is the Fraud [and there is tons of it] we, on the Right continually debate about with the Liberal Kool Aid Drinkers…

….and the replys from the kool aid drinkers?? They ‘try’ as usual to straw man this away…they use ‘research’ and stats and charts and god know what else….they point fingers at the Right that “we” are uncaring, and don’t want to help the “poor” those who are “struggling”….

….These are the very Frauds the [straw men of the Right to the Liberals] that have no business with a EBT card….and have no business stealing taxpayer money…

If this is what the “poor” and those who are “struggling” are doing with Tax payer money….Then these people are certainty not “struggling” now are they????

The left wants to deny this and deny that their policies/ideology are the very policies/ideology that creates this Fraud to begin with…..It needs to stop!


“One reform opponent, Assemblyman Richard Gottfried (D- Manhattan), compared welfare recipients to municipal employees and said the government shouldn’t dictate how the taxpayer-funded checks are spent.

“Last I checked, this is America, and if somebody wants to propose that policemen, firefighters, sanitation workers, state legislators and other people paid with government funds be restricted as to what they use their money for, let them propose it,” Gottfried said.


Are you shocked? I’m not. Not when Nancy Pelosi says that having people draw unemployment benefits increased employment. WTF? Having people unemployed increases employment because they draw unemployment benefits? Only a liberal could begin to subscribe to that kind of convoluted thinking.

And Gottfried seems to be too damn stupid to know that fireman, teachers, sanitation workers and police officers are NOT paid with FEDERAL government money but with local taxes.

can you believe electing those for 4 more years,
no not in AMERICA,

SOME SAY; root canal, cokroachs lice, FRANCE,


Great one, Dr. John! What I can’t figure out is why no group didn’t pull some money together and publish the map with the personal info of its staff in their own paper? With their dying circulation a full pager couldn’t cost that much…

@Budvarakbar: #2,
Yup, 225 employees, . . . very loose use of ’employee’ since if these were really employees, this rag would have to be grossing over $20 million annually. Yes, a very very liberal use of the term ’employee’.