White man remains free while black man jailed for same offense


David Gregory, white liberal above the law

It pays to be a wealthy white liberal in DC:

The Washington Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) inquiry into whether NBC’s David Gregory broke the law by possessing a 30-round “high-capacity” magazine on national TV has been ongoing for three weeks. Meanwhile, U.S. Army veteran James Brinkley is still grappling with the fallout from his arrest last year on the same charge.

Mr. Brinkley’s story is just one example of at least 105 individuals who, unlike Mr. Gregory, were arrested in 2012 for having a magazine that can hold more than 10 rounds.

On Sept. 8, Mr. Brinkley says he intended to drop his wife and young children at the White House for a tour and then head to a shooting range to practice for the U.S. Marshals Service test. Just like Mr. Gregory, Mr. Brinkley called MPD in advance for guidance on how he could do this legally. Mr. Brinkley was told that the gun had to be unloaded and locked in the trunk, and he couldn’t park the car and walk around.

Unlike Mr. Gregory, Mr. Brinkley followed the police orders by placing his Glock 22 in a box with a big padlock in the trunk of his Dodge Charger. The two ordinary, 15-round magazines were not in the gun, and he did not have any ammunition with him.

As he was dropping off his family at 11 a.m. on the corner of Pennsylvania Avenue, Mr. Brinkley stopped to ask a Secret Service officer whether his wife could take the baby’s car seat into the White House. The officer saw Mr. Brinkley had an empty holster, which kicked off a traffic stop that ended in a search of the Charger’s trunk. Mr. Brinkley was booked on two counts of “high capacity” magazine possession (these are ordinary magazines nearly everywhere else in the country) and one count of possessing an unregistered gun.

Despite the evidence Mr. Brinkley had been legally transporting the gun, his attorney Richard Gardiner said the D.C. Office of the Attorney General “wouldn’t drop it.” This is the same office now showing apparent reluctance to charge Mr. Gregory.

James Brinkley, family man, Army vet, aspiring US Marshall, not above the law

Brinkley went to trial but fortunately sanity prevailed:

Mr. Brinkley refused to take a plea bargain and admit guilt, so the matter went to trial Dec. 4. The judge sided with Mr. Brinkley, saying he had met the burden of proof that he was legally transporting. Mr. Brinkley was found not guilty on all firearms-related charges, including for the “high-capacity” magazines, and he was left with a $50 traffic ticket.

It sounds as though even the traffic ticket was trumped up. Mr. Brinkley made an astute observation:

“There seems to be a law for us and a law for the upper echelon.”

It pays to be a wealthy white liberal. It also appears that DC laws apply to black men but not to white liberals. You’d think Sharpton would be interested in this, wouldn’t you?

As Bill Ayers would say,

“Guilty as sin, free as a bird”

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Typical hypocrisy from the Democrats, and I mean all of them. This should get the support of the country by flooding the Capitol with protests in all forms demanding the prosecution of DAVE Gregory.

Was it this case that has led to a bill to include intent in these offenses?
I had also heard of a plan to de-criminalize them down to a civil violation, if a violation at all.
Or was it a different case?

Where is the outrage, demanding an apology, and restitution of income lost by James Brinkley, by the Just-Us Brothers? Do they not care about their brother from another mother?

Mr. Brinkley’s ordeal was not just being arrested and then having to go to court.


Remember, many of those LEOs that decided to punish a law abiding citizens live in Washington, D.C. and are the same people who re-elected Marion Barry, convicted felon, re-elected to the Office of Mayor after he got out of jail and now serves on the D.C. Council.

Democrats have no problems with crooks and theives; they only have problems with law abiding citizens who support our Constitition.

no one else in the USA seems to take this seriously.

And why has this new Flopping Aces cartoon guy at the top of the page been disarmed ? Has FA decided to go PC ?

Write your congressmen and senators. David Gregory should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law and in a timely fashion.

We fought a war some time ago to escape class society.
Certain individuals decided that having taxes extorted by a government which was run by an upper class of Earls, Dukes, Barons, and so on was not acceptable. They were above the law, you see.
Now we are back to a privileged class. David Gregory does not have to obey any stinking law. He is above the law, being a member of the privileged class.
Oh, well.
Time for another revolution.

@mathman: You are right. 2+2=4. Why can’t everyone see that…..I guess because most of us are so stupid, we have become Obama’s Banana Republic. Dave is on the ‘politically correct’ press team, and I don’t mean just to euphemisms. He can do WTF he wants. He never has to face a moral dilemma. He merely has to do what pleases Barry. He is safe until we, the good guys, decide to take back our Constitution and our country. Dave is an embarrassment to good Americans. Anyone who thinks he isn’t, is by definition a P.O.S. as well.

Leftists are so out of touch with reality.
Here’s Charles Blow of the NYTimes:

I have a right to not own a gun and still feel safe in this society.

Sure you can, Charles!
You can FEEL however you want.
But you and your family are not as safe as the family that has a gun in their home against would-be invaders.
But go ahead, FEEL safe.

It is called cognitive dissonance.
You CAN, with an attendant headache, hold any number of contradictory liberal ideas in your head even in the face of reality.

@Nan G:

Nan, he does have that right. What he doesn’t have a right to, however, is in telling someone else that they should feel safe without owning a firearm. He doesn’t have a right to inflict his opinion, his “feelings”, on someone else, who believes differently.

The left gets all up in arms about “religious” people, mostly on the right, inflicting their opinions on abortion onto others who may not believe as they do. Yet, when it comes to beliefs that the left holds, it’s quite alright for them to force the compliance of people against their beliefs.

Since they told Gregory he was not allowed why did he not just show video or photos of the clip and avoid all this publicity? Could it be that is what he wanted.

@Still Free in Texas:

Could be. Normally I don’t give the liberal media much credit when it comes to intelligence, but then, even stupid people can be quite cunning given certain circumstances.