Three Hundred Dead Mexicans, Will Mexico’s New President Ask For The Extradition Of Holder


The United States has lost two federal agents who were killed by weapons supplied by Obama’s Attorney General Eric Holder; who has intentionally allowed over 2,000 military grade weapons to fall into the control of theMexican drug cartels, but Mexico has lost over three hundred citizens and they are still counting. Mexico’s former president was an ardent Obama supporter and was unlikely to demand an explanation or file an arrest warrant for Eric Holder as an accessory to mass murder. Obama was just too much of an ally for illegal immigration and he liked to bow in submission or else he has an amateurish approach to protocol.

Enrique Pena Nieto is the new president of Mexico; whether he plays nice with the Mexican Drug Cartels for a share of the profits is yet to be seen, but he has no alliances with Obama and Obama’s days may be numbered. If Nieto wants to become an instant hero on both sides of the border, he should indict Holder and ask for his extradition to Mexico.

It is doubtful whether Obama would give him up, but he may see an easy way to clean up a messy situation. The Fast and Furious debacle has become an irritating issue before the election and after Holder has lied and Obama has incriminated himself by claiming Executive Privilege, getting rid of Holder may seem to be an expedient method to clean up a major embarrassment.

The extradition and trial of Holder will discourage Obama and future administrations from supplying modern sophisticated weapons to Mexican Drug Cartels. It will also relieve the burden and embarrassment for the US of prosecuting Holder for the murder of agents Zapata and Terry.

Some 15 bodies found along a road in Tamaulipas State in Mexico on July 29, 2010. The bodies were found on a highway leading from Ciudad Victoria to Matamoros, not far from the US border city of Brownsville, Texas. Officials said the victims had “their hands tied, their eyes blindfolded and bore visible signs of torture” including obvious head injuries, said the official, who declined to be identified. AFP

I ask you President Nieto, is it time to seek justice from the man who has facilitated this violence in your country?

Are you going to stop the violence or are you going to be part of the problem?

Seeking justice from the man who has provided the weaponry to the cartels would be the first step in declaring your intentions. American politicians should not be above the law. Murderers and their accomplices should be held accountable. Eric Holder supplied these weapons to your drug cartels and is responsible for much of the violence.

He is directly responsible for the murder of two American federal agents, but because of the corruption within the Obama Administration, he will never be held responsible. You owe it to your people President Nieto, to bring this man to justice.

Head of Homeland Security, Janet Napolitano has now urged federal agents to run and hide when fired upon to reduce the possibility of more agents being killed with the same weapons. Such a move may save the lives of American agents, but unfortunately, the gun men of the drug cartels will feel even more powerful with the Obama weapons and kill even more Mexican Nationals. President Nieto, the Obama Administration is too incompetent and corrupt to seek justice; please seek justice for your own people and for the lives of the two federal agents.

Look at these photos President Nieto and see what you have inherited courtesy of the Obama Regime.

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Well stated!

Obama and his cronies also ran F&F in Honduras – it is not only Mexico, who were weapons given – Honduras was also sabotaged, although we have no info on crimes. Sipsey Street, who blew the whistle has lots more info in how far and wide weapons were walking in some latin-american countries, by our govt involvement.

Mexico cares far, far more for the US dollar than it’s citizens (whom it happily exports). The only “good” thing about the old party re-ascending is that it will once again allie itself with one or more cartels to quell the violence, that’s why the “good old days” were good in Mexico. Only when politicians “cooperate” with our insane war on drugs does the violence get out of hand.

As criminal as Holder are, the weapons are only the gasoline, it’s the holier than thou prohibitionists who lit the fire and have far, far more blood on their hands.

Obama could give Holder amnesty for crimes in this country but not another country. Romney should offer Holder up for extradition to Mexico for the murder of 300 Mexicans. Holder would soil himself. Si?

The ties to drug cartels are already documented.

This is all part of ultra-conservative hysteria mill: Very little evidence for the claimed facts; no one found guilty of anything; a lot of accusations and hype.

@Liberal1 (objectivity):

Would this hysteria be the same as the Leftie hysteria, as demonstrated in the Waco raid?

How about the same damn weapons found at the GD kill sites.

Maybe we should pursue Holder with the same vigor he used to try to prosecute the interrogators at GITMO.

Holder deserves to do time in a Mexican prison; at least the families of Zapata and Terry will feel they have some justice for losing their sons to the incompetence and criminal acts of this administration.

Lib man, if you need more proof, I will run a series on Holder’s guilt: remember. if you provide the weapon, you are as guilty as the shooter. Don’t worry, there is no capital punishment in Mexico, but twenty years might convince Holder to go straight.

Holder would already be indicted if he surrendered the documents. He is protecting himself and his boss and praying Obama wins the election, so he won’t be doing hard time. In the mean time lame brains like you are still trying to spin some lies to make it sound like a parking ticket. It is murder in the commission of a drug crime.

Holder first came to my attention as the guy who organized so many of Bill Clinton’s political pardons in his last days as president.
Holder must know all that can be known about who and how pardons come from presidents.
Obama must be planning to pardon Holder.
Biden would pardon Obama if it comes to that.

Ahhhhhhh………c’mon folks. Everyone knows this whole investigation is just a “distraction”, a “witch hunt” and Holder is just a “proxy” to take down Umbama. (do I really need the // tag?) *spit.

@Liberal1 (objectivity): The emptiness rolls in….I thought mushy liberals were supposed to be all love and flowers, now all of a sudden they don’t care when people are slaughtered…Imagine that…

For once, I agree. And since we’re offering up US citizens for Mexican justice, whom from the NRA are we going to volunteer? If Holder is personally responsible for “mass murder”, how then might we describe the NRA’s – and by extension those members of Congress who do their bidding and cash their checks – direct and indirect contributions to tens of thousands dead in Mexico? One might respond, “it’s people who kill people, not guns”, but that’s clearly not the author’s position, so I’m happy to play along with the idea that blame should fall on those who knowingly and cynically allow an easy access of deadly assault rifles to Mexican drug lords to use on innocent citizens. The NRA has been blatant in that regard, even targeting specific laws designed to stem the flow of assault weapons into Mexico. It is quite ironic that through this lens Holder’s misguided efforts to rein in violence in Mexico have ultimately placed him in the company of the NRA, who in turn hypocritically supported his congressional censure: strange bed fellows indeed. But let’s be fair. In terms of the sheer numbers of weapons each party has (unwittingly or intentionally) shepherded into the hands of Mexican drug lords, the NRA’s contribution is exponentially larger than Holder’s, so by all means, send Holder, and send ten thousand card carrying NRA members to share in an equitably distributed justice.

So many stupid things, so little worth in correcting them.

There is no such thing as an “assault weapon” it is a term invented from whole cloth by people like you to inspire fear. As for assault rifles, it has never been legal to even own one in the US without a federal firearms license. The only way they are “easily accessible” from the US is if the US government supplies them. Words only have power because they have definitions. You should learn what words mean before throwing them around.

You can not prove a damned thing you wrote. But I’m sure you really, really “feel” it’s right.

The very idea that drug cartels with more money than most countries would spend US prices for semi-automatic, civilian rifles, smuggle them across the most heavily guarded of Mexico’s borders, then modify them to become true assault rifles; vs buying directly from numerous suppliers throughout the world at a fraction of the price is beyond ridiculous.

The two things that combined to lead to so much death in Mexico are the stupid prohibition of drugs in the US and the stupider disarming of law abiding Mexican citizens by their own government.

The one, and only thing your line of argument proves is that the NRA and the rest of us who cherish our bill of rights were absolutely, one hundred percent correct in the true aim of “fast and furious”; the dismemberment of the second amendment.


Have another glass of the Kool aid pal. Or maybe not. Sounds as if you’ve already had plenty.

By your “reasoning” it’s the NRA that is responsible for this disaster. Really?

The “law” you cite, which is in reality, a rule/regulation, arbitrarily invoked by the BATFE, not to, as you state, “stem the flow of assault weapons into Mexico” but rather to subvert the Second Amendment by implicating law abiding firearms dealers in the scheme.

All persons buying firearms in this country must pass the NICS background check before the purchase can be made. The BATFE and DOJ “relaxed” those rules, knowing that the bad guys couldn’t pass the check and told the dealers that it was ok to just sell them the weapons in order to, (if their plan had worked) implicate the dealers in illicit arms trade to the bad guys and thereby have another “reason” to restrict the possession of firearms by law abiding American citizens. Had it worked, the media and the usual gun control suspects would have had a hay day clamoring for more restrictive laws that do absolutely no good. Gun control via the “backdoor” as Umbama has stated, since direct legislative action has been a proven loser since the 2010 elections and no democrat would ever think to try to pass legislation especially in another election year.

Restricting the sale of firearms to LAWFUL buyers in THIS country is a subversion of our Second Amendment rights. Anyone advocating the sale of firearms to and actively abetting those sales to foreign nationals/illegals is criminal on its face and THOSE people are the ones that should be prosecuted.

“Fast and Furious” had absolutely NOTHING to do with catching bad guys. It was, nothing more than a plan to further restrict/reduce YOUR rights as well as the rights of every other citizen of this country to defend ourselves against the enemy from within (the most dangerous one) and from without.

By the way, there are far more graphic photos.

How many murders of federal agents and Mexican Nationals will we excuse Holder from in the future?

Can Obama give Holder a pardon that will absolve him of guilt in future murders?

Perhaps we should change the laws for accessories to murder so Holder won’t be forced to do time for countless murders in the future.

Eric Holder, do you remember Scooter Libby?

If you have a strong stomach, this is the war our Department of Justice is actively involved in by supplying them with advanced weaponry.

Don’t look at them unless you have a cast iron stomach.

So far, they have only killed two federal agents, but now that we are telling our agents to run and hide, we can expect many more in the future. Be sure to thank Eric Holder for his contributions to the escalation of the drug war.


The two things that combined to lead to so much death in Mexico are the stupid prohibition of drugs in the US and the stupider disarming of law abiding Mexican citizens by their own government.

I agree that the war on drugs is one of two things that contribute to problem. Excellent point.

In 1985, Enrique (Kike) Camarena, a U.S. DEA agent, was brutally tortured and then murdered in Mexico by Mexican drug cartels. The DEA enacted the largest investigation on foreign soil in our nation’s history and when they learned that certain cartel members, involved in Kike’s death were being protected by certain forces in the Mexican goverment, those murderers, including the doctor that kept Kike alive in order to prolong his torture, were kidnapped and brought back to the U.S. to stand trial.

How involved was the Mexican government with the drug cartels at that time? One of the men tried on U.S. soil for the murder of Kike Camarena was the brother-in-law of the man who just nine years earlier had been the President of Mexico.

The U.S. President at the time was Ronald Reagan who did everything in his power to bring Kike’s murders to justice. But now, although Jaime Zapata gave his life to try to stop the flow of Mexican drugs into the U.S., we hear not just crickets, but we see the administration actually stonewalling in order to not reveal just how illegal F & F was and what the results of that plan actually was; to lay blame on American gun dealers and be able to say “See, see how many Mexicans have died because of these lax gun dealers and if you don’t think that we should restrict the 2nd Amendment even more than it already is, why you are nothing but a racist against Mexicans who are dying because of these guns.”

The problem was that although the ATF is horribly broken, there are still some ATF agents who not only have a strong sense of right and wrong, but who still retain their personal honor. So they started leaking enough information that F & F could no longer be ignored.

But Mexico will not raise too big a fuss. After all, Mexico doesn’t want the citizens of the U.S. to know the actual damage its citizens do in the U.S. It doesn’t want to be responsible for the peon class, so it will encourage the peons to sneak across the border by giving them comic-book styled instructions on what to carry with them and how to avoid the Border Patrol. It will instruct Mexican citizens on how to obtain social welfare once they get here and what states offer the best perks (like California). It will advise their citizens that if they get caught for a crime, their first call should be to the Mexican Counsel so that the Counsel can demand that the Border Patrol, who was doing his job, is prosecuted for violating the civil rights of the illegal.

No, Mexico will not raise a stink because Mexico is not our friend, just a lousy neighbor who continues its caste system by dumping its undesirable on us.

@Rides A Pale Horse:

By your “reasoning” it’s the NRA that is responsible for this disaster. Really?

They are more responsible than Eric Holder, if we’re going down the path of placing the blame on those whose actions directly or indirectly lead to the arming of drug lords, rather than those who actually pull the trigger. US drug laws that create an overwhelming demand that can’t be domestically met; the “War on Drugs” policies that shifts enormous resources away from combating demand at home (treatment, education) toward failed attempts at combating supply abroad; US drug laws that create an entire criminal class of felons for victimless petty drug offenses and overcrowd our prisons (the US locks up more of its citizens than any society in the history of the world); the ongoing vast corruption at every level of Mexican government; and, yes, the gun lobbies which cynically hide behind the Constitution to promote policies that are clearly mercenary and profit-driven in nature in the face of overwhelming human costs. Truly there is much blame to go around.


So are we to assume that you are stupid enough to want to legalize the sale of drugs in this nation? Gee, if you want to spend your life in a chemical induced fog, why not just move to some nation where drugs are legal? I understand that Denmark has a very lucrative welfare system.

Sounds to me that you are supporting a system that would make the drug cartels even richer.

@JustAl: I looked at the ignorance of Tom’s post and could not bring myself to address it. For some ignorance, there is nothing one can respond. You sir, did well in your response.


Maybe some of us just want to live in a country that values liberty and limited government instead of a feel good nanny state. If someone wants to “live life in a chemical induced fog” what part of the Constitution makes it the government’s business. . . or yours for that matter?

I for one am damned tired of spending my tax dollars to protect people from their own bad habits, here, in Africa, Mexico etc. If someone wants to starve to death because they can’t pass a drug screen to work, let ’em starve, same goes for their kids, it’ s not the “villiage’s” responsibility as the Hidlabeast would say.

Tom said plenty of really stupid things, but ending prohibition and the violence it has and always will bring isn’t one of them.


Well, since, as a taxpayer, I am on the hook for 911 services if you overdose, and the hospital ER’s are required, by a SCOTUS ruling, that you can not be refused medical services even if you are sans money and/or health insurance, I think I should have the right to demand that doing those things that endanger your life are illegal.

So when you figure out a way to refuse 911 and ER services for drug overdoses, and create a federal law that you are not entitled to any social welfare if you can find the money to engage in illicit drug trade, let me know. I will support your right to smoke anything, snort what you want up your nose until you look like a bleeding Linda Ronsteadt or have shot up to the point where your veins are collapsing.


Sounds to me that you are supporting a system that would make the drug cartels even richer.

Because increasing domestic demand would have that effect. You must be an economist.

Marijuana is a cash crop for Mexican cartels. It’s also a plant that our government deems illegal for us to grow in the privacy of our own homes. Furthermore, it’s universally considered to be less dangerous than alcohol or tabacco, and unlike those two substances, it has proven medical properties. But rather than allow people to grow their own supply, if they so wish, we’d rather allow it to be a multi-trillion dollar trans-national criminal enterprise. Rather than allowing the criminal control to wither, so our children have less access, we’d rather look the other way while criminals deal it to them (doctored with god knows what) in the playground. But this is how it works in a democracy when we have voters like Retire5, who form their opinions from sources like Reefer Madness, the lady at Church Bingo who “hates hippies” and Rush Limbaugh. Change happens very slowly.


$2Billion for DEA’s annual budget alone, doesn’t count FBI, state, local, DA’s prison guards, trial lawyers etc. Meanwhile marijuana has killed exactly zero people directly, probably a few from cancer probably a few in accidents, overall probably less than aspirin, and certainly less than swimming pools and bicycles. As for government involvement in healthcare we absolutely need to eliminate it at all levels. People screw up their lives, they should pay for it.

Keep in mind also that the law enforcement and prison employee industries (make no mistake, it’s an industry now) are heavily unionized and give huge sums to the DNC, ditto the trial lawyers’ association. The left feeds on the misplaced fears of the right and gets us to pay them for it!

Are you suggesting that driving up the profit margin on a weed via the war on drugs has been somehow “bad” for the finances of the drug cartel? Really?


Marijuana has medicinal purposes? Great, the Indians believe peyote did, as well. Timothy Leary believed that LSD could expand the mind and make you more intelligent. And you think children will have less access when it is being sold to them by AMERICANS now? No, they will have more access. Great, a bunch of elementary school stoners is just the direction this nation needs to go in. After all, we have a stoner for president, why not the kids all singing “Obama, ooh, ooh, ooh?”

And never heard of ReeferMadness, but then, I don’t even drink so am not into the whole drug “culture” thing.

Tom Welcome back! I’ve been enjoying your posts in recent days. Great insight and humor.
Thanks much R.W.


Interesting points, Skook. One difference I can offer is that, in Holder’s case, the weapons were, perhaps foolishly, sent in order combat drug cartels. It was a failure. In the NRA’s case, every effort is made to make it difficult to stop weapons from being available to all individuals, including drug cartels. It’s an ongoing success! Perhaps I just give too much weight to intent.


You should just stick to topics you know about, like taming feral cats, and yelling at passerbys through your screen door. Even Dick Nixon might have found your insights into popular culture a little stale.

@Richard Wheeler:

Thanks, Rich! I have been enjoying your posts, even at those times I don’t choose to post.

@Richard Wheeler:

Oh, and Rich, I’d be remiss if I did not offer you and all other active duty and retired members of the armed forces a hearty happy 4th of July. Obviously, we would not be here to celebrate without your contributions.


You seem to know little about feral cats. You can never really tame them. And I suggest liberals like you could learn a lot from them. They don’t lay around, getting fat, and expecting their owners to feed them. They work for what they get, and can smell a [Demo] rat from a mile away. They are unwilling to give up their independence just for a hand out from someone who would take away their freedom. Yes, there is much to admire about a feral cat.

Perhaps it is you who should stick to subject you know, although I would bet a dollar to a rolling donut that you know a lot about illegal drug use from personal experience.

Tom, intent is important and I am sure Holder didn’t mean for this situation to blow up out of control; however, the man who gives the teenager the bottle of whiskey didn’t anticipate a wreck that killed several people. Yet he is responsible, as if he was driving the auto himself. We must remember, if it was not for the irresponsible behavior, those people would still be alive

As I have interpreted this fiasco as the guns were purchased in the US as a Government ‘sting’ type of action then sold to Mexican drug dealers and were just allowed to “walk” into Mexico without any type of tracking or tracing of the guns to find out exactly ‘where’ they wound up…. then it ”backfired” and several of our innocent Border Agents were killed….+ hundreds of Mexicans…….. Stupid, Stupid, irresponsible behavior…by design I believe always by design…

I appreciate the picture above @#9 with the captions “These people [Pelosi-President-Holder] would have you believe F&F is just a political witch hunt”….”Tell these people F&F is just a political witch hunt” ……how appropriate… makes me wonder, did anyone shove these pictures in their faces when they said this ?!?!

I am not naive’ to human excrement we have enough of it here in the US, but, I certainly cannot fathom the human destruction, the corruption, the greed, the stealing, the pure horror of this coming from a country [Mexico] who consider themselves “Christian”? This is way beyond my comprehension…that one human being can do these things to another human being….and to Children?? In the name of ……??? What??

I have seen pictures like this before…and, this is just evil magnified about 20 thousand times…

Who the Hell are these people??!?! OMG!!

IF our Government requires guns to be ‘ registered’, background checks done, applications filled out and approved, serial numbers recorded etc etc….then it is up to the Government requesting this information to ensure the legitimacy of the purchaser, after all they hire the bureaucrats who do the BG checks and verification’s…

These articles are for people [here at FA] who believe in [parroting] what they hear from anti-gun activists/anti 2nd Amendment rights activists and their website(s) – and, creating ‘straw men’ – That is instead of facing ‘reality’…and falsely believing the NRA ‘should take’ any responsibility for the murder, mayhem and criminal minds in this country – That is plain stupid thinking.

That’s like saying AAA should shoulder the responsibility of death by Auto in this country….and let’s ban the automobile and/or road trips… because someone could get killed…

Notice in this article the guns were bought at an [ illegitimate shop ] undercover business rather than an legitimate gun shop business: The undercover business operated as a cellphone and vehicle alteration business. …why would ‘this type of business’ be in the business of selling weapons and to who… ???

And, Please please take notice to who their “clientele” is…

Not a place where legit citizens purchase their “legal” guns…
Posted: Jun 27, 2012 10:34 PM EDT
ATLANTA (AP) – Law enforcement officials made more than 60 arrests and confiscated nearly 300 illegal firearms in an undercover bust in southwest Atlanta.
Defendants were indicted on charges ranging from possession of a firearm by a convicted felon, possession of an unregistered sawed-off firearm, possession of a stolen firearm, unlawful dealing in firearms without a license and possession of controlled substances with intent to distribute. Link:

Another one…

Posted: 12:50 p.m. Tuesday, May 29, 2012
ATF: 90 arrested, guns and drugs seized in three-month crackdown
A four-month undercover operation in Oakland that resulted in 90 arrests and the seizure of 92 guns and a large quantity of illegal drugs was so successful that it will continue indefinitely….

Jones said one of the most significant arrests during the undercover operation occurred on May 16, when agents raided an auto body shop in the 900 block of 76th Avenue in East Oakland and recovered 16 firearms, most of which were high-powered.
He said authorities arrested the 21-year-old twin brothers who ran the shop, Christian and Francisco Del Toro, and believe they were selling the illegal firearms out of the shop.
Defenseless on the Bayou – New Orleans gun confiscation was foolish and illegal.

During the weeks after Hurricane Katrina, the government of New Orleans devolved from its traditional status as an elective kleptocracy into something far more dangerous: an “anarcho-tyranny” that refused to protect the public from criminals while preventing people from protecting themselves….

Sorry, go fix the hard stuff…go pick on the real criminals, the real people who are causing the mayhem and murder in this country….stop trying to go after ‘easy’ targets…face the truth face reality for a change….

Drug use is hardly a victimless crime. It’s been a while, but I recall a study that claimed a large of amount of violent crime was committed by drug users while they were high. The prostitutes or “streetwalkers” are usually addicted to drugs which is why they are out there in the first place. Then there are their pimps who control them and as needed, abuse them.
AZ used to be tweaker (meth) central. It’s not as bad as it used to be, but the damage from the labs is still around. The dangerous chemicals were stored haphazardly or just dumped into the ground. Some homes actually had to be torn down when it was discovered how contaminated they had become thanks to the cooking process. Legalization won’t solve any of this.

The war on drugs may not be perfect or nice and neat, but legalizing them is a worse alternative.