Obama Jumps Back And Forth, Through The Looking Glass


“When I use a word,’ Humpty Dumpty said in rather a scornful tone, ‘it means just what I choose it to mean — neither more nor less.”

“The question is,” said Alice, “whether you can make words mean so many different things.”

“The question is,” said Humpty Dumpty, “which is to be master— that’s all.”

All of us have some connections with the fantasy world of the Looking Glass; thus, one of the reasons why the book is so popular is, without intellectual discipline, fantasy can easily become reality; all we need to do, is just look at things a little differently. Our president is unafraid to look at things a little differently; in fact, many of us now question whether he can discern fantasy from reality. He certainly exists on both sides of the Looking Glass.

Some say, he is confused and incapable of concentrated or disciplined logic; however, when we analyze his contradictions, the dual personality or alternative reality for basing his personal logic is undeniable. To say he is a pathological liar may not capture the scope nor depth of his personal delusions.

His handlers and propagandists of the MSM are kept busy trying to trivialize these departures from reality, but his personal record is not going away. There is no amount of history revision, capable of putting a positive spin on his views from both sides of the Looking Glass.

There are the little niggling facts, like claiming the use of Executive Privilege is an admission of guilt, when he served as a senator and referred to George Bush. Clearly he sees through the Looking Glass much more clearly than the rest of us; since, the most naive among us can see the contradiction, when he uses Executive Privilege to protect Eric Holder, after denying he and Holder ever discussed Fast and Furious.

Demanding a Special Prosecutor for the Scooter Libby Case, but dismissing Eric Holder’s peccadillos as nothing more than petty politics by the Republicans seems to be more like a fart, stumble, fall, Through The Looking Glass to everyone but the most jaded Obama sycophant. Jumping back and forth through the Looking Glass and from reality to fantasy will always carry a certain risk of stumbling.

Not every president has had the cojones to grant amnesty to over 800,000 illegals, after admitting publicly on two occasions, he didn’t have the power to grant amnesty; yet, our legislators must have been left flat footed on one side or the other of the Looking Glass, for not a peep of protest was heard about the president who lusts for power and control and decides the legislature is so weak, he can do what he wants. The Constitution as seen through the looking glass becomes more inconsequential as Obama’s lust for power and control is fulfilled at the expense of American freedom and liberty.

With sanctimonious indignation, Obama ridiculed President Bush as being unpatriotic for borrowing four trillion dollars during the eight years of the Bush presidency, but when Obama borrows five trillion in less than four, we only need to look through the Looking Glass to see the twisted logic.

With cavalier bravado, Obama announced after his election, if he couldn’t turn the economy around in one term, he didn’t deserve a second term. This is another statement requiring a leap of faith by everyone, since we must believe the economy is so much better; unfortunately, the improvements are so subtle, no one can tell they have happened. Like the earthquake no one feels, people say if you can’t feel it, how do you know it happened. Still, with calm measured verbal cadence, Obama tells us he needs four more years to finish the job he has started, leaving many Americans wondering what job he is referring too, since he doesn’t appear to have much time for working between golf rounds, concerts, and fund raisers.

Campaign financing, lobbyists, Guantanamo, filibustering, very expensive affordable health care, military tribunals, opposition to Super PACS, so many statements made from one side of the Looking Glass or the other, it is no wonder he becomes confused and leaves the public even more confused.

Obama relies on being a celebrity president, he assumes the public will love him for being Barack and delivering flowery platitudes and pretty speeches devoid of content, rather than analytic solutions to real problems. It is the nature of the Looking Glass, you should be perceived as brilliant and charming; otherwise, there is no need to spend so much time in front of and on the other side of the Looking Glass. After all, we only need to jump through that Looking Glass to get a glimpse of Obama World.

In another moment Alice was through the glass, and had jumped lightly down into the Looking-glass room. The very first thing she did was to look whether there was a fire in the fireplace, and she was quite pleased to find that there was a real one, blazing away as brightly as the one she had left behind. “So I shall be as warm here as I was in the old room,” thought Alice: “warmer, in fact, because there’ll be no one here to scold me away from the fire. Oh, what fun it’ll be, when they see me through the glass in here, and can’t get at me!”

Now we have the most obvious contradiction among truly obvious contradictions. Democrats and their propagandists are slightly embarrassed over the tax that has been officially declared to not be a tax, but is actually a tax; they insist we should move on before the less astute see through the game and mistake Obama fantasies for obfuscation and lies. Obama has no problem when these little glitches appear. He merely relies on the philosophy of Humpty Dumpty to explain his latest fantasy.

When I use a word, it means just what I choose it to mean — neither more nor less.

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Romney needs to point out every one of odumbo’s flip-flops and lies made since he started the 08 campaign. Romney should also point out every mis-statement odumbo has made, his verbal gaffes, his bowing to muslims, etc. The MSM crucified Dan Quayle for mispelling potato, but odumbo gets by with every error like ’57 states’, crotch salutes to the flag, corpsemen instead of corpsman, etc. The American public needs to see the POTUS as he really is, not as the MSM says he is.

I think you have encapsulated just why it is that Obama and company have failed so miserably at ”messaging, ” Skook.

Very good Skook. Now, you will be called a racist by the lefties (niggling)!

Randy, we can only simplify our vocabulary to a certain point, before we lose the ability to communicate effectively. To assume we need to write at a level to accommodate the lowest common denominator may be the norm in public education, but here we are only hindered by the limits of our ability. Damn the torpedoes Randy, full speed ahead.

Bwax, he will use the material if he is running to win. If he is awed by the magic, expect more of the he is a nice guy who is in over his head. If this is his MO for the election, we should put pressure on him to step down and let someone run who will carry the fight to Obama.

Obama has snared himself by the neck in a locking snare that only tightens and never releases. The more he fights and explains his lunacy the tighter the snare wire tightens. He has the perfect opponent, Romney won’t prod him and make him dance. Romney is making allowances for Obama’s self-inflicted trap to have a bloodless election. If Obama wins, his propaganda people will release the locking mechanism and Obama will make us pay for frightening him in the lead up to the election, if you are a member of the 49% club who pays taxes.

If you are a single guy and paying your health care, soon w you will be supporting a non payer’s insurance, that wouldn’t be too bad, but you will be expected to pay for all twelve of his dependents as well. That should take care of the rest of that paycheck that you have so foolishly spent in the past.

I keep hearing that Obama is ahead in the polls.
Which polls?
His lead with white 18-24 year olds is gone.
And he is through the looking glass on how he VS Romney ought to treat the press.
Note this…..

David Axelrod Tweets:

Romney meets w/Murdoch last week, which world only learned from Rupert’s tweet. How long does media let Mitt get away w/out pool coverage?

And right away this response:

Mark Knoller

Same might be asked of @davidaxelrod why press barred from 25 Obama Campaign fundraisers so far this year.

Obama even collects all cell phones at the door of his private fundraisers!
This is just so all of his remarks don’t turn into YouTube moments.

(in my very best Alex Trebek impersonation…)


I’m sorry…

“Evil” is what we were looking for…


Mitt, you still control the board…

I guess that makes Biden Tweedledum.

In answer to the racist charge, just tell the libs that we don’t like the white half of odumbo either!

What fun, Skook… it’s an exercise in curious and curiouser to assign some real life characters to that other beloved Carroll story of O’s rabbit hole world.

Axelrod as the Mad Hatter? The Caterpillar (Absolem in the Tim Burton movie) would be Chief Justice Roberts, who somewhat disdainfully “teaches” Obama/Alice how to cope in his own Wonderland. A grinning ghost, Harry Reid, as the Cheshire cat, and Pelosi as the ruthless “off their their heads” Queen of Hearts. And, of course, the empowered Sebelius as the movie version of the Dormouse, Mallymkun… but still “sleepy” in mentality.

Mata, you are on to some great fun.

bwax @#11 – LOL You are funny – that is perfect!!! Love it!

We may have to change the title to “Malice in Blunderland”

Both houses of congress would be representative of the whole house of Cards in the Red Queen’s palace.
Bohner is the weeping gryphon, with John McCain as the Mock Turtle.
Harry Reid is more like the crazed March Hare. Leaving Geither as the White Rabbit.
Michelle Obama as the Jabberwock,
Valerie Jarret is the Chershire Cat (Little is seen of her but she is always lurking behind the smile)
Attorney General Holder is the incompetent King of Hearts
Hillary Clinton is the Duchess
Jay Carney is the obnoxious pepper throwing Cook.
The Congressional Black Caucus is the howling sneezing baby.
The voters are the Flamingos and Hedgehogs. (Blue State and Red State respectively.)