The Language of Deception [Reader Post]


Ex KGB defector and university professor Yuri Bezmenov once said, “It is worth noting that the stated goal of the communist dialect is to nudge people from the truth a little bit at a time, until they are so convinced of false realities, that they are no longer capable of discerning the truth even when they see it in front of their own eyes.”

The left’s Orwellian usage of language is so scientifically deceptive, that most of us have friends or family members, who although otherwise reasonable, have been so profoundly nudged from the truth, that no amount of evidence in the world will ever dislodge them from their false realities.

As masters of deception, the left knows how to lure many well intentioned individuals by professing to seek a more humane world, where many of our Judeo/Christian values will be realized.

My father used to say “the left uses great truths, to implement great lies”.

Through the manipulative use of language, the left invokes sentiments that are impossible for well-intentioned human beings to oppose, if not aware of the context in which they are used. Who can possibly be against change, equality, liberty, freedom, justice, fairness, growth, compassion and compromise? These words summon positive feelings in most of us, and it is precisely why they are systematically invoked to nudge us from the truth. A quick analysis of the context in which these words are exploited, should help to illustrate this point.

When the left talks about change, they are talking about structural changes, the centralization of resources, the usurping of private property, the reorganization of most aspects of societies, and the placing of all reins of power in the hands of small groups of self-professed master minds. These alleged elitists believe themselves more capable of making better decisions on behalf of all of us, than we ourselves could if left to our own devices. This is essential in understanding who they are.

Change does not mean personal or societal development, unlike religion; they do not seek to conquer men’s hearts. Their ends justify their means, and so they are content with enforcing their objectives through coercion, which is why their road to Utopia, like the proverbial apple of Paradise, leads to Hell on earth instead.

The left’s most important tenet, the one upon which their entire philosophy revolves, is aimed at destroying the disparity of wealth within a society. Therefore when they talk about equality, they are not talking about the principles upon which our great nation was founded, such as equal rights and opportunities for everyone alike, it is not enough that we may be created equal, to them we must also have equality of results, regardless of effort, contribution or ability. What better example than the Affirmative Action law, to illustrate their approach to resolving society’s ills? The legalization of prejudice is their solution to prejudice itself. They are perfectly comfortable promoting individuals based on their race and or origin, as opposed to their achievements, or the content of their character, as Dr. King had once hoped.

The contempt the left displays toward individual achievements, explains why they never acknowledge failureasa natural consequence of an individual’s bad decisions, or irresponsible behavior. Instead, the unaccomplished are told that something or someone else is always to blame for their predicament. Once again, failure itself is just another tool, helpless people are more likely to follow any one who gives them a pass for their shortcomings, and promises them the abolition of these alleged highly-unjust conditions that are keeping them from having a better life.

The words Liberty and freedom are not the noble concepts most of us think of, they are just additional tools in the bag of deceit; these words are used as weapons to either intimidate a villain, or justify victimhood. They are used to identify alleged oppressors and oppressed; they are used to create the proper conditions to intimidate. The rage derived from these real or contrived victims, is harnessed and turned into angrymobs that are used to subvert the opposition; Occupy Wall Street comes to mind.

Freedom is the philosophical antithesis of the left’s ideology, in a free society there will always be winners and losers, successful and unsuccessful, rich and poor, these are the logical byproducts of all free societies, and they represent the greatest affront to the left’s most fundamental reason for being, “equality of outcomes”. Therefore, Marxism by whatever name it chooses to use on any given time will always be incompatible with freedom.

If we understand the left’s concept of equality, then we can see how justiceis another victim on its path. No ideology bent on running other people’s lives, and guaranteeing equality of outcomes, can ever feel comfortable with the uniform application of justice for all. The idea of equal justice for all is abhorred by the left, because to them there will always be some who are less deserving than others. This is why they talk about fairness, a term they equate with justiceas a means to masquerade their lawlessness. Equating something as subjective as fairness with justice, allows them the necessary latitudes to essentially do whatever they please.

“The difficulty does not lie in deciding what is fair, but on who decides what fair is.” – Thomas Sowell

To most of us growth means prosperity, personal or otherwise. However to the left, growth is intrinsically tied to government programs and governmental controls. Herein lays a great deal of our divide and why a compromise on certain issues is nearly impossible to achieve. This is especially true when the word compromise itself, has a different meaning. The left only invokes this word when they find themselves in a minority status, or about to become one, the word compromise is never uttered when they are in charged and are able to coercively impose their will. Obamacare is an example of compromise leftist style, to them the word simply means, do what we want. No further explanation isnecessary.

“In any compromise between food and poison, it is only death that can win.” – Ayn Rand

As is the case with the language, for the left no action can ever be beyond the pale, since the only moral compass is the desired results, and their goal is total domination. Therefore whether it is through the use of language or negotiations, it is perfectly acceptable to not only nudge us from the truth, but nudge us from our freedomsand independence as well.

If we honestly believe that our freedoms are non-negotiable, we should heed Ms. Rand’s warning and recognize that… In any compromise between freedom and servitude, it is only tyranny that can win. 

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Well Written. Well done.
Look what the Marxists did to the Kulaks of the Ukraine. They stole all their grain and animals, and left them to starve to death. These capitalists were the inconvenience for the establishment of state farms. The major cities were short of food and the Ukrainians were expendable, especially if they were middle class entrepreneurs. Marxism equates to death and equal misery for all.
I could relate to the debacle that was the Red Army and the equal death to all participants, including the execute all commissars order from Hitler. The Marxists weren’t expecting this one, lol. This is a subject, all by itself.

Sounds like a good description of the right-wing to me.

@Liberal1 (objectivity)

How did you find the time to write such a lengthy response to a well articulated article?…Your response is typical of the left/liberals and exactly on point as to what the author was stating….Empty….Just like liberalism…One would think that if you were at odds with the writer, you would be able to put together a well constructed counter-point, which I’m sure would be welcome, however you choose to prove what liberalism is…Empty….Just as Dear Leader cannot run on his “record”, neither can liberalism….No crowning accomplishments other than demise because the end result doesn’t matter, only the “intentions”…As shown over the past sixty years, intentions have done more damage than anything…Thank you for being the poster child…