Say What? April 17, 2012 Edition [Reader Post]



President Barack Obama: “…part of my job is to scout out where I may want to bring Michelle back later for vacation.”

Obama’s campaign website: “The Buffett Rule would require everyone to pay their fair share – a key step to reduce the deficit and invest in what we need to grow and strengthen the economy. Mitt Romney‘s alternative is to give millionaires and billionaires trillions of dollars in tax breaks paid for by either increasing the deficit or by cutting programs critical to the middle class and economic growth.” The Buffet rule might bring in $5 billion/year; that is 1-2 day’s deficit spending.


Obama 2012 campaign manager Jim Messina: “The Buffett Rule would reduce the deficit while helping to pay for investments in education, clean energy, jobs, and other programs that will help our economy grow.”


Economic genius President Obama: “What drags down our entire economy is the growing gap between the ultra-rich and everyone else.”

Press secretary Jay Carney: “[N]o one ever suggested that implementing the Buffett Rule would contribute in large measure to reducing the deficit.”

President Obama when selling the Buffet rule last year, “We also stabilize our debt and deficits for the next decade.”

David Axelrod on why Obama doesn’t offer to pay higher taxes: “That’s not the way we operate our tax system, okay? We don’t run bake sales. It’s not about volunteerism.” The President’s tax rate was 20.5%, as he took a lot of (normal) deductions.

Sen. Charles Schumer: “There’s no class warfare involved. It’s a question simply of fairness.”

President Obama: “So these investments – in things like education and research and health care – they haven’t been made as some grand scheme to redistribute wealth from one group to another. This is not some socialist dream.” Heck no! This is Reaganomics 2.0


David Axelrod: “What’s changed is, we had these massive tax cuts in the last decade that were skewed to the wealthy and it helped promote huge deficits . . . and the American people know that, and they know that they haven’t benefitted nearly to the degree that people at the top did.”

President Obama on his Republican opponent: “Instead of moderating their views even slightly, instead of saying, you know what, what we did really didn’t work and we almost had a second Great Depression, and maybe we should try something different, they have doubled down.” The Great Depression was moderated over by a Democrat who prolonged the Great Depression, so that, while nations all around the world, came out of their recession within a year or so, the U.S. stayed in a depression for over a decade.

Barack Obama: “And once Michelle and I had our girls, she gave it her all to balance raising a family and pursuing a career – and something that could be very difficult on her, because I was gone a lot. Once I was in the state legislature, I was teaching, I was practicing law, I’d be traveling. And we didn’t have the luxury for her not to work.” Mrs. Obama made $316,000/year then. I guess Barry forgot to mention that part?

Joe Biden, to crying baby at rally: “I don’t blame her for crying—she is going to inherit it [the Romney economic plan]—she’s gonna pay for it. That’s one smart baby.” So, it was not the $16 trillion in debt she would be inheriting?

Joe Biden: “To put it bluntly, we think they’re [Republicans] out of step with American values.”

Vice President Joe Biden of former Saturday Night Live comedian, Sen. Al Franken, D-Minn.: “He has been one of the leading legal scholars.”

President Obama, on the Buffet Rule: “Now, this is not just about fairness. This is also about growth. It’s about being able to make the investments we need to strengthen our economy and create jobs. And it’s about whether we as a country are willing to pay for those investments.“ Because our nation always grows as government confiscates more and more wealth?

Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner: “The overall cost of energy to the consumer has actually come down, not risen”


WH Press Secretary Jay Carney: “We talked a lot about jobs numbers on Friday, the fact that 120,000 jobs created, which made for the best
quarter since 2006 in jobs created, came in under expectations, and there was a lot of discussion about whether or not that was a good number or a bad number. The fact of the matter is under President George W. Bush, the average monthly job creation figure was 67,000 jobs.” Take out the two years of the Democratic Congress, and this is much higher. Note the graph above about net jobs gained or lost; when the Dems captured the House and Senate in 2006, notice what happens to the job growth.

Health and Human Services (HHS) Secretary Kathleen Sebelius: “She [referring to a law student] wants to devote her career to working on social justice issues, which is why she’s going to law school. And she can go ahead and pursue that dream now because she no longer has to worry about getting health coverage.”

Labor secretary Hilda Solis: “We need to understand what the president is fighting for – he is fighting for you and (sic) I. And it’s about fairness – it’s about fairness in the workplace it’s about fairness in education and it’s about fairness about what services are provided by government. And if we can’t have a say-so in that then this isn’t the dream that all of us aspire to be a part of…Because if people aren’t paying their taxes – those that can afford it – the billionaires – the millionaires – even the folks as you heard yesterday that were in the White House that agreed to pay more. They want to pay more because they know it’s their obligation. Because that’s what we stand by – those principles. That’s very very important for us to understand what the president is fighting for – for fairness.”

After suggesting that the “Buffet Rule” be renamed the “Reagan Rule” the other side of Obama’s mouth said: “So we’ve tried this trickle-down experiment before [tax cuts]…It doesn’t work.”

Rev. Al Sharpton: “We believe in Jesus, they crucified him and never had a charge. They never charged, there wasn’t no crime on his indictment. So we’ve got to deal with the inequities of the criminal justice system. The fact that we (black people) are overly-incarcerated, the fact that we go to court and are treated differently, and the fact that when we’re victimized there is not the same response. That’s what Trayvon was about.”

A South Jersey man about those who complained of his American flag with the visage of Obama on it: “In Acacia, there are some angry, maybe even evil-minded people about Obama.”


Liberal radio personality Thom Hartmann: “The so called stand your ground and shoot first laws, brought to you by the NRA and Wal-Mart, peddled to state legislators, Republican state legislators, by the American Legislative Exchange Council, ALEC, funded by the Koch brothers. That’s pretty amazing, when you see a fairly direct line from right-wing billionaires funding front groups that are actually writing our nation’s laws to a dead kid in Florida.”

Van Jones: “I’ve never apologized or stood down for any of the stuff I did when I was younger, because you should have the right in this country to be young, to think wild thoughts and embrace utopian ideas and all that kind of stuff. I want other people who are young and want to challenge orthodoxies to feel that you can do that and you can also move on with your life. The people who criticize me, I’ve done more to help this country in the past two months, fighting to cut mortgages for people who are underwater, fighting to get student-loan relief for people, I’ve done more for my country in the past two months than a lot of these people have done in their whole lives.”

President Obama in Cartagena, Colombia: “We now have a Republican nominee who said that the Arizona laws are a model for the country. . . and these are laws that potentially would allow someone to be stopped and picked up and asked where their citizenship papers are based on an assumption…I can promise that I will try to do it [emigration reform] in the first year of my second term. I want to try this year.”

President Obama: “[Kanye West is] a Chicago guy. Smart. He’s very talented…He is a jackass. But he’s talented.”

The Compliant Obama Press Corps:

Political Punch headline: “Obama Makes Tax Week Push for `Sensible’ Buffett Rule” Most of the article could have been written by Obama. Although there was some discussion of the Buffet rule, the negative points were at the end of the article.

Los Angeles Times headline: “Gallup poll: 60% back Obama’s ‘Buffett Rule’”


Political Punch headline: “Obama Calls for Taxes on Wealthy to Fund Middle Class `Investments’”


Seattle Times headline and sub-headline for an AP story: “Obama says nation needs ‘Buffett Rule’ President Barack Obama says the nation can’t afford to keep giving tax cuts to the wealthiest Americans “who don’t need them and didn’t even ask for them.””

Yahoo News headline “Obama Makes Tax Week Push for ‘Sensible’ Buffett Rule” Criticism begins in paragraph 7.

Times’ Joe Klein headline regarding Obama’s reelection: “A Choice, Not a Referendum.” As if no one is going to pay attention to Obama’s record of the past 4 years.

Jake Tapper, Host: “When you hear Republicans say that President Obama is being a bully, you hear racial subtexts?”

Michael Eric Dyson, Georgetown University Professor and MSNBC Contributor: “Of course. Bully – I mean look this guy – if – if you can’t deal with this reasoned, articulate expression of difference and dissent and calling that bullying.”

First words in a CNN article: “Democratic strategist and CNN contributor Hilary Rosen appeared today…”

In this same article, which was a discussion we have a quote by Joe Johns, CNN Senior Correspondent: “On Twitter, Romney‘s message man Eric Fehrnstrom incorrectly labeling Rosen an Obama adviser accuses her of going on CNN to debut a new kill Ann strategy…” Lots in this discussion about Obama having the best woman policy and about attacks on Michelle Obama; but, as for suggesting there is any connection between Obama and Rosen, clearly there was none.

WH press secretary Jay Carney on Hilary Rosen’s 35 visits to the White House (5 directly with the president): “I don’t know that Hilary Rosen – I know three personally, women named Hilary Rosen, so I’m not sure that those represent the person we’re talking about necessarily. So I really can’t comment on the number of visits, since I’m not sure that’s accurate.”

Daily Kos headline: “New casualty in the War on Women: Mitt Romney”

Karen Finney, MSNBC political analyst, who seems to live in this other reality: “Two thoughts. One, the number, I can’t wait to see all the fact-checks coming out of the DNC because the number of, I won’t call them lies but misinformation that came out of Mr. Romney‘s mouth was stunning. And, you know, here’s the other problem: the picture that he was painting of an America, you know, restoring an America. I kept thinking, ‘Well, it sounds like you want to go back to a time when women couldn’t vote, blacks couldn’t vote, we don’t have.’ I mean, it just didn’t sound like this was the America that we all know and love.”

Random Act of Journalism:

The New York Times: “…those who donated the most to Mr. Obama and the Democratic Party since he started running for president were far more likely to visit the White House than others. Among donors who gave $30,000 or less, about 20 percent visited the White House, according to a New York Times analysis that matched names in the visitor logs with donor records. But among those who donated $100,000 or more, the figure rises to about 75 percent. Approximately two-thirds of the president’s top fund-raisers in the 2008 campaign visited the White House at least once, some of them numerous times.”

It’s all about race:


The US novelist and Nobel laureate Toni Morrison of the death of Trayvon Martin: “They keep saying, we have to have a conversation about race in this country. Well, this is the conversation. . . The police are ill-trained and they’re corrupt, and they’re protected, and that’s what they do. All over. I don’t mean all police, but the system itself is protective. So yeah, they’re going to lie.”

Louis Farrakhan, The Nation of Islam’s leader: “White folks don’t produce black children – except [if] it’s a white woman with a black man or a black man with a white woman and that’s the end of your race. So you’re dying a natural death these days. And without an AK47 ’cause the brother ain’t shooting no blanks.”

Members of a crowd in Grainsville, FL, as 3 of them stomped on the hands of a white man who was trying to detain a purse snatcher: “Trayvon!”

Rep. Frederica Wilson (D-Fla.): “While this chapter in the Trayvon Martin case may be over, we still need to have an honest and open discussion of the hard truths that led to this tragedy. Trayvon‘s death must not be in vain. Racial profiling still exists in our country…These are difficult conversations to have, but we must have them so that there will be no more tragedies like Trayvon‘s.”

ACLU‘s Washington Legislative Office director Laura Murphy: “There were so few black men in our neighborhood that I had to send out an email to my neighbors, saying, `Please do not call the police, because if you see a young black man walking around, that’s my child.’ So Trayvon Martin affects all of us.”

Trayvon Martin” stickers put on mailboxes in Wisconsin: “Revenge” and “Kill Whitey.”

Obama’s former pastor, Jeremiah Wright: “I’ve been preaching the same way since I was licensed to preach in 1959, ordained in 1967. Barack was in elementary school when I was ordained. CBS, ABC, MSNBC and Fox News spent $4,000 each buying 20 years of my sermons so they could hear what Barack Obama heard for 20 years.”

It’s all about the “war on women”:

Obama campaign manager Jim Messina email: “Romney‘s positions are the most radically anti-women of any candidate in a generation,” citing Romney‘s pro-life position and desire to pull federal funding for Planned Parenthood.

Hilary Rosen: “Can we just get rid of this word, “war on women”? The Obama campaign does not use it, President Obama does not use it – this is something that the Republicans are accusing people of using, but they’re actually the ones spreading it.”

Below are two items available for sale at the DNC store.



Joe Biden, this week: “I think the war on women is real.”

Jay-Z song: “I got 99 problem but a bitch ain’t one.”

Rep. Barbara Lee, D-CA

March 8, 2012

“I’m here, once again, to stand against the ongoing War on Women . . .”

Rep. Gary Peters, D-MI

February 28, 2012

“To my Republican colleagues, shame on you for waging your hypocritical war on women . . .”

Eddie Bernice Johnson, D-TX

March 21, 2012

“Despite these accomplishments in women’s health, the war on women continues in Texas . . .”

Rep. Barbara Lee, D-CA

March 10, 2011

“Declaring a war on women by eliminating family planning services and punishing the one in five women across America who visit a Planned Parenthood clinic?”

Rep Barbara Lee, D-CA

May 3, 2011

“Instead of another very cynical attempt to repeal health reform and perpetrate their war on women . . .”

Rep. Louise Slaughter, D-NY

March 21, 2012

“I’m standing here today, equally proud to defend that law from the ongoing war on women . . .”

Rep. Gary Peters, D-MI

March 29, 2012

“Planned Parenthood, in particular, has been unfairly targeted in this war on women . . .”

Rep. Steve Israel, D-NY

March 26, 2012

“I will continue to urge my Republican colleagues to stop their war on women and seniors . . .”

Rep. Laura Richardson, D-CA

March 21, 2012

“. . . the GOP’s war on women stands in stark contrast to the Administration’s goal of ensuring that women have access to the healthcare services they need to remain healthy.”

Sen. Benjamin Cardin, D-MD

April 14, 2011

“One would restrict funds going to Planned Parenthood – women’s health care issues – which I call the war on women . . .”

DNC Chief Wasserman Schultz: “Hilary Rosen does not now nor has she ever worked during my tenure for the Democratic National Committee and does not work for the campaign, does not have a contract with either the campaign or the committee. And as David Axelrod pointed out, she has a contract with CNN as a contributor and they actually released a statement yesterday saying they prohibit their contributors from having formal relationships, contractual relationships with campaigns.”

Joe Pounder, the director at the RNC: ‘[The] DNC has paid $120,000 to Rosen‘s firm since 2011 for both a “communications consultant” and “media consultant.” ’

David Axelrod: “[Hilary Rosen] actually is your employee, not ours. She’s a, uh… She works for CNN. I think CNN would not allow her to be an operative for our campaign or the DNC. She’s not. She never has been.”

Rush Limbaugh: “Publicly, the White House wants you to think they’ve gotten rid of Hilary Rosen and thrown her overboard, but just know this: She was paid over $120,000 last year by the Democrat National Committee.”

WH Press secretary Jay Carney: “It is certainly the case that Hilary Rosen democratic strategist has visited the White House on a number of occasions for large events, large meetings having to do with communications, things like that.” One of the figures I have read is, a Hilary Rosen has been to the White House 35 times.

Jay Carney, on the number of times Rosen visited the White House: “I know three personally name Hilary Rosen, so I’m not sure that those represent the person we’re talking about.”

The Democratic National Committee forwards a ThinkProgress story under the subject line: “Conservatives Attack Hilary Rosen For Raising Children As A Lesbian”

There are several stories out connecting Rosen to the White House:

The Daily Caller

Big Government, which draws connections to Sandra Fluke.

Rush Limbaugh, with a boatload of links.

Beltway Confidential on Controversial Democratic strategist and CNN contributor, Hilary Rosen, was hired by DNC chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz to coach her on media appearances.

Hot Air on Rosen’s 35 visits to the White House. Doubt that we will ever get to the bottom of that, or find out who the other “two” Hilary Rosen’s are.


Kevin Madden, Mitt Romney Campaign Adviser: Well, if you’re looking at how we spur job creation and we spur economic growth that’s going to help everybody, and particularly women, you have to look at how the private sector has a role in that. That’s the most important way to help get the economic growth that we need to help working women, women who are single parents. That’s the most important thing. And I think the big contrast that we’re going to see in this — in this campaign is whether or not you want to — you believe that you should put all of your faith in the government or whether or not you can put faith into the private sector and provide more certainty so that greater job creation and greater prosperity helps everybody.

Katrina Vanden Heuvel, Editor the Nation: No one’s talking about putting all one’s faith in government, but government has an important role to play in shared prosperity. Private-public partnerships are terrific. The administration wanted it with the infrastructure bank, which would have put thousands of people to work. But the Republicans are roadblocks in that process.

Melody Barnes, Former Obama Domestic Policy Adviser: … to Katrina’s point, all through this — this first term, what I saw, sitting in the White House, is that one policy initiative after another to try and spur job growth, to try and help the states, on jobs often and frequently occupied by women, was pushed back on by Congress. Efforts around equal pay pushed back on by Congress. About seven, nine Republicans voted for that initiative when the president signed it the first piece of legislation he signed when he walked in the door.

Paul Gigot, Editorial Page Editor Wall Street Journal: We’ve had the largest expansion of federal government spending since the nineteen, I mean, enormous that I can remember in this administration. The first two years it had open field, Democratic, vast Democratic majorities. You got what you wanted. You got a huge expansion of federal government. How is that working out for the economic security of women?

Vanden Heuvel: But, Paul…

Gigot: It hasn’t. Real incomes are down.


From: (Video and comments there)


KMOV-STL’s Larry Conners: “The economy is a big issue and concern for folks. I mean, the unemployment, trying to make ends meet, gas prices, food prices going up. Some of our viewers are complaining, they get frustrated, even angered, when they see the first family jetting around, different vacations and so forth, sometimes maybe they think under color of state business and that you’re out of touch, that you don’t really know what they’re experiencing right now.” Prices on chart adjusted for inflation.


President Barack Obama: “Well, I don’t know how many viewers you’re talking about that say that.”

Conners: “We do hear from some.”

Obama: “I hear from all kinds of viewers about everything.”

Conners: “I’m sure you do.”
Obama: “But the fact of the matter is, I think if you look at my track record, I’m raising a family here. When we travel, we got to travel through Secret Service, and Air Force One, that’s not my choice. I think most folks understand how hard I work and how hard this administration is working on behalf of the American people.”

Conners: “Well, of course, with all due respect, the President side stepped that question. No one is questioning his need to travel on Air Force One or have security. The questions being raised are the first family taking so many vacations, when and where, at taxpayer expense.”


Constituent: “What percentage of the American legislature do you think are card-carrying Marxists?”

Congressman Allen West: “That’s a fair question. I believe there’s about 78 to 81 members of the Democratic Party that are members of the Communist Party.” Taken from The Hill video and text.

The communist Rep. Raul Grijalva (D-Ariz.) and Islamist Rep. Keith Ellison (D-Minn.) Issued the statement: “Calling fellow Members of Congress `communists’ is reminiscent of the days when Joe McCarthy divided Americans with name-calling and modern-day witch hunts that don’t advance policies to benefit people’s lives.”

Libero Della Piana, a vice-chairman of the national Communist Party: “I just think it’s an absurd way to cast a shadow over his colleagues. It’s kind of a sad ploy.”

Here is how West actually answered: “That’s a fair question. I believe there’s about 78 to 81 members of the Democratic Party that are members of the Communist Party.” Dramatic pause. “it’s called the Congressional Progressive Caucus.”


New Jersey governor Chris Christie: “Government’s telling them stop dreaming, stop striving, we’ll take care of you. We’re turning into a paternalistic entitlement society. That will not just bankrupt us financially, it will bankrupt us morally. We’ll have a bunch of people sitting on a couch waiting for their next government check.”

Stephen Forbes, succinctly: “Small government, not big government—less waste.”

Jodi Miller: “A photo of President Obama using the Vulcan solute from Star Trek has surfaced on twitter. And today, Democrats accuse Republicans of a war on Klingons.”


Dick Cheney: “[Obama] has been an unmitigated disaster to the country.”

Writer, radio personality Dana Loesch: “Democrats fabricated this narrative and they and their surrogates continue to perpetuate it in the media. Women are only as valuable for as long as they can be used to corral votes — nothing is more evident of this then by claiming the GOP is waging a war on women while simultaneously insulting women who choose to stay home.”

Mitt Romney: “[Obama] has lost 800,000 jobs during his presidency. And by the way, do you know what percentage of those jobs lost were lost by women? Over 92 percent of the jobs lost under this president were lost by women. His policies have been, really, a war on women.”


Jodi Miller: “The Obama campaign has begun airing ads linking Mitt Romney to Big Oil. Obama is paying for the news with campaign cash he has received from BP.”

Jodi Miller: “The Connecticut Senate has voted in favor of abolishing the state’s death penalty. Sources in the legislature said, ‘Now that we have Obamacare, the death penalty really isn’t necessary.’ ”

Kirk Cameron, answering Piers Morgan: “Marriage is defined by God in the garden between Adam and Eve, one man, one woman for life, til-death-do-you-part.”

Kirk Cameron was attacked by about a dozen Hollywood types, and responded generally to ABC News: “I should be able to express moral views on social issues, especially those that have been the underpinning of Western civilization for 2,000 years – without being slandered, accused of hate speech, and told from those who preach `tolerance’ that I need to either bend my beliefs to their moral standards or be silent when I’m in the public square.”

Rush Limbaugh: “The Bush-era tax cuts were followed by 52 consecutive months of job growth. That, by the way, is a record in US history. The Bush tax cuts helped to create more than eight million new jobs. That’s close to a record in the period of time. The Bush tax cuts brought the unemployment rate down to 4.5%.”


Rush Limbaugh: “I don’t believe this notion that Romney’s behind Obama by big points in women. That’s from an ABC poll. ABC was number 17 in accuracy in the 2008 presidential race. They rated all polls throughout the presidential campaign plus the final one: ABC was 17th on the list in accuracy.”


Rush Limbaugh: “Warren Buffett owes $1 billion in back taxes. He is fighting it. He doesn’t think he should pay it, but publicly he’s out there saying, “I’m not paying enough in taxes.””

Rush Limbaugh: “Did you notice Zimmerman actually turned himself in? I have to say, so far at least, Zimmerman seems to be the most cooperative racist, profiling, trigger-happy, Rambo-wannabe hothead I have ever heard about.”

Rush Limbaugh: “If you made a liberal sit down and watch Leave It To Beaver today, can you imagine what would happen to them?”

Rush Limbaugh: “You know, the GSA, the General Services Administration, the stuff we’re learning about these party animals? This is Animal House. This is Animal House in the regime. The GSA could spend $5 billion on one outing to Las Vegas and then do videos to show us how and to rub our noses in it.”

Rush Limbaugh: “For crying out loud, if you believe the news, everybody is one trip to the doctor away from a terminal disease diagnosis. We’re all gonna die tomorrow unless we all have health care.”

Rush Limbaugh: “The previous 200-plus years have been the most successful in the history of the human race, in terms of organizing a population into a nation. This country, the greatest ever because of its recognition and celebration of liberty and freedom and the nature of our creation and the yearning of our natural spirit. All of this led to the greatest nation in history that Barack Obama sees as essentially a crime, a nation where there was never any social justice, a nation where there was never any economic fairness.”

Rush Limbaugh: “Global warming and the race industry have one thing in common, and that is incidents which prove their allegations or lend credence make them happy.”

Rush Limbaugh: “If you’re an insurance company, this is the greatest day of your life. The federal government, in association with the IRS, is making everybody buy health insurance. Whoa. If you sold Happy Meals, wouldn’t you love it if every American had to buy a Happy Meal? Wouldn’t you support that if you were McDonald’s?”

Rush Limbaugh: “Every policy Obama has in place is an obstacle to job creation.”


Rush Limbaugh: “There are no facts to back up this assertion that what drags down the economy is ‘the growing gap between the ultra-rich and everybody else.’ What drags down the economy is Obama.”

Rush Limbaugh: “How can you even say that something 2,700 pages is a law? It’s impossible for the average American to know how to comply with this law and not be in breach of it.”

Rush Limbaugh: “This entire regime has been a lie. It is an ongoing lie. That’s what I said back on August 20th, nearly two years ago of 2010 about the CBO and the Democrats and Obama claiming that Obamacare was gonna reduce the deficit by $118 billion. It never had a prayer of reducing the deficit, and common sense is all you need to know that.”

Rush Limbaugh: “You need to continually ask yourself what does the IRS have to do with health care? Why is the Obama administration hiring 4,000 new agents for the implementation? What in the world does the IRS, a tax collection agency, have to do with curing diabetes? What does the IRS have to do with treating cancer? What does the IRS have to do with making sure that, if you’re in an automobile accident, you get the best coverage in the ER?”

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Putin Warns US About Socialism

Prime Minister Vladamir Putin has said the US should take a lesson from the pages of Russian history and not exercise “excessive intervention in economic activity and blind faith in the state’s omnipotence”.

“In the 20th century, the Soviet Union made the state’s role absolute,” Putin said during a speech at the opening ceremony of the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. “In the long run, this made the Soviet economy totally uncompetitive. This lesson cost us dearly.”

At the end of 2012, the Bush tax cuts will expire. I guess we’ll see then how amenable the American middle class is to the suggestion that the wealthiest should have even lower tax rates.

Everything Rush Limbaugh says ultimate serves not mainstream America, but the financial interests of Rush Limbaugh. That’s one big difference between Limbaugh and Obama. Obama’s tax policy would serve the interests of mainstream America, while personally costing him money.

@Greg: – Gen Xer here. Y2K baby. Not going to go into a full testimonial but will say I did enter the job market about that time. Concerns then were what you’d expect, jobs and unemployment.

Trending CNN Money News 2001 – 2005:

2001 – Unemployment Rate hits 4.9%, highest in four years, as payrolls sink 113,000:

2001 – 911

2002 – Unemployment Rate hits 6.0%, highest in nearly 8 years as economy, struggling out of recession, adds few jobs:

2003 – Unemployment Rate hits 6.1%, Jobless rate highest since July 1994:

2003 – Bush Tax Cut: Jobs and Growth Tax Relief Reconciliation Act of 2003

2004 – Unemployment Rate hits 5.4%, Job growth rebounded in August as nation’s unemployment rate dipped to 5.4 percent:

2005 – Unemployment Rate hits 5.0%, Unemployment rate near 4-year low:

@mossomo: really? I had no idea that he said this. That’s a great catch!


Everything Rush Limbaugh says ultimate serves not mainstream America, but the financial interests of Rush Limbaugh.

All of us have struggled, including Rush. Some people make it big, some do not. Rush could, at any point in time, retire and do fine, financially. He has, instead, chosen to work, and my impression is, he loves his work.

One of the many reasons that the rich ought to continue keeping their money is (1) rich people tend to get richer by recognizing good investments and making such investments; therefore, some of their money gets put into companies which benefit our economy. (2) Many rich people become philanthropic and leave behind great organizations or edifices which often benefit society as a whole. It does not matter that all rich people don’t do this. That is a matter of freedom; and their economic freedom is just as important as your economic freedom is. That is, your life is benefited because I don’t follow you around, Greg, and tell you to “Spend your money on this, don’t spend your money on that, and, oh, by the way, give me have of your money so that I can flush it down some toilet somewhere.”

Economic freedom is freedom.

We all missed this, but its a goody.
On April 3rd Van Jones, one-time basketball buddy of Obama and Green Czar, was interviewed on leftist TV show Democracy Now.
During the interview Van Jones claimed Obama hated being forced to sit down with Sgt Crowley at the “Beer Summit.”
Not a ”teachable moment” at all, but one of forced humiliation!
Here’s the quote:
The right wing and the law enforcement establishment brought the wrath of God down on the White House, [for Obama saying the police acted stupidly] I was there, and suddenly he’s [Obama] forced to do a beer summit to sit eye to eye with a racist police officer [Sgt. Crowley] … as a black man, even the most powerful man in the world, can not speak about race and if he does he’s then forced to sit humbly across the table from a racist police officer.

Obama really does think white police ”act stupidly.”
Obama kept the media and their photographers from the event BUT this slipped by:

The blogger who posted this pic adds his own commentary:

Prez B Cool was supposed to be the mediator, pouring cooling waters on hot tempers. The photo shows him ignoring Sergeant Crowley and Professor Gates. He wants the whole silly exercise done with. The quicker he gets to that table to clink steins, the quicker he can get back to micromanaging the financial and auto industries, and plotting the government take-over of the health industry.

Professor Gates accused Sergeant Crawley of vile racism, but here seems to meekly and gratefully — maybe even graciously — accept help. That earns him a silver star in my grade book — he managed to see past his own preconceptions to the real man behind the badge. He would have earned points for consistency if he had stood on his so-called principles and refused help from Sergeant Crawley, but he would have shown himself to be a smaller person.

Sergeant Crowley shines. He had lots of reasons to be snooty towards both Prez B Cool and Professor “Do You Know Who I Am” Gates. Instead, he offers help towards someone who not only personally and professionally insulted him but landed him in a national controversy that he did not seek out.

@Nan G: For wahtever reason, I did not see this quote until compelting this column and putting it on line. It should be in next week’s however.

the coward democrats, they start the war on women, and say it’s the REPUBLICAN
shame on them all, they brought shame in the WHITE HOUSE, AND SHAME IN AMERICA, THEY WENT TOO LOW

@ Gary…. #EXCELLENT POST, Informative, yet FUNNY at times, and heartbreaking at others….
@ greg.. you said:
“At the end of 2012, the Bush tax cuts will expire. I guess we’ll see then how amenable the American middle class is to the suggestion that the wealthiest should have even lower tax rates.”

UM, when they do.. ALL RATES, will GO UP, NOT just the “Middle Class”….. are you REALLY that GREEN WITH CLASS ENVY??? Greg, I’m living on around $1200 a month at this time…. I’M not screaming for a “Rich guy bailout””!! So, why do you???

As to Rush?? he TELLS it like it is, but, if you bother to LISTEN, he will ALSO, tell you, he’s an ENTERTAINER, while doing so. He has NEVER LIED, about who, or WHAT, he is…… my the way, Rush’s Records, aren’t SEALED, either.
So Greg, why don’t you tell us, all you DO NOT KNOW, about Barack Hussein Obama/Soetero!! OR is it Harrison J Bounel?? Hmmm