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Her head is wide. Really wide. It looks like somebody divided her in two and slid an additional half foot slab of racist lunatic between the halves.

Back when Rev Wright’s sermons were on audio online (sheesh! they removed ALL of them) he would get into preachin’ groove.
His voice would get all melodic where the words were less important than the cadence and the build-up to the eruptions.
It seems like this NBPP leader has that same thing going.
She got into a groove and no one at the station stopped her.
Her words crossed many lines.
Still no engineer, station manager or boss stopped her.
Does she still have radio time?
If she was just a call in the engineer, manager, even the host should have cut her off.

What Imus said about black basketball females in JEST was less insulting than most rappers say about all black females seriously in song, but Imus lost his job.

If this cracker hater still has a job it’s a travesty. I wonder if 0-bama or holder would call this racism??

One may paraphrase George Orwell:

All American are equal, but some Americans are more equal than others.

But don’t worry. Eric Holder’s Department of Just Us will be right on it.

This idiot African cherub has done nothing more than confirm the line in the sand drawn by Obama, Holder, and Hashim Nzinga . What’s the big deal? I appreciate it. As a 75 year old, first generation Italian-American born in the Great State of New Jersey, I now know, fully, where I stand with Black America.

Bring ON the race war!! They be out numbered and my ammo is getting stale……….send em back….

She is the poster girl for every fast food restaurant fight caught on surveillance tape.

This woman may be troubled, and is obviously not the sharpest mind doing the yelling, however, it is not her racially filled ‘hate’ crap that I find most disturbing, it is her repetition of the mantra which was served up from the top which she has swallowed wholly, that is seriously troubling. It shows what many of us have suspected for four years about the individuals who make up this Administration – long before the bunch came into office.
” . . . we want the complete removal of capitalism. . . .”

Those aren’t her words. She’s just an automaton parroting the Obama anthem stoking his war on what he believes is wrong with America.

Yah, who needs entrepreneurs? Who needs creators? Who needs innovators? Who needs jobs?

And Holder ‘thanks’ these inciters?


@James Raider:

” . . . we want the complete removal of capitalism. . . .”

That sure caught my eye as well. A real Obama supporter- as he thinks the same thing.

@Common Sense:

She sounds like someone barry would gladly welcome into his administration, and a front runner to run his campaign. Keeping his base riled up to election time is important.

I find her comments disgusting. – and she represents the best of the black community??? I hope not.

What a piece of work this race baiter is!
The force of inequality is strong in this one.
Don’t come to North Dakota where capitalism is big and our guns are bigger.
I meet ex military on a daily basis. Guide yourselves accordingly.

Hey, I love that term the Dept. of Just Us. I wonder if these seditionists(NBPP) receive federal funds through community organizing. America is spending 10 to 11 billion daily(on average) and is taking in up to 6 billion. This cannot continue. No budget for 3 years, therefore the “stimulus” continues unabated. I figure at least 2.7 trillion. America is slowly going insolvent. Take your country back, before the implosion of debt!

If big Al Sharpton had a daughter, she’d spew hate just like her.

@Buffalobob: 13

Praise the Lord. Amen!

the thing that’s about to happen these honkies, these crackers, these pigs, these people, these motherf*er…it has been long overdue.”

I have to hand it to her, she spoke her mind and didn’t candy-coat it.

Still, she’s an oxygen thief.

True Feelings???

Does she not know that every “society” sets a precedence of ” haves” and “have not’s” ???

This thug and every liberal progressive communist socialist wannabe – cannot in their ‘wildest of socialist dreams’ tell ANYONE that are not ‘haves’ and ‘have not’s’ in: China, Cuba, North Korea, India, Europe, Africa, Middle East, and the Old Soviet Union. Ummm… rude awakening honey...there is no such thing as a “classless” Society
– No matter what you messiah barry says or how he tries to spin it…

What??? There is “racism” in the Black Community?? Huh???

With all the ballyhoo you would think “racism” ‘as portrayed’ all these years could only be in the mind set of white people ” that “they” were the ONLY ones capable of this?

Well, I’ll be damned!

This begs the question – Who are these people ‘really’ angry at? Are they really angry at themselves or is it the Democratic/Liberal Government Poverty they find themselves in?? Why would they behave with such ignorance?

And who they should really be angry at??

The Democratic/Liberal party for passing legislation thereby giving them a label [Minority] ….thereby luring them into a dependent lifestyle….of Government Poverty……without incentives to lift themselves up because of their “Label” and everything associated with that “Label” …. to get themselves out of Government Poverty. Enslaving them to a vicious lifestyle entrenched in Government Poverty.

I take issue with the black community blaming whitey for their own ills. It was their black activists who were fighting so hard to enslave the black community into Government Poverty.

This Ms Williams – Obumbles – is “why” there are ‘haves’ and ‘have not’s’ in America.

And the same goes for every other ‘group’ in Government Poverty.

@Buffalobob: 7

She could do the posters for Food Stamps too.

@FAITH7: # 16,

“And who they should really be angry at??”

. . . There has evolved a rich, significant and wealthy Race Bating Industry led by the likes of Sharpton, Jackson, This industry is a deep gold vein being mined very effectively through the blandishment of the two strawmen – Fear and Oppression. The MSM promotes this hate mongering willingly and sanctimoniously – providing the socialist liberal minds the pretence that they are above such morally impoverished distractions.

It matters little how many blacks now grace our airwaves of news, talking heads, entertainment, advertising, or movies. It matters little that white racism has receded to backwaters of very obvious and evident extremists. The Race Bating Industry gains power and fortune only through rousing dormant feelings of the mob through portable and ever available podiums. Even the mob knows intuitively that it is being punked, but along it goes. And the race haters get rich.

which will roll like a domino effect, they just needed a spark, to start the ” bluud” and ” revolution ”
and we better not take our eyes away from them at any time, anywhere,
and the scandals are coming at the same time,
it’s the first time, IN HISTORY, there is so many PRESIDENTS IN THE WHITE HOUSE, AND ONE OF THEM

Sounds like an invitation to an extinction event. We can end the threat of communism once and for all.

@oil guy from Alberta: I know where I’ll be in November.


New Black Panther Party—which is only a few thousand members strong—sure brings out the racism of right-wing commentators.

@Liberal1 (objectivity):

New Black Panther Party—which is only a few thousand members strong—sure brings out the racism of right-wing commentators.

I’d say they bring out the racism of everyone, including Obama and AG Holder.

@Liberal1 (objectivity):

The modern Democrat Party is drawing attention to them. The President and his DOJ stand with the NBPP. Obama appeared at a rally with them, and Holder won’t let them be prosecuted for voter intimidation or for putting a bounty on the head of George Zimmerman.

LIBERAL1, I understand that even the George Soros propaganda machine figured you to be a complete cretin idiot refusing you that job offer I have suggested. There money in them lefto-progo-union goono-socialisto-jacobino hills so get out of grannies basement and get one of those o’boombox slush fund jobs. Like your fellow stups you bandie about that racist card not knowing a thing about to whom you address your hate. Nice try with placing the size of the Black Panther entity because size matters especially when it comes to money, assets, property, contributors and connections. Law school 101 would fashion the connective string through due dillagence and the discovery process. Someone stacked a bounty on Zimmerman “Dead or Alive” which suggests money is somewhere to be identified and claimed as res ipsa loquidor suable in an equity civil law case. In such a case any good lawyer would file the suit break up the rack of collaborators then run the table scooping up the cash.