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HLN, Nancy Grace, has all but convicted Zimmerman. In fact many of their shows have the same mind set. They are fanning the flames of bigotry and hate all in the name of ratings. She did this before with the end result being a woman committed suicide.

It is nice to see that the plan to use blacks as useful idiots for Obama’s race-based ”us VS them” strategy is failing.
US Rep. Frederica Wilson, organizer of the Bayfront Trayvon Rally, predicted 75,000 would be in attendance.
Instead, Al Sharpton and other speakers addressed a small crowd estimated at most at 3,000.
There’s a video here, and I think 3,000 is being overly generous.
More like 500.

There were NOT two shots. The gun was a Kel-Tec PF9, a blowback-operated double-action pistol. On those pistols, the slide (top part of pistol) cycling is required to eject the spent case and load the 2nd round. We know the slide didn’t cycle, because the police ejected the spent round from the chamber. That would have only happened if someone’s hand (or body parts) were in the way, preventing the slide from cycling.

The media is telling a pack of lies about this case. If they keep on, they are going to start a civil war. The NBP’s will start it, but conservative gun owners WILL finish it.

the fact only 1 bullet was used in the gun and he had a full clip kinda defeats that lie of 2 shots

The MSM owned by 0-bama will keep this story as active and as long as the possibly can. It’s plays right into 0-bama’s strategy to distract America from his failure as a President. I will bet that once this subsides there will be a new story to keep the distraction alive.

It’s too bad we don’t have a real leader in the White House. Instead we have a man(?) who not only doesn’t attempt to quell tensions but actually agitates the situation. When Obama’s kicked out in a few months maybe Al or Jessee will hire him. They can all three go around the country stirring up trouble.


IF the story had been two shots very close on one another’s heels, I might think it was an echo mistaken for a 2nd shot.
Our tall buildings at the beach sometimes cause that effect.
But these ”witnesses” claim they heard two somewhat separated shots.


Either Cutcher or Lamilla refused to give police an interview for a time, then, when she finally did, her account squared with George Zimmerman’s account and opposed what she, herself, had claimed to the media.
Still looking for the link to this point.
But it was posted at FA days ago.

I heard a commentor express that sharpton and jesse are on top of the world with this whole tragedy…

…with the election of Obama they both were hard pressed to keep the racism meme alive and the well was drying up… now, without a beat, the racism meme has risen it’s ugly head thanks to the MSM [lies] and our racists in chief sharpton, jesse and friends fanning the sparks into the flames of [perceived] racism…

Obama doing it to score political points [Never let a good crisis go to waste!]

I hope NBC/MSNBC gets really really screwed for their bias and blatant lies… Seriously, when are the American people going to reject the “oops it was an accident” bull shit from the MSM??

When someone gets killed because of it?

I feel sorry for the conservative bloggers who have to dig through the journalistic garbage pits to dig this stuff up, but I am glad they do so that I don’t have to. How long does it take the smell to leave your body after you come out?

Ho, hum. Now here’s something that’s really important: Santorum lied about the University of California system not offering courses in American History; he also lied during several statements regarding euthanasia in the Netherlands—for all you moral Santorum fans out there.

Eric Holder FAST & FURIOUS murders are whipped right off the scene while O’BasketBall plays hoops with Calderon of Mexico. Must admit this was a brilliant well timed feint diversion away from what is shaking down O’Blithering in Arizona.

I can tell you personally that I shoot a P-11 Kel-Tec.That gun has a 11Lb trigger spring,it does NOT go off by accident! I really think the kid got what he deserved,and if Zimmerman was at fault they would have arrested him that night!!


I really think the kid got what he deserved

I don’t, but I think he made a couple of bad decisions.


She did this before with the end result being a woman committed suicide.

Ugh, yeah, the woman was a nut who killed her kid. Better off dead I say.