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The Being Conservative team saw this heart-wrenching yet sobering reminder of our troops’ sacrifice and wanted to share. This is a photo of Landon. His father, Marine LCPL Andrew Carpenter, was killed in Afghanistan a month before he was born.

Lance Cpl. Carpenter was killed in Afghanistan February 19th of this year.

Marine Lance Cpl. Andrew Carpenter, a member of the 26th Marine Expeditionary Unit, was shot in the neck while on patrol in southern Afghanistan. The bullet severed his spinal cord. His heart stopped and it took officials 43 minutes to revive him. Medical officials later declared the 27-year-old brain dead.


Father Kevin Carpenter spoke with The Daily Herald on Saturday from Germany, where his son was hospitalized. He and his wife flew there last week to spend time with their son.

“We got to tell him we love him. We got to see him. And even though he wasn’t there, we got to hold him,” he said.

The Marine’s father said officials tried their best to keep his son alive and considered flying him back to the U.S. to let his wife see him, but they believe he would have died during the flight.

Crissie Ponder could not fly to Germany because she is pregnant and expecting to give birth in less than two weeks.

Andrew Carpenter joined the Marines in 2007 and was serving his second deployment in Afghanistan. Kevin Carpenter said his son was due back sometime this spring. He married Ponder in 2010.

She declined comment to the newspaper, but wrote on her husband’s Facebook page: “You will always be my soul mate and my best friend forever. … I look forward to seeing you in Heaven one day, baby.”

Cpl. Joseph Davis, who has known Carpenter since childhood, will escort the Marine’s body back to Tennessee once he reaches U.S. soil.

Davis said his friend was always happy wherever he went.

“He lived a full life,” Davis said. “He loved doing what he was doing. He was glad to serve.”

A section of street in his hometown of Columbia Tennessee was named in his honor.


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This picture of this child should be posted on the walls of the Senate and the House and displayed in the Oval Office.

yes unique picture, WORDSMITH you sure can find rare pictures
sorrow for all who see it.
thank you for this

And thanks to the GOP, his future in bleak.

Yeah Al Cooper, “This picture of this child should be displayed in the Oval Office. ” Then maybe Obama will bring troops home from Iraq in one week instead of two, lol! Moron.

Show some frigging respect liberalmann.

@liberalmann: You have absolutely no class, libtardman. This child has to grow up without a father and all you can think of is to make a cheap political shot?

You are crass, shallow, vapid, void of any sense honor or respect. I can only hope Lance Cpl. Carpenter’s widow doesn’t see this thread. Do you even care how she or another member of his family will feel if and when they were to read your comments???

You are lucky that I am not a moderator at FA, for you would be gone because of this.

Liberalmann, you disgust me and it takes a lot to disgust me. Your left addled brain may not be able to comprehend the fact that this man gave his life in service to his country. If you loved your country as much as the love that resided in this Marine’s toenail, you would have keep your mouth closed and showed enough dignity toward his family and those of us who are thankful and respectful for his sacrifice. Dignity, yes dignity, a word that has a meaning. Your hero, the adolescent Obama, has sucked the dignity out of the office of the President. He is less than a man and certainly less than a leader. You and your ilk can hang around these threads and drip your bile at will, but there are a lot of us, and the number is growing daily who are going to give mr. obama a thrashing in November that will rival the thrashing that McGovern and Carter both received.


@anticsrocks: Read above my post, it was made ‘political’ well before I chimed in.

@liberalmann: If you are driving your car in a cluster of three or four other cars and you all are going above the speed limit, do you think that when the policeman pulls you over that he will accept that excuse?

What was said before your comment was not insulting to the memory of the Lance Cpl. in the OP, yours most certainly was.

Now grow up and stop using the excuse that “everyone else did it,” be an adult and take some responsibility for your actions.

And for God’s sake, have enough integrity to apologize for your ill thought out comments.

Lib, congratulations, you have succeeded in spreading hatred and ill-feeling far beyond any boundary your feeble sick little mind could have ever imagined. Someday, that small child will look up everything that was ever written about the father he never knew, and he will read your vile and evil remarks with disbelief; from that moment on he will know the shallowness of the movement that is said to have so much compassion for human kind. Your stupidity and lack of class will last for decades.

You see yourself as clever and creative, but the only thing you have accomplished is to make Leftists appear to be ignorant, classless, imbeciles who have no human decency. Yes, you have shown the true colors of the Left and accomplished more in two pathetic sentences to condemn you, your party, and the Marxist in the White House, than all of us in a month of dedicated writing. Puff out your chest and be proud, you have reached a defining moment in your life.

To the son of the young Marine, who will read this blog entry one day, this entry is strictly for you; there are many old Marines on this thread, all of them felt a personal loss after reading of your father’s death and seeing your picture sleeping so peacefully on his shirt. You may want to know, those Marines and many other vets on this blog will have you in their thoughts and prayers, asking that you have a good life with freedom and may you always remember, your father paid the ultimate price for that freedom; for without men like your father, evil would be here to destroy our country and its freedom in a matter of days. It may seem as if there are many who care little for the sacrifice of your father, it’s true they look at people like your father as saps who stand on the wall for their country, but it is they who are the flotsam and jetsam of life, they are insignificant and ignorant, their name is Liberal. Never forget, they are the ones who laugh at the sacrifice of others, while they slowly chip away at the country we love, and they are the same ones who will surrender everything to the first invader who waves the Red flag of Marxism. Be strong son, there is a long line of patriots behind you.

Skookum, I like the quality of your hammer.


Well said Skookum. You encapsulated what, I think the rest of us were feeling about liberalchild’s comments. And that will be his name from now on, as far as I am concerned, because no man worth his salt would have behaved in such a crass, vile, despicable manner.

@ Liberalman-child

Fuck you.

@liberalmann: #3

You don’t ever want a crisis to go to waste….

You are a true liberal democrat. They are the ones who wish death on their opponents, and use ANY crisis for their own good.

Immagine it was your son who was killed, and your grandson will never get to meet his father, and someone told you, “And thanks to the DNC, his future is bleak,” what would you say to them? I do want an answer.

Smorg As a liberal Dem I assure you I love my country as much as you or anyone else here at F.A.
Best wishes to Patvann and his Marine son.
God bless The Corps.

@Skookum: #10
I hope the baby’s mother tells him that his dad died so that we have the freedom of speech, no matter how disrespectful, disgustful, or vile the speech might be. In other words, he died for liberalmann.

nice to have you visit, hi to JOHN also.
don’t be so long to come back,
but you came at the right time .

Smorg Liberalman opined on the Repub.Party.Big Deal
Noone has negated the sorrow engendered by this incredibly moving photograph.May this young boy grow to be strong, wise,caring and free.

Semper Fi

Smorgasbord, #16: You are correct, but there is an undefined term that is used to describe horses and to a lesser degree humans: it is class, it can be as simple as having respect for other people during traumatic times, but transgressions against human decency reflect a distinct lack of class. To the authors and nearly all the commenters, viewing this photo was a solemn occasion, intruding on the solemnity with cheap political points was an assault on the senses and the respect the people of FA have for the young Marine and his family.

Yes, people have the right to be ignorant and make light of a horrific tragedy, but it is a distinct lack of class.

Well, I would like an answer to my question.

So here it is, liberalchild:

Do you even care how she or another member of his family will feel if and when they were to read your comments???

I won’t hold my breath, but it would say a lot for your character if you were to answer this question.

@Richard Wheeler: You are actually defending liberalchild?


I don’t mean his right to exercise his free speech, but I mean you are actually defending HOW he exercised his free speech?


yes you’re right, and I also think the family will see the trolls and ignore them,
as some who don’t know what they are saying and commenting about,

@Richard Wheeler: #15
You didn’t answer my question: If someone said to you what you said, what would you say to them?


@Skook: #19
I sent the picture to military friends. Wouldn’t it be ironic if the kid grew up and fought “over there” so that more disrespectful people could show there lack of class? They don’t realize what would happen to them in many countries if they would say what some of them are saying.

As a retired Squid….

Semper Fi! Proud to have been one of your taxi drivers. God Speed, Fair Winds, and Following Seas.

God Bless the Corps and this child.


@ilovebeeswarzone: #23
His mouth is big enough that it can hold several feet.

the real diference between most posters here and the libtard is. we saw the phot0s as visual representation of the true costs of all our leaders actions and the lib only saw a chance to push his view point.

yes, of course, the way we see something differ, from their self serving mentality,
they think they alone are right on what they percept the reality,
and that is why they fail so much in every issue,
they should not be in leadership position, which demand love for the COUNTRY, and
appreciation for those who fight for their FREEDOM, which they see themselves remove from it,
they must leave to make way for other who have been there at the front line, able to tell the real story of the difference between outside in the warzone, and inside the WHITE HOUSE capsule removed from realty.
thank you for the analogy, of the each point of view

good to know they reversed their verdict and decided to side with the victim,
well they had no choice, and yes they waited too long,
maybe because they are the kind to be unable to make decisions
meaning they should be fired,
the students are not safe with people like this superintendant.

I saw in that picture what my Dad feared, what I feared, and my son fears.

-Yet we go, even with the fear. Because we know what the ramifications are if we don’t.

That ramification is what LiberalmannChild embodies.

Which in-the-end, holds no hope for any child, anywhere.

yes, absolutly, we must go with fear,
that is the only way to conquer with the task given at any level to the bravest one.
It help to never loose sight on the HOW TO reach the end and win.
best to you and love one

Anticsrocks Liberalmann distains the GOP. Smorg hates Libs.They both got the right to be idiots at times.
Smorg #22 Pls clarify your “question”
btw We all know bees will be

I think that goes for all, I guess, to see a profile on everyone who come here,
more than once even better multiple times,
sometimes we see different degrees of where they are, upward or downward,
or less or more, for up.
I think you know that too,
well then I put a face and a body to my profiles of the peoples here,
I had learn of seeing my art in glass finish in my mind just by looking at my glass chosen to fit in it,
and I came to do it now using the comments and the one behind, even if it might not be accuate, I do it knowing it too,
allow me to say that your profile is in my head, from the movie, THE GENERAL PATTONS BUT ONLY BETTER LOOKING
because I saw the picture of JOHN to help me on it. I always wanted to tell you this,
hope your not offended

@Richard Wheeler: So if that were your Grandson in the picture, liberalchild’s comments would not bother you?

Again I ask, why are you defending HOW he exercised his free speech? Are you telling me that what he said was appropriate?


I always end-up smiling a big smile when I read your comments.
It is impossible for me to get offended by you. 🙂

I am honored that I type, like you think George Patton talked, as played by George C. Scott. 😉

I saw a picture of my brother. And his son. And then a bunch of crazy shit, but you know what? I fought for all of your rights to be assholes. It doesn’t matter which side I take. Which side I take is the one that believes we can speak our mind, whether we agree or disagree.

Do show some respect to my beloved Corps and my brothers. But don’t forget what we fight for.

Semper Fi,

Couldn’t agree more, Meadowlark. And most of we “assholes” genuinely appreciate, and revere what you do. I would hope that you come away from this site, knowing that while we respect the a-holes right to be here (as we grit our teeth… LOL), they are not representative of the majority of us.

Wordsmith, it’s been hard for me to comment on this photo and thread. Truly brings out so very many emotions, and is a photo to be etched in one’s heart as iconic, and memorable.

However I can honestly say, of all the emotions that bubble to the surface, not one of them are political anger.

fine picture, yes I was right,
thank you.

yes SR, thank you, for all you do. and all you did,

I only meant the people saying stupid stuff. 🙂

And, um, for the record I wasn’t much of a military member. I never got to deploy. Nevertheless, appreciate the love, although prefer we save it for the kid who shall be leaving for “harm’s way” quite soon. GET SOME! 🙂

either way, we can recognize courage of telling the truth,
best to the both of you

Anticsrocks Opinions are like ——-s Seen many ugly ones on here but I come back to see great ones from people like Word,Greg and Mata .Believe strongly in First amendmemt rights which allows people to say what they want. Don’t feel l.m. statement changed the impact and feelings that very sad picture engendered in all of us.
MEADOW Semper Fi

@suds: #27
Another difference is that we Tea Partiers make 99% of our signs. They make 1% of theirs. I guess that makes us the 99%.

@Richard Wheeler: To each his own, I guess some of us just have more class than others.

@Richard Wheeler: #32
I was SUPPOSED to be responding to liberalmann’s #3 comment and referred it to you. It must have been one of those times I was up longer than I should have been. Sorry.

@Meadowlark: #36
The ones on the front lines who do the actual fighting are the ones who are KEEPING me free. The rest of the military are supporting them, so they are helping keep me free. I am writing two soldiers in Afghanistan. At the bottom of each one I have a note that says, “Thank you for keeping the payments up on the freedoms your predecessors bought for us.”

Smorg #45 Thought that the case.O.K. Last night I heard Glenn Beck say Tea Partiers who support Gingrich vs. Obama must be racists. (Glenn being Glenn perhaps?).Your thoughts and F.A’ ers thoughts on that comment.
He also said he’d support Ron Paul 3rd Party run if Newt got Repub. nom.

I first saw this @ I aim to misbehave.
I’ve copied the link here from my blog.
This needs to be seen and read.
Thank you.

@Richard Wheeler: I think Glenn Beck jumped the shark… Never have been a fan of his. When he started getting big ratings at Fox, I saw him quote from Mark Levin’s book, Liberty and Tyranny: A Conservative Manifesto several times. He never once gave attribution. I just couldn’t respect someone who would do something so crass and petty.

@Richard Wheeler: #47
I don’t pay to listen to Beck, so I can’t comment without hearing the whole comment. When he was on Fox, I agreed with most of what he said. I ain’t following the debates too much, because I don’t belong to any political party and can’t vote in the primaries.