Awesome Speech by Nigel Farage on the European Collapse – “We Know Who The Villains Are”


Not much to add to this great speech by Nigel Farage, leader of the UK Independent Party:


He prophetically called the failure of the Euro and the European Union a year and a half ago:


We desperately need someone like him in the US, the only one that comes close is Sarah Palin and she isn’t running.

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He doesn’t appear to be one who advises people to dance around the Marxist May Pole as a solution to problems. The EU and our present leadership is content to continue on the Socialist course in the forlorn hope that something different might happen. In the mean time the country nears the precipice of disaster.

WOW! Curt, from where do you continue to find these first rate videos? In the first video, Nigel Farage speaks of a Europe dominated by Germany. Where have we seen/heard this before? Is the European Parliment going to be another Neville Chamberlain?

Yes, Sarah decided it was safer to play cheerleader than Quarterback. She picked her family over her country. That is a true patriot.

I’ve heard him several times on Fox. IMHO he’s yet to make a misstep in his evaluations. Sadly you can see the distain on the faces of those responsible for the failure that is the EU.

Nigel Farage doesn’t mince words.
If the EU is undemocratic, wasteful and destructive, he says so.
And he points right to the face of those taking the lead in doing so.
But if the EU manages to ignore whole countries, like Greece, Italy, Portugal and others, it can ignore him being a gadfly in their midst as well.

But at least they have a gadfly!
We haven’t even had a budget delivered by our own chicken-$#!+ democrat-controlled Senate, in over 900 days!
So, we cannot get healthful words like these out of any of them.

Nigel Farage , love this guy!

Who will be our Nigel Farage? Who will be our Ronald Reagan? Who will talk straight?

Sid, who wants to be president?


does anybody think that we could relive the rise of GERMANY

Found a film on NetFlix le Oeil de Vichy a true film documentary about French colaboration during the Occupation and the grand scheme of a single power socio-economic entity stretching from the Bay of Biscay to the Urals and then all of Eurasia with the assistance of the Japanese Empire. What is scary is I like the propaganda and I like the idea which questions my intelligence if I was a young spark in 1940’s Paris or Lyon. It is quite to fantisize about being a Resistence Fighter with morse and code book but in real terms wdf those people were getting found out and killed on the spot.

Get addicted to watching Question Time at their rhetorical whim and witt is so refreshing.

I admire Farage’s courage and straight-talk. The Eurozone was doomed to fail because of the disparity of financial stability of its member states. Without the shell game Goldman Sachs created for Greece, Greece would not have qualified for Eurozone membership. Every member state is looking out for its own best interests, although I wonder what Germany and France thought they could gain from sustaining the PIIGS (Portugal, Ireland, Italy, Greece and Spain). Doing away with tariffs is one thing, but propping up poor nations is another. The PIIGS would be better off devaluating their own currencies (if they still had them), but they can’t because bankers would be hammered and would bring the rest of us down with them.

Farege is making a mistake by equating Merkel’s Germany with Hitler’s Germany. World War II was not fought to prevent Germany’s economic dominance but to prevent Hitler from slaughtering non-German Europeans. Merkel is a practical advocate of democracy and capitalism. Any equation of her with Hitler is ridiculous.

This guy is great, I think I’ve seen all his speeches on YouTube lol

This one new to me Curt, thanks!

Soothsayer, I’ve seen Question Time a number of times and it is all mouth-spouting but no serious change ever comes of what’s been said. The host is full of himself and totes himself as being a sagacious, wind-worn old soul, but he is too self-important for my taste. It is all just words but the grandstanding week after week gets old quickly when you realize the panelists just love to hear themselves talk.

@An American in England:
Maybe you just don’t get it, you do not describe the PM standing at the debate box challenged, across the mace, from the leader of the opposition while fielding live, prescreened but unrehearsed, questions from other members of Parliament is, to me, informative and entertaining. But again, here in the states we have such fun watching Harry Reid and Danny Howyr spinning their obfuscations.


Lol – American in England is confusing Question Time in the Houses of Parliament where the Prime Minister takes questions from the Leader of the Opposition and other MPs with the BBC programme. Kind of the equivalent ok mistaking the Southfork for the White House. Maybe they haven’t been in the UK that long?

As for the UK Indepence – I wonder if anyone can guess how many MPs they have in parliament?


To my knowledge, possible to look up the map of constituences, has it that that the “Independence Party” is small with few seats that perhaps sits aligned with the Tories. The red flower Labour party, I believe, holds the position of ending the LP currency along with joining the EU which would require a national referendum. When in power Gordon Brown, because of internal decention, did not force a White Paper majority vote which then could have split the House.

@ilovebeeswarzone: Yes Perry is a straight talker but I like Santorum. He doesn’t waiver and has been consistant on conservative issues.

@Skookum: Besides Hilliary and Obama?

that’s why I said, the people are the voters in masses and should look at those FROM backward, And bring them in front
because they really mean what they say, and there is SOME big SMART thinkers that have chosen them, AND KEEP FAITH IN THEM


The UK Independence party polled just 3.1% at the last General Election and have 0 seats in the House of Commons. The do have 2 seats in the House of Lords (through Tory defections). Remarkably they do have 11 seats in the European Parliament (partly helped by proportional representation). So basically they have little support although as a fringe one-issue party they play an important role as none of the three main parties want the UK to exit the EU.

Actually one of the few good things about Gordon Brown was that he was against joining the Euro and as Chancellor he managed to stop Tony Blair who was very keen on the UK joining the Euro. As for the so called euro-sceptic Tories – they talk loud but actually their actions speak louder. In the 70s they took the UK into the EEC (the forerunner of the EU) without a referendum. It was Labour who held the referendum on staying in the EEC when they gained power a few years later. Thatcher signed us up to the Single European Act, John Major signed us to the Maastricht Treaty and Cameron failed to hold a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty which Gordon Brown signed us up to. So not once have the Tories ever put this to a referendum. A lot of other countries have referendums when their sovereignity is pooled away stage by stage. Not the UK unfortunately with the exception of once – over 35 years ago.

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