Obama’s Rolling Mortuary Tour [Reader Post]


Too good to pass up.

Obama’s battle bus no symbol of hope

In British elections we’re used to what we call “battle buses”, cheerfully painted wagons, festooned with party slogans and colours.

US President Barack Obama has embarked on his first bus tour in office.

But his vehicle for the trip through the rural parts of three Midwestern states looks like it really is heading for a battle.

Big, blocky, black, with painted-out windows, it looks more like a police mortuary van than a symbol of hope arriving on your street.

If this doesn't say Hope, nothing does

It is a ponderous business campaigning when you are president, all that need for protection and the weight of office on your shoulders.

Two years in, the problems you inherited are now the problems you own. Part of Obama’s message is that it is not his recession, not his fault. It’s the blame game.

In a nutshell, stripped of rhetoric, this is what he is saying on the campaign trail:

President George Bush caused America’s huge debt by running up the bills for two wars on credit
Growth is returning to the economy but America’s recovery has been damaged by accidents, such as the Japanese earthquake, that no-one could have forseen or prevented
He has plenty of ideas to bring jobs back, but Republicans in Congress who put point-scoring before their country are blocking them.

Obama’s Pity Party bus is missing something………oh yeah…..

These pictures are darkly poetic and metaphorical: In them we see Obama venturing out to the economic battlefield to survey the jobs his policies have killed and observe the recovery that lies bleeding and near death.

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All that bus needs is some red trim and it would look exactly like Strelnikov’s train in Dr. Zhivago.

Or a picture of Goofy…..since he is.

This must be Obama’s way of convincing himself America is in the black, not hemorrhaging red ink…

“…and if a communist comes to my door, he shall be ducttaped, and he shall be gently placed in the flood control canal where the alligators dwell.”
(Florida prayer)

Some have compared the Debt Star to Darth Vader.
I think a more apt comparison is with the military leader from “Spaceballs,” Dark Helmet.
This is one of Mel Brooks’ best comic sendups. If you haven’t seen it, you absolutely must!
President Froob has a planet which is running out of air. So he intends to steal the air from planet Perry.
It gets worse. The hero is the owner of a space-borne Winnebago, and has a sidekick who is half-dog and half-man (he is his own best friend). And the spiritual advisor is Yogurt.
The gags are endless. It is best to laugh when things are as bad as they are now.
So have a good laugh.
And think of the auction price of the Debt Star when it is sold off.

What did I hear about the bus?
Obama bought two of them.
So he AND the Republican nominee can tool around in twin black buses.
(Will the gov’t be charging the nominee for the use of this thing?)

@DrJohn: And, Obama already owns 2 auto makers, but still finds it necessary to spend $1.1M to have the bus made in Canada.

And the worst (?) part is that we taxpayers are footing the bill for his “jobs” bus tour – sure looks a lot like a campaign tour to me.

BTW mathman, comment # 6, “Spaceballs” is/was a great movie, and quite an appropriate analogy here.

@mathman: Don’t forget when they launch into “ridiculous speed!” LOL

Actually it’s “Ludicrous Sped”. (just sayin’)

@Hard Right: I stand corrected, HR. Thanks!

The Debt Star…now that’s some weapons-grade lollage!

Yes We Can Ride the Bus to Mordor