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He is gone for the moment, but the DC will raise him up agian..Why is the sec of slut, hillary clinton’s advisor, huma, an islamic fundalmentalist?? Oh poor huma!!!! To bad so sad..pregnant, and should also be out of job. Screwed Again America. The sec of slut, has on the US payrole a muslim, hardliner, who is bent on the destruction of this country. Maybe huma is gay like hillary, and they are just lovers under the sheets? Don’t you wish you got the slut’s salary for sleeping with other woman, no pity on you bill.

Who doesn’t like a weeny roast!

Chandler, hi,
now let’s stick with the POST INTENT,

Good work.

I should listen to Beck’s radio show. He comes off as a great deal less over-the-top than he does on his FNC show.

I never fully appreciated the depth of weenie’s shallowness. The guy is a snake amd a slug at the same time. Great video, Glenn.

@ Aye

Where have you been? Good to have you back.

I can’t believe anyone still pays attention to Glen Beck. But, I guess some still take some sort of solace in his theological approach to government and history.

Art, hi,
are both in the same family? OH MY,
I cannot allow the slugs in my garden to eat and grow up

@Liberal1 (objectivity):

Are you ever going to own up to the first words you uttered on this subject?

Just goes to show: Give an ultra-conservative a rumor they like, and they’ll due their best to pass it off as truth, before it has been verified.

Probably not, as you never give credence to anything anyone says that can be even remotely connected with conservatives, and instead, take it as gospel, and repeat it here, everything the liberal left puts out on the DailyKos and Huffpo.

mos8541 #2 Here is a perfect example of why Dems. with moderate and indie support will hold Presidency and Senate in 2012.Keep talking Marine.
Aye I say good riddance to Beck. Even fair and balanced Fox got tired of him.

From Mediate;

Van Jones Slams Fox News And Challenges ‘His Brother’ Glenn Beck To A Debate

“I issue a personal challenge to my beloved brother Glenn Beck. I will debate you any time, anywhere, at any point. I give you an hour, you give my five minutes and I will stand up for our values, but you will have to stop talking about us and start talking to us. You got one week left before your show goes off. My phone is ringing. Call me!”

Van Jones Slams Fox News And Challenges ‘His Brother’ Glenn Beck To A Debate

An interesting proposition for Beck, in my opinion. Van Jones wishes to expose Beck for being a liar, simply because Beck has already exposed Jones for what he is, using his own words against him.

As an aside, if any of you remember the dimwit GlennBeckReview who posted here for a small time on everything Beck related, he is found here pushing more of his unfounded assertions of Beck. Scroll down the comments if you wish to read them. Or don’t. It won’t add anything of substantive learning to your day.

WILL NEVER SUCCEED, because of the integrity of the CONSERVATIVES AND ABILITY to see their intent behind their words to defame the person they consider a obstacle to their own goal to project themself as a person which is trusth worthy of beleiving, while lying their way to one acheivement
which is their own success no matter what it takes.
the knives are beginning to show, we all better be alert.

As “over the top” as Beck might have been for some, I have yet to find that he lied in ANY statement he made, perhaps because he was quoting the liberals themselves, and nobody can screw themselves better than liberals who talk- just ask Anthony Weiner.


Beck has been a thorn in the side of liberals for quite a number of years now. I first started listening to him early in 2000 or so on a Milwaukee, WI talk radio station. He can be sensational at times, and even stretch the truth a bit to make his point, but overall he has been much more honest than your typical leftist commentator, like those seen on MSNBC. Most of the charges of lying leveled at him can be shown to be false quite easily, however, as in all life, if the lie is repeated often enough, and loud enough(which the leftists do quite well), then it will be accepted as truth by the masses.