Obama’s Second Four Year Plan


People have more faith in dynamic economies that are entrepreneurial in nature and business friendly: this type of environment promotes economic growth and expansion. Thus such a business focused country appears healthy to the rest of the world or more importantly to those who invest in currencies.

Socialist countries have never inspired international investment because of a record of dismal performances in the past. Previously, despite weak and ineffectual leadership from some of our presidents and legislatures, the US has been considered the most dynamic economy in the world, since WW I.

The Obamanation has intentionally destroyed that image. It has been the intention of this administration to weaken the industrial base and economic vitality of the US so that we will no longer be considered an economic or military super power in the world.

The Farm Auction

Obama’s Four Year Plan has been extremely successful in accomplishing its plan for neutralizing the US economy and bringing the country to its knees. He has succeeded in transferring a high percentage of America’s wealth to other countries, even to our enemies. His blatant displays of profligacy, while displaying the work habits and ethics of a dilettante is meant to demoralize the public and emphasize a false sense of royalty or demigod status as a perception among the American people.

If he can win reelection, the Second Four Year Plan will be implemented in full force with no mercy or quarter shown the American people. This final stage will be devaluation of our currency, a prelude to runaway inflation. It will be programmed and presented in such a way that it is the only solution for servicing our international debts. Basically our dollar becomes worth less so that we find paying a $1,000 debt is much easier if a $100 bill is worth only $20. Thus in reality, our $1,000 is now really only $100 because the dollar equivalency is 20% of its former value. It seems so practical and simple, why haven’t we already devalued our currency. Actually the process has already started by printing excessive amounts of US dollars. China has seen the situation and has already bailed.

There are inherent problems with this simple debt paying scheme. The dollar only has the value assigned to it by international monetary markets, but a gallon of fuel, a can of beans, an ear of corn have real have real value and the can of beans will now cost six dollars instead of a $1.25 and a gallon of gasoline will cost $20.00 instead of $4.00. This is low level inflation with a minor adjustment to facilitate the government trying to keep up with its debt load. Everyone will lose weight and vehicles will only be used for emergencies, but Americans will adjust, we must remember this president promised us Hope and Change. That is until the monetary markets begin to divest themselves of the American Dollar and only our coins have the value of their base metals. In other words, the copper penny will become our most treasured coin, because everything else will become worthless. This will be hyper inflation. Obama will benignly ask for a devaluation of the currency to start the dance and the international money markets will be desperate to unload US currency and US debt.

America’s once great wealth will be quickly distributed among the industrial countries of the world and a few despicable characters like George Soros who hate the United States and its freedom.

Is this the next step in Obama’s Progressive steps to dismantle the US: ask yourself this, could you have designed a more effective plan to weaken and destroy the US economy within four years and still have people willing to reelect you?

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No you see you got it all wrong again! I am a Jew! not a christian! Terrorist are animals and not people..people act with humanity..if you can grasp that! And the earth is only about 5772 years old that is how we count time…If you you are Jewish I mean! And no threat of the majority even becoming like me, we are only .012 percent of the world but cause every problem of society and at the same time contribute more than any other race!… we can’t take over because we (the world) are in a process of de-evolution…how do you think something like Obamination evolved…because of people who only think of me..myself..and I! If your prediction of politics is anything like your prediction of me! Then is is no wonder you think the way you do! hmmm ever been more than twenty miles from home Dorothy? Don’t forget to take Toto!

..…”Ive thrown more terrorist out the ass end of a helicopter in less than 5 minutes than most all of the specialist on terrorism have ever actually seen!”…

…”Terrorist are animals and not people..people act with humanity..if you can grasp that! And the earth is only about 5772 years old that is how we count time…”

Have you considered professional help?

@Mrs. Neutron: Just think of it as a community service I did! I mean think about it! If all of the Terrorist that have been killed in the last 120 years had not been killed, this would cause a lot of complications to society!
1. The world would be facing starvation, because like Islamic terrorist they have 12 children to our 2.
2. The world would have a serious power shortage, too many people to provide power for…ultimately you would not have electricity to power your your computer from your cave! ( I am sure you would not have bought bricks and lumber from a large corporation, hence you would have to live in a cave!)
3. The world would be so much less productive, because statistics show that Communist, Socialist, Fascist, and Dictators are much less productive because they love to enslave others to do there work for them. (just like we are enslaved by the tax system of this government)

Could you imagine a world with more than 3 billion more Terrorist, Communist, Socialist, Fascist, and Dictators? Now that would sure as hell put a crimp on your independence now wouldn’t it? Really good community service I did! huh?

@Mrs. Neutron: Did my people happen to skip a year some where? Do not think so! In fact the rest of the world just started counting years less than 2,500 years ago! In rational and realistic thought do theories become fact until proven? For you I guess it does!
Oh! by the way… I have certifications I am not crazy! Do you? It must be hell when your body is still functioning and you brain is in hibernation!
Obama and you could be real good friends!!!! When you both look in the mirror you only see yourselves and think of yourselves! Maybe with your “altruistic egoism” you and him could exchange pointers! You know humanlistically elevate each other!
I am sorry, I had an inaccuracy today! I said “terrorist are animals”… I was wrong… Animals will not even do what terrorist will do to any other breed of animals…so in essence they are even lower than insects!

@johngalt, #37:

It seems, Greg, that you wish to imply, without saying it, that the Republicans are mostly, if not all, to blame for the financial difficulties the country is experiencing at present.

I think that republicans and democrats are equally to blame. Democrats tend to expand social spending without sufficient attention to where the additional money will come from; republicans tend to reduce taxes without taking the political risks involved in actually cutting social spending. Either way, we get more debt.

My comments probably sound one-sided because they’re often in response to one-sided accusations.

@Greg: Duh? If you had to put it in Police terms….The Democrats plan and insight the crime and the Republicans both participate and are accessories to the fact! Get rid of the chickens and then there are no eggs! I say change them all out! Who is more at fault? the whore or the ones who sleep with her?


Between November 1929 and 1932, the stock market lost 80 percent of its former value. It took 25 years to regain that lost value.

The Great Depression lasted for 10 years.

Considering the state of the economy at the point Obama took office, I think we’re doing about as well as any reasonable person could expect.

Speeding up a slow recovery will likely be very difficult, given the debt burden we’ve accumulated over the past 30 years.

Reversing it back in the direction of a national economic and social catastrophe would be all too easy.

The Great Depression did not last 10 years because the Republicans so destroyed the economy that it took 10 years to nurse it back to health. It is because FDR fiddled with he economy so that there was no stability in the market that anyone could depend upon. He legally stole money out of the economy through excessive taxation in order to run his various government programs. He would wake up in the morning and just change the value of gold at a whim.

As government became less and less of a factor, free enterprise kicked in, and, sometimes in Eisenhower’s regime, the stock market returned to its value in the 20’s.

There was no Great Depression throughout the word; only in the United States and only because of FDR.

However, to give the devil his due, FDR did oversee some projects that are still with us today, which powered up our nation. Will we be able to look back, 20 years from now, and say, “Yeah, I am so glad that Obama spent all of that money, because we have ___ to show for it.”

What FDR did, did not work. Obama, the FDR of the 21st century, is not getting us out of this recession, but driving us deeper into the hole.

We know what works; we know what gets us out of the hole. It is those old, tired conservative ideas that Obama disparages: less government, less taxation, and fewer regulations combined with stability. It does not take a brilliant person to understand this. About half of the country does understand this, with more being added every single day.

@Mrs. Neutron:

Where the hell do you get all this hate? I’m tempted to just chalk it up to racism, but, that doesn’t even cover it.

Isn’t that weird? There is a discussion about economics and what makes the economy work, and then, out of nowhere, there is a comment on Obama’s birth certificate and questions as to if he is legal or not; and then, next comment, calling everyone crazy as bedbugs or racists because of the birth certificate comment, which seemed to come out of left field.

Is Mrs. Neutron married to Smorgasbord?

@Gary Kukis: ##58

We are members of the same family. That is the family of freedon-loving Americans who want the USA to stay free. Someone is having fun with the illegal president and one of the aliases he has used:


I am waiting for the democrats to prove to the states that Obama is a legal resigent of the USA. They have admitted that they didn’t do this in 2008, even though the US Constitution says they must, but the democrats don’t worry about the laws. They were supposed to submit their Federal budget by a certain day and they have not submitted one for two years.

@Gary Kukis, #57:

The Great Depression did not last 10 years because the Republicans so destroyed the economy that it took 10 years to nurse it back to health

I didn’t suggest that republicans caused the Great Depression.

It is because FDR fiddled with he economy so that there was no stability in the market that anyone could depend upon.

Yep. The dire consequences of FDR’s bungling were so obvious that he was reelected in 1936 by the greatest landslide vote in U.S. history, and then relected to a third term in 1940.

There was no Great Depression throughout the word; only in the United States and only because of FDR.

The Great Depression was a worldwide event, affecting nearly every industrialized nation. Try Googling Great Depression, Europe and see what comes up.