Obama’s Second Four Year Plan


People have more faith in dynamic economies that are entrepreneurial in nature and business friendly: this type of environment promotes economic growth and expansion. Thus such a business focused country appears healthy to the rest of the world or more importantly to those who invest in currencies.

Socialist countries have never inspired international investment because of a record of dismal performances in the past. Previously, despite weak and ineffectual leadership from some of our presidents and legislatures, the US has been considered the most dynamic economy in the world, since WW I.

The Obamanation has intentionally destroyed that image. It has been the intention of this administration to weaken the industrial base and economic vitality of the US so that we will no longer be considered an economic or military super power in the world.

The Farm Auction

Obama’s Four Year Plan has been extremely successful in accomplishing its plan for neutralizing the US economy and bringing the country to its knees. He has succeeded in transferring a high percentage of America’s wealth to other countries, even to our enemies. His blatant displays of profligacy, while displaying the work habits and ethics of a dilettante is meant to demoralize the public and emphasize a false sense of royalty or demigod status as a perception among the American people.

If he can win reelection, the Second Four Year Plan will be implemented in full force with no mercy or quarter shown the American people. This final stage will be devaluation of our currency, a prelude to runaway inflation. It will be programmed and presented in such a way that it is the only solution for servicing our international debts. Basically our dollar becomes worth less so that we find paying a $1,000 debt is much easier if a $100 bill is worth only $20. Thus in reality, our $1,000 is now really only $100 because the dollar equivalency is 20% of its former value. It seems so practical and simple, why haven’t we already devalued our currency. Actually the process has already started by printing excessive amounts of US dollars. China has seen the situation and has already bailed.

There are inherent problems with this simple debt paying scheme. The dollar only has the value assigned to it by international monetary markets, but a gallon of fuel, a can of beans, an ear of corn have real have real value and the can of beans will now cost six dollars instead of a $1.25 and a gallon of gasoline will cost $20.00 instead of $4.00. This is low level inflation with a minor adjustment to facilitate the government trying to keep up with its debt load. Everyone will lose weight and vehicles will only be used for emergencies, but Americans will adjust, we must remember this president promised us Hope and Change. That is until the monetary markets begin to divest themselves of the American Dollar and only our coins have the value of their base metals. In other words, the copper penny will become our most treasured coin, because everything else will become worthless. This will be hyper inflation. Obama will benignly ask for a devaluation of the currency to start the dance and the international money markets will be desperate to unload US currency and US debt.

America’s once great wealth will be quickly distributed among the industrial countries of the world and a few despicable characters like George Soros who hate the United States and its freedom.

Is this the next step in Obama’s Progressive steps to dismantle the US: ask yourself this, could you have designed a more effective plan to weaken and destroy the US economy within four years and still have people willing to reelect you?

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Another great one Skook! I’ve railed in the past about the fact that when I was young, we were actually taught about Socialism and it’s unintended consequences. One of the things we learned about at the time of course were the “five year plan” which drove the USSR into the horrible economic state it turned out to be. Therefore, I love your use of “four year plan” Ask any kid coming out of school now what the menas and you’ll get a blank stare!

California has had a succession of 4 year plans. If the country follows California, our jobs will move to other countries like California Jobs are moving now to other states. Everything costs more in CA so the population is moving, too.

I remember the 5 year plans that the socialistic countries made. Every 4 years, they were revised in order to accomplish newer and more important goals. The liberals never understood that not one 5 year plan ever reached maturity. The Soviet Union kept making 5 year plans and redid them every 4 years up until the last drop of blood drained out of the Union!

According to a CNN poll, 48% say a new great depression will be upon us in the next year.

Another way to look at it, 48% of Americans are now awake to the Obama caused problem.

…”A professional horseman for over 40 years, Skook…. YOU ARE AT THE WRONG END!

…and BOY does it show. Obama doesn’t mean a damn thing. The Dems & the Repub don’t either. They are ALL entirely owned by the corporate entities that finance their performances. They are actors and actresses. Politics in America are what the “Games” were to Rome… a diversion. It’s meaningless. In case you have not noticed there are people doing VERY WELL in this world. It does not appear you are one of them. I suggest you follow the money, learn something, read a few books not written by people on FOX News (or any other corporate news network).
Your vote doesn’t mean a damn thing (and it probably never did).
If you have children or grandchildren GET them educated and provide them with marketable skills. History marches on. Shaking your fist at change is a fools game.

Skookum, Randy, Joetote, Another great article and good comments! So obvious and so clear! You know when the Russian immigrants started to come to the United States and Israel, I suddenly came to realize something……Everyone was an Officer in the military, everyone was an Engineer, a manager, a director, or an Offical….. The I wondered who in the hell was doing all of the work? We have the same problem with the liberals!!!! They do it all and we get the blame if it don’t work!!
In 1990 I was in the Ukraine and we were traveling in a group for forming Co-operational agreements with the New free Russia (Perestroika), we were looking for a gas station to fill the car. Being that we were in the middle of farm country the stations were very far apart and our maps did not identify where they were. We stopped a older gentleman and ask him in Russian,Where are the gas stations? Suddenly we smelt the most terrible smell….I identified immediately! Rotten Potatoes as far as the eye could see!
We ask the gentleman Why? What happened? He relied “All the Workers have left for Poland!…. I ask Why? and What are they going to do there? He relied grow Potatoes! So we ask being puzzled..Why Poland? Why not stay here? He Said because in Poland they are not Communist anymore!

Think about it! Obama said he would re-distribute the wealth…….he is, just not to poor Americans! To Pakistan, Greece, China, Syria, Egypt (Where Obama got the Shiite backed Islamic brotherhood in as a party) and many more! What the Idiots who voted fro him failed to realize he was talking about distributing American wealth to Foreign Countries!!! Hopefully maybe some of the Liberals/Democrats will become like the Potato farmers and leave his communist ass behind!

@Mrs. Neutron: I do not think Skookum is on the wrong! In fact he will not disagree that we need to Change the Guard completely out!!! Both Democrats and Republicans in my opinion are sleeping in the same bed without changing the sheets! We need to turn the Ship around and head back to port for a major over haul or just sink the damn thing and build another. Regardless it will be necessary to change out the command and bring on board a new crew! You do not have to get into the water to fish! You can throw a line and reel them in! If you read Skookum’s articles I think you will see he is baiting them to consider how wrong they are!

Skooks, good read, once again, or rather, as always.

Randy, in #3, posted this;

The Soviet Union kept making 5 year plans and redid them every 4 years up until the last drop of blood drained out of the Union!

I may seem somewhat like a broken record, but the storyline and plot of the book Atlas Shrugged is being lived by us now. In the book, John Galt understood that the people in charge of government, ultimately, were destroyers. Destroyers of wealth, personal property, and eventually, of peoples’ lives. They did not understand how to create something out of seemingly nothing, only to harness the uses of the inventions, to their own ends, until it was useless, or worthless. And everytime they ran into a roadblock, another plan was instituted, which only furthered the destructive results of their original, and succeeding plans.

Today’s progressive doesn’t understand this important aspect of their ideology, and it stems from their ever evolving belief that personal property doesn’t really exist, that everything, in some way or another, belongs to the state, and by extension, “the people”, even though those people never really see any of the benefit from it. Man’s ideas are not inherently his, but belong to everyone. People’s lots in life are purely luck, so that someone who happens to be down and out at the moment does not have himself to blame, but everyone else has an obligation to help him. And ultimately, a man’s labor is not his own, to do with as he wishes, but rather, as the state wills it. Man, to a progressive, belongs to the state. Every aspect of their lives, and Obama is merely furthering that belief into reality, so of course they will support him.

History means little to a progressive, elsewise they would have learned from the mistakes of the past. Unfortunately, they have not. The progressives are solidly in charge of the Democratic party today, and the GOP leadership tends towards that view in order to “not rock the boat”. The people who would defend our freedoms and liberties are few and far between within the federal government. We do have a chance at reversing the course our country is on, but not by “settling” for the person, or persons, who will not “rock that boat”, and certainly not by handing Obama another four years of rule. True conservative leadership is needed, hard choices to correct the insanities of the progressives are needed, and unswerving devotion to a view that holds the Constitution in strict accord is needed. Anything else will be inviting disaster in eventuality, whether it’s a few years, decade, or longer.

@johngalt: Amen John!!! Completely correct!!! Progressive Politicians = Socialistic Communist! No question about it!!! You can’t serve two masters and they are not serving the people…..so let’s get them out! You must have been a carpenter at some time that last paragraph nailed it down real good!

@Mrs. Neutron:

Ummm, so the corporations that control everything want the GOP and Dems to destroy the economy…which would hurt the big corporations. Yeah, that makes sense.

@Skookum: Skook, I wish I could have said that as well with all of my academic degrees! Actually, I would trade them all for a piece of your experiences!

@Skookum: Do you have familiarity with Shoto-Kan or Krav-Maga? I know some people I would like to use some on!

The Won’s campaign slogan for the upcoming election should be- SINKO THE MAYO !

Nice article.
I agree, giving this guy another 4 years would be devastating for the United States. It seems clear at this point that BHO can’t actually be this stupid, so it has to be a plan. It’s a disgusting thought that our president could possibly think this way, but it really seems to be the only option that makes sense.

I spent a lot of years in the futures industry, and was around when another name from your story was making waves in the markets by taking the lead in breaking the British Pound. Soros made over a billion dollars shorting the BP, back in the early 90’s when that kind of money actually meant something. I’m sure he’s riding this one for all it’s worth.

@J V Hoffman: Atlas Shrugged in Ukraine. And will do so in USA.

Although I understand your post, it is still important to realize that current state of the economy is not something that has just occurred within the last four years, but instead is a combination of many things including banks failing to ensure homeowners can pay their mortgages before allowing them to purchase. Good post, but there’s a lot more involved than just Obama having it out to crash the U.S. economy.


…”Neutron, I remember your witless arrogance epiplexis from the past.”… That isn’t even a sentence.

I’m sure there is a good deal of money to be made with horses, I never suggested otherwise. My advice for children and grandchildren still stands. I don’t think I would be a bit surprised by what you read.
I’m forced to agree with JG on this one… “The modern conservative is engaged in one of man’s oldest exercises in moral philosophy; that is, the search for a superior moral justification for selfishness.”..
I would be interested in who you characters see as good presidential (as if it matters) material. How about the noted historian Sarah P and Old magic underpants Mitt?

@Skookum: Skook,
Amen on that. Very few people have any realization of what we horsemen have faced as to real life!

@John Evan Miller:


@Mrs. Neutron: This is my view:
1. They are not part of the Mayhem we are having to digest now!
2. They can absorb the vote of the majority of:
a. Productive citizens
b. Black vote (especially professionals would rally behind them)
c. Jewish vote and support (They have had enough of Obama, and don’t even try to tell somebody what Jews think when they are a Jew!)
d. Small and Medium business people!
f. Any conservative that has a lick of sense and understands how those in office have betrayed us!
g. Total military vote….ehhhh 98%
I bet we can get at least 60% of the vote with them!
They both are very intelligent and bright men, Obama would lose hands down to attack them! They could reveal him for the Idiot he really is! No room for Racial issues! No room for Jihadist! Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson in the unemployment line!!! (Hell that alone would be worthwhile!!!) A big plus is that Lt. Col. Allen West will put the Islamic Terrorist on the run! Just for your information in Canada and the United States we are approaching 52,000,000 of them… If we don’t get a handle on it they will be handling us!
These men are men that are humble and yet they would get the support of Americans….People really would not care what color they are as long as they will stand against this corrupt system we have. Not only so we have a black culture problem brewing, and who could set an example better than these two men and the other Blacks who are also of the same mind? They do not talk about legislation they us the right word “Stop!” And that is exactly what we need to do STOP and turn thing s around!

Neutron Woman; agreed there are plenty of types that can hedge, wedge, and parley economic and financial weakness; George Soros, most identified, being one of them. There are a slew of off-shore harbors stashing value, not dollars, offering higher, tax avoidance, returns then publicly available. Domestically, where Skookum focuses, the dollar is on an engineered slide by monitorizing the debt as opposed to monitorizing the currency. The CBS: Dan Rather Alar Scare was a classic of debt swap for savings scenario using many family owned orchards as the game chips on the table. The orchard owner can’t sell the apple crop due to concocked health mania and banks take over the foreclosed property that then swaps to a developer and becomes another golf course resort with apple trees lining the fairways. Soviet Russia, in the early days, was encouraged to sell its art treasures to envalue the rouble. Bernacke can nationalize the art museums as long range collateral on the national debt; that’s it, the Chinese government effectively owns the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Many subscribe to the ying-yang theory of cheap dollar means increased exports; n0 – no – n0, increased productivity will manifast expanded exports . Obamabots want to stay put swapping “carbon credits” to make money while we others want to hop on the horse and go out to get the business.

Skookum I think we need to dip the dummy in a barrel of flour to see if he is talking from his mouth or from his ass! How could anyone be so much of an Idiot? And have Hillary as an side kick? Go try to understand that? It seems maybe Willy boy and Oscar Mayer (weiner) may be victims? ….. Most every man has association around Hillary becomes a pervert! How many Democratic politicians have had sex scandals in the past years? Wow? Wonder how many of them actually knew her? Sorry folks I am just so feed up to see this country flushed like a toilet!

One main problem with Obama’s plan…..It requires backing from almost all Democrats in Congress or Obama has to do a go-around the legislative process.
Now, Obama’s done quite a few go-arounds, so I wouldn’t put that past him, BUT…..
Evidence is starting to mount that Obama does not have the backing of his ”fellow” Democrats in elected office.

1. Just last week we saw Obama’s demand of a clean debt-ceiling raise bill shot down when almost 1/2 of all Democrats in the House joined with Republicans to vote No on it.

Now we are seeing Democrats distancing themselves from more and more of Obama’s agenda.

2. Remember those egregious paper filings small businesses would have to do as part of ObamaCare?
They were from the 1099 provisions.
They were shot down…..Democrats in the Senate voted with all the Republicans so that the final vote was 87 to 12!

3. Remember Obama’s DREAM Act?
Enough Democrat Senators voted against it to kill it, too!

4. Remember Obama’s 2012 Budget?
It was unanimously voted down in the Senate last month!

5. This next week it will be the financial re-regulation bill…..you know the one?
Obama wanted to add ”swipe fees” to each and every use of every debit card.
This bill’s vote will probably be close.
But guess who sponsored the bill?
Democrat Senator John Tester of Montana!

Chip, chip, chip away at Obama’s plans.
And Democrats are doing some of the chipping!

Between November 1929 and 1932, the stock market lost 80 percent of its former value. It took 25 years to regain that lost value.

The Great Depression lasted for 10 years.

Considering the state of the economy at the point Obama took office, I think we’re doing about as well as any reasonable person could expect.

Speeding up a slow recovery will likely be very difficult, given the debt burden we’ve accumulated over the past 30 years.

Reversing it back in the direction of a national economic and social catastrophe would be all too easy.

Right, Greg.
Obama’s two and a half years in government have given us a litany of rotten economic results and a dearth of smart policy proposals.
But most of all, they have been characterized by a refusal to make hard choices.

Linda Brown, 59, a retired history teacher from Baltimore, is an Obama fan who plans to vote for him again.
“He has a tendency to lay out a very, very broad framework and then wait for Congress to fill in the blanks, but I really don’t think that’s very effective,” she says.

Mitt Romney:
“It was a moment of crisis for our economy, and when Barack Obama came to office, we wished him well and hoped for the best. Now, in the third year of his four-year term, we have more than promises and slogans to go by. Barack Obama has failed America.”

Obama voter in 2008 but not again, Janice Boynton, 50, of Jacksonville, N.C.:
“I think he has some very, very great ideas. He’s showed a lot of promise. He definitely had the charisma, but he doesn’t really have the drive.”

Obama has failed to put forward a credible budget plan of his own.
And now he has lost all of his economic team.
He even stopped listening to daily economic briefings some time ago.
His Democrat leaders in Congress also haven’t put out a plan, a budget.
What’s it been?
771 days without a budget from Democrats.
If either Obama or Reid were real leaders they would have released a real scorable budget plan instead of years of punting and calling down evil on anybody else’s plan.

You simply cannot engender confidence in our economic future if you don’t even have a plan!
No wonder everybody with two cents to rub together is sitting on them and waiting for a real leader.

Remember we re-elected FDR. those beautiful melodius fireside chats, in 1936 while the Joeds where relocating to California. Great movie, I’ll rewatch it tonight on Youtube, was My Man Godfrey (1933) which opens with two guys each sitting on a crate “Prosperity, just around the corner” “Yea, I just wish I knew which corner – that one or this one?” The are 16 corners on a crate. Effectively Keynesian is a two dimentional flip-flop proposition whose weights are balanced, rigged, to come up heads. “Prosperity”, a word like “Republic” and “Constitution” we should use more often every day, requires more than government sponsored micromanaged flip-flop manipulation. Austrian School economist Miis van der Rohe “Less is more!” and learning the wisdom of Option Five “Do Nothing” are principles the next leadership must incorporate.

Let’s see hmmmm! 30 years huh? That would mean 1981 hmmmm! That just don’t fit… I mean that was the year Jimmy the peanut farmer went out! (You know the Carpet Baggers that came down South and bought big plantations for pennies on the dollar, and had the rightful resident thrown out!) Yep …the same one! Nope that is a No-Go! As a matter of fact he received a pretty descent economy and buggered it up real good….Yep Yep America was at a all time low…Gave the Chinese favored nation trade status, Gave away the Panama Canal, Shut down all kinds of Military bases, Lost an embassy to Iranian terrorist!, Cancelled out all kinds of military contracts and put many on hold…Started the gas shortage wars…hmm hmm Don’t sound so good to me! As a matter of fact President Reagan inherited one of the worst economical States we had had in many many years.
Yep yes sir re! Unto 1989 President Ronald Reagan brought down the Communist Regime in Russia, restored the economy and increased exportation, reduced foreign oil dependency, and made the Dollar strong internationally. Brought our military back to being a vital force world wide.
Hmmmm hmmm Now follows President George H. W. Bush, hmmm well lets see he got kinda side tracked from the program Mr. Reagan set forth but the economy was still fairly good when he left! Had to enter and bang Sadaam Hussien around a little, and fight that war over in the Gulf, while dealing with the Middle East crisis and everything, But we still had a descent economy when he left the white house in 1993. We were still enjoying much of the economy that President Reagan had created. But he got ole Gorbachov to step down as well. Yep! That is it!
In 1993 ole slick willie went to office, W.J. Clinton … Double crossed American industry, Gave out foreign aid like it was candy, You know those promissory note that them Chinese and Russians keep selling! Hell made all kind of concession for the Chinese and imposed taxes that just drove the textile industry right out of the United States, then there was NAFTA, wooooo! that just gave the Mexicans all kind of tax breaks and advantages…. do you remember how many jobs went out of the United States? How much inflation we had back then? wow? Got to where most Americans just couldn’t save money anymore! Boy, How many pensions did he let those judges cut the heart out of? Why just from Bethlehem Steel I heard it was a 120,000, can you imagine working all those years and then not having hardly anything to show for it? Yep! They was happy to see him go out of office! He had Girl problems as well! yep…sure enough!
Once he cancelled those programs that ole Ronald Reagan had set up like the defense “E” status contractors…well every thing just went to hell!
Now president George W, Bush steps into office in 2001 , and boy did he get a real can of worms with the senators and the congress he had! Then there came along this September 11 th incident and wow! what a mess! Come to find out Slick willie had been warned by the FBI and the CIA many times and did not take any action. But seeing that the Israeli intelligence had warned them 32 times during the Clinton administration … well they still tried to blame it all on him! really inherited a disfunctional government! But during his presidency their was a lot of economical problems in the world but the US just kept on ticking and our gas cost less than half of what it did in Europe. Yep….. left office in 2009….and still getting blamed for the economy!
Greg! The debt accumulation was only significant during the big spender Democratic presidencies! Not the whole of the 35 last years! All of these treasury notes that the Chinese and the Russians are selling were at large the majority issued by Democratic Presidents mainly Clinton and Obama! Look at how much the debt has grown in two years and look at what changes for improvement in relation to that debt has occurred! Nothing! It gets worse everyday! No change for good in sight either!

So, bit of a surprise:
Hillary Clinton wants to replace the head of the World Bank in 2012 when his term is up.
She has already told Obama she will not be back IF he gets re-elected.
Reuters has the scoop but her peeps are denying it.

We all know that Obama claims to be a Constitutional scholar, but time after time, he has proven he is not. Now it is clear that he is also not a student of history in his attempt to emulate FDR.

Historians have proven that the Great Depression lasted as long as it did because of the policies of FDR. Had he not tried to spend out of the Depression it would have ended years earlier. While Europe, who were hit equally hard, was pulling out of the Great Depression, we were still in the middle of it.
But like with FDR, Americans are enchanted with Obama (beats me why) and so they keep telling themselves that he will eventually pull us out of our terrible economy. He won’t. Because he is making all the same mistakes FDR did.

@retire05: Great observation! But I am going to Georgetown University tomorrow! I mean I figure if Obama is a genius as they say, then I have a damn good chance of taking over the foreign relations studies department! Besides I have learned from him all you have to do is blame on those that were there before you!

@J V Hoffman, #31:

Let’s see hmmmm! 30 years huh? That would mean 1981 hmmmm! That just don’t fit…

Question: What was the total accumulated national debt before Ronald Reagan was sworn in as President and sold American voters on the many benefits of high-end tax cuts?

Hint: The answer can be expressed without using a descriptive numerical unit that starts with the letter T.

Greg! The debt accumulation was only significant during the big spender Democratic presidencies!

You might find this chart showing debt increases by presidential administration of interest.

@retire05: Great comment.
IBD has an editorial essay called:
———————-Job Plan With A Page From Marx——————
It begins:

The president has unveiled a plan to cut joblessness with an industrial policy from the 19th century. In this “new” economy, government will pick winners and losers for industry.

It didn’t work then, it won’t work now.

Taking a cue from classical Marxist theory as well as vintage union organizing doctrine, both discounting the value of service work over manufacturing, we now see President Obama touting training for factory jobs over all others, pushing government spending in that area and calling it a jobs recovery plan.


Fact is, the more advanced the economy, the greater percentage of the work force that moves out of manufacturing and into services.


Now the president wants us to “give back” all that white collar development and return to a simpler sort of economy premised on manufacturing — one that’s more characteristic of today’s China or Peru than a developed economy such as America.


It ends:

It’s as if all the economic knowledge acquired in the course of the 20th century never made it to the Obama White House.

Obama wants to pick industrial winners while the economy languishes from high taxes, massive new regulatory burdens and his failure on free trade.

The only logic that can explain this is that Obama means to spend more money on vocational education to prepare kids for work in industries dominated by unions — Obama’s main base of political support.

Presumably, if enough community college students can be trained for traditionally unionized manufacturers, employers will have no choice but to hire them.

That’s a win-win-win-win for educational bureaucrats, unions, jobs and Obama’s political prospects.

Too bad the rest of the economy — which accounts for three-quarters of all U.S. output — didn’t make Obama’s list of industrial winners.

The middle part is pretty darn good, too!


I am trying to figure out exactly what your point proves. You know as well as I do that Presidents cannot enact spending without congressional approval, other than committing troops to wartime actions, which still have to be paid for by approval of congress.

Question for you: Out of that 30-year period, exactly how many bills were passed that increased spending, created new departments, or entitlements, by each party? And out of those, which would pass muster with a strict constitutionalist conservative?

It seems, Greg, that you wish to imply, without saying it, that the Republicans are mostly, if not all, to blame for the financial difficulties the country is experiencing at present. To do so is to be intellectually dishonest with not only everyone who reads your posts, but yourself as well. Many of us true conservatives here do not agree with much of the spending that has gone on over the past few decades, or even the past century or so, just as the true conservative Republicans do not either, yet you wish to include them, and us, within the overall sphere of the GOP itself, and then place blame upon that group, entirely ignoring the left. You imply that Bush’s economic policies put the country in the shape it was in when Obama took office, yet you ignore the complicity of people like Barney Frank and his defense of Fannie and Freddie in the housing bubble burst, or Chris Dodd and his backdoor dealings with financial firms to influence his voting upon financial bills, or the late Ted Kennedy and his promotion of new spending for education that the left now solely blames on Bush.

I will wait patiently for the answers to my questions above.

Another take on the deficit issue that is more updated and takes into account Congress.


Nan, there is a another crisis looming that no one is discussing. Food products. Was a time that we grew the bulk of the world’s food. When other nations were having food shortage, it was the U.S., due to our huge supply, that supplemented those shortage.

Now kids are going to college wanting to be doctors, lawyers, etc. Few kids major in farm sciences which teaches them how to best utilize the land for maximum production. People who inherit farms are finding that the work is just too damn hard so they split the land up for little mini farms so wealthy lawyers can have week-end places. Most of the kids in my area that remain on family ranches either don’t go to college (so Obama’s benefits to college students help them not one whit) or the go to Texas A & M to learn ranch management, the business end of it.

No one is talking about what happens when the U.S. no longer produces enough food to feed our population. All those union factory workers that Obama keeps acting like he wants to create will be paying triple for their food because it will all be imported from Mexico and points south.

@retire05: Retire You are so correct in what you are saying and the sad thing is have you seen anything this government is doing for the farmers? While the agricultural production is one of the only things serving to stabilize the economy at this time!

Obama ain’t going to run the presidency.  Even if his party chooses him to run, enough of the states are going to demand proof of citizenship, and Obama’s birth certificate has been proven a fake:


If the democrats run Obama again, they are telling the American people that they know he is an illegal, but they still want him because he fits their agenda for the USA.  That agenda is just what Skookum has figured out.

…and Obama’s birth certificate has been proven a fake:

You guys are crazy as bedbugs. Where the hell do you get all this hate? I’m tempted to just chalk it up to racism, but, that doesn’t even cover it.
One of you should write a piece about how “Obama” convinced the American manufacturers that it would be “profitable” to pay workers 50 cents a day rather that $15 an hour (a concept that NEVER occurred to them before) and ruined our economy. Then, on another day, you could write about the letter he wrote to George Bush telling him to lie about weapons in Iraq, borrow a Trillion dollars from China and hand it over to no-bid contractors to fight a perpetual war.
You guys are poster children for the effectiveness of Terror Management Theory.

@Mrs. Neutron: Well hell m. Neutron it seems your electrons and protrons are way the hell out of balance! I mean if we should not get upset about our freedoms being total violated , congress being castrated, our government being a partner with terrorist, Inflation and unemployment out of control, and everything this country stands for being systematically torn apart! And as far as your comment on racism ….take it and a roll of toilet paper and see which one runs out first..not so nice for your hands…It is obvious you do not have the ability to understand the difference between hate and the frustration of seeing everything you even worked for torn apart! Now I understand you comments to Skookum……and by the way it is people like you who are the best friends of Obamination …you only think of me,mine , and my own!!!!! Talk about poster children you probably wouldn’t make it on a poster unless they used a panoramic view camera!!! Because the biggest thing in your life is you! It is obvious from your comments!!! Crawl out of your shell and get real!

@J V Hoffman:

…”you only think of me,mine , and my own!!!!!”

You are absolutely right. I’m a conservative. But, I’m not so stupid as to think that blaming things on other people gets me any place. It’s a waste of time. I practice altruistic egoism. I do my best to make myself valuable to those around me. Politicians are actors and actresses reading the lines their producers hand them. Follow the money.
You should look into terror management theory.
All America is doing is playing out its inevitable place in History. Time marches on.

…and Obama’s birth certificate has been proven a fake…. I suppose the real problem is to determine if he is schizophrenic or just a thief… Because both Barry and Hussein got student loans!

@Mrs. Neutron: What I know about terrorism I can not write here in this site… “terror management theory”! Fighting terror has been my life! Ive thrown more terrorist out the ass end of a helicopter in less than 5 minutes than most all of the specialist on terrorism have ever actually seen! If you really understand Terrorism then you would understand this country has been financed and controlled by people who benefit from it today and have always benefited from it and have been running things for more than 300 years in this country!
The only way to stop it is to get both Democrats and Republicans out of office and change the Guard!!!!! The greatest terrorist went to law school and wear suits and ties and are paid with tax payers money!

Take my advice JVH…You should look into terror management theory.
I don’t know if you will “get it” but you should try. Beyond that… “me,mine , and my own” are not doing too bad at all considering the wholesale lunacy going on around me. It was never “The Governments” job to make my life great. I have always been self employed, so, I never expected or experienced any president or politician to be anything but, like me, out to help themselves. It seemed silly to do otherwise.
My life is MY responsibility. I won’t waste a moment of it looking for imaginary boogymen “out to destroy freedom”. The very idea, if you know anything about human nature, is ridiculous.
Fear and panic make people believe lots of crazy things. Do crazy things too. ALL that is manageable AND being managed for the financial benefit of those with the skill and means to do so. Corporations are doing just fine. Banks are doing great. Now, you don’t think THEY could be running the show while you are too busy looking elsewhere to notice…. Do you?

@Mrs. Neutron: We are not here to get a stamp of approval from anyone, and we don’t need anyone to agree with us!…… But to influence a few may save many in the right time! Being selfish or self righteous (which most liberals are!) only leads to one thing your name will be forgotten quickly!…they will never name a Battleship or Aircraft Carrier after “Teddy Kennedy”! Why do you think the Communist, Fascist and extremist are so crazy about statues? Obamination and Jihadist Hillary will never be remembered for good! Because in case you don’t realize it we will eating the cake they have prepared for many years if we survive!

@J V Hoffman:
…”Ive thrown more terrorist out the ass end of a helicopter in less than 5 minutes than most all of the specialist on terrorism have ever actually seen!”…

So, you murder people who you think deserve to be murdered. That’s your idea of freedom… and America?

I bet you think of yourself as a “Good Christian” too….. HA! Probably fully support politicians who think the earth is 6000 years old and “that there science stuff” is just a pack of lies…. Right?
If the day ever comes when characters like you actually are the majority America deserves to no longer exist.

@Mrs. Neutron: I suppose you do not buy anything made by any large corporation? Do not have money in any bank? Do not pay Social Security? Do not drive a car or buy fuel? Because if you do then your theory is empty! And let me tell you the Boogymen are real! But if you use water then you are not dependent on water? To achieve independence at the level you are indicate we would have to live in caves and may our own bows and arrows anything short of that you are supporting the system….that is why we are fighting to change it….. I can not change the weather, but I sure as hell can change who is sitting in Washington DC! (But Al Gore is getting enough money to change the weather!)