Weiner Gets His Buns Roasted


Apparently, Weiner’s sanctimonious piety and his use of the universal defense of Liberals as a victim is all a ruse. Another woman has come forward with emails and intimate photos from a “consensual online romance”. Is the Wiener done or is he willing to be grilled even more. His buns are being burned as you read these lines. There is only so much heat a Weiner can take.

A new woman has come forward with what she claims are photographs, chats, and emails with Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-NY). These appear to undermine severely Rep. Weiner’s explanations that he was the victim of a “prank” or a “hack.”

The detailed new information suggests that the Brooklyn- and Queens-based representative and the young woman in question were involved in an online, consensual relationship involving the mutual exchange of intimate photographs.

BigGovernment.com and BigJournalism.com were approached regarding this information more than a week prior to the separate, independent event of Friday, May 27, 2011, when a link to the now-infamous “gray underwear” photograph appeared publicly on Rep. Weiner’s Twitter feed.

We will be updating BigGovernment.com and BigJournalism.com throughout the day with photographs, timelines, and other clarifying details. However, we will not be releasing all of the material because some of it is of an extreme, graphic nature.

It’s a sad statement on American politics when we have our Weiner over the line of public decency and telling lies about it to disguise the Weiner’s indiscretions. We may safely assume that sanctimonious rabble rousing and the banging of pots and pans on the congressional floor does not necessarily indicate a clean Weiner: to the contrary, these media whores who are the most exuberant Weiner wavers and are often involved in the most indelicate Weiner usage.

None the less, he is our Weiner from Queens and he deserves to be judged in the court of public opinion; for no laws have been broken other than the informal laws of human decency and undue Weiner exposure. Sadly, we can say this a sorry about an out of control Weiner.

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I doubt he lasts the week, I just checked Intrade to bet on it but apparently they felt the issue is below them lol

Put a fork in him…

Skookum….You know what gets me…if we were like liberals we would have the news media dancing and concluding that all democrats/liberals were sexual perverts! I mean look at it! Bill Clinton exposed his relation with with Monica L. in order to cover his and Hillary’s more absurd sexual preferences. The list just keeps rolling out and getting longer with Edwards, and now Weiner! Just several years ago there was a Governor dismissed for his sexual preferences. They just seem to be thinking with the wrong head! Maybe that is why the Administration is so “screwed” up! I would guess soon the new liberal political expression will be “Put a condom on it!” instead of “put a lid on it!” I would suppose Weiner is bring a new definition to the term FYO (for your eyes only!) Also have you ever noticed how they are always uglier than their wives? Arnold! What were you thinking?… but on second thought… Heh! heh! His wife was part of the Kennedy’s …the only rise you get with them is taxes!!

Semper Fi ! Skookum….I like when people write as they are and you do just that! I am sure you speak much the same as you write, because it is you! Of those of us that have tasted and experienced life we can laugh at life, because we are living it! However those who live in illusions have to put tags and ridicule the every person that is not like them (like little children and liberals). I am a cynical comic to escape long explanations and presenting the disclosure of thoughts and conceptions people do not have the ability to be patient enough to read. Liberals feed on emotion and you therefore have to draw them in with emotion.
In Hebrew will have a saying “Lemech or Melech!” (Fool or a King) Lamed (L) the “L” in Hebrew is the first letter of the word heart… (L= Lev…heart) If you rule your life by your heart then you become a fool… the word “Lemech” (fool) If you rule your life with your mind (logic) which is “Moach” (M= Moach…mind) then you become as a king! How? ….Look closely! switch the “L” with the “M” in the word Lemech and it becomes Melech! Meaning that when you allow your mind to control your heart…then you become as a king…. But if you let your heart rule over your mind then you become a fool (Lemech)! In Hebrew as well the definition of a fool is a person who his actions are mandated by the desires of his heart! and thus he becomes enslaved to his desires and is a fool.
This is why so many liberals have problems like Mr. Weiner, I heard he was going to change his name to “Oscar Mayer” …..Like they said in the 60’s “When you have a desire look for Oscar Mayer!”

That ”It’s Me” photograph is funny.
And the “Me and the Pussys” of him with the two sleeping cats is clever too.
The crotch shot was NOT funny OR clever.
It sort of shows how perverts reel in their prey: 1st the clever and the funny, only later the icky and nasty.
Seems as though Rep. Weiner had it all down to a science.

He is one of the cocky politicians out there with a big mouth about everyone else. I will never forget when he was so rude to Megan Kelly he made such an ass of himself now he is doing it again. Lets see how he talks his way out of this……

We need to keep turning up the heat on this guy…. I bet this is one Weiner that doesn’t plump when you cook ’em. 😉

Any indication that the ‘bulge’ was photoshopped?

Lots more photos of Weiner (naked fron waist up and taken himself) surfaced this AM.
Weiner will meet with the media sometime today.

Do you all know what the favorite song of Weiner was when he was a child?
“Oh I wish I was an Oscar Mayer Weiner, because if I had to be a Weiner that is what I would want to be!”
But now I guess now he is all Weinered out!

Tony Weiner has apologized, specifically to his wife, to Andrew Breitbart and then to all he hurt.
He will not resign.

Of course he wont resign, he thinks he is better than everyone who is judging him. In a few months the MSM will give him a pass like they have been doing for clinton for over 10 years.

This guy is a real dirt bag!! Slick set the bar so low that almost anyone can survive but I am guessing there are more photos to come and that they will be even worse than we have seen so far.

Gotta love Drudge. To paraphrase – Twitter Tears Up, Weiner Comes Clean.

Breitbart justifies his tactics. Breitbart has more dirt and embarrasses Main Stream Asses. Awesome Andrew.

OMG! First there was the underwear photo. Now it’s kitty porn.

Are there no limits to the depths of this man’s depravity?

(Sorry about that. I just couldn’t stop myself.)

Bug eyes Pelosi wants a congressional investigation on Weinergate. Whatever happened to Muddy Watters and the bank scandal?

Boehner and his committee told Chris Lee to pack his crap and by day’s end- you’re outta here.

Truth be told- Erections have consequences.

Weiner is a sexual pervert, and should be prosecuted.

@Skookum: Come on Breitbart, fire when ready.

He did already, Skook… at the moment that Weinermeister was to take the dais, Breitbart did instead, effective usurping him.

More here, Daily Mail scandal style with even more Weiner pics.

About Maxine Waters, @oil guy from Alberta…. Breitbart’s Big Government is on top of that too.

Committee announced last fall there would be a speedy trial to consider the charges against Waters. And, on the heels of the massive investigation and very public trial of Rep. Charles Rangel (D-NY), there was reason to be somewhat optimistic that Waters would be held accountable.

That is until House Ethics Committee Chairman Zoe Lofgren (D-CA) started meddling in the process. Not only did Lofgren fail to issue subpoenas for records related to the scandal, but she also delayed the ethics committee hearing after doing everything in her power to undermine the professional committee staff leading the investigation. And, as if that were not enough, Lofgren then improperly fired two attorneys working on the investigation.

Now the Waters investigation is stuck in the mud.

Here’s additional from Michelle Malkin.

The corrupt tend to befriend each other, and in the long run… despite party affiliation… it’s still “us vs them”. Meaning citizens vs elected officials.

What are the motives of old stretch Pelosi? Right from the get go leading democrats covered for this guy. They got owned. Is Weiner going to fall on his own sword for this awful drama? Are they going to wRangel their way out of this? Congressional equipment and little girls? No laws broken? No slander on Breitbart? Stretch wants to lead the damage control, I surmise. Should be a fun summer.

He should resign immediately.

SKOOKUM, I realy like jim on his 8 weiner that doesn’t plunp when cook’em

Hey! I understand his problem (Weiner) he has a hearing deficiency…. He thought we were talking about “ERECTIONS” instead of elections! Now that the elections a getting much closer! He is a poor little confused Democrat Liberal! Anything a Liberal does is justifiable for one reason or the other! If you don’t believe it just ask them!

Thanks for the heads up on Mad Maxine, Mata. I must have been out of town to miss this pile of dollop.
I ended up reading the yearly 10 most corrupt politicians in Congress over the last few years and sure enough its the usual suspects. Barney’s Frank, Air Pelosi, Her Thighness Hillary, The Bamster, Jesse Jackson JR., Chuck Dodd, Ensign, Conyers, Rangel, are some of a endless list. Hillary has not been cleared of stealing furniture and silverware from the White house, yet. Its a fun read, except for the endangered taxpayer who gets it right between the eyes.

@oil guy from Alberta: Oil Guy you gave me an idea! Maybe the cure for Weiner would be to make him give resignation to his position lock him in a two room facility with Hillary without internet or TV, or any entertainment and have Rev. Jesse Jackson to be their Therapist! If they did not kill each other they would definitely be cured of sex deprivations!
Thank you for the note on corrupt politicians “Hillary has not been cleared of stealing furniture and silverware from the White house, yet.” I do not know if you know it or not not…but the Clinton’s are named in not a few murder/wrongful death cases concerning affairs before their visit in DC!

Was there not once a “Moral Turpitude” clause in the Congressional Rules of Behavior? And if he used his phone, isn’t that blatant misuse of government property? Some of the interviews he did were in his congressional office- is that misuse of government resources?
Regardless, once in office, a Democrat has NO shame and is harder to dislodge than a hermit crab from his borrowed shell. Re: Rangel-


Weiner’s ”official” apology skipped over all of the use of his office for these phone calls and texts.
He still has not admitted that part of the story.

The fact that one woman (at least) has come forward outing him for using official offices and equipment to call her for inappropriate reasons could be the basis for Pelosi’s call for an ethics investigation.
Perhaps Pelosi is looking to sweep all of this under a rug and immunize Weiner from further (double jeopardy) investigations.
Perhaps she wants him to resign to avoid her ethics meetings?
Who knows.
But we shall see.

Mr. Hoffmann, I’ve read tons about the Clinton White House and the tragic accidental deaths of Clinton aides and appointees. Many of these accidents occurred before testimony was to be given before congressional hearings and/ or grand juries. Are we at odds with the odds?

@oil guy from Alberta: Wonder if Jihadist Hillary had Obami’s grandmother bumped off so she couldn’t testify openly that he was born in Kenya? hmmmm! Slick Willy is a little depressed now days….threesomes are a little harder on him due to his heart problems!

@oil guy from Alberta: Just HOW “accidental” WERE those – particularly that of Vince Foster? Personally, I believe that the Clintons are both culpable in Foster’s death, but will we ever be able to prove it? I doubt it-

Wouldn’t it be nice to see Bill and Hil both doing the perp walk?

Anthony Weiner will never, ever resign. He must be forced out. I am appalled that Nancy Pelosi has not had the backbone to immediately and publicly asked him to resign. She was the woman who was going to “clean up the swamp.”

Really? Does that standard only apply to Republicans? Instead, Pelosi wants to instigate a lengthy House Ethics Committee investigation, all at U.S. taxpayer expense. Weiner not only used extremely poor judgment and lied about the whole thing to the press for days, he puts all of us at risk. Any of the these women he contacted could try to blackmail him. Weiner must go. I urge you to contact Nancy Pelosi’s office in Washington and let her know your views about this: 202-225-4965.