The Dumbest Lawyer In The US Says Raid Was Legal


The Revolution Eats Its Own Children

The revolution eats its own children partially because so many of them were nothing more than Useful Idiots and they no longer serve a purpose. Eric Holder will be one of the first to be discarded.

The guy who wants to prosecute a SEAL for slapping a terrorist and put Chaney and Bush in prison for the water boarding that provided the intel for the killing of Bin Laden, says the raid was perfectly legal. President Obama can invade another country and kill a foreign national, steal the body, and abduct family members. This has now been uncovered in the Constitution and confirmed by our Attorney General Eric Holder.

The president is granted special privileges with Seal Team 6 and according to Holder, he but not Bush, can do no wrong. Oh, for the record, Seal Team 6, was called Chaney’s Execution Squad during the Bush Administration.

Attorney General Eric Holder defended as lawful on Tuesday the U.S. operation to go into Pakistan that resulted in the death of al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden and the taking of his body.

The acts taken were “lawful, legitimate and appropriate in every way. The people who were responsible for that action, both in the decision making and the effecting of that decision, handled themselves I think quite well,” Holder told the House of Representatives’ Judiciary Committee.

Now don’t get me wrong, I like the SEAL gang and all our troops in uniform, but I don’t like hypocritical political behavior. The only way Obama has a chance of being elected is by following Bush policies and the only way he managed to get elected was to sanctimoniously criticize Bush’s policies. There is a serious disconnect here. These Democrats are either stupid or extremely biased and hypocritical in their opinions on war, torture, and prisoners. All through history, war has been considered a serious business that required tough hard men to fight hard enough to win. The Democrats seem okay with that, if there is a Democrat in the White house.

Now why is an AG determining our legal status in another country’s sovereignty and declaring assassination as legal all of a sudden, but don’t you dare water board them or you will go to prison. Who needs the Sunday Funnies, we have the Holder Justice Department.

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Holder is an idiot. He says what he is told to say.

Holder is, no doubt, the holder of knowledge of many crimes by the Obama crowd, and that by this, he is a rank criminal himself. He’s a joke.

Some have suggested that, we don’t always get very good leaders; but the constant pressure of the public often results in them doing a few good things.

Since, Obama’s daughter is confirming, obviously they did take him down, photo or no photo (which could be Photoshopped anyway). She also confirmed he was unarmed and that the SEALS were not even fired upon.

Looks like they went in with guns blazing, however, I won’t second guess there as Intelligence has been dismal as it is.

But Holder is nothing more than a lackey and his ‘position’ is what he is told it will be.

If holder is a lawyer,I will be your next president.

As a campaigner and community agitator your precendent should lead the Easter Seals. The I and me speech last Sunday night was pathetic. Holder should go back to the American Criminal Liberties Union where he belongs. Pelosi is best suited for promoting abortion. America is hurting and this is the worst administration ever. A major clean up is needed.

Just wanted to share that I read osama went for a gun. As far as I’m concerned the shoot was clean. I don’t see our SEALs as murderers.
Don’t believe me? Read Sole Survivor.

Someone didn’t like my post, but without meaning to people are calling the SEALs murderers.
Granted he deserved to die armed or not, but it was not an execution. He reached for a gun and was killed for that reason.
In Sole Survivor a SEAL team came upon a 13 year old boy (IIRC). They had the choice of killing the boy or remaining undetected. They let the boy live. Yes, it cost most of the team their lives, but that is what they are made of.

Snipers shoot unarmed men. The mission is the mission. I don’t mean to demean the seals. The administration put themselves into a bad position with their ACLU lawyers and impossible rulings. They couldn’t bring this monster out alive.

Death of Osama a media joke..yes holter is a complete and incompetent idiot..that is why he works for opie, the terrorist whipe house occupant. Look at the first photo’s of the “situation rooom” which is a Wolfe Blitzer’s creation, cnn..Well look reallllly hard at the very 1st photos of the “room’ and those that followed. Notice a change in the table and the positions of the computers.. The recent real estate value of the whipe house went down, even tough a bb court was put in, the oral office was updated with a piece of garbage, illiterte carpet and a new chair was placed. Can some one tell me why the whipe house violated again the 1st Amendment in a recent Ca. article in the rather rude behavior of the, oh! lawyer wife of big ears……………IMPEACHMENT TIME.. The Seals in the raid..biden just tosted them and their famlies. OH! now the story goes that osama reached for a gun..funny the stories.. conspiracy yeas. When opie’s lips move, biden’s lips, holter’s and the rest of the garbage, you know they are lieing…….Smile America we are in the toilet and the average American does not even know his has been flushed.. America in already in the sewer..Chesty, where are you when we need you…Seals, SemperFi..carried more than one of you out of harm’s way.

This is a good post, Skookum, but the MSM likely feels that they can blame the SEALS that the governments version is being called into question and get away with it. SEALS FOLLOW ORDERS…..and who told us “Upon My Direction….”? Jeez! No matter how I squinch up my face, pinch my nose, and give that guy credit, he just rolls all over it….

For some reason, what I said above reminds me of a quail hunting day with my uncle years and years ago….he had the best pointers, male and female, I have ever seen, and had them both out that day. We were out in the middle of nowhere and came on a dead cow and a ripe one at that. The male pointer dived right in, got into that carcass and rolled all over it, needless to say, the stench was overpowering. The female pointer was standing aside watching that male frolic in that carcass and looking at him like he’d lost his mind. My uncle was screaming at the male, and said, lets get out of here! The male finally caught up with us and his coat, once white and spotted, was now green. Needless to say, we were about to puke for the next hour until we came upon a creek and my uncle grabbed that dog by the collar and got into the creek up to his knees (it was in the 30’s outside) and swirled that dog around until all the green was finally gone. The female didn’t get within ten yards of him for the rest of the day and my uncle was about ready to call it quits as he said that “#$#@^ dog can’t smell no quail anyway as he can only smell hisself”.

Anyway, for some reason that came to mind…this whole thing smells like that dead cow….and the dog


ESD, that’s the most classless, disgusting, make me want to puke story I’ve ever heard… I like it!


the MSM likely feels that they can blame the SEALS that the governments version is being called into question and get away with it. SEALS FOLLOW ORDERS…..and who told us “Upon My Direction….”?

Here’s why:

In an interview with PBS, Panetta told the network that the US Navy Seals made the final decision to kill bin Laden rather than the president.

We only know that we will never know for sure about this.
But it is starting to look like Obama, et al are prepping to throw our US Navy SEALs under the bus.
The Obama Admin is certainly distancing itself from the SEAL raid.

NanG, it won’t be the first time our soldiers have been thrown under the bus by this administration in the name of political correctness. I understand Obama is meeting with SEAL Team Six today at Ft. Campbell, Ky. (flying there from New York after his chance to “spike the ball”).

Perchance, is Eric Holder going with him?

It all depends on how much flak Obama catches from the international community (UN) over the “kill” of ObL. Being the cheap suit he is, if he gets much flak I fully expect him to throw SEAL Team Six under the bus wheels. After all, Obama has already let us know what side he is on, and it ain’t ours.

Look at it this way. UBL was behind the killings of thousands of people and publicly confessed to it numerous time making him a murderer. The punishment for that would be death. One way of carrying out a death sentence is with a firing squad. The person going in front of the firing squad is never armed. The SEALS were the firing squad and UBL was the murderer. No legal issue here. Case closed.

Holder’s going to have his hands full.
The UN Human Rights Commission is calling on the USA to explain how we did NOT violate the human rights of Osama!
They want the whole story.
Navi Pillay urged the United States to provide full details about what critics have called a summary execution.
I bet Holder serves up our SEALs to them, too.

Holder is not stupid. He is not incompetent.
He was hired to do a job, and he is doing that job to the best of his ability.
His job is to drag the United States down to third-world status.
His task is to shame us before the world.
His appointment was predicated on his ability to defend the Black Power movement and the radical Muslim extremists.
Do not doubt me.
It is no accident that the law firm from which he came defended several Guantanamo detainees, as if they were United States citizens.
Cruel? Yes. Wrong? Yes. Vicious? Yes. But not corrupt, incompetent, or unprincipled.
Name me another attorney who could carry on a prosecution of those who obtained the information which led to the assassination of ObL, after Zippy adorned him with SuperHero status for the same.

Skooum, We agree with you completely. That is exactly what my wife and I are thinking as this plays out. If it starts looking bad for OB, when will he throw the the Seals under the Bus? I hate to say that, and I pray it does not happen. But This current administration is plain evil. I know that may sound dramatic, over the top, paranoid, etc… But we have never seen an administration work so hard to change our country for the worse. And what was the real reason that OB had Bin laden killed. I mean why did he go against his own liberal beliefs? The bump in the polls is only for a while, he knows that. The risk he took was enormous for his political career. So why? How long did they know he was there? What is the story behind Pakistan, and BL? This story will take years to play out, but I bet there is much, much more than we know now. As for killing BL when and he did not have a weapon? So what? He was a mass murderer. Good riddance to bad trash. Its a shame that the missiles missed Gadaffi years ago too.

I’ve read storys of Israeli solders, who were given medals for killing unarmed Lebanese. In most rational peoples mind if a guy kills an enemy that may be armed but the situation is questionable, its considered putting the lives of his countrymen before the lives of the enemy. For the life of me, I don’t understand the policy of putting enemy solders lives before allied solders lives. If I were president, I would put in place a shoot first policy, it should be called the avoid a purple heart policy, or the don’t get your men killed policy. A good way to support the troops; get them home alive. Its an honorable thing to get a medal for an injury or die fighting for a cause but ROEs are a political thing. Who puts their countrymen first and who does not?….

Engagement is an interesting subject. I have to give any credit on the subject to the samurai, who have passed on the knowledge of engagement. Not even an atomic bomb took the fight out of the japanese and if you think the current disaster will, you know nothing of Japanese history. Truth is a man should use a firearm for his first defense, if you think your going to survive punching guys with guns; your an idiot! It only works for jackie Chan. The samurai used a sword or bow and trained with those weapons, most of them were not experts in unarmed combat as we think of it today. Those were the weapons of that time, we have new and better weapons now. Knives are best used as tools, they make a weapon if you have no gun but as the saying goes; “don’t bring a knife to a gun fight”…

Hundreds of years ago most martial arts experts knew only a few moves but they knew them well and they were deadly with them. Samurai were not UFC fighters! I practice 5 martial arts moves one is a throw your opponent off balance and leg sweep him and it works great, another is a move were you can disarm someone with a knife by slapping his wrist and it works every time, my favorite is a open hand slap to the liver and I personally have used it to drop a few bad apples, works like nothing else. My moves involve almost no thought and little movement, any fool could do them. Tell you what; if a guy ever tries to do a karate kid kick or a UFC move on me I will have him wetting himself. My moves are effective and involve little energy. The gun is more effective and involves less energy. My moves are good but which do you trust more?

I think hand to hand engagement is for sport and is good for health. For war or fighting; choose a gun. If your enemy can be killed before he can kill you; then you are a great fighter, in our day and age this can happen at a distance. The samurai also believed in keeping an enemy at a distance and killed with the very tip of the sword. If you were an enemy and on the battlefield the ROE would not help you. As far as taking the lives of innocents, the ROE may have some validity. I think telling a warrior to wait until he is staring down the barrel of a gun before he can shoot is incredibly stupid. If I were in that position… Well I will leave it at that.

No one will get thrown under the bus…or you will see Seal Team Six taking Eric Holder out for a swim.

On a side note, I belive today is the day the USS Michael Murphy is being commissioned here in Maine.

@Skookum: Fraud and deceit defines the Obama crowd.