Why you’re an idiot to believe anything Barack Obama says [Reader Post]


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Jim Geraghty said that all of Barack Obama’s statements come with an expiration date, and frequent readers of FA know I cite that all the time. Truer words were arguably never written. There is simply no question that Obama is an inherently dishonest man and events prove it time and time again. In a previous post it was shown that Senator Obama would have sought the impeachment of President Obama. This could be called Part II but it’s more than that. It just keeps getting worse.

Our Libyan mission is limited

Obama outlines limited U.S. role in Libya intervention

Obama told Congressional leaders that “he had not authorized troops on the ground or airplanes,” a staffer to one of the Congress members briefed Friday said on condition of anonymity. “He stressed the U.S. is diplomatically supporting the no-fly zone, not the enforcement itself.”

Obama stresses limited role as air strikes start

U.S. forces joined those of four other countries in launching strikes against Libya on Saturday and President Barack Obama insisted U.S. involvement was limited and only in support of an international effort.

Diplomatic only? No airplanes?

Storied B2 bomber launched first salvos in Libya

The world’s most expensive warplane rarely leaves its climate-controlled hangar but when it does, the B2 bomber makes a spectacularly effective start to a war — including during this weekend’s attack on Libya’s air defenses.


Obama vows U.S. role in Libya will be limited

Obama’s comments, a day after the U.N. Security Council authorized Great Britain and France to launch airstrikes to protect civilians and enforce a no-fly zone over Libya, signaled a circumscribed U.S. role in the troubled North African nation and came after a meeting with members of Congress, some of whom have voiced reservations about U.S. involvement.


Allies Expand Libya Military Campaign, Debate Command

Allied forces expanded their air campaign over Libya to thwart Muammar Qaddafi’s fighters and enable rebels to regain control of cities, as leaders debated who should be in overall control of the operation.

We’re not after Gaddafi

Mullen: Libyan mission is not designed to remove Gadhafi

President Obama, Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, and other U.S. officials have called for an end to the Gadhafi government, but that is not the goal of the coalition mission.

U.S. insists “we’re not hunting Qaddafi”

U.S.: Gaddafi not target of allied military action

Allied military action in Libya is aimed at protecting civilians, not targeting Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi, a senior White House official said on Monday.

That also didn’t last long

Coalition targets Gadhafi compound

A coalition military official confirmed to CNN that the compound was targeted because it contains capabilities to exercise command and control over Libyan forces. The coalition’s goal is to degrade Gadhafi’s military capabilities.

The official, who was not identified because of the sensitivity of the information, insisted that neither Gadhafi nor his residence was the intended target. The leader’s whereabouts were not known.

Gaddafi’s compound was bombed because he was not a target.

Gaddafi’s complex bombed again

Muammar Gaddafi’s Tripoli compound was rocked by blasts for a second night, his southern strongholds targeted and a navy base bombed as international criticism mounted over the air assault on Libya.

We won’t impose

Obama told the BBC

“But, rather what I believe to be universal principles that they can embrace and affirm as part of their national identity, the danger, I think, is when the United States, or any country, thinks that we can simply impose these values on another country with a different history and a different culture.

In his Cairo speech:

“No system of government can or should be imposed upon one nation by any other.”


White House aims to ‘install’ democracy in Libya

The White House is shifting toward the more aggressive goal in Libya of ousting President Moammar Gadhafi and “installing a democratic system,” actions that fall outside the United Nations Security Council resolution under which an international coalition is now acting, according to a conversation between President Obama and Turkey’s prime minister.

Gaddafi must go


‘I have stated that it is US policy that Gaddafi needs to go.’

Then (a clear signal the no-fly zone effort is going to fall apart or fail)

Obama says Qadhafi could stay

President Obama indicated on Tuesday that Muammar Qadhafi may still have an opportunity to “change his approach” and put in place “significant reforms” in the Libyan government.


White House denies regime change is part of Libya mission

The White House strongly denied Tuesday that regime change is part of its mission in Libya, despite a statement earlier in the day that characterized the goal there as “installing a democratic system.”

Obama administration struggles to define American mission in Libya

The Obama administration scrambled to define the U.S. mission in Libya on Tuesday amid congressional criticism that it has not clearly explained its endgame for the war-torn country.

The White House strongly denied that regime change is part of its mission after a statement earlier in the day characterized the goal there as “installing a democratic system.”

A look back

“I will only send you into harm’s way when it is absolutely necessary, and with the strategy, the well-defined goals, the equipment and the support you need to get the job done,”

No boots on the ground

Don’t let it slip your mind that Obama promised us this:

“As I said yesterday, we will not – I repeat – we will not deploy any US troops on the ground,” Obama said.

But I just saw this:

We’ve seen Camp Lejuene marines in Iraq and Afghanistan and now they are joining the fight against Libya. 2200 marines from the 26th Marine Expeditionary Unit, or 26th MEU will take part. Their mission is to help end the violence directed at the Libyan people.


We’ll see if that actually translates into boots on the ground, but given the deception thus far it would not surprise me one bit since it’s quite the task to protect civilians on the ground with bombs from the air.

There is a story underneath all of these reports and that story is the persistent pattern of deceit and dishonesty on the part of Barack Obama. He apparently lied to Congressional leaders as well as the entire country right from the beginning of this operation. And the lies keep coming. It is entirely reasonable to assert that whatever Barack Obama says, it will be false. It is entirely reasonable to assert that one can count on the exact opposite occurring.

You are an idiot if you take him at his word.



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@rich wheeler:
Rich, it would be nice to have a president whose word we could trust.
Maybe we never will again.
Maybe ”Honest Abe” was a myth.

But Obama is the antithesis of “Honest Abe.”

We literally have to check every utterance out of Obama’s mouth.
We usually find he very carefully parsed his words if not out-and-out lied.

Sure, sometimes he also says things that turn out to be merely uninformed*; that’s not a lie.

But when he leaves out all of the interest on the debt in order to make his budget look OK, he is LYING.
When he makes up a category for ”saved jobs” when we are losing jobs as the entire workforce shrinks, he is LYING.
When he says going into Libya is on our interests, then does not make any case for that whatsoever, he is LYING.
Obama lies.
A lot.

*”The police acted stupidly.”

@NanG and Dr.J

Thank you for picking me up on the comments by RW to my post. It is hard to keep up with such nonsense at times.

You’re welcome.

BTW, Obama came out and said he would NOT throw out the first pitch at the Nationals opening game this year.
It is a tradition, but Obama’s not too good at it, so, it ends.
The Nationals announced Monday evening that five flag officers representing each branch of the U.S. military will throw out the ceremonial first pitch before the team’s game against their division rival the Atlanta Braves.
So, that’s an improvement.
I just hope on this we can trust Obama to keep his word and stay away from Opening Day.

Video compares Obama’s first pitch with Bush’s:

Geez JohnG.#105 I apologize for the stress I’ve caused you.Didn’t realize you couldn’t cut it yourself. I’ll certainly let up. Maybe your continued “adoration” of Dr. John will prove helpful.

@rich wheeler:

RW, you hardly stress me out. I was simply referring to your ability to comment incessantly on FA, while some of us actually have things to do away from the computer. It’s small wonder that someone who looks at Obama’s hypocrisy and lies as simple human failings would read into my comment #105 something that isn’t there.

As for Dr.J, I don’t have adoration for him, just simple respect. I even, if you can believe it, respect Obama himself, although I disagree with his actions and words. I have respect for you and Greg as well, although your blindness towards common sense and truth amazes me at times.

John G. I appreciate your respect and that shown our President.
Off subect A good day for Repubs. Marco Rubio left open THE POSSIBILITY he would accept V.P. nom.His inclusion would solidify Fla.,deep south and probably N.C. and Va. His Latin heritage and immigrant story would put N.M.,Nev.and Col. in play. Romney at top could carry Mich,(his father was Gov.),Ohio and with Pa.game over for Dems. Romney’s indie strength would keep BHO bottled up defending Cal,Mass and N.J.
Exit question Can Romney win nom?

I wonder if any polling organization will take up the question of, “Do you trust Barack Obama with the Nation’s security ( or well-being or however one wants to term it)?” Depending on the the sampling, I’m guessing the results would be pretty bad for Obama. How does one keep faith with the supposed Leader of the Free World who purposefully obscures his own background and political track record? The American people generally are ready to lay aside policy differences in times of war or uh, kinetic military action but I’m afraid Obama doesn’t have that reserve of goodwill. I wonder if he realizes its his own fault? Note to Obama: actually put that “transparency” you’ve talked about into action. Might help in a lot of ways. The odds of that happening are, I’m afraid, pretty small.

@ConservUSA: #110
Even if you just ask, “Do you trust Barack Obama, “Most people would say, “No.”

@Smorgasbord: I agree: Mr. All My Pronouncements Have a Sell-By Date has turned off pretty much everybody except for a small but loud minority-the MSM.

@ConservUSA: #112
I call them “The propaganda media” because that is all they are now.

@rich wheeler: mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
Obama’s sweet truths are the ribbon of caramel that run through the artisanally crafted massive pooh they try and get us to swallow!