Why you’re an idiot to believe anything Barack Obama says [Reader Post]


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Jim Geraghty said that all of Barack Obama’s statements come with an expiration date, and frequent readers of FA know I cite that all the time. Truer words were arguably never written. There is simply no question that Obama is an inherently dishonest man and events prove it time and time again. In a previous post it was shown that Senator Obama would have sought the impeachment of President Obama. This could be called Part II but it’s more than that. It just keeps getting worse.

Our Libyan mission is limited

Obama outlines limited U.S. role in Libya intervention

Obama told Congressional leaders that “he had not authorized troops on the ground or airplanes,” a staffer to one of the Congress members briefed Friday said on condition of anonymity. “He stressed the U.S. is diplomatically supporting the no-fly zone, not the enforcement itself.”

Obama stresses limited role as air strikes start

U.S. forces joined those of four other countries in launching strikes against Libya on Saturday and President Barack Obama insisted U.S. involvement was limited and only in support of an international effort.

Diplomatic only? No airplanes?

Storied B2 bomber launched first salvos in Libya

The world’s most expensive warplane rarely leaves its climate-controlled hangar but when it does, the B2 bomber makes a spectacularly effective start to a war — including during this weekend’s attack on Libya’s air defenses.


Obama vows U.S. role in Libya will be limited

Obama’s comments, a day after the U.N. Security Council authorized Great Britain and France to launch airstrikes to protect civilians and enforce a no-fly zone over Libya, signaled a circumscribed U.S. role in the troubled North African nation and came after a meeting with members of Congress, some of whom have voiced reservations about U.S. involvement.


Allies Expand Libya Military Campaign, Debate Command

Allied forces expanded their air campaign over Libya to thwart Muammar Qaddafi’s fighters and enable rebels to regain control of cities, as leaders debated who should be in overall control of the operation.

We’re not after Gaddafi

Mullen: Libyan mission is not designed to remove Gadhafi

President Obama, Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, and other U.S. officials have called for an end to the Gadhafi government, but that is not the goal of the coalition mission.

U.S. insists “we’re not hunting Qaddafi”

U.S.: Gaddafi not target of allied military action

Allied military action in Libya is aimed at protecting civilians, not targeting Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi, a senior White House official said on Monday.

That also didn’t last long

Coalition targets Gadhafi compound

A coalition military official confirmed to CNN that the compound was targeted because it contains capabilities to exercise command and control over Libyan forces. The coalition’s goal is to degrade Gadhafi’s military capabilities.

The official, who was not identified because of the sensitivity of the information, insisted that neither Gadhafi nor his residence was the intended target. The leader’s whereabouts were not known.

Gaddafi’s compound was bombed because he was not a target.

Gaddafi’s complex bombed again

Muammar Gaddafi’s Tripoli compound was rocked by blasts for a second night, his southern strongholds targeted and a navy base bombed as international criticism mounted over the air assault on Libya.

We won’t impose

Obama told the BBC

“But, rather what I believe to be universal principles that they can embrace and affirm as part of their national identity, the danger, I think, is when the United States, or any country, thinks that we can simply impose these values on another country with a different history and a different culture.

In his Cairo speech:

“No system of government can or should be imposed upon one nation by any other.”


White House aims to ‘install’ democracy in Libya

The White House is shifting toward the more aggressive goal in Libya of ousting President Moammar Gadhafi and “installing a democratic system,” actions that fall outside the United Nations Security Council resolution under which an international coalition is now acting, according to a conversation between President Obama and Turkey’s prime minister.

Gaddafi must go


‘I have stated that it is US policy that Gaddafi needs to go.’

Then (a clear signal the no-fly zone effort is going to fall apart or fail)

Obama says Qadhafi could stay

President Obama indicated on Tuesday that Muammar Qadhafi may still have an opportunity to “change his approach” and put in place “significant reforms” in the Libyan government.


White House denies regime change is part of Libya mission

The White House strongly denied Tuesday that regime change is part of its mission in Libya, despite a statement earlier in the day that characterized the goal there as “installing a democratic system.”

Obama administration struggles to define American mission in Libya

The Obama administration scrambled to define the U.S. mission in Libya on Tuesday amid congressional criticism that it has not clearly explained its endgame for the war-torn country.

The White House strongly denied that regime change is part of its mission after a statement earlier in the day characterized the goal there as “installing a democratic system.”

A look back

“I will only send you into harm’s way when it is absolutely necessary, and with the strategy, the well-defined goals, the equipment and the support you need to get the job done,”

No boots on the ground

Don’t let it slip your mind that Obama promised us this:

“As I said yesterday, we will not – I repeat – we will not deploy any US troops on the ground,” Obama said.

But I just saw this:

We’ve seen Camp Lejuene marines in Iraq and Afghanistan and now they are joining the fight against Libya. 2200 marines from the 26th Marine Expeditionary Unit, or 26th MEU will take part. Their mission is to help end the violence directed at the Libyan people.


We’ll see if that actually translates into boots on the ground, but given the deception thus far it would not surprise me one bit since it’s quite the task to protect civilians on the ground with bombs from the air.

There is a story underneath all of these reports and that story is the persistent pattern of deceit and dishonesty on the part of Barack Obama. He apparently lied to Congressional leaders as well as the entire country right from the beginning of this operation. And the lies keep coming. It is entirely reasonable to assert that whatever Barack Obama says, it will be false. It is entirely reasonable to assert that one can count on the exact opposite occurring.

You are an idiot if you take him at his word.



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Can you imagine when he runs again, the amount of video that can be used to show how badly he lied and contradicted himself?

This meathead could never ever run my business, let alone this country for another four years.

Dr J. Saw the headline and knew it had to be your post. Easy.
You’ve been clear you are against this action and believe in hands off Gadhafi.
Just don’t start posting HIS daily civilian casualty reports or his propaganda. Thanks

Semper Fi Marines are ready to go but don’t think you’ll see them on the ground in Libya.

I like Canada’s response. 6 F-18’s and probably our worst pilots from Bagotville, Quebec.
It’s like saying, we’re with you and hopefully our mother in law can help.

I’m not sure I’m partial to the strong title Dr J, but Obama is not made of teflon like B Clinton. His problems seem to stick.

On another note if you have read up on Gulf War 1 history, I would be much more happy to see a solution like Gen Stiner’s approach Gen Stiner was an SF operator who understood unconventional warfare. From memory; his idea consisted of finding opposition forces, providing weapons, resources and support and assainating opposition leaders. As well as uniting otherwise separate tribes into an aggressive fighting force which would have likely stopped sadam in my oppinon.

@rich wheeler: Hey Rich

Firstly, thanks for reading.

Secondly, the absence of any disagreement with the content represents a tacit approval- so thanks again.

This Obama action is grotesque. Had he come to the American people early on I think he could have sold it. He waited too long and this is a penny ante response. As bad as this may end up, thank God it wasn’t a crisis directly affecting the US or we would be totally screwed. He is approaching this as though it was a trap- which it could end up being. But this is not a good time for caution when the primary concern is not American soldiers, but his own political ass.

He’s violated absolutely every one of bullsh*t platitudes in the process of screwing this up.

“Coalition of the unwilling.” You have to love it.

I said right from the beginning that we have no business in a civil war and you really should be congratulating me for adhering to everything Obama said he stood for.

Have a great day! 🙂

@Zac: Zac,
I do not back away from that title one micron. It is the truth.

“We’ll see if that actually translates into boots on the ground…”

They’re already there.

“In Libya right now they are doing exactly what we need them to do. They are doing what they are told and right now that’s protecting Libyan people against Qadhafi forces,” said Captain Timothy Patrick, a Marine with the 26th MEU.


@arb: arb

I did link that but I’m not sure it means that the Marines are on Libya soil as opposed to the Kearsarge.

I took the words “in Libya” to mean “in Libya,” but we shall see. I agree with your overall premise about Obama and his expiration date statements.

Awesome! Another Anti-Obama post at Flopping Aces…meanwhile the Republicans, who own the House, have nothing to say about budget-busting illegal war.

Why not a reader’s post about how the Republican House broke every spending promise they made in November? Nah, that would be intellectually honest and we need more Anti-Obama articles because we don’t post enough!

Part on with the Anti-Obama tirade.

Dr. J. Like I ‘ve said you’ve made clear your position.If and when you appear to support or believe Gadhafi over the POTUS and allied forces I will call you on it.
I’ve also said and believe your PERSONAL hatred of Obama has clouded your judgement.

@rich wheeler: I don’t want the US military put at risk for this at all. Libya is not even remotely a threat to the US.

Barack Obama is a pathetic impostor. He is the wrong Alinskyite for the job.

@Ivan: Are they not trying to cut? And what are the Democrats doing other than blocking everything they’re doing?

Speaking in Chile to defend his decision to launch Operation Odyssey Dawn, President Obama couldn’t resist taking a swipe at George Bush, in a clumsy attempt to make himself look superior.

As reported by Fox News, the President declared: “In the past there have been times when the United States acted unilaterally or did not have full international support, and as a consequence typically it was the United States military that ended up bearing the entire burden.”

As the folks at Fox quickly pointed out, Bush actually had twice as many international allies for the invasion of Iraq as Obama has put together for his adventure in Libya.


Geez, that Obama’s got so much class…..


@Ivan: Are they not trying to cut? And what are the Democrats doing other than blocking everything they’re doing?

Give me a list of the PROPOSED government departments which will be cut. Don’t try and BS me with some symbolic $60 billion-out of a $1.7 TRILLON deficit-I want to see something real. I know you’re easily impressed, I’m not fooled though.

Btw, $60 billion out of a $3.8 TRILLION budget comes to….1.5% cut.

Laughable. Truly and breathtakingly laughable. Especially now that we’re in a third war.

@Ivan: Don’t assume for one moment that I’m happy with that. Damned Democrats raised the US budget $1 trillion in 4 years and no one can cut a thing?


The 26th MEU is engaged in airborne strikes on Libya soon to be replaced by 22nd MEU.

The only times they touched the ground in Libya was 1)when they picked up those two downed pilots and 2)when they helped evacuate foreigners.
From the link:
“…..troops from the 26th MEU launched a second round of bombing strikes ….”
“Earlier, elements of the MEU helped evacuate Egyptians leaving the country from the Tunisian border.”

Both CNN and Fox just reported about 6 missile strikes in Tripoli.


@Ivan: Don’t assume for one moment that I’m happy with that. Damned Democrats raised the US budget $1 trillion in 4 years and no one can cut a thing?

Then stop apologizing for them. Boehner should step down over his incompetence w/r/t the horrific budget debacle. He’s not much different when it comes to irresponsible spending and Pelosi.

He should step down and have a good cry.

@Ivan: Huh?

I’m ALL for letting the government shut down- especially the Executive Branch. And I do think Boehner is a wuss. I want to see the same venom that oozed out of Pelosi. I want to see the same “take no prisoners” attitude. I want to see the same “I won” lack of collegiality I saw in Democrats.


We’ve got three intransigent bodies when it comes to getting a long term budget passed.
The House had a Republican plan with $100 billion in cuts.
Of that Dick Durban Dem Senator, Ill, said: We learned… that the House Republican budget with $100 billion in cuts was not going to pass the U.S. Senate.
We had a Senate Democrat plan with only $10 billion in cuts.
Of that Dick Durban Dem Senator, Ill, said: We learned at the same time that the Senate Democratic alternative wouldn’t pass either.
We also have Obama, President, Dem.
If Senate Dems get Obama to sign off on a plan (a big IF) there’s no guarantee the House will sign off on it, as it will be a small, tiny cut in the budget.

So, there’s plenty of blame to go around.
And, if men want to cry, it’s OK by me.
We’re heading toward a shutdown because nearly every cut Obama was on board with for the whole year has already been cut in the two continuing resolutions, the 2 week and the 3 week one.
So, Obama might even veto a continuing resolution, if another one makes it to him.

Edited to source Durbin’s quote.

Obama, like most of the left doesn’t believe in much of anything. Whereas “we” might believe in the gist of Locke’s Second Treatise, and thus have the concept of natural rights and limited government guide our politcal actions, the left and Obama have feelings.

They like the concept of transferring wealth because it makes them feel good. They like opposing war because it makes them feel good. They like intervening on a humanitarian basis because it makes them feel good.

Those with a true belief system tend to stay on a steady course. Those who follow their feeling flit from position to position depending on what tugs at their heart strings at that particular moment.

I really get a laugh from Andrea Kramer at M(eth) S NBC. She was trying to organize ” a ticker tape parade” for the organization of the coalition sponsored by Ear Leader. It was Sarkozy of France that led the way.
Germany now has left the coalition and it is falling apart. What sort of damage contol will she use now?

There’s no denying Obama has taken a rather circuitous route getting to where he is on this, so charges that Obama has been indecisive are par for the course, but how do you arrive at him being a “liar” because his Libyan policy shifted as events on the ground changed dramatically? Obama clearly wanted no part of this, but within his administration there was always a vigorous debate between anti and pro-interventionists. And then two things happened: 1) the rebels started losing badly, and 2) Quadaffi started shelling and bombing his own civilian population. Whether or not you agree with the intervention, you can’t deny how powerfully news of attacks against civilians changed the playing field. So I ask, the idea that the US g0venment shouldn’t refine policy based on new information and/or changing events seems rather simplistic no?

Since you seem to enjoy the 180 degree flip-flop, here’s a much more compelling example. Would this make anyone who believes Newt Gingrich an idiot?

VAN SUSTEREN: What would you do about Libya?

GINGRICH: Exercise a no-fly zone this evening, communicate to the Libyan military that Gadhafi was gone and that the sooner they switch sides, the more like they were to survive, provided help to the rebels to replace him. I mean, the idea that we’re confused about a man who has been an anti-American dictator since 1969 just tells you how inept this administration is. They were very quick to jump on Mubarak, who was their ally for 30 years, and they were confused about getting rid of Gadhafi. This is a moment to get rid of him. Do it. Get it over with.

VAN SUSTEREN: And why do you think — you say you think it’s ineptitude is why the pause or there’s different political…


VAN SUSTEREN: … or different diplomacy?

GINGRICH: I think the most generous comment would be ineptitude. It’s also an ideological problem. The United States doesn’t need anybody’s permission. We don’t need to have NATO, who frankly, won’t bring much to the fight. We don’t need to have the United Nations. All we have to say is that we think that slaughtering your own citizens is unacceptable and that we’re intervening. And we don’t have to send troops. All we have to do is suppress his air force, which we could do in minutes. And then we have to say publicly that he is gone, that the military should switch sides now, and we should help the rebels. And if that means getting them weapons or whatever it means, the fact that there’s no more Libyan air power and the fact that the United States has publicly come out for decisively replacing him, I suspect the military will dump him.


GINGRICH: The standard [Obama] has fallen back to of humanitarian intervention could apply to Sudan, to North Korea, to Zimbabwe, to Syria this week, to Yemen, to Bahrain. This isn’t a serious standard. This is a public relations conversation.

LAUER: Do you think Moammar Qaddafi has to go as a result of this intervention?

GINGRICH: Let me draw the distinction. I would not have intervened. I think there were a lot of other ways to affect Qaddafi. I think there are a lot of other allies in the region we could have worked with. I would not have used American and European forces.

On the first day of the so called “no fly zone” operation, 124 tomahawk missiles were fired. Of them 122 were American the other 2 were British and we know where those 2 went. Sounds like one hell of a diplomatic involvement to me.

Marines on the ground are only transiting to Iraq or Afghanistan……they are replacing another Marine troop who are returning stateside.


Oh, Tom!
Good for you!

There’s no denying Obama has taken a rather circuitous route getting to where he is on this, so charges that Obama has been indecisive are par for the course, but how do you arrive at him being a “liar” because his Libyan policy shifted as events on the ground changed dramatically?

Remember the ”Bush Lied, People Died,” cry?

I didn’t buy into that and I don’t buy into Obama being a liar in this case, either.
Facts are facts, but when we deal with closed societies, like Iraq, Afghanistan or Libya, not all facts are known.
Still a Chief Executive must make decisions.
He can only base those decisions on the facts he has at hand as well as his philosophy.
IF more facts come out later, he can and sometimes MUST adjust his plans.

What is the old military saying?
No battle plan lasts beyond the first engagement?
Something like that.

Dr J. Do you really believe Gadhafi forces have not attacked unarmed civilians?Lies from a liberal press you say.What are you a cheerleader for this madman?Your hatred for Obama replaced by a trust in Gadhafi? SAD
Exit Questions Do you believe Saddam attacked and terrorized unarmed civilians or were those reports fabricated as well?
Did liberal press make up Lockerbie and Berlin disco bombings?

@drjohn:Well Dr.J I don’t care that much about your title, I just get tired of the name calling. What I do care about is a solution. Now that US is probably on Gaddafis terrorist hit list and you don’t agree we should be there in the first place, what do we do in you opinion Dr j? I agree with you on Obama but its not an easy situation to deal with, even if we had a different president. What do we do Dr J?

The “comedy” gets better by the hour. The Whitehouse says this is not a war. The Norwegians are pulling their naval ships back. This non war has 162 cruise missile strikes, not aimed at Kdaffy. There are air strikes and ineffective AAA counterfire. Now Yemen is brewing into another non war. Norway and others are complaining of the non leadership of this non war. The UN is dithering on leadership as usual.

In Washington today, Jamie Gorelick may be a nominee for FBI Director. I can’t make this stuff up!

While Obama lies quite a bit, I think his level of incompetence leads to more waffling and flip-flopping on issues.

So often Obama will say something I agree with….then he will flip to another policy and act on that.
Other times Obama said, if you vote for me X,Y & Z will all happen that I disagree with. (Closing Gitmo, for example)
Then, when the reality of the world hits him between the eyes, Obama does the right thing.
(Keeping Gitmo open, for example.)

Dr. J. So sorry your new best friend Col. G’s compound is being rattled.Both BHO and HRC say regime change is AMERICAN policy. “With extreme predjudice” All the better.

Is that your “mission accomplished” banner, rich?

BTW, I know you’ve said before that once troops were committed, you support the CiC. But were you a supporter of Iraq and Afghanistan?

DrJohn: Would you care to link such a claim? Or are we operating on your belief system again?

drj, I can’t speak for Hillary, but the Zero was back into “regime change” form during his Latin trip just a couple of days ago.

U.S. President Barack Obama reiterated his prior calls for regime change in Libya on Monday during a televised press conference from Chile, the second stop of his three-country visit to Latin America this week.

“It is U.S. policy that Gaddafi needs to go,” he said. “We’ve got a wide range of tools in addition to our military efforts to support that policy.”

“[W]e will continue to pursue those, but when it comes to our military action, we are doing so in support of United Nations Security Council resolution 1973 that specifically talks about humanitarian efforts, and we are going to make sure that we stick to that mandate,” Obama continued

Sounds pretty definite to me. But then, that was more than a few minutes ago….. LOL

Hillary as well as members of the Arab League admit that they are getting calls from Gaddafi’s inner circle to figure out a way to get out safely.
The aim of the missiles is to take out anti-aircraft.
The ”minders” propaganda took CNN reporter to a navy base hit by missiles and claimed it was civilian….well, technically he called the dead, ”our people.”

@rich wheeler: Have you read about how Gen Stiner made plans to avoid an actual war with Saddam Hussein prior to WW1? Or how Regan fought the USSR in Afghanistan? Some of my relatives are still upset about that from what I hear. I know it was on short notice to employ such a technique but why have a full scale war when you could break your enemys spirit without declaring “war” until its necessary? We stand to gain a few allies in the process.

I’m not sure your approach would work Dr J, Americans seem to be the only ones who the Obama can hand his dirty laundry to. The UN and the Arab League seem to be immune to the Obama charm. That being said you came up with a better plan then I’ve heard from the WH Dr J.

DR J. I would certainly hope you before me. Come out of your bunker, open your eyes ,and watch fair and balanced Fox. We know they’re not in BHO’S tank. Are they?

OORAH U.S. Marines were on ground to rescue downed pilots.

War is peace.
Freedom is slavery.
Ignorance is strength.
George Orwell

Today Obama bought into Orwell’s language:

President Obama defended his Nobel Peace Prize on Tuesday, saying that Americans “don’t see any contradiction” in him ordering an attack on Libya to make sure “people aren’t butchered because of a dictator who wants to cling to power.
I am accustomed to this contradiction of being both a commander-in-chief but also someone who aspires to peace.”


Dr. J. No I don’t, but both Ronald Reagan and Barack Obama have gone after Col.K and I’m good to go on this miscreant.

Mata I believe “W”s swaggering shipboard “mission accomplished” marked the beginning of his sharp descent in popularity.His actions during Katrina completed it.
I support American troops wherever they are sent by the CIC. I don’t believe an up or down vote should be required but I do believe both Congress and more importantly the American people should be kept fully informed.I’ll be suprised if BHO doesn’t speak directly to us in the next few days.

Only with you and your fellow lib/progs, rich wheeler. We conservatives had our disappointment in his domestic spending policies, not his foreign policy.

And yes, Mr. Face Time will be addressing us. That’s news? I’ve never seen a guy babble so much and say so little…. He’s quite tiresome. Even my Mother, a registered Dem, turns him off and can’t listen to him. But yep… a few days go by, polls come out, his finger comes out of his posterior and waggles in the wind for the public opinion… yep. He’s due. Unfashionably late as usual.


Gaddafi’s compound struck for the fifth time while not being a target.

Come on, guys. We’re being led by a pathological liar.

Interesting that on your own post about flip-floppers being liars you’d push your new “Blood-thirsty Obama wants to kill Gaddafi” trope. Perhaps you forgot your post of March 6th, where you laid your case for the close relationship between Obama and Gaddafi driving US policy:

The linkages between Barack Obama, Lewis Farrakhan, Jeremiah Wright and Muammar Gaddafi are plentiful.
But perhaps there is more to this latest Presidential impotence:

ROSEMONT, Ill. – Nation of Islam Minister Louis Farrakhan says Moammar Gadhafi has always been a friend and he won’t distance himself from the Libyan dictator.
Farrakhan spoke Sunday at the Chicago-based organization Saviours’ Day convention.
Farrakhan didn’t talk specifics about the deadly uprisings in Libya, but the 77-year-old said no leader has been loved by 100 percent of his people.

It seems that union leaders give Obama his walking orders and one cannot help but wonder if Wright and Farrakhan have strong input into his foreign policy.

Well I guess that post explains why the US didn’t take part in the intervention in Libya. Oh, wait a second….

So what’s the story, Dr. John? Are you a liar because you’ve flopped from writing about how Obama takes his marching orders from Gadaffi to writing about how Obama wants to murder Gaddafi? Or would you prefe to just come clean and admit that your post of March 6th was complete bunk without a shred of evidence? Or should we just conclude that you reflexively write against Obama regardless of the circumstances and unaware of your own contradictions?

I wonder, hypothetically, if Obama had not supported an intervention in Libya, what post you’d be writing now? Would it be one in praise of Obama for prudently keeping the US out of Libya, since we have “no business in a civil war?” Just kidding.

“It is entirely reasonable to assert that whatever Barack Obama says, it will be false.”

Obama and the other democrats know that they can say anything and the propaganda media will go along with it.  Even when they slip up and tell the truth like Nancy Peloci´s, ¨We have to pass the bill so you can see what is in it,¨ the propaganda media will either ignore it or try to defend it.  The great thing about being a democrat is that you never have to remember what you have said.

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