He’s only your President if you belong to a union [Reader Post]


The Wisconsin Teachers Union spills the beans. Their motto has been revealed.

“Screw the children. It’s all about me”

In 1981 PATCO, the air traffic controllers’ union went on an illegal strike. Pres. Ronald Reagan ordered them back to work with small success. Reagan fired those who ignored the return to work order. The time has come for this to happen again.

As Skookum has posted, Barack Obama has sided with the teachers’ union. This is no surprise as he has rescued unions at great cost to Americans at large. There’s more to this story. A lot more. Democrats are making a hobby out of opposing the will of the American voter.

In Wisconsin Democrats abandoned their obligations as representatives of the voters. They left the state in order to stymie a vote to end collective bargaining. The bottom line is that the runaway union gravy train is poised to be derailed.

Unions still could represent workers, but could not seek pay increases above those pegged to the Consumer Price Index unless approved by a public referendum. Unions also could not force employees to pay dues and would have to hold annual votes to stay organized.

To add to the horror:

…the legislation also would make public workers pay half the costs of their pensions and at least 12.6 percent of their health care coverage — increases Walker calls “modest” compared with those in the private sector.

It’s tragic having to pay a tiny amount of your health care and actually contribute your own money to your pension so that no one loses his or her job.

Wisconsin teachers have effectively gone on strike, calling for demonstrations Friday and Saturday. After all the kerfuffle about Sarah Palin and “reload” and cross hairs on maps Democrats and their union villainy have gone off the deep end of hate imagery.

It’s well known that Wisconsin, like many states, has been facing a fiscal crisis for some time. A $3.6 billion deficit looms. Governor Scott Walker has warned that as many as 10-12,000 workers could be laid off if his proposals are defeated.

Teachers dragged their students to the protest and some students had no idea why they were there.

Many of the hundreds of Madison East High School students didn’t know why their teachers brought them to the union protests at the Wisconsin Capitol Tuesday. But they knew they were just happy to be out of class. See this raw video from today’s government union rally in opposition to Governor Scott Walker’s budget.

The Democrats who deserted their posts have decided to hold the government hostage.

State Senator Mark Miller, a member of the missing band of Wisconsin Democratic lawmakers who fled Madison Thursday to avoid a vote on a budget bill, called into CNN with the group’s list of demands for Republican Gov. Scott Walker.

Miller put a keen sense of humor on display.

Asked about the deficit the state is facing, Miller said Walker is ignoring the economy’s recovery, which makes reigning in union benefits unnecessary.

Gallup Finds U.S. Unemployment Up to 10.0% in Mid-February

They’re lucky to have a job and they still want to be able to pry open the pockets of the taxpayers of Wisconsin at their whim and without conscience.

So who could possibly be behind such loathsome actions? Who else?

Barack Obama.

The Democratic National Committee’s Organizing for America arm — the remnant of the 2008 Obama campaign — is playing an active role in organizing protests against Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker’s attempt to strip most public employees of collective bargaining rights.

Remember when Obama said that everyone was going to have some skin in the game?

What he meant was that unions are going to get your skin. All of it. You will make all the sacrifice. Obama is the President of those who belong to unions in this country and if you’re not, you’re SOL.

It’d be really interesting to learn whether teachers have the right to strike in Wisconsin. Teachers’ strikes were deemed illegal in Washington. Wisconsin teachers have stolen time from the classroom and probably expect to be paid for it. Firing them and hiring new teachers who are looking for jobs could be a great way to see if the money of Wisconsin taxpayers was being well spent.

But we’d need a President of all the people and not just his favorites.

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Hmm, I have no sorrow for the Unions in WI if they get lay off notices if the pension plan doesn’t get passed. Their refusal to acknowledge that the State is going broke and the Taxpayer base can not be further tapped for revenue shows they are living in a fantasy land. They want higher taxes on the State residents to afford their pensions, the State will see the same fate of California and New York State in terms discussing either to Default on debts or seek a risky idea of seeking a Federal Bailout (which would invoke a new series of Lawsuits from various States to halt the Bailout for various reasons.)

If the State of WI is forced to Default, all the pensions and various contracts with the public sector unions will be made void AND the public sector labor force could see a massive termination of jobs instead of a lay off.

This is merely the culmination of the entitlement mentality. Money is created from thin air and I deserve my fair share.

Why not pass a law that taxes government employees at a much higher rate? The state pays it out, then collects it. Show them “skin in the game”.


Money is created from thin air and I deserve my fair share.

No, money is STOLEN by evil rich people, especially corporations, from poor people. The government MUST step in and STEAL the money back so the poor people can have their fair share.

To the liberal mind, money can’t be created, only transferred: it’s a zero-sum game. Rich people are only rich because they exploited the poor out of their rightful wealth. Poor people are only poor because the rich people took all their money. See the chain of victimhood here?

I’d like to propose a social experiment. This is a free country, and I think a free country should decide, in a manner fair to everyone, how big and involved in our daily lives our Federal government should be.

To that end, I propose that, since Republicans are for smaller government and lower taxes, everyone registered Republican should be given a lower tax rate than everyone registered Democrat. Democrats want more government involvement, and therefore higher taxes, so they should be given the opportunity to contribute more than those who disagree with them.

The Liberals will say “That’s not equal treatment under the law, it’s unjust”, but here’s the rub: no one is forcing them to register Democrat. If they’d prefer to pay fewer taxes, and therefore “vote” for less government, they can register Republican. For that matter, they can even still vote Democrat, regardless of how they’ve registered. Free country, right?

How do you suppose this would play out?

(Curiously enough, there is more Constitutional precedence for levying a special tax against certain classes of people than there is support for mandating individuals to purchase a product from the private sector (health insurance). )

Ever since I’ve been alive–little over three decades now–it seems whenever politicians need to make cuts in their budget, teachers are the first to feel the knife. No wonder we rate so low in the world regarding education. We are now feeling the cumulative effects of this behavior. How can we expect to retain good teachers when we remunerate them in this way? Actually, we need to reduce politicians’ pay and benefits–we can always get second rate politicians–like we have in abundance–but cannot always get first rate teachers–like we need. I do not necessarily feel teachers’ salaries and benefits out-of-line with middle class aspiration. The business in Wisconsin is mainly about their rights to bargain collectively so they can protect their incomes in the future.

Majority rules. Obama has forgotten, or is ignoring lawful elections. He’s made a BIG mistake in going against a lawfully elected WI governor. If only the 48% of those who like him today were interested in facts, and not celebrity.

Obama’s actions have actually hurt him in the polls. Remember Bush Sr. lost the second election when he polled 47%. Rasmussen Reports has his recent poll at 46%, the Gallup poll and CBS has him at 48%.

OK. Enough of this Crap. I take exception to my long standing Personal Policy on Arguing with Fools.
This does not mean that I will offer up any more Common Sense at FA because I have no obligation to do that. Lets look at this from the perspective of Precedents, Lawful Authority and Responsibility.

The Governor of Wisconsin by Law is held accountable for the State’s Budget. The Teachers Unions appear to be held responsible to No One.

The Pretender in Chief submits a 10 Year Budget approach that is neither Responsible or Fiscally Prudent and places Himself in a position of Abuse of Office by challenging the Wisconsin Governors Authority and No One sees the illegitimacy of that?

This is just a sign of bad things to come on the horizon as other States are facing the same Budget Shortfalls. A POTUS that could not run a Lemonade stand and break even is telling the Governor of a State how to run things?

Never thought that I would see this travesty in my Lifetime.
Just sayin…this is going to be epidemic in All of the 57 States…when the Free Ice Cream runs out…

WSJ: Unions about Power, not Democracy


For those Of You that can Read, go to the WSJ. Also refer to the Enumerated Powers in the US Constitution and the 10th Amendment to the same. Your POTUS seems to believe that the Constitution is just some scribbling on a collection of Old Pieces of Paper that are meaningless because they, in specifics, prescribe Limits to the Power of the Three Branches of Federal Government. Start with Article 1 Section 8 for Beginners.
Then the 10Th Amendment after that. Powers Reserved to the States.



If the Duties determined by the Wisconsin State Constitution for the Governor is just another Old Scrap of Paper to Obama, then the Rule of Law can be be dispensed with as a Whole.

Now don’t all of You Cow Pie Slingers line up to take Your Amateur Hour pot shots at this posting. I may not even care enough about Your Points of View to respond. With Rights come Responsibilities. The Governor takes His Fiscal Responsibilities dead Serious. Your POTUS…well as Aye would say…Not so much. Meddling & Intrusion seem to be the Trademark of Team Obama thus far. Constitutional Scholar my @ss!

(If Yer POTUS didn’t get It Maybe You can but I’m expectin a whole lot here. I thought that FA Readers/Poster were more Astute than those brain dead Folks at HUFPO or Moveon)

@liberal 1:

it seems whenever politicians need to make cuts in their budget, teachers are the first to feel the knife.

I think we can all agree that a good teacher is someone to be cherished and rewarded. I have no doubt that there are good teachers among those in WI, some of whom are even participating in this inane protest.

That said, there’s a difference between paying someone what they’re worth, and giving them “free stuff” that will impoverish the next two generations of children when the tab comes due. The WI governor wants teachers to pay 12% of their health care insurance costs, and contribute 50% to their retirement program. While on its face, this is a pay cut because the teachers will have to spend a portion of their checks to pay for these things, these changes are not unfair by anyone’s definition.

The fact of the matter is, when these pension programs and 100% funded health care programs were forced onto the backs of the WI taxpayer decades ago, the people implementing it KNEW that it could never be sustained in perpetuity. The fact is that ALL pension plans are PONZI schemes, and cannot be sustained after the top few layers of the pyramid make their illicit fortunes. The ones who come into the scheme late end up paying for the upper tiers, only realizing too late that there aren’t enough lower tiers to pay for them.

So, I’ll agree that it’s unfair that someone was told they’d get a limitless pension and free health care, and now their government is saying “Oops, we can’t actually afford that”. But the person who sold the bed of lies to these teachers isn’t the GOP in WI. It’s the unions from decades ago who set up a system that encouraged entitlement and failed to allow for the reality of how these entitlement programs would ever actually get paid for.

Take photos of everyone at the protests. If they are identified as teaches who had called in sick, fire them on the spot. This is no different than insurance fraud, claiming illness, damage or injury to collect payment. Too harsh, give them an ultimatum, be at work ready to produce on the next business day or find a new job.
Tenure is the parasite that eventually kills the host.

@Old Trooper2:

OK. Enough of this Crap. I take exception to my long standing Personal Policy on Arguing with Fools.

Whoo Hooo….OT is back for a bit…


Whoo Hooo….OT is back for a bit…

(Only as Duty permits and My Conscience allows. I should be off Active duty by the end of March. FYI, the Folks in Europe see this as a potential Constitutional Crisis. My Reply is “So what Else is New?”)

Enough of this Crap indeed!

Howdy Doc. Mischief and verbal Mayhem here from the “Usual Suspects”.

I’m just a Guest and will not abuse the privilege but how did FA become such a Magnet for those that feel like the 2010 Elections are a Threat to the Republic? Why are those that can see the Free Ice Cream running out not convinced that Someone is gonna have to pick up the tab?

As da POTUS sez, “Time to tighten Up Your Belts” Was that Objective or Selective? Voluntary or Mandatory? Or was that a TELEPROMPTER malfunction? In Montana No One Mis-Speaks. You tell the Truth or You are Lyin… Whats it gonna be? I have sold 1,200 Head of Cattle on a handshake. Try that in DC and see how far the Check bounces…

OK, Lets have some Fun with This…

Wisconsin’s Public Integrity Statute makes these State Senators actions a felony. Indite and Extradite Should be the new State motto.

946.12 Misconduct in public office. Any public officer or public employee who does any of the following is guilty of a Class I felony:

(1) Intentionally fails or refuses to perform a known mandatory, nondiscretionary, ministerial duty of the officer’s or employee’s office or employment within the time or in the manner required by law; or..

So much for that.

@gregory_dittman: While it is true what you say about Bush 41, remember there was a third wheel in that election and the one after it. Ross Perot gave us 8 years of Bill Clinton.

As to the teachers dragging students to the protests, I can only say that if one of my kids were taken out of school without my permission, I would go ballistic.

Seems charges might need to be filed by some parents, but since this is liberal-land Madison, I would wager none of the parents care.


And liberals have the nerve to say we have the, “screw you I’ve got mine” attitude.

946.12 Misconduct in public office. Any public officer or public employee who does any of the following is guilty of a Class I felony:

(1) Intentionally fails or refuses to perform a known mandatory, nondiscretionary, ministerial duty of the officer’s or employee’s office or employment within the time or in the manner required by law; or


For a Class I Felony, the penalty is a fine of up to $10,000, or imprisonment of up to 3-1/2 years, or both; however, for a repeat offender, the term of imprisonment may increase up to 2 years with prior misdemeanor convictions, and up to 6 years with a prior felony conviction.

Wisconsin State Statute for those “Lost Senators” that can’t remember their appointed/elected work place. I know, that will place a burden on the Courts, the Prison System and be cause for Special Elections. Their State Credit Cards can be canceled so their “Vacation” will not be Tax Payer Funded. Voting ABSENT is not a viable Option.

Police in WI have been dispatched to look for them

Doc, I do not know for sure but the Unions may have to pony up for a Legal Defense Fund for their Senate Patrons if push comes to shove and another “conflict of interest” may result. They need to show up and vote.

For the Teachers, this is just another stunt and the Union may be looking at funds for that mischief as well if push comes to shove on the Absences there in Several Large School Districts. Regardless, the Tax Payer should not have to pick up the tab for any of this.

There’s a new, non-political organization just to aid union members who do not want any part of their union dues going to political areas.
The site is UnionRefund.org

Imagine how much better off this country could be if union members’ money wasn’t being used to elect politicians who care more for serving their union masters then serving all Americans.

Take a look at UnionRefund.org and send it along to those union members who may not want their money used supporting candidates and causes that are bringing the nation to its knees.

Most of the printers in hubby’s business have already used this site.
Before this they had to do it the hard way.
And face the wrath of union thugs who would show up and try intimidation tactics.

It isn’t about the money. It’s about a republican governor and a republican legislative majority who have decided to unilaterally curtail public workers’ collective bargaining rights. Why do you suppose firefighters and police–who have been exempted from the proposed changes–are supporting the unionized employees who were not?

If they want to make changes in pension contributions, pay scales, etc, they should negotiate, not dictate. Otherwise, you get a crowd of 30,000 people committed to defending their rights.

Public employees are taxpayers, just like everyone else. They also have a particular personal interest in the long-term solvency of the state and the long-term solvency of their pension plans. Those common interests provide a basis for rational negotiation.


If they want to make changes in pension contributions, pay scales, etc, they should negotiate, not dictate. Otherwise, you get a crowd of 30,000 people committed to defending their rights.

Funny story, Greg: Elections have consequences.

As someone famous once said, “I won”.

If this crowd of 30,000-odd people represent the majority view of WI, I’m confident that, come the next election, all of this will be overturned. Nothing to worry about.

See how democracy works?

@ Greg…It is About the Law. You dance around the subject keenly but do not address the Issues.
You seem to have the exact same issues on every posting. You do not address the Paramount Concerns.
My postings: #9 and #21 are on Topic and Address the issues that You choose to avoid because the Law and Facts get in the way of your off topic argument that in no way seems to offer anything coherent to the Topic.

Your tangents quite frankly are confusing. Clouding the issues seems to be Your Focus here. Not squarely addressing them. Are You and Ivan blood relations? He has exactly the same “talent”.

Doc, a good one. I like Reagan’s strategy with the air traffic controllers: be back at work Monday or consider yourself terminated. On Tuesday they start hiring. I will bet there are tens of thousands of unemployed teachers across North America who will be willing to put up with the winter for a job.

The Best thing to come from this would be the Enactment of “Right to Work” State statutes that actually give Employees the Right to work without paying Agency Fees that are Funding Unions. Unions had their Place and Time in America. Now that they are becoming Political Entities that feel that the Rule Of Law is beneath them, the time to cut them out of the picture as detrimental to State and Federal Budgets may have come.

When a Union’s Interest in being a Political Power flies in the Face of the Rule of Law, it may be Time to revisit the Statutes that have permitted this Power Grab.

It seems that everything liberals do is designed to cost more money than it needs to.
Compare the way the TEA Party leaves a place after their demonstration with the way liberals do……

Now add to that, TEA Partiers use their DAYS OFF on weekends or weekdays to show up.
(Hence one sees a lot of retired folks in midweek demonstrations.)

BUT Liberals, like these union members in Wisconsin, use PAID sick leave!
Yes, they call in “sick” and stage what amounts to an illegal PAID walk-out, leaving thousands of kids with no schools to attend for days on end.

Don’t they care what those kids’ working parents are doing with the kids out of school?

Will they get their pay docked for having to stay home?
Might, depends on the legal arrangement.

Doesn’t this smack of the bacon versus the eggs argument?
The parents and taxpayers donate the bacon, they are all in.
It kills the animal.

But the union teachers are the hens.
They can donate eggs for years and no skin off their noses.

@Nuada, #28:

I don’t know what the people of Wisconsin think. I suspect a significant number of middle class working people may sympathize with the middle class working people carrying signs.

@Old Trooper2, #29:

Issues tend to be complex. I think there’s a tendency–on both sides–to try to narrow discussion down to the points most supportive of one’s own position. That’s probably one of the reasons our bipartisan system is becoming increasingly disfunctional. It’s been weird watching news coverage of events in Wisconsin. There’s one reality on MSNBC and another on FOX. The story lines are very different.

here you go, the latest.

“Democrats on the run in Wisconsin avoided state troopers Friday and threatened to stay in hiding for weeks, potentially paralyzing a state government they no longer control.”

source: http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20110218/ap_on_re_us/us_wisconsin_budget_unions_59

The governor needs to call them on this. It is ILLEGAL for them to strike, and that is what those idiots, and yes I will call them idiots are doing.

Hey Doc, don’t confuse Greg with the facts. It does not follow his wandering logic and interrupts his talking points on His Off Topic Expedition/Safari.

The Bargaining Must take place to preserve the Legal Solvency of the State. It is mandated by Law.
Balanced Budget Amendments to a State Constitution Mandate that. Unions need to see the Legal Mandate and Bargain accordingly, under the Law or their argument is not legitimate.

The agreement must be revisited under the State Statutes or it is not the work of Honest Brokers or Negotiators. It becomes Political at that point and Fiscal Prudence dictates what the outcome must be.
Wisconsin cannot run a Deficit by Law to satisfy Political Power Brokers.

In previous posts I cited the Statute that is applicable. Let them challenge it in Court if need be and the Taxpayer gets the bill. This really will be a Constitutional Crisis for Wisconsin and the other “56 States” that are facing Budget Shortfalls. Wisconsin cannot run a Deficit by Law.

@ Greg , I quoted the Statute for You. Newsies do not figure into that equation and neither does your Diversion here.

You do appear to have the attention span of a fly. The Governor of the State is accountable By Law.
Fox News or MSNBC does Not. References to Newsies is low hanging fruit that is not relevant.

OT is right about Greg. He takes the party line 100% of the time in his attacks. When his talking point goes down in flames he launches yet another attack. Most of the time it’s unreleated to the subject.

Yeah Greg, keep thinking the people of WI support the protestors and the dems who have fled the state. Of course I know you’ll have no comment when you find out their support is almost nil.

So as Greg’s posts show he IS ok with greed provided it’s the dems being greedy. How telling.

@ Hard Right, mighty unsporting of Me to call attention to the Legal Burden that the Governor is held to isn’t it. No Deficit Spending by Law. Where would Greg prefer the Budget cuts to be made? He offers nothing of Substance on that. The State Legislature crafts the Budget, not any Unions. By Law. No Deficits are Legal.

How difficult is that?


The issue in WI is really, really simple.

So simple in fact, that even you can understand it without an overnight study session.

The state has obligations above and beyond what they can afford to pay. As a result, WI is faced with some difficult choices.

Choice #1: Leave things regarding pensions and benefits as they are and implement mass layoffs as a result.

Choice #2: Ask these private [oops] public sector workers to all make a shared sacrifice in which they will pay a very small percentage of their salaries toward their insurance and pension benefits.

Instead of taking up the well worn mantra of “fairness” that the Dims always like to bandy about and applying it to themselves, these workers…who will face the risk of unemployment if they “win” this battle…decided instead to take to the streets.

What happened to “shared sacrifice” Greg?

What happened to everyone paying their own “fair share”?

What happened to those famous Dim rallying cries?

Exit Question: If you had to choose, would you select contributing toward your own benefits or would you select an ObamEconomyTM unemployment line?

Seems to be a pretty obvious no-brainer to me, but YMMV.

@Old Trooper2, #31:

Unions had their Place and Time in America. Now that they are becoming Political Entities that feel that the Rule Of Law is beneath them, the time to cut them out of the picture as detrimental to State and Federal Budgets may have come.

Sure. Provided republicans are willing to do without the financial support of the Chamber of Commerce, Karl Rove’s billionaire- and millionaire-funded political action groups, the National Rifle Association, the Club for Growth, the American Future Fund, etc. They’re outspending unions to influence national, state, and local elections by a huge margin.

Here’s an interesting Union Solidarity moment: Wisconsin firefighter reinforcements–exempt from Governor Walker’s proposal–march into the capitol building in a show of support, bagpipes howling:

@ Greg, Another Off Topic Expedition/Safari?

(And SEIU or ACORN never did? Get off of that business.)

Bon Voyage! Enjoy Your Off Topic Adventure!

Yet again Greg shows how predictible he is. Pavlovian even. Who’s turn is it to throw him a treat?

BTW Greg, the Chamber of Commerce is hardly Conservative. Again your ignorance is showing.

Perhaps Obama can sue Wisconsin for trying to fix their budget crisis like he sued Arizona for trying to fix their crime problem caused by illegal immigrants. GOV Walker told him today to butt out of his state’s budget’s business. GOV Parnell in Alaska said he won’t enact Obamacare. GOV Brewer is countersuing the Feds for neglecting their duties securing the border. 28 of the 50 states are suing over Obamacare. The list goes on. Sounds like his Chicago style bullying tactics aren’t going over very well with the majority of the nation’s governors.

Greg is fixated on Bagpipes and Bravo Sierra. Facts are just in the way. The State statutes are irrelevant.

Pretty durned strong Kool Aid!

@Hard Right: “BTW Greg, the Chamber of Commerce is hardly Conservative. Again your ignorance is showing.”

Really? The U.S. Chamber of Commerce spent $32 million on the 2010 mid-terms, 93% in support of republican candidates.

I suppose they might have done that hoping to convince republicans to pursue a less conservative agenda, in which case you may have a point.


The anti-American aspect of how the union is acting is amazing.

The union members/leaders/supporters are doing everything in their power to stop newly elected governors and legislatures from doing what they were elected to do:
bring state finances under control by revoking the union privileges that have strained state budgets for years.

The question now is, “Who governs America?” If the unions win, the answer will no longer be “the people.”

Don’t you get that?

According to unions, democracy can be damned!
What good is the will of the people if it takes away their privileges?

Despite lies from the union protesters, Gov. Scott Walker‘s emergency budget bill does not take away the right of workers to join a union.
It does not take away their right to bargain collectively – although it does limit such bargaining to wages.
It does not force Mr. Walker to lay off 6,000 state employees – the amount needed to fix the budget hole.
It does not take away other civil-service protections.
All it does is bring some fiscal sanity to state pension funding and give employees greater choice over whether to join a union.

Soon we will see if the people’s voice is heard above that of union bosses.
After three days out on sick leave I think a doctor’s note is needed to come back to work.

And these issues, and the means the unions are using to fight them, are spreading all over the USA.

Here Ya go Greg…chase the Ball….You threw it….


President Obama’s baseless attack on the U.S. Chamber of Commerce underscores the routine hyper-partisan attacks his administration has become known for. Obama’s allegation was that the Chamber has been using money from foreign members to influence this election.

Karl Rove, another target of the agitator/community-organizer-turned President of the United States, strongly refuted the accusations on Fox News Sunday yesterday.

If the president and the Center for American Progress, which initially leveled the “foreign money” charge, were serious, they’d investigate the Service Employees International Union (SEIU), a brass knuckles, take-no-prisoners pro-Obama union that admitted in 2008 that it had an avenue to accept funds from “foreign nationals,” allowing them to have a voice in the American political process.

President Obama, if you’re concerned about anonymous foreign money being pumped into our political system, I’m sure you’ll agree attacking SEIU needs to be added to your stump speech. Otherwise, your attacks are as weak as your party’s poll numbers.

Illegal Campaign Contributions…Hmmm…Did that ring a bell?

@DrJohn: link does not work@DrJohn: I checked out the link, but it was down… so I decided to look up the “macivern institute” – it seems they have a dog in the hunt, so I am not sure if they are providing accurate information. I went to the district’s web site and from what I gleaned, the only way you could get to Macivern’s numbers would be to apportion a part of heating, air conditioning, and electricity as a benefit to get the numbers they present.

Oh… the average salary for a college graduate is $46,000 ($99, 000 for advanced degrees). Teachers have to be certified and maintain their certification through continuing education… many teachers have masters degrees, particularly in specialty areas like math, chemistry, and languages etc. Maybe some would rater have “smart” high school graduates teach the next generation (average annual income of $25,000 , we could save a boat load of money, although I am sure salaries at Walmart might have to go up because of the brain drain.