Unions- that’s where the big money is [Reader Post]

Ken Vogel at Politico, who seldom misses a chance to bash conservatives, does his best to convince us that the effort to eliminate collective bargaining is the result of a long term right wing conspiracy.

The conservative assault on public sector unions that seemed to explode out of nowhere in Wisconsin and spread across the Midwest was in fact months – if not years – in the making, the result of methodical polling, lobbying, messaging, grassroots organizing and policy crafting by a coterie of well-funded conservative groups.

He’s only your President if you belong to a union [Reader Post]

The Wisconsin Teachers Union spills the beans. Their motto has been revealed.

“Screw the children. It’s all about me”

In 1981 PATCO, the air traffic controllers’ union went on an illegal strike. Pres. Ronald Reagan ordered them back to work with small success. Reagan fired those who ignored the return to work order. The time has come for this to happen again.