Careening down the road to oblivion with Barack and friends [Reader Post]


In a previous post I noted what can happen to a country when a weak man is President. It’s getting worse daily. We’ll look at a number of issues here which might at first appear unrelated but I believe to be interwoven.

The man who has nationalized the banking industry, the auto industry, the financial industry and the health insurance industry is out to turn our nuclear umbrella inside out and render totally unable to defend ourselves.

Curt has a post up about Obama getting us off to a bad START and it’s deadly accurate. This treaty does nothing for the US. Obama promised to unilaterally disarm the United States and what he has done with this new treaty basically is to beg Putin and Medvedev for how much Obama can compromise the United States. According to Frank Gaffney the treaty is unverifiable and grants Russia a say over our missile defenses:

A number of senators have expressed concern that the Kremlin is correct when it asserts that the new accord’s preamble and other provisions will effectively hobble America’s ability to protect its people and allies, even from threats emerging from North Korea and Iran – and that Russia will withdraw from the treaty if that proves not to be the case.

But as always, Obama desperately wanted the symbolism over the substance.

And this treaty does not begin to address the issue of Iranian missiles being planted in Venezuela. Missiles which can reach the US.

Now we can’t defend ourselves from those missiles without Russia’s approval. Obama has swept the issue under the rug so he could beat feet to the Aloha state for the umpteenth time:

Does Obama have within him even one brain cell worthy of JFK, or even one weak patriotic twitch for the good ol’ USA, and not for his ancestral homeland of Kenya or his fondly-remembered Indonesia? That’s a stretch, and I for one can’t stretch that far. Fifty years ago any honest-to-goodness president would have held a press conference about this, jaw clenched in-between giving prudent, good-faith answers to good-faith questions from real reporters in porkpies about the shenanigans of such plotting, dancing devils. And he would have already made a phone call.

Whussup today? Hussein Obama — the Alfred E. Newman* “what, me worry?” president — is going to ignore it, of course. Ditto that bad-hair gargoyle figurehead of a Secretary of State. It can’t be a “missile crisis” if he couldn’t care less. After all, we’ve got to deal with DADT. Perhaps the most we can ask for is that when Barry meets Hugo again at the next hemispheric summit, that he grab him in a playful headlock with one arm and gives him some playful noogies with the other, while murmuring, “Hugo, you sly dog, you.” Playfully, of course. That’ll teach him.

(* Note the Afred E. Newman reference)

Vice Admiral Gerald Miller:

“The Obama administration is continuing a dated policy in which we cannot even unilaterally reduce our own inventory of weapons and delivery systems without being on parity with the Russians,” Miller told the U.S. Naval Institute in Annapolis, Md. “We could give up plenty of deployed delivery systems and not adversely affect our national security one bit, but New START prohibits such action – so we are now stuck with some outmoded and useless elements in our nuke force.”

Meanwhile, down South…

Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry was recently killed in a gunfight at the Mexican border. He was shot in the back with an AK 47.

Terry’s family was critical of President Obama’s lackadaisical attitude toward border security:

Not so typical was what Brian’s family had to say to KGUN9 the night before he was brought to his final resting place at Michigan Memorial Park. “I understand that Janet Napolitano called (Tuesday night). What did you say to her?” 9 On Your Side reporter Joel Waldman asked Brian Terry’s father, Kent.
“‘I said you gotta wake your man up in the White House,’” Kent responded. “And she said, ‘He’s done more in the last two years than any other president.’”

But the Terrys told Waldman that they don’t buy it. Kent, step mom Carolyn, mom Josie, older brother Kent Jr., sisters Kelly and Michelle are all angry that their son and brother, Brian, died the way he did. They’re not shy about blaming President Obama’s administration for not doing enough, taking aim directly at Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano.

“She spoke with us and they were empty words today when she spoke,” said step mom Carolyn Terry.

And Napolitano’s gripe with that was the bad publicity surrounding herself.

And over at the airport…

An airline pilot posted a Youtube video showing numerous flaws in the security system

The YouTube videos, posted Nov. 28, show what the pilot calls the irony of flight crews being forced to go through TSA screening while ground crew who service the aircraft are able to access secure areas simply by swiping a card.

“As you can see, airport security is kind of a farce. It’s only smoke and mirrors so you people believe there is actually something going on here,” the pilot narrates.

Video shot in the cockpit shows a medieval-looking rescue ax available on the flight deck after the pilots have gone through the metal detectors. “I would say a two-foot crash ax looks a lot more formidable than a box cutter,” the pilot remarked.

Can you imagine someone being concerned about the ground staff not having to pass through security?

And what was Bis Sis’s reaction to this?

The Fed’s invaded and searched the pilot’s home and seized his handgun and took his concealed weapons permit. This man was a helicopter test pilot and flew UN relief missions for the UN. He had been authorized by the TSA to carry a handgun in the cockpit.

And their response was to make him less able to defend himself, his passengers and his aircraft.

It doesn’t get much more f**king stupid than that. The guy has done nothing wrong.

And Napolitano has more on her table. Just you might have thought Cap and Trade was dead, climate change (aka global warming) is now a national security issue.

( — At an all-day White House conference on “environmental justice,” Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano announced that her department is creating a new task force to battle the effects of climate change on domestic security operations.

Not satisified with her incompetence at border security, Napolitano becomes part of the Obama promise to bypass Congress and the Constitution to bring this country to its knees economically. It is Obama’s wish for the people of the United States to make all the sacrifices for little to no effect on global warming as we enter a new mini ice age.

Napolitano explained that the task force was charged with “identifying and assessing the impact that climate change could have on the missions and operations of the Department of Homeland Security.”

The solitary Muslim in Congress wants our borders eliminated:

No word on who will pay for all the welfare for the hundreds of millions of immigrants but “kuffar” comes to mind.

Finally, the Idiot of the Day Award goes to Clinton appointee Judge Stefan Underhill who ruled that illegals can sue Border Patrol for allegedly abusive treatment.

A Clinton-appointed judge has given a group of illegal immigrants the green light to sue the U.S. government for violating their constitutional rights during the operation that led to their apprehension.

Ruling that immigration agents and their supervisors can be sued for civil damages, Connecticut federal Judge Stefan Underhill cited the illegal aliens’ story that “defendant officers targeted a primarily Latino neighborhood, arrested people who appeared Latino, detained one plaintiff solely because he spoke Spanish and appeared Latino, and taunted one plaintiff’s girlfriend by saying the plaintiffs were being taken to see Mexican singer Juan Gabriel.”

This will be at our expense, of course. I’d like to see an illegal in Mexico try this.

How many times did we listen to “Bush is taking away our rights” from the looneybin left?

Obama is making Bush look like a veritable libertarian.

Govt ‘creating vast domestic snooping machine’

The government is creating a vast domestic spying network to collect information about Americans in the wake of the September 11, 2001 attacks and subsequent terror plots, The Washington Post reported Monday. The government is using for this purpose the FBI, local police, state homeland security offices and military criminal investigators, the daily added.

The system collects, stores and analyzes information about thousands of US citizens and residents, many of whom have not been accused of any wrongdoing, the report noted.

The government’s goal is to have every state and local law enforcement agency in the country feed information to Washington to buttress the work of the FBI, noted the paper, which has conducted its own investigation of the matter.

Gitmo is still open for business under Obama and there’s even more!

The ACLU said Obama Administration Will Not Seek Indefinite Detention Legislation

Today? Guantanamo: U.S. seeks indefinite detention

Ironically, while Obama took a “victory lap” to brag about his legislative accomplishments (One might argue that Timothy McVeigh could also claim to having been productive) Der Spiegel branded Barack Obama “The Biggest Loser of 2010.” I have to disagree.

America was the biggest loser of 2010.

Merry Christmas!

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Does anyone out there still deny that our Muslim President is in actuality the Manchurian candidate! Our country is being destroyed (Has already been!) by the Omaba regime.

Oh I’m sorry . Its all Bush’s fault!

No arms treaty has ever been in the best interest of the US, not one.

Don’t forget to add “the food industry” and “the Internet” to your list of nationalizations.

Jan. 5, 2011…the Congress needs to demand the “Birth Certificate”…to certify his cred.

It is the only way to avoid this Treaty. I am surprised the Russians don’t want to see it…poor pitiful them if the Treaty gets voided down the road.

On top of all of the weaknesses of the START treaty is Russia’s response to it:
The Russians are taunting the Obama administration by dragging their feet on the arms reduction treaty the president just pushed through Congress.

Konstantin Kosachev, head of the State Duma’s foreign affairs committee, said it would take until next month “at the earliest” for the treaty to receive its three required readings and get a final vote.

Read more

What a doofus Obama is proving to be!
Being played by every despot on the planet.

A far as the basically unilateral disarmament treaty for the US – e.e.cummings said it quite nicely referring to the dismantled 6th Avenue elevated train which was sold to the Japanese in the 1940’s.

he didn’t believe it, no
sir) it took
a nipponized bit of
the old sixth
el:in the top of his head: to tell

What did Santayana write – “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”

The current regime is fraught with socialist morons.

The old man had farmland just across the border and north of Minot Air Force Base, a SAC entity . We could see and hear the testing of the siloed icbm missiles, monthly. B52s doing the low bombing runs. We went to all the airshows I can remember. The airshow in mid July was dedicated to the northern friends of Minot, N. Dakota, and the USA. As a serving officer I was invited to all sorts of officer and nco gatherings. Minot was the closest city and basically my hangout. Many Scandanavian and German gals were available to the lucky guys that chased them. With all the social welfare being doled out, what’s going to happen with the strategic defense around Minot?

Dr. John,

“But as always, Obama desperately wanted the symbolism over the substance.”

This is not only true, it highlights the abject stupidity of what this Administration has done with a very serious international relationship.

When a President plays for “show” and isn’t called on it by the MSM, there is more danger than just an abdication of responsibility from the fourth estate.

“The man who has nationalized the banking industry, the auto industry, the financial industry and the health insurance industry is out to turn our nuclear umbrella inside out and render totally unable to defend ourselves.”

of course you know none of this is true. Our banking industry is a long ways from being nationalized, it is not owned by the government. The auto industry is not nationalized in fact it is coming out of debt and soon the government will no longer own any shares of them. The healthcare industry is still absolutely private-sector and not owned in any way by the government.

Why would a person makes statements like this when they know they are not true? Is it because they have no other valid arguments?

The START treaty was signed and started my president Reagan. Seven Secretary of Defense’s since Reagan have supported this treaty. Every president since Reagan has signed this treaty and all of a sudden it is bad because Obama signed it.

This is something I would expect to hear on Fox news.

The spy network you refer to was started under Bush and will be continued by the next president no matter what party he is from. And you find it a surprise that people from outside this country can sue our officials for civil damages? I certainly don’t

This stuff is hilarious. You people have got to be some of the dumbest people I’ve ever seen

Reagan PROPOSED a form of STAR Treaty (START = Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty) Either T or Treaty – not both!)

Reagan did not sign this treaty. G.H.W.Bush did on 7/31/1991! Which other Presidents signed the original STAR Treaty?! The original treaty remains in effect until 2012.

As of today there are many more nations capable of nuclear havoc than in the 1980’s. These nations must also be held responsible for their arms – Not just USA and Russia. Iran and N. Korea are not bound by the treaty.

When the government can levy fines on those not subscribing to the Government’s health care bill the government is indeed in charge of the program.

As long as the Government owns any portion of the auto industry it is gevernment owned!

BTW its “Secretaries of defense” Several secretaries – One defense.

Now who looks ignorant!

Today, the levels of strategic nuclear weapons in the U.S. and Russia are governed by the Bush-era Moscow Treaty (7/31/1991) or as it’s technically known, the Treaty between the Russian Federation and the United States of America on Strategic Offensive Reductions. The Moscow Treaty is still in force, is currently limiting the size of both strategic nuclear arsenals, and will remain so until the end of 2012, if New START is not ratified. Notice it says nothing about North Korea or Iran or any other natioin with nuclear capability.

The problem with the New STAR Treaty is that it weaken our defense capbilities.

Instead of signing treaties that weaken our missile defenses we should pursue treaties with Russia and others to counter nuclear-armed terrorism.

Or are you willing to wait until some terrorist is standing in Times Square, downtown L.A. or the center of your city with a dirty nuclear device strapped to his chest!