TSA: Security Is A Joke


Do You Feel Safe And Secure Flying With Napolitano Watching Out For Your Welfare? Better Think Again

An Iranian American businessman Farid Seif passed through security in Houston to board an international flight. A process he goes through on a regular basis; however, on this trip, he forgot to take out his loaded Glock from his computer bag before the trip. He realized his mistake when he arrived at his destination. There was no problem with security, they just passed his Glock through security while examining diapers and young nubile girls.

“It’s just impossible to miss it, you know. I mean, this is not a small gun,” Seif told ABC News. “How can you miss it? You cannot miss it. They were very embarrassed, you know, And — and they should be, you know. It’s — we’re talking about total failure.”

Yet TSA missed it and they miss lots of contraband bomb making materials and weapons as has been proven by government testing.

Federal agencies conduct routine tests to see how much contraband can be smuggled on board; understandably, the TSA considers this information Top Secret, the results that have been leaked are indicative of almost complete failure by the TSA.

Seif met with Homeland Security officials on his return to Houston, he said they anxious to remedy the problem.

TSA spokesman Greg Soule provided a statement to ABC News:

“We conducted an immediate investigation and remedial training was provided to the security officers involved,”

No one was fired and they aren’t even union, of course all the passengers could haven been killed because of the mistake, but remedial training will take care of the issue. More serious penalties would have been exacted if the plane had been turned into a missile, TSA officials would have really been mad at its employees for a mistake like that; however, the mistake was the same except it was an accident and no one died. Therefore it was not a serious mistake. Wrong! it was a very serious mistake that should call for the heads of everyone from the immediate supervisor and every supervisor all the way to Napolitano. The US public is giving up their Fourth Amendment Rights and their dignity to a bunch of incompetent goofs who would rather look at the outlines of sexy females than conduct a professional security service.


While it may seem odd for a traveler to walk into an airport with a gun in his carry-on luggage, Soule noted that it happens more often than most people think. Posted on TSA’s web site is a count of handguns confiscated by screeners at security checkpoints each week. During the first week in December, screeners found 14 firearms, the website says.

There is continual testing and it has been leaked that weapons and bomb making materials routinely slip by TSA employees.

The TSA is remaining mum on their pathetic performance to keep from giving our enemy, the radical Muslim murderers, an undue advantage.

Republican Senator Grassley is committed to keeping any testing procedures or results secret so as not to give Al Qaeda our secret and undeclared enemy any ideas on how to outsmart the mental midgets led by Napolitano.

“Those results aren’t going to help terrorists figure out how to better attack us, and they certainly aren’t going to give them any more motivation to try than they already have,” Grassley said on the senate floor in September. “Keeping the results secret will accomplish one thing, however. It will ensure that the public has no idea how effective our airport screening strategy actually is.”

It is easy to appreciate the necessity of keeping the test results confidential, but it also protects the TSA and Napolitano, (a political hack and sycophant for Obama as opposed to a professional), from being denounced as incompetent. We have the professionals who can take over the security duties and they probably will when another 9/11 takes place, they are the US military. Not as a full time job, but in the interim, until a professional and competent security force can be implemented.

Fly if you must, but if the pilots were as incompetent as Napolitano and the TSA, Planes would be dropping like flies. If we stop flying and demand that Napolitano and the TSA be replaced with a competent security force, the skies will be much safer.

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The Obama administration needs to find an adult who can rein in the more obvious excesses of the TSA.

I passed through a Secret Service vehicle checkpoint once with a loaded .38 in my glove box. I had taken my wife’s car to work that day, and she worked in a bad part of town and always carried the gun with her. When they passed me through the checkpoint I thought to myself, “Boy, I sure am glad my wife’s gun isn’t in the glove box.” Then I looked and just about soiled myself. I made a quick U-turn and drove back home.

@John: Part of the problem with our security apparatus is that they spend too much time on the “what” and not enough on the “who”. For all of the intention that you had, you could have carried a bazooka with you and no one would have been one whit less safe.

I think if I was trying to smuggle something on an airplane, I would make sure to arrange for a lovely female companion. While all of the unprofessional TSA agents were ogling her scans, or fantasizing about a pat down, I’d have a better chance of bringing contraband on board.

I doubt that Ms. D’Errico met anyone’s standards for enhanced screening other than the immature dweebs neglecting their duty for the sake of their own prurient interests.

Probably a little reverse profiling going on with agents not wanting to ruffle the feathers of a non-honky-cracker. Plus, he was probably dressed well and doused with Brut Cologne.

No story here, no one was shot, just move along please.

If the idiot goes through the airport routine on a regular basis, why is there a glock in his computer bag?

I go through the airport routine on a regular basis as well. I try not to touch any of my travel stuff if I have been shooting recently, I have tested positive on the chemical test before. And, I live on a farm, so I am extra careful to make sure my travel stuff is kept in a clean area. And, I do not put weapons in any of my travel bags including my computer bag.

Not excusing the TSA, but the guy’s story sounds a little concocted.


I carry concealed every day and have for the last 20 years. Several times I have caught myself about to walk into my secured work location with my wapon still on me. My permit also allows me to carry bladed weapons and the last time I went to the airport I forgot I had my small cigar knife on me that I cut the tips off. I simply put it in a pocket of my laptop case and it passed without any issue.

The single best way to keep an airliner from being hijacked:

Issue each passenger over 18 a 12″ long Bowie knife lubed with bacon grease, then collect them when the plane lands. Problem solved.

Just Al: Have you seen that Fox commercial where they let Jimmy Johnson through security with a big honking machete on his belt, but it’s okay, because he has a Super Bowl ring? Your comment gave me that kind of visual.

I’m a frequent flyer and I think that the TSA does a commendable job with respect to airline security. It’s not 100% effective and never can be. But I recall the days when airline hijackings were a frequent occurrence. Why is it that people give the Bush administration credit for protecting America during the years after 9/11, while there is such an unwillingness to give the TSA a share in this credit?

It’s a nearly impossible job, yet I have yet to meet a single TSA employee who did not treat me with professionalism. I’ve gotten used to the drill: what to unpack, what to use, what to take off my body, what not to carry (e.g. peanut butter).

I think that the TSA is deserving of the same respect given to police, fire, and the military. They are all doing a really tough job; they don’t do it with 100% effectiveness and they all make occasional mistakes. But they all protect us to the extent which it is possible to do and they are all working constantly to improve their operations.

– Larry Weisenthal/Huntington Beach, CA

Why is it that people give the Bush administration credit for protecting America during the years after 9/11, while there is such an unwillingness to give the TSA a share in this credit?

Fair question Larry.

However, I don’t think I, as a Conservative, is unwilling to give them credit.

The issue, is the singling out of Grandma and Grandpa and allowing Mr. Seif to walk through unmolested carrying a Glock. I wish they would profile, and further more, stop looking for certain ‘items’, and focus on individuals. Why should we worry about one individual’s rights, and step on the rights on the other 99%. It’s totally backwards.