Obama’s class warfare and incitement to violence bears fruit [Reader Post]


Barack Obama has a substantial record of using thug-like language:

** Obama: “They Bring a Knife…We Bring a Gun”
** Obama to His Followers: “Get in Their Faces!”
** Obama on ACORN Mobs: “I don’t want to quell anger. I think people are right to be angry! I’m angry!”
** Obama to His Mercenary Army: “Hit Back Twice As Hard”
** Obama on the private sector: “We talk to these folks… so I know whose ass to kick.“
** Obama to voters: Republican victory would mean “hand to hand combat”
** Obama to lib supporters: “It’s time to Fight for it.”
** Obama to Latino supporters: “Punish your enemies.”

And there’s the pitchforks:

“My administration is the only thing between you and the pitchforks.”

And of course Obama must constantly battle the “hostage takers.”

Sometimes you almost have to laugh when you read the headlines (in one day!)


White House launches charm offensive with new Republican chairs

USA Today:

Obama vows to fight Republicans — next year

He’s “itching” for a fight. Honest to God you are brain dead if you believe anything Barack Obama says.

One thing you can depend on Obama for is class warfare. Class warfare runs through Obama’s veins:

Obama’s budget: Taxing for fairness or class warfare?

The president calls for more from the richest Americans to ease the load on others, which would reverse a trend that began in Reagan’s presidency. Obama says it’s the way out of the economic crisis.

February 28, 2009|Maura ReynoldsWASHINGTON — From front to back and on nearly every page, President Obama’s new budget plan delivers a stark message: It’s time for the rich to lighten the load on the middle class.

In education, healthcare and an array of other proposals, the budget focuses more benefits on middle-class and lower-income Americans and looks to the affluent to help pay for them.

Obama’s search for an enemy: The President keep beating the class warfare drum

He hasn’t called anyone an “evildoer” or denounced an “axis of evil.” But make no mistake: President Obama is putting together an enemies list.

Strangely, though, those on it are not terrorists or foreign dictators. They are mostly Americans lucky enough to have succeeded through capitalism and democracy.

In the President’s words, they are guilty of being “special interests” and “lobbyists.” The Bush-era tax cuts were merely “an excuse to transfer wealth to the wealthy” and he will bring fairness by raising taxes on “the wealthiest 2% of Americans.”

His barbs flow almost daily, faulting corporate leaders for “greed” and shirking “a sense of responsibility.” And sometimes he suggests the problem is criminal, as when he defended his plan for an expanded government push into health insurance as necessary “to keep the private sector honest.”

Obama Engages in Class Warfare With His Campaign for Democratic Lawmakers

President Barack Obama is returning to the rhetorical roots of Democratic politics in the final weeks of this election: setting up a battle of the classes.

Presenting Democrats as the party that will fight for the “middle class,” and Republicans as the party that will look out for “millionaires and billionaires,” Obama in campaign speeches and at fundraisers has sought to make his point using a populist lexicon that aligns Republicans with big businesses as the forces behind the worst recession since the Great Depression.

RNC: Obama playing on ‘class warfare and race’

The Republican National Committee Tuesday night accused President Obama of making “an appeal based on class warfare and race” after Obama outlined his party’s midterm strategy of returning people who voted for the first time in 2008 to the polls in November.

Obama, in a video released this week, spoke in the demographic terms more commonly — though very commonly — used by political consultants, saying Democrats must appeal to “young people, African-Americans, Latinos, and women who powered our victory in 2008 [to] stand together once again.”

And the fomenting of hate has now become part of the daily lexicon. One cannot watch or listen to the news without hearing of “tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans.” Class warriors have taken that ground. The wealthy are the enemy.

And now Obama’s Class War has seen its first action:

Police and fire officials are investigating an arson fire in Sandwich that has a disturbing similarity with a suspicious incident in Barnstable.

In both cases, the arsonist left a calling card, the message, “(expletive) the rich” at the scene.

At 3:30 a.m. on Nov. 24, flames engulfed an unoccupied home still under construction at 16 Boulder Brook Road in Sandwich. Only the exterior of the house had been completed. The home, which was valued at $500,000, had a three-car garage and three bedrooms, but no plumbing or electric service, Sandwich Fire Chief George Russell said.

The heavy damage burned much of the evidence. But the state Fire Marshal’s Office was recently able to rule that an arsonist had set the fire, Russell said.

The following week, on Dec. 2, incendiary devices were found at 43 Trotters Lane in Marstons Mills, law enforcement officials said.

At Trotters Lane, the message “(expletive) the rich,” was clearly spray painted on a fence on the property, Barnstable police Det. John York said.

“F*ck the rich”

Never mind that Obama is a flaming liar:

“When they expire in two years, I will fight to end them,” Obama said. “Just as I suspect the Republican Party may fight to end the middle-class tax cuts that I’ve championed and that they’ve opposed.”

Never mind that the rich pay more than ever before and there are more paying no Federal taxes than ever before.

In 2006, the latest available year from CBO, the top 20 percent of income earners paid 86.3 percent of all federal income taxes, an all-time high.[1] This is an increase of over 6 percent from 2000, when the top 20 percent paid 81.2 percent. During the same period, the bottom four quintiles all saw their share of the federal income tax burden fall sharply:

The bottom 20 percent of income earners’ share of federal income taxes fell from -1.6 percent in 2000 to -2.8 percent in 2006;
The next 20 percent’s share declined from 1.1 percent to -0.8 percent;
The middle quintile’s share dropped from 5.7 percent to 4.4 percent; and
The fourth quintile’s share decreased from 13.5 percent to 12.9 percent.

No, we need to kill the rich. They are the source of all evil. If only they were dead everything would be better. Let’s start by burning their homes. Then we’ll use the pitchforks on the survivors. In hand to hand combat we’ll hit them twice as hard. We’ll kick their asses. Bring a gun. It’s time to fight for it. Punish your enemies.

No one in over 150 years has divided this country more than Barack Obama. He disgusts me.


In another incident, man shoots up School Board meeting. Reason? The evil wealthy!

My Testament: Some people (the government sponsored media) will say I was evil, a monster (V)… no… I was just born poor in a country where the Wealthy manipulate, use, abuse, and economically enslave 95% of the population. Rich Republicans, Rich Democrats… same-same… rich… they take turns fleecing us… our few dollars… pyramiding the wealth for themselves. The 95%… the us, in US of A, are the neo slaves of the Global South. Our Masters, the Wealthy, do, as they like to us…

He was linked to Media Matters.

Fortunately, shooting a handgun is much harder than it appears.

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crowepps, thank you for your info, I’m sure they did not used it on their own people purpously to incite a group of their follower against another party followers.

@ILOVEBEESWARZONE: Generally speaking they were referring to actual foreign enemies, but there were tests for ideological purity and calls to exile fellow citizens one didn’t agree with all the way back to before World War I. Of course, letting paranoid people with serious mental illnesses buy guns and carry them around in secret is a new development. In the old days, you had to have your gun out in plain sight so everybody was aware it was there.

crowepps, hi, yes ,if the elects get guns as some mentionned,
they are the one to start something out of fear, if a teaparty rally show up to let them hear their
revendications, people in power with gun confront instead of listening and danger is close


I find this fascinating. The list is ALL OVER the web, it has been cut and pasted repeatedly into the comments under just about every story even tangentially about the shooting or the aftermath, and this particular line is wrong in every single detail —

Hence the term, echo chamber.


Pat Dollard is a “milblogger” who has spent considerable time with our troops while they were engaged in battle, he writes for his readership……..our troops:


His years long mission was to film a documentary about what it was really like for our troops as they fought, a documentary that was uncensored and non-political. Read the above link, he personally explains why he went and includes letters from three of our finest he went on patrol with.

crowepps: His blog has the motto “The War Starts Here” and a photo of a young man dressed in military gear in front of the flag

Now, why would you find it curious that a milblog would have a “young man dressed in military gear” as a header? Should you want to click onto that young man it will take you to……Young Americans Documentary……..for a collection of film clips from the battlefields in Iraq that Pat filmed.

crowepps: The statement in question referred to campaign ads, the precise words were actually (as quoted in the body of the text from Politico) “If you get hit, we will punch back twice as hard”, and the speaker wasn’t the President himself but rather his deputy chief of staff Jim Messina.

Dollard was mocking calling it a “Mercenary Army” because the White House was counseling U.S. Senators to “attack” counsel citizens of the United States.

“…gave Senate Democrats a recess battle plan on Thursday, arming the lawmakers with tips for avoiding disastrous town hall meetings …”
And they screened TV ads and reviewed the various campaigns by critics of the Democratic plan.

If you get hit, we will punch back twice as hard, Messina said, according to an official who attended the meeting.

The left can’t have it both ways, they can’t for years claim that President Bush accept responsibility for anything uttered by members of his administration and then wonder why Obama is on the hook for policy, tactics, strategy….staged….from….the….White….House…in the presence of Axelrod…. and spoken by…. the deputy COS Messina.

BTW, he did say it:

For this Truth-O-Meter, our goal was to evaluate whether Obama said “if they bring a knife to the fight we’ll bring a gun,” as Kaufman claimed. We found several news articles quoting Obama as saying exactly that and he’s never denied it (though the Chicago Tribune said it was meant as a joke). We rate this claim True.


MISSY, coming from you, It’s always ACCUATE and right on,the beam,
and easy to understand and beleive,thank you for getting thing straight as a bar,


Thanks beezy! Throughout the war we had a number of men, in the military and some that left the safety and comfort of their homes to go into the war zone to speak truth to what was happening in blogs.

Our press was not always honest, some were reporting from safe confines, secured by our troops and then stabbing them in the back.

I will be forever greatful to those men that sacrificed their safety to tell our troops real story.

it seem like you are telling it for the future too. which is today 29 of MARCH 2012,