Profiling: Young, Somali Men in Their Teens…


This image provided by the Mauthnomah County Sheriff’s Office shows Mohamed Osman Mohamud, 19, arrested and charged with attempted use of a weapon of mass destruction. Officials say he tried to detonate a vehicle bomb at Pioneer Courthouse Square during the tree lighting ceremony Friday, Nov. 26, 2010. They said the bomb was a dummy that FBI agents supplied him. (AP Photo/Mauthnomah County Sheriff’s Office) (AP)

Are all those from Somalia terrorists? No. From Yemen? Saudi Arabia? Pakistan? No. Are all Muslims? No. But there certainly is a pattern and a profile to look out for here:

Federal agents in a sting operation arrested a Somali-born teenager just as he tried blowing up a van he believed was loaded with explosives at a crowded Christmas tree lighting ceremony in Portland, authorities said.

The bomb was an elaborate fake supplied by the agents and the public was never in danger, authorities said.

Mohamed Osman Mohamud, 19, was arrested at 5:40 p.m. Friday just after he dialed a cell phone that he thought would set off the blast but instead brought federal agents and police swooping down on him.

Yelling “Allahu Akbar!” _ Arabic for “God is great!” _ Mohamud tried to kick agents and police after he was taken into custody, according to prosecutors.

“The threat was very real,” said Arthur Balizan, special agent in charge of the FBI in Oregon. “Our investigation shows that Mohamud was absolutely committed to carrying out an attack on a very grand scale,”

A law enforcement official, who was not authorized to discuss the investigation publicly and spoke on condition of anonymity, told The Associated Press on Saturday that federal agents began investigating the suspect after receiving a tip from someone who was concerned about the teenager.

The FBI affidavit that outlined the investigation alleges that Mohamud planned the attack for months, at one point mailing bomb components to FBI operatives, whom he believed were assembling the device.

According to the official, Mohamud hatched the plan on his own and without any instruction from a foreign terrorist organization, and he planned the details, including where to park the van for the maximum number of casualties.

The affidavit said Mohamud was warned several times about the seriousness of his plan, that women and children could be killed, and that he could back out, but he told agents: “Since I was 15 I thought about all this;” and “It’s gonna be a fireworks show … a spectacular show.”

Mohamud, a naturalized U.S. citizen living in Corvallis, was charged with attempted use of a weapon of mass destruction, which carries a maximum sentence of life in prison.

Traditionally, al-Qaeda has gone for the spectacular. But with all these jihadi-wannabes and “copy-cat” terrorists, how long before we have another “Allahu Akbar” attack on American soil of a scale more along the lines of the Ft. Hood shooting than 9/11? We Americans gather in numerous public spaces- shopping malls, movie theaters, concerts, carnivals, etc.

Our whole way of life can be transformed, yet again, should more and more terror-attacks, whether it be from lone Islamic wannabe-jihadists or organized terror networks, look to conduct less spectacular operations whose plannings may be harder to discover before they’re hatched.

Of interest: A Somali Teen’s Path to Jihad

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Thank Heavens they are not very bright…..

Profiling must happen if America is actually serious about preventing terrorism. The idea of patting down autistic children is rediculous vs. coming to grips with who are the real terrorists and want to kill us. Hello politically correct idiots, get a grip on reality before we are all killed!!

I hate to profile but Mohamud has a lifetime to reinforce his Muslum beliefs and to entertain 300 pound lovers.

We don’t profile. We do get Lucky but the HOLDER DOJ bungles the trials.
Napolitano treats Citizens like inmates in Her TSA Gulag and…

Lucky Them! The Somali Kid will be repatriated to Somalia and Celebrated like a Hero
while Napolitano Gropes and Holder fumbles at Trial.

Where is that dam firing squad when you need them seems like this jack a_s is just taking up good oxygen anyway

Christmas Tree Bomber was Young Male Muslim. Could There Be a Pattern

On Friday a 19-year old man attempted to detonate a bomb in a crowd that had gathered for the annual Christmas tree lighting in Portland, Oregon. It is depressingly predictable that he was a another young Muslim male terrorist, a Somali named Mohamed Osman Mohamud..

It is also depressingly predictable that a section of the commentariat refuses to see any pattern here. As Derrick Jackson explains in last week’s Boston Globe column, Safer Skies? Bring on the Scanners:

[T]hose today who are not willing to be scanned or complain about pat-downs, are in a fantasy world of personal entitlement. Call it the “Do-I-look-like-a-terrorist?” syndrome. It has somehow escaped the critics that you cannot judge a terrorist by last name, skin color, or gender.

Who’s in the fantasy world here? Only the willfully blind can ignore that nearly every terror threat in the last forty years has come from young males with names like Mohammad Massalha (Munich massacre), Abdelbaset al-Megrahi (Lockerbie), Mohammed Atta, Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab and Faisal Shahzad. The argument of people like Jackson is that once we start profiling 20-year old Somali men named Mohamed, al-Qaeda will recruit Swedish grandmothers. Maybe so, but to date this theory is not supported by any reality-based evidence.

Maybe he found out Obamacare isn’t free…..

I’m wary about the Fed working with these guys. With BO you can’t be sure he won’t let one of those terrorists in on purpose just so one of those ‘cath ’em’ ops won’t actually be a real ‘blow ’em up’ op just so he can institute Marshal Law. I trust absolutely nothing this administration does. We know for fact he does not have American interests in mind, just plans to ‘fundamentally transform America’.

On an off-topic note – in many blog posts around the web I’m seeing the word ridiculous spelled ‘rediculous’, as Common Sense did so above. Is there some kind of movement I’m not aware of trying to change the spelling of that word?

@ just me 95, As I recall from too many moons ago in a rural schoolhouse in Western Montana, you would not win a spelling bee by not spelling it…ridiculous…

Definitely got that Klingon look going for him. Maybe the Feds should profile Klingons?

is it me or do his eye brows make him look even more evil?

He was a lone jihadist IF you skip the part about his buddy in town who also lived in both Yemen and northeast Pakistan.
The e-mails between them certainly were a clue.

@luva the scissors:

His expression and the cold eyes are pretty creepy too. Lot’s of hate.

Good to see you, was thinking about you recently and wondering if you would ever come back.

Good job FBI! Heard it started with an email intercept, probably under authorization of the Echelon program started under Clinton, not Bush.

The law enforcement official who spoke to the AP said agents began investigating Mohamud after receiving a tip from someone concerned about him. The official declined to provide further details about the relationship between the two.

THEN the e-mails were intercepted.

@ Thomas Bruce, Not to worry, the HOLDER DOJ will blow the prosecution of the case and he will get fined for littering.

Hmm . . . my friend, a child psychiatrist, treats mostly young White teenagers: depressed, suicidal, homicidal, delusional, psychopathic. If you look at what actual violence is committed by young people, it is mainly young White males acting out, especially if you look at rural and suburban populations. School shootings, arson and bomb making, meth and heroin use, hit lists, stalking, bullying, assaults, etc. If there is any one group that poses a threat to America, it is young White males. That is who needs to be profiled — White males between the ages of 14 and 30, especially those in rural and suburban settings.

See how easy this is?

You will never find a criminologist who would say “focus on Somali males”, mainly because there are probably only a few thousand in the entire US. Do you actually think focusing on THOSE GUYS (most of whom are only into X-Box, soccer, texting and chasing girls) will actually “solve” the problem of disconnected males being convinced to wage armed jihad against the US? Please . . . profiling young Somalis or Arab males would have had you overlook this guy and this chick. You focus on young “swarthy” males (as one FA poster described those who “should be” profiled) and you miss this woman and this woman and this guy. Not to mention this nice young White male in the yellow tie.

It’s funny: those who support profiling NEVER propose profiling that would include their own demographic. They are fine with OTHER POPULATIONS being profiled, but profile or surveil people who look like them and the calls of “fascism” go up.

We will beat terrorism NOT by profiling, but by good intelligence. This requires good government relations with Muslim communities . . . the very thing that profiling tends to destroy.
This Somali kid, I am willing to bet, was turned in by other Somalis, just as the Toledo cell was uncovered by Arab Muslims in Toledo tipping off the FBI, and the Virginia cell was uncovered by Virginia Muslims.

Old Trooper —

Most likely the same thing will happen to this kid that has happened to every other terrorist Holder has prosecuted: plea deal or conviction, with 10 to 30 years starring them in the face. Indeed, it has been shown again and again that civilian trials are more likely than any other tribunal to result in a long long prison sentence. Like these guys


It’s funny: those who support profiling NEVER propose profiling that would include their own demographic. They are fine with OTHER POPULATIONS being profiled,

Wrong. I have strong ties to the Japanese-American community (my mom being Japanese) and if we were at war with Japan, I wouldn’t find it at all illogical that those of Japanese ancestry were scrutinized more closely. It, of course, does not mean nor imply that all or even most of those of Japanese extraction would (or did) side with Japan.

We will beat terrorism NOT by profiling, but by good intelligence.

It’s both. I think you misunderstand the nature of profiling due to our society’s hypersensitive nature on race.

If a terror network had an obsession with wearing white t-shirts when they went out to commit their acts of violence, wouldn’t that go on a list of things you’d keep an eye out for? Wearing a white t-shirt alone isn’t enough to say, “this person’s a terrorist”; and everyone would agree that most people wearing white t-shirts are simply people wearing white t-shirts. But since it’s one of the characteristics of my hypothetical terror organization, it stands to reason that white t-shirts goes on a checklist of items you’d keep an eye out for. If you happen to be an innocent person who also loves wearing white t-shirts, it’s just your tough luck. You put up with the extra scrutiny.

If a suspect is reported by dispatch as a bank robber, is that all they are allowed to report on? Or can they report the suspect’s white t-shirt and jeans (many citizens in the vicinity will be wearing such clothing)? Can they say he’s male? (Many citizens fit that profile- is it gender discrimination?) His approximate age? His ethnicity? (why is this any different/special?).

Islamic terrorists fit a certain profile. There are always exceptions to the common traits (like the non-Middle Eastern Muslims who might be blond and blue-eyed), yet the exceptions are just that: exceptions. Which is why, to a certain degree, grandma should not get a pass when getting screened by TSA. Jihad grandma could be just as dangerous as jihad teenager when it comes to packing explosives- but what is the likelihood, percentage-wise of that being the case? Use your brain rather than a “one-size fits all” approach to screening everyone with equal scrutiny. I.E., profile.

You know from my past writings that I don’t believe most Muslims are a danger to anyone. But the ones who are a problem to us are ones who identify themselves with Islam.

On a side, I believe that some of these youths aren’t guided so much by what is actually writ in the Koran as they are with other issues- desires to belong and sense of purpose (youths driven by idealism and desire to change the world), sense of disenfranchisement, racial/ethnic/religious/national identity and loyalty, desire for adventure, romanticizing the reportage of Islamic terrorists on the news, etc. I believe other factors are at work in turning young recruits onto the idea of jihad, other than actual Islamic teachings themselves. Some jihadis aren’t even particularly religious.

Finally, a big part of accuracy in profiling comes not from physical profiling, but from behavioral profiling.

Profiling is a way to pay attention to the clues and warning signs that exist there. Each trait by itself does not denote guilt and can be interpreted a number of ways, in isolation. When I was an in-store detective, I sometimes let it be known I was store security (physical presence as deterrent) and had to determine whether a shopper’s nervous behavior was due to a shoplifter’s nervousness or due to a shopper being nervous thinking I was going to unfairly/prejudicially follow him around the store because of his skin color or because of the way he was dressed.

Wordsmith, your own words sink your argument:

Islamic terrorists fit a certain profile. There are always exceptions to the common traits (like the non-Middle Eastern Muslims who might be blond and blue-eyed), yet the exceptions are just that: exceptions. Which is why, to a certain degree, grandma should not get a pass when getting screened by TSA. Jihad grandma could be just as dangerous as jihad teenager when it comes to packing explosives- but what is the likelihood, percentage-wise of that being the case? Use your brain rather than a “one-size fits all” approach to screening everyone with equal scrutiny. I.E., profile.

You use the analogy of terrorists wearing white t-shirts. Let’s ponder that: if you stop everyone wearing a white t-shirt, what do you think the terrorists would do in reaction? They stop wearing white t-shirts and move on to something else, while you concentrate on what they USED TO WEAR. You only will know what the new dress code will be if you have someone on the inside (not likely) or someone next to the insiders (more likely) to inform you what the new terrorists dress will be. You will NEVER get that information from profiling; only intelligence will tell you what to look for.

Another thing: in one breath, you talk about the US not doing profiling because of “sensitivity”, then you seem to decry the idea that “grandmas” are being screened. But why would you decry grandmas being screened? Out of “sensitivity” to their privacy interests, or a desire not to “inconvenience” or “bother” then needlessly (in their own view)? How is that NOT just relying on p.c. notions of who should be inconvenienced and who should not? And why wouldn’t that just spur al Qaeda to use those same grandma types next time? Because you have already defined out of the target group a certain population of people who you will not scrutinize. If I am a terrorists, THAT is who I am going to use, then! The only way to defeat that is to INCLUDE the “least suspicious” people in the screening regime, if for no other reason than to drive down the odds of a plot succeeding, and making al Qaeda think twice about the odds of success.

Remember: these people will use mentally ill or retarded people to wear suicide vests. What makes you think they would not use a senile White grandma?

You said “Islamic terrorists fit a certain profile.” See, that is the problem: in Israel, due to their population, they know what an Islamist terrorist looks like: Arab. In the US, it is just not true. There is no racial or gender or ethnic profile, as proven by the people who have been arrested and convicted of terrorism in this country: White, Black, Hispanic, biracial; South Asian, Arab; naturalized citizens and native born ‘Murkins from Alabama, California, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Florida and New York; visa holders, illegal aliens and tourists. The only thing they have in common is religion, and that is not something that racial or behavioral profiling will uncover.

I won’t even get into the fact that Islamists are NOT the only threat out there. White supremacists types and anti-government types also pose a proven threat. Remember, prior to 9/11, the worse single terrorist attack in the US was committed by two White Christian native born former soldiers, supported by like-minded White Christian native born citizens. I won’t even get into the body count attributable to the KKK, the Aryan Nation and similar groups. If you only chase Arab males, you open the floodgates to all the others who would do us harm.

Finally, as evidenced by this article, behavioral profiling and observing potentially dangerous groups is not without controversy. Cons went bonkers when Janet Napolitano noted the obvious, which is that certain right wing groups pose a threat to the United States government, its employees, and its citizens. Common sense says you keep an eye on them; but political correctness on the right would tend to hinder that, now wouldn’t it? Because I guess SOME PEOPLE think they are above scrutiny.

Like I said before: when you look at “them”, it is because “national security requires it” so “they” should not protest. When you look at me and my kind, it is unfair, politically motivated, or “fascism.”

* * * * *

Lastly, I sometimes wonder whether a lot of the announcements from TSA are nothing more than a bluff to keep al Qaeda thinking that we know something that we don’t actually know. Just as I often wonder whether Arabic speaking storekeepers or cab drivers who are killed at work are actually the victims of “robbery”, as reported, or whether someone else is responsible and for reasons other than money. You know . . . how many of the males of indeterminate height, age, race and weight who are often sought in such “robberies” are actually spooks, whether from the US or an ally. You know . . . the “Hispanic male” is actually a Spanish covert op, and the “Black male” is British army. The “White male” suspect? German or Russia. Not a conspiracy theory, just wondering.

Another mythical B-rob friend tale….zzzzzzzzzzz

Tom in CA —

No, my friend is not mythical. She is a Board certified crazy doctor. And most of her dangerous psychotic patients are White. Just as most prisoners are White, most terrorists are White, most school shooters are White, and most seriel killers are White. Heck, White people are even horning in on the Islamist terrorist franchise.

But it is funny that no one proposes doing anything to address the dangers that these White terrorists pose to us; instead, y’all want to concentrate on minority groups, as if Somalis or Arabs or “swarthy people,” as one FA poster described them, are the only ones posing a threat. This approach would make the Aryan Nations proud because it would miss all the dangerous White people, who collectively are much more dangerous to the US. I guess it is political correctness of a sort that makes it taboo to talk about this dangerous White criminality, or to profile amongst our White brethren to weed out the dangerous ones.

I also note the obvious, Tom: you don’t actually address what I wrote about (the need to profile for dangerous White people). Rather, you mount a personal attack on me. Weak. But I am reminded of that old quote:

“Great people talk about ideas; mediocre people talk about events; small people talk about other people.”

Powerline Blog ( a bunch of lawyers) has a nice post up, analyzing this man’s motives and inciters.

Scott Johnson writes:

The man who was arrested on Friday for seeking to detonate a car bomb at a Christmas tree lighting ceremony in Portland is described in the local press as “a Corvallis teenager,” perhaps not the most illuminating description of the suspect. We also learn from the story that the suspect’s name is Mohamed Mohamud.

Mohamud is 19 years old. He is a native of Mogadishu, Somalia. He is a naturalized American citizen. He is a Muslim. When apprehended by law enforcement authorities he declared, “Allahu Akhbar.” The motivation for Mohamud’s act of attempted mass murder was “violent jihad.”

The facts of the case make out a motif, and questions come naturally to mind. Yet beyond the facts of the case a polite silence ensues.

What can we learn from the case of Mohamed Mohamud? Should we take note of the fact that al Qaeda has a new online publication targeting an audience of disaffected Muslims in the English speaking world? The name of the magazine is Inspire. According to Judith Miller and David Samuels writing in the Wall Street Journal, the magazine seeks to “inspir[e] young Americans to kill their neighbors.”

More here….

Was Inspire one of the 150 web sites Obama just took over?

…y’all want to concentrate on minority groups, as if Somalis or Arabs or “swarthy people,” as one FA poster described them, are the only ones posing a threat.


Hmmmm…I wonder who was the first person to use that term here on FA…

Why none other than Mr. ParaLegal2 himself way back in January.

Yet here he is, once again, taking issue with others for something that he set the precedent on.

Nan G: You should have been in with OT’s Special Ops crew, you are lethal. Like a thief in the night, you draw your K-Bar across the jugular. 😉

Our administration is worried more about fake watches and underwear, violent Jihad is really not a priority.

Nan G and Skookum, what you should take away from the story of the Somalian teen who attempted a Portland, OR (my back yard) bomb attempt is twofold.

#1: Portland opted out of the FBI terrorist task force years ago as part of their lib/prog tolerance statement, and as of this event, are reconsidering their stupidity. Obviously state officials did little to obstruct the event, and realize their vulnerability… duh wuh.


#2: Now the state is up in arms about what they consider retaliation at a mosque in Corvallis. However, a day before the retaliation bombing (correction, fire) occurred, the mosque – where the idiot, dumb arse terrorist occasionally attended – issued a statement condeming the Somalian dumb butt.

This is not Oregon’s first exposure to being friendly digs for terrorists and their training camps. It might, however, be the first time Oregon’s done a subtle “mea culpa” in the news for their PC ‘tudes.

And, of course, what may have been learned with the bombing is now undone with the retaliation mosque bombing fire. A conspiratorial mind may wonder if that was deliberate… to move attention away. Haven’t gotten into that yet, mind you. But this is Oregon. The idea of a retaliation in this PC/blue state seems a bit contrived.

@Nan G:

If you are speaking of Obama’s IP “czar”, Victoria Espinel and her attempts to get ISPs to block “fringe” websites, Nan G…. of course it would have to be a no. If the website weren’t allowed to exist, how would they gain extra intel for those that created, hosted and posted the site … as well as the devotees or followers? It also follows that if the site were blocked, the FBI task force would never have been able to get the specific details on the site and time, and put the sting in place…. if they used any website at all, that is. Don’t see any mention of it’s import.

I am unaware of any success Espinel has had in that particular anti-1st Amendment endeavor. Do you have other info that states otherwise?

BTW, the Portland FBI office of the account… According to them, he states he wrote two articles for Jihad Recollections, but no mention of Inspire. Spencer’s JihadWatch mentions that he had submitted an article to Inspire. No confirmation that any of the articles are attributable to him at this writing.

Fearless, this fire was a very amateurish response to a sting operation that netted a sh*t brained wanna be Jihaist. Hoorah! But wait, what happens when confronted with someone with even the basic infantry training of an American soldier?

A disaster is on the horizon! We can’t depend on every Muslim Terrorist being an incompetent moron; eventually, they will strike with professionalism and precision, Americans will then realize the stupidity and absurdity of Political Correctness.

I make no excuses for the reactionary counter movements of some unenlightened individuals; however, the Muslim community should realize it is in their own interests to inform on these potential terrorists. Hopefully they are turning over information rather than turning their back on problems like our fearless reader.

The funnest part is seeing the Progressives realize that their far left proclivities and devotion to the Obamanation are no form of protection from the radical Jihadist. 😛 Surprise!

Yes, Skook… correction noted that the fire has not yet been linked to a bomb as a starter incinderary device, and was minimal in damage. Confined to one room, with some light smoke damage to other rooms as a result.

The Iman there has been in the community for 24 years. In a statement on the local KVAL news blurb, he says he did know the youth as a student, but that the youth never discussed jihad. Rather hard for them to turn him in if he’s not disclosing his intent, yes?

On the other hand, was the fire an inept retaliation? (Corvallis PD and FBI teaming up on investigation) Or was it a deliberate diversion from his home town mosque, to evoke sympathy? They had to know they’d be in the investigative cross hairs by their association. I would be curious to know. Corvallis is a big college town. Somehow, in blue blue Oregon, I’m finding it difficult to blindly accept that there was some closet anti-Muslim type, hanging out in the burbs. But we won’t know until the investigation is complete… if even then.

But yep… good to see that Portland’s chief is reconsidering the prior decision to not be cooperative in the now defunct, but active “war on terror”. LOL

Wordsmith —

Which is why EVERYONE should be screened to some degree; but using your brains, what are the percentage chances of grandma being the homicide jihadist over the 20 year old male Middle Easterner?

The problem is that you assume that being a 20 year old male Middle Easterner equates with a higher rate of terrorism. What I am saying is that ALL 20 year old males, regardless of background, are more likely to be involved in violent behavior AND Islamists come in every color. Add the two together and, basically, you set yourself up for failure.

You went back to profiling — think I have beat that horse enough. We cannot apply an El Al procedure to an airline industry that is a couple hundred times the size of El Al, in a country much more diverse, with a broader diversity of threats, than Israel. The only way to nail down WHO to do behavioral profiling on would be to start with racial/ethnic profiling . . . which, as I explained, is useless given the actual demographics of US Islamists. But you seem to insist on targeting Arab men because, you claim, they “fit the profile” even thought I have shown time and again that there IS NO RACIAL/ETHNIC consistency as to who will be a terrorist in general or an Islamist terrorist in particular.

Finally, you wrote:

I’d love to hear more about how the KKK, in burning crosses, was doing so in the name of religion.

The Ku Klux Klan is a homegrown White Christian terrorist organization. The KKK has ALWAYS contended they were upholding “White Christian values” (especially “White Christian femininity”) by lynching Black men and women. I mean, really, check out their website. From the very first line they claim to be motivated by Christianity! This is American History 101, dude!

Thanks Word! I think this is an excellent sign, hopefully it will set a precedent.

Aye —

Did you actually read what I posted? Obviously not.

I did use the word “swarthy”, but I did not use it in calling for discrimination against “swarthy people”. Just the opposite: I said that that was a sign of limp wristed fear-mongering. And I am the one saying here and now that profiling is under-inclusive (because it ignores the dangerous White people . . . of whom there are many many MANY more than “swarthy people”), it is over-inclusive (because you are spending your time on a bunch of physicians and lawyers instead of terrorists), and I said it will only alienate the people who we need to have cooperate with the feds in order to keep us safe.

But then someone here said the exact opposite of what I said in January — that because of their “swarthiness”, certain people should be hassled and White people, because they are White, should be left alone. But you are acting as if I AM THE PERSON CALLING NAMES?

Are you serious?

I will reiterate — you CANNOT focus on race and ethnicity because it is stupid and will not work. You cons are the ones saying that SOME PEOPLE should be scrutinized and hassled for no reason other than their race and ethnicity. Got that? You are the ones supporting government sponsored race and ethnic discrimination, instead of having a race and ethnicity neutral rule that would apply to everyone, especially given that Islamist terrorists look like . . . everyone! How dumb is that?

Skookum, if you think the Muslim community ratting out the Portland bomber is “a precedent”, you have not been paying attention. Time and again, in Minnesota, in Virginia, in Texas, in Ohio and elsewhere, Muslims have alerted the authorities when they have suspicions about youth being led astray, youth being radicalized, or when someone comes to their mosque talking jihad in a manner that makes them uncomfortable. What makes them do this? It’s simple:

1) The Bush Administration after 9/11 overall did a damn good job protecting the Muslim community from reprisal and vilification. They have not forgotten this.

2) They know that their concerns are taken seriously, as witnessed by the various stings the feds have run.

3) The feds and local police alike keep reaching out and communicating. This is where you get intelligence from.

The idea of singling out all young Muslim males or Arab males or “Middle Eastern” males (as someone described them yesterday), hassling them at airports, etc., is ridiculous. Put yourself in their shoes: would you be open to cooperating with authorities if you were being hassled because of your race, pulled out of line at the airport and questioned as your White colleagues glide right through? How open do you think your family would be if they perceived the system as being unfair toward Muslims?

You cons, p.o.ed about a TSA screening procedure, would take one of the SUCCESSES of the post 9/11 era (i.e., the active cooperation we get from the Muslim community) and risk it . . . just because you think White people should not be delayed at the airport?! How does that make any sense on any level, when we need a cooperative Muslim community to ferret out the bad seeds?!

100% of all terrorist plots by Muslims in the U. S. should be exposed by fellow Muslims.

That’s the way it should be.

If the teachings of Islam and the sentiments of the Muslim community in the U.S. really were the way they are ordinarily represented by the mainstream media and assumed to be by the U.S. Government, then there ought to be a concerted, organized, ongoing effort among Muslims in the U.S. not only to foil jihad terror plots, but also to eradicate the Islamic teachings that inspire and encourage such plots.

Why do Muslim communities keep having jihad plots to foil in the first place?

They do so because there are teachings in the Koran, Hadith and Sunnah encourage warfare against and the subjugation of unbelievers.

Mata, ever visit the anti-terrorist web site, Haganah net?

There was a time when the folks there simply hacked every terrorist web site they found so that they were non-operational.
Then the CIA/DHS and other asked politely if they would give the CIA/DHS a head’s up first.
Seems Haganah net was two or three steps ahead of the CIA/DHS in ID’ing terrorist sites that incited in languages like Arabic and others.

So, yeah, I’ve know that for a long time the government has wanted to keep terrorists web sites up so they could monitor their traffic.

This guy’s emails to his buddy who lived in Oregon with him and also in Yeman and Pakistan were vital, as was a fellow Muslim (maybe his own dad) who alerted DHS to his son’s growing extremist talk.

It’s all good.

Has everyone seen the fire damage at the Portland Mosque that Mohamad went to?

One photo of the most damaged part is here.

Notice the ply board?
It covers a broken window.
But WHY did someone break a window then throw their firebomb back into a corner where all the records of the Mosque are kept?
Notice that the desk and chair close to the broken window are undamaged.
And why no sprinklers?
80% of the records were destroyed, not the area where worship takes place at all.

There were also no injuries in Sunday’s fire, which burned 80 percent of the center’s office but did not spread to worship areas or any other rooms, said Yosof Wanly, the center’s imam.

After daybreak, members gathered at the center, where a broken window had been boarded up.

Read more:

Of course almost all Mosques look like fortresses on the outside.
Some news coverage shows this one in Portland and it follows that same pattern.

B-Rob, I read your post twice. I lost myself in several different tangents you expressed.

I did quit flying in ’02 because of what I considered to be harassment directed at me personally. I seem to have not been able to make that point clearly. I assumed it was because of the heavy equipment I carried, but like you often suggest it may have been racially motivated. I will never know for sure, but I gave up a large percentage of my business because of being interrogated in private offices for nearly every flight.

The mind numbing stupidity and incompetence of the TSA was unexplainable in my book. If there was no profiling back then, why was I singled out for interrogation before almost every flight?

Your expression “ratting out” is a term used by people who have sympathy with the underworld; is that because of your exposure to criminal types or do you have sympathies with the Terrorists?

I expressed the desire to use the profiling technique used by EL Al. They are extremely successful: while we seem to rely on blind luck for our success. Can we adopt their techniques with these mall guards we have now? That would be a disaster. Does El Al profile “Swarthy Men” I doubt it, but I really don’t know. Swarthy Men is another curious term that might fit close to half the men in Israel and the US. There are probably many swarthy men who fly without getting the scrutiny that I received from the TSA. Actually, it is hard to imagine anyone wanting to fly after being interrogated repeatedly by the TSA. Did they accomplish anything with their harassment? Yes indeed! They stopped one high mileage flyer from flying. Huraghhh! Oh, by the way, that was during the Bush years.

I don’t like the TSA, I don’t trust them and I think they are stupid and incompetent. I try to fly privately whenever possible, but I only fly for emergencies. I don’t know where I fit in your argument for the TSA. I am a non-participant and rock thrower as far as the TSA is concerned.

If the Muslim community has been helpful in foiling terror I commend them; obviously, I have been remiss in my reading. I hesitate to mention this since it will be taken out of context, but it is in the Muslim’s best interests to cooperate with the FBI. Unfortunately, there is suspicion regarding the mosques as centers for terror. This illusion will dissipate with increased cooperation. I know that our Muslim soldiers contribute to the war effort in ways that none of the rest of us can. They are unsung heroes in a dirty war and I salute them.

Get used to this. We have 6000 of his cousins dumped into my hometown in Maine. Relocated because they can access Section 8 housing vouchers, general assistance and food stamps, and free health care from the local Catholic owned hospital. They are rude and pissy. The teenagers here are a pain in the ass. Very few graduate from our local schools and even fewer can find jobs. They constantly clash with the locals, who are offended at the free hand outs in a community that is struggling financially.

Maine, Massachusetts, Virginia, Georgia, Nebraska, Minnesota, Oregon, and many more states have been flooded with these people. There are 1000’s more kids like this one and someday, the next terrorist attack will come from one of these meatheads.

Wordsmith —

You mentioned “religious profiling.” So let me ask you: what does a Catholic look like? Can you tell someone is Greek Orthodox just by looking at them? Can I read a name and figure out that someone is a Protestant? No. So what makes you think you can figure out who is “a Muslim” when they can look like Hakeem Olajuwon or look like this guy? How would you decide “this guy is a Muslin, so let’s profile him”? Enlighten me . . . .