Say What? 11/22/2010 Edition [Reader Post]



When asked about the President’s aloofness, Joe Biden responded: “And I find nothing, nothing about him that’s aloof…I think what it is, is he’s so brilliant. He is an intellectual.”

Treasury Secretary, Timothy Geithner: “It is very important to keep politics out of monetary policy.”

Jame  Floyd, former Clinton advisor, on MSNBC, giving what apparently passes for careful political analysis: “The governor says that she [Sarah Palin] is an extraordinary asset to her party; I say she is an extraordinary ass.”

Lisa de Moraes of the Washington Post made the following claim: “Sarah Palin hopes to lure her daughter Bristol’s 20 million viewers to her own, far less popular, reality TV series this coming Sunday.”

Lisa de Moraes “Sarah Palin’s new TLC reality series attracted TLC’s biggest series-debut audience ever, that amounted to only 5 million viewers.” [emphasis mine].  3 people who would die for 5 million viewers: Jon Stewart, Rachel Maddow, and Keith Olbermann.  These are how many people tune in to watch Katie Couric on network television.

Democratic Senator Jay Rockefeller: “[We should have a] slimmed down channel packages that better respect what we really want to watch.” and “I hunger for quality news. I’m tired of the right and the left. There’s a little bug inside of me which wants to get the FCC to say to Fox and to MSNBC, ‘Out. Off. End. Goodbye.’ It’d be a big favor to political discourse, our ability to do our work here in Congress, and to the American people, to be able to talk with each other and have some faith in their government and, more importantly, in their future.”  The FCC does not regulate cable, by the way.

George Soros: “We have just lost this election, we need to draw a line.  And if this president can’t do what we need, it is time to start looking somewhere else.”

Chris Dodd tweet: ‘U love torturing me w this sh*t’
Chris Dodd’s 2nd tweet moments later: ‘From Dodd Staff – Apologies to Dodd’s followers, last tweet was not from Chris Dodd.’

Joe Biden: “the stimulus did exactly what it was supposed to do, but it wasn’t enough.”

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi: “Our position in the House has been that we support the tax cut for the middle cl-, for everyone, but not an additional tax cut at the high end.”  Democrats are not offering any tax cuts; Republicans are not offering any tax cuts.  No one, apart from the debt reduction commission, is speaking about tax cuts.

BBC’s Katty Kay suggests that Tea Partiers are willing to go against the “country’s interest” rather than to “deal” with President Obama:  “And if there is going to be a wing of the Republican Party that says, do not on any issue, on any case, even on its merits, compromise with the President, it’s gonna be the Tea Party. And if the Tea Party is driving the energy in the Republican Party … Republicans in Congress are going to have to look very carefully at how they deal with them. And the Tea Party is saying we don’t care about whether it’s in the country’s interest, in our foreign policy interest, in our economic interest necessarily to deal with the President.”

Liberals making sense:

Ed Henry CNN tweets: “POTUS a little punchy — comes to press cabin on AF-1 and jokes he’s stopping in South Am on way home from Europe to see Chavez”

Rep. Harold Ford, Jr., says President Obama needs to make some “halftime adjustments” including “order[ing] his department heads and agency chiefs to declare a moratorium on new regulations until further notice.”


Ted Koppel, ex newsman, in an editorial: “While I can appreciate the financial logic of drowning television viewers in a flood of opinions designed to confirm their own biases, the trend is not good for the republic…Fox News and MSNBC [are]…to journalism what Bernie Madoff was to investment: He told his customers what they wanted to hear, and by the time they learned the truth, their money was gone.”

Mary Katharine Ham: “Ted Koppel yearns for the old days when 3 or 4 white guys with the same background told us what the news was.” (Quoted from memory).

Charles Krauthammer: “Are you denying that Democratic leaders have accused Bush of lying us into war?”

Mark Shields: “I have never heard a Democratic leader, we have to define who Democratic leaders, I never heard a Democratic candidate for president say this, or anybody who was in question for that.”  Excluding Howard Dean, or John Kerry, that is.


The following as a fake interview which ran on NPR (something which they do as a lark; and, surprisingly enough, these “interviews” denigrate conservatives only.

SAGAL (NPR “interviewer”): Thank you, everybody. With President George W. Bush’s memoir, “Decision Points,” coming out this week, naturally we reached out to invite the president on for an interview. Now this was the response we got, for real, from his former press secretary Dana Perino, quote, “That’s hysterical. You guys are so funny,” and then a smiling emoticon. So instead, we’ll be interviewing George W. Bush’s audio book. So welcome to WAIT WAIT, this is a big honor for us. Now, you tell some great stories in the book. Tell us about your first week as president.

BUSH: I had a few beers with the guys on Monday night. On Tuesday, I’d fix my favorite after dinner drink, Benedictine and brandy. I had a couple of bourbon-and-Sevens after I put Barbara and Jenna to bed on Wednesday.

SAGAL: Well, yeah, you’ve earned a celebration, I guess. But then you got down to business, right? Tell us what you did next.

BUSH: Thursday and Friday were beer-drinking nights. (Laughter)

SAGAL: Well that’s remarkable, that’s some first week. How did you manage to fit all that in while being president?

BUSH:  You put your teeth on the edge of the mug, tilt your head back and the beer goes down your throat.

SAGAL: There’s a really touching story, Mr. President’s audio book, in your book about your meeting your wife. What went through your mind the first time you saw the future Laura Bush?

BUSH: Here’s the head and here’s the body. It’s a girl.

SAGAL: President Bush’s audio book, thank you so much for joining us on WAIT WAIT…DON’T TELL ME!

But I got to say, you’ve gone from the nation’s highest office to a quiz show on NPR, of all places. So what’s going through your head right now?

BUSH: Bush, what did you do wrong?

SAGAL: Thank you so much. President Bush’s audio book joining us. (Soundbite of applause)

[This is the same NPR game show that joked in 2006 that Karl Rove ordered the killing of liberal Rep. Jack Murtha, and that Rove’s rear end is Dick Cheney’s undisclosed location. In 2009, Obama adviser David Axelrod appeared on the show and joked that one of the contenders for White House dog was conservative beauty queen Carrie Prejean.]

Taken from:


From a Howard Kurtz article: “[Katie Couric] is touring what she calls ‘this great unwashed middle of the country’ in an effort to divine the mood of the midterms.”

Howard Kurtz: “Drudge jumped on Katie Couric’s comment to me about “great unwashed middle of the country,” but I can tell you she was not being disparaging.”


Charles Krauthammer: “Out of all this, an American hero emerges, a guy refusing the pat-down and scanning by saying, ‘Don’t touch my junk.’  That’s the banner of the year 2010. It doesn’t have the elegance of “Don’t tread on me,” but that was the age of the musket. This is the age of Twitter.”

Ben Stein: “Government spending is like heroin; when you try to get off of it, it’s really painful.”

Conservatives from the past:

Ronald Reagan: “Those who have known freedom and lose it, never know it again.”

From this week’s Conservative Review (#153) (HTML)  (PDF)

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The Couric is a unit of measure.

What does Obama drink/smoke/snort?
Only an idiot wouldn’t know that Hugo Chaves’ place is past where he’s going to DC.
“Punchy” is correct.
But was he ”punchy” from drink, pot or cocaine?

I always find it funny that the left continues to lament the supposed drug and alcohol use by GWB, but Obama wrote 2 books in which he lamented the times where he spent life on the beach stoned out of his mind and did drugs ’emphatically’, but that’s perfectly fine and doesn’t effect his ability to lead one bit.

Unbelievable hypocrisy and they will never see it.


i looked at the one’s “books” and never saw a more boring self involved and probably down right lies in a book that claimed to be nonfiction. i fell asleep counting the number of times “I” was used. that jerk is the most self involved idiot i have ever seen.

I’m betting B-Rob weighs 60 Courics. 😆

I’m sure this is NOT the first…..I recall the media calling a bunch of men who were registered as Democrats but arrested for weapons and threats charges ”Tea Partier men.”

This more recent one the media was going with another ”too good to check” story about a Tea Partier who made threats that caused the closing of 300 schools in FLA.


The woman charged by the FBI with making a threat that led to the lockdown of more than 300 Broward County schools after hearing the words of right-wing talker Joyce Kaufman isn’t a member of the Tea Party — she’s a member of the Green Party.

Read more: