Election Day Open Thread


UPDATE 12:45am EST:

Now this is spin:

John Boehner inherits troubled House

Oh, and Fox has officially called the House as controlled by Republicans.

UPDATE 12:20am EST:

Fox is calling it for Harry Reid….oh well.

UPDATE 12:00am EST:

Allen West victory speech: (via RSM)

UPDATE 11:42pm EST:

ALLEN WEST HAS WON IN FLORIDA, at least according to the Daily Caller; AP has apparently declared Pat Toomey the winner in Pennsylvania.

UPDATE 11:37pm EST:

Kirk up in IL by 59K votes with 89% reporting

UPDATE 11:25pm EST:

California is no surprise….Boxer and Brown win.

UPDATE 11:23pm EST:

Paul Kanjorski lost tonight. He had held the seat for 26 years.

Don’t remember him? Roll the tape:

UPDATE 11:14pm EST:

Alan West wins in FL

UPDATE 10:55pm EST:

Alan Grayson goes down in flames in FL
Toomey pulls ahead in PA
Bobby Schilling defeats Phil “Don’t follow the constitution” Hare

UPDATE 10:40pm EST:

Feingold is losing and Fox just called a Haley win

UPDATE 10:25pm EST:

BREAKING VIDEO: New Black Panthers Commit Outrageous Violations of Texas Voting Law

and indeed:

UPDATE 10:10pm EST:


Nation’s first female Hispanic governor elected

Another piece of history made tonight: New Mexico has elected the first female Hispanic governor in American history.

NBC News projects that Republican District Attorney Susana Martinez has won the governorship over Democrat Lt. Gov. Diane Denish.

UPDATE 9:45pm EST:

Take that gavel and….well

In a victory of historic proportions, Republicans will win the U.S. House of Representatives with a net gain of about 60 seats, Fox News projects.

The gains would exceed those made during the Republican wave of 1994, when the party picked up 54 House seats. In House races from Florida to Virginia to Indiana, voters were sending a rebuke to the Democratic Party by electing Republicans over Democratic incumbents.

60 seats….wow, what an awesome night.


GOP wins, he says, are not “an embrace of the Republican party, but a second chance to be what the Republican party said it would be, not long ago.”

And ride the Christie wave:

New Jersey House races also look surprisingly good. Republican John Runyan will beat John Adler in NJ-3, while Anna Little is narrowly leading Democratic incumbent Frank Pallone in NJ-6 and Scott Sipprelle is leading Democratic incumbent Rush Holt in NJ-12, the Princeton district. These latter areas are suburban districts that voted for Obama in 2008 but swung heavily to Christie in 2009.

UPDATE 8:10pm EST:

So far, we have big GOP leads in most marginal districts with at least 15 percent of the vote in:

IN-2: Walorski up by 15.5.

IN-8: Buchson up by 14.

IN-9: Young up by 14.

VA-5: Hurt up by 10.

VA-9: Griffith up by 8.

The only marginal district the GOP is behind in is KY-6, where Chandler leads Barr by 5.5 percent with 60 percent in.

If the GOP wins five of these six, it will be on track for a 60-to-75-seat-pickup night.

UPDATE 8:00pm EST:

Coons wins DE (Could be a risky early call by the networks.)
Mikulski wins MD
Rubio wins FL
Shelby wins AL
Blumenthal wins CT (Problems in CT. Precincts running out of ballots. Polls may be open until 10pm. Considering these facts, this call may be another risky network move.)

UPDATE 7:30pm EST: Drudge




IL 49-43 Kirk [R]… NV TIED…

Arkansas: Boozman (R) over Lincoln (D)
California: Boxer [D] over Fiorina [R]
Florida: Rubio [R] over Crist [I], Meek [D]
Ohio: Portman (R) over Fisher (D)
North Dakota: Hoeven (R) over Potter (D)
Wisconsin: Johnson (R) over Feingold (D)

UPDATE 7:20pm EST:

ABC, Fox, and NBC are calling the Kentucky Senate race for Rand Paul (R.) and the Indiana Senate race for Dan Coats (R.).

Fox has also called it for Demint….some good and bad news:

The bad news: With 20 percent in, the GOP’s still down 10 points in the KY-6 bellwether. The good news: With five percent in, they’re way, way up in the IN-2 bellwether.

UPDATE 6:00pm EST:

Jim Geraghty:

Indicator Number One: I am told that one Democratic strategist, helping a television network with Election Night analysis, just declared that the Democrats were experiencing something on par with mass murder. The GOP counterpart looked at the same numbers and concluded the Democrats are, so far, not getting the urban turnout they need; suburban and rural areas are seeing big turnouts.

Indicator Number Two: One Republican who is seeing early indicators in Florida says, “If this holds, we win everything.”

UPDATE 5:00pm EST:

Hmmmm….black panthers at it again:

Fox 29 News ran into a New Black Panther Party member outside as the same Philadelphia polling place where voter intimidation was reported two years ago. He was handing out a sample ballot for the Democrats.

The man was seen outside the polling place in North Philadelphia was wearing a pin that indicated his party affiliation, along with a black hat, sunglasses and leather coat.

We spoke with the man briefly ( see video to the left) and asked him why he was standing in front of the poll doors. His response was, “no comment.”

We then asked him if he was at the polls representing the New Black Panther Party and if his panther label button was a symbol of the party. We received no answer.

UPDATE 4:30pm EST:

Quite a swing in turnout but still way early:

As of noon in Colorado, nearly 74,000 more Republicans have voted than Democrats:





UPDATE 3:50pm EST: Hey! All you Massachusetts folks…..

Do you remember this?

Have you voted yet?

UPDATE 2:22pm EST: Hey! All you California folks…..

Do you remember this?

How about this one?

Have you voted yet?

There is nothing more important or pressing today. Your vote today will matter for a lifetime.

Put aside whatever you’ve got planned. Go to your polling place. Stand in line. Wait your turn.


Your grandchildren will thank you.

UPDATE 12:40pm EST: Remember this?


How about this?

Image Source,Photobucket Uploader Firefox Extension


UPDATE 10:45am EST: Do you remember this?

Now, go VOTE!

UPDATE 6:30am EST:
Polling places are now open in multiple locations.
Let the games begin.

Sarah Palin:

Tomorrow is Election Day. Before you head to the polling place, take a moment to remember March 21st, when the Pelosi Congress cast its vote for Obamacare. The enduring image of that day is one of Congressional Democrats arrogantly dismissing the pleas of thousands of Americans gathered outside the Capitol Building begging them not to inflict this disastrous bill on us.

In the end this bill wasn’t about health care reform; it was about control and government mandates and fines for not purchasing a government-approved insurance plan. The bill jeopardizes the very thing it was supposed to reform. Every day we hear about doctors leaving the Medicare system; increased premiums with talk of price controls; rationing becoming standard practice; and panels of faceless bureaucrats deciding which categories of treatment are worthy of funding based on efficiency calculations (which I called a “death panel”).

The morning after this terrible bill was passed by the House, I wrote that “we will remember the corrupt deals, the corrupt process, the lack of transparency, the deceptive gimmicks to game the CBO score, and the utter disregard for the will of the American people.”

They voted against our will that day. Tomorrow it’s our turn to vote against them and put our government back on the side of the people. This is our chance to rebuke their big government power grab, reject their unwanted “fundamental transformation” of America, and start the process of repealing this bill before it buries us under a mountain of debt.

So let’s fire Pelosi, retire Reid, and send all those who were responsible for that disgraceful bill a message that America is still about “We the People.”

Tomorrow is our Freedom Day.

Enshrined in our Constitution is the process for the peaceful transfer of power. Our revolution continues each election at the ballot box, and tomorrow we will renew the spirit of the American Revolution once again. Let freedom ring!

I’m a pessimist so I’m predicting 55 seats and 8 Senate seats. Really can’t believe I’m writing that 55 seats is pessimistic but what with all the “blood bath” talk FROM the Democrats…55 seats IS pessimistic.

Jim Geraghty has got his prediction at 70,

And Rasmussen is impressed:

If these results hold, it could lead to the election of more Republicans to Congress than at any time since the 1920s

Question is, will the numbers hold?

Blogger predictions?

Aye Chihuahua – 67-73/8-11
Macsmind – 65/9
Sister Toldjah – 40-45/5
AJ – Says look to VA
Polipundit – 66/
Peter Wehner – 73/10
Paul Mirengoff – 68/9
Henry Olson – 64
Allah – 54
Ed Morrissey – 65/9
Reaganite Republican – 80
C. Edmund Wright – 100/10
Don Surber – 51/5
Kathryn Jean Lopez – 80/9
Scared Monkeys – 68/9

We will keep you updated as the day goes by, put any tips in the comment section plus your own predictions.

Whether your glass is half empty, or half full, it IS Freedom Day tomorrow. Go vote!

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@Real American Patriot:

Whew! Guess I have to explain it. He may well be taking over that office, what’s he going to do? dust? water the plants? travel for four years? Your democrats lost both houses, he’s got nothing to work with unless they let him play. 🙄

@ Real American Patriot, Your SPEW is the most patently absurd bit of work, besides that of Johnny Ryan, to be posted here. You may be an American but your slant on Patriotism is unique.
If that Sock Monkey Al Franken is Senate material, then one of my neighbors Mules could probably run for Governor in You State, get your Vote and win. The State of Minnesota has a sense of humor that I don’t share.

@ Old Trooper,

It wasn’t my SPEW that falsely claimed there were 341 felons the voted improperly..
That would be the RIGHT WING SPEW!!! Try to read and understand. I know that’s hard for you. btw I am just as much a Patriot as you are!!!

REAL AMERICAN PATRIOT: IF you would come up with words that patriots come with, except your words of despair that tell of who you really are, and what frame of mind, like OUT to humiliate your entourage,
every time you come here

After reading #number 54 I unpacked put my boots and put them on, it’s getting deep in here. 😯

Going to have some lake effect snow in the morning, guess I have to thank CRAP for encouraging me to be prepared. 😉

CRAP said:

btw I am just as much a Patriot as you are!!!

That is debatable, but let us ponder his words a moment while learning about what a patriot is, shall we?

   /ˈpeɪtriət, -ˌɒt or, especially Brit., ˈpætriət/ Show Spelled[pey-tree-uht, -ot or, especially Brit., pa-tree-uht] Show IPA
a person who loves, supports, and defends his or her country and its interests with devotion.
a person who regards himself or herself as a defender, esp. of individual rights, against presumed interference by the federal government.
( initial capital letter ) Military . a U.S. Army antiaircraft missile with a range of 37 mi. (60 km) and a 200-lb. (90 kg) warhead, launched from a tracked vehicle with radar and computer guidance and fire control.

We know he isn’t referring to #3(at least we hope not), so let us look at the other two listings.

#2 describes a person who defends rights, namely individual/property rights, against intrusion by the federal government. Since CRAP seems to rant against the GOP, and has been noted in the past on here as defending the actions of the liberal/progressive crowd since Obama’s election and before, and since he defends the most outrageous aspects of Obamacare, such as the individual mandate to purchase healthcare or be fined(by the federal government), we can pretty much rule this one out as well. CRAP just doesn’t seem to be all that concerned with anyone’s individual or property rights.

That leaves #1. Although CRAP is a person, I would submit that he/she does not properly support or defend the US and it’s interests, even as he is devoted to the liberal/progressive cause. It is this liberal/progressive cause that disqualifies CRAP from being defined as a patriot per#1, and that is because the liberal/progressive cause does not constrain itself to our Constitution on issues. The fact that current liberal/progressive pols seem to not care what the Constitution says while making law, and typically include phrases in their defense of their laws that are no where to be found in the Constitution when confronted about it, means that the Constitution has no bearing on what they do. Because of this, and the fact that Old Trooper is a veteran and swore an oath to uphold and defend the Constitution, and during his arguments he makes it very clear where he believes the Constitution stands on liberal/progressive actions, I submit that CRAP is no where near the Patriot that Old Trooper is. What is more, is that I don’t believe that CRAP even has any idea what being a true patriot actually means.

@ johngalt, CRAP is a Patriot in a Leninist Sense.

Lenin’s speech: “How the Working People can be saved from…


Lenin’s Speech at the Third Communist International


Lenin’s speech: The Middle Peasants ☭ Ленин: О крестьянах-середняках

Obama Is Going To Pay For My Gas And Mortgage!!!


@real: You said:

Of course you recall the Franken & Coleman recount. That’s the recount that afterwards the righties came up with this SPEW… 341 Illegal votes were cast by Felons that did not have the right to vote. What bunch of right wing BS that turned out to be! 6 is the number of people were indicted for voter fraud.

From the report by Minnesota Majority:

To date, Minnesota Majority has obtained 341 copies of Hennepin and Ramsey County court registers of actions that document felons’ ineligibility to vote on November 4th 2008, that are linked to electronic voter history records of people who SVRS indicates voted in 2008.
[Phil] Carruthers said Ramsey County is still investigating all the names and has asked that 15 investigators be hired to complete the process. “So far we have charged 28 people with felonies, have 17 more under review and have 182 cases still open,” he said. “And there is a good chance we may match or even exceed their numbers.” – Source

The report also lays out how certain Federal and State authorities “stonewalled” their efforts.

Why do you doubt the actual hard evidence that was obtained in Hennepin and Ramsey County in Minnesota? Does it not fall into your ideology? Does voter fraud not bother you?

Please answer…

It was surprising and suspicious to me that ABC, Fox, and NBC called the Ky. Senate
Race so early in the evening. I hate it that Jack Conway lost to Rand Paul who is
too radical for Kentucky. And Conway is the better man.