Deranged Palin Hating Liberal Believes Sarah Will Run For President Because…


Her husband defended her in some emails.

Talk about making a story out of nothing. Palin hating blogger AKMuckraker received some leaked emails from a Miller staffer and concludes there is evidence she may be running:

…internal emails obtained by The Mudflats provide the most conclusive evidence to date that Palin will be running for president, and also indicate a behind-the-scenes rift between the Palins and an Alaskan candidate that they have both publicly endorsed.

An irate email written by Todd Palin seems to confirm his wife’s presidential ambition, and revealed his anger at Alaska Republican Senate candidate Joe Miller. The email demands that the treasurer of SarahPAC, Tim Crawford, “hold off on any letter of support for Joe,” and came on the heels of an interview Miller gave to Neil Cavuto on Fox News Sunday.


Miller has had a heavy schedule of fundraising in Washington D.C., and has made multiple appearances on Fox News in recent weeks. On September 19, he appeared on Fox News Sunday with Neil Cavuto [sic] who addressed the rumor of a Palin presidential run, and asked Miller if he thought Sarah Palin was qualified to be president.

Miller’s non-committal response that there were “a number of great candidates out there” for the job fell far short of a Palin endorsement, and seems to have roused the ire of Todd Palin, who launched an angry email blasting Miller on behalf of his wife. Palin sent the email on the morning of the Cavuto interview to Tim Crawford, Joe Miller and the Palins’ personal attorney, Thomas Van Flein (who also serves as Miller’s attorney.) In the email, Todd Palin instructs SarahPAC treasurer Tim Crawford to “Hold off on any letter for Joe. Sarah put her ass on the line for Joe and yet he can’t answer a simple question “is Sarah Palin Qualified to be President”. I DON’T KNOW IF SHE IS.”


The email continues, “Sarah spent all morning working on a Face book post for Joe, she won’t use it, not now. Put yourself in her shoe’s Joe for one day.” Though the exact contents of the Facebook post and the previously mentioned letter are not clear, it is obvious that the Palins did not, at the time of the email, intend to put any more political muscle behind Miller’s candidacy, and were specifically withholding support they had intended to give in retribution for Miller’s failure to support Palin’s presidential aspirations.

The interview that got Sarah’s husband upset is below and Miller’s answer is around 8 minutes in:

Uh, THIS is the “most conclusive evidence to date that Palin will be running for president?”

It’s her husband pissed off at the perceived ingratitude of someone they supported and helped win a tough election. That’s it.

Stacy McCain has sources inside the Palin camp who believe it was Huckabee supporting staffers of Miller who forwarded the email….which as Stacy wrote, is quite idiotic if true:

What was truly shocking, however, was to discover that some employee of the Miller campaign apparently thought it was a clever political strategy to leak this private communication to a liberal Democrat like Devon. Even if a Miller campaign staffer wished to embarrass Todd and Sarah Palin, why give an exclusive like this to a blogger who has made her career attacking Republicans?

But Miller’s staff has been “f–ing up everything” in recent weeks, said my source, pointing to a number of tactical and strategic blunders by the Republican campaign for which the Huckabee-connected staffers are believed to be responsible.


…the problem of divided loyalties within the Miller campaign staff — that some Huckabee supporters are “f–ing everything up” — is dead-on accurate. For several months, I’ve been concerned that the mid-term campaign might suffer because some Republicans are looking ahead to 2012.

Having read the leaked emails myself (they are here) it seems to me that Sarah is still contemplating a 2012 run but her and her husband are expecting some support from Miller. This is surprising to someone?


PDS on full display today, and everyday.

More here.

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You attempted to craft an actual article about some random blogger? Perhaps I should publish my own article about “conservative idiots” and their lack of ability to create any valuable input. Since we’re all about grossly unsupported generalizations here at Flop.

Go for it Yawnie! Type it up!

Let’s see if you got the stones to even try!

I don’t think this is PDS. Actually, wouldn’t that be coming from the left and not subserviently generated by the right? Honestly, let her stand on her own merit and defend herself… or are we to just give her a free pass because of politics dirty games? Everyone must go through the mill… if she can dish it, then take it. Enough of the PPS (Palin persecution syndrome).

Respectfully, you generate more conversation about nothing, almost to the degree of false indignation. Do you not think Sarah can handle herself? If there is a tit for tat response, it will make her look weak in the long run. Just an opinion. Everything is not an evil liberal conspiracy to diminish her… sometimes it is just plain ole politics from her own party.

If you want something to really complain about, you should comment about how Oliver Stone called her a “Moron” on CNN tonight. That was PDS, not this above stuff.

With BHO’s perceived vulnerablity the race for the Repub. nomination will begin shortly after Nov. smoke clears It will be BRUTAL.

Romney,Gingrich,Huckabee,Pence and other wannabees will set up camp in Iowa and begin a long grueling ground game.I’m expecting after the initial blood letting Ms Palin will join the fray

This may only be wishful Democratic thinking. As a political junkie I can’t wait for this long arduous and eventually very nasty contest to begin.It’s gonna be a beauty.

More later Semper Fi Go Giants

If you think other Republicans are not going to soften her up. Make her slip up? Of course they will use Huf, and who ever suits their needs. Isn’t that politics? Of course Huf would publish and try to embarrass etc. But it is not part of PDS that caused it… it is politics. I think she can handle herself. I have questions about her, but she deserves a fair hearing. Not many politicians I trust anyway. She has no magic spell over me, although I think the one from NJ could… lol. (ok, poor joke). I have not looked at Huf in a while… kinda the same song over and over.

So Huck is trying to bring down a rival before the campaign begins. Astonishing news. I am sure so will the dude with the hair will be next on her, Romney. She can only play (along with her supporters) the persecuted card so often before it is rendered useless. Just an opinion, play your hand, Aces and all, as much as you like.

oh… and yeah, not sure if I can say this, but Oliver Stone is a douche bag. (feel free to edit this if I violate rules)

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Respectfully, you generate more conversation about nothing, almost to the degree of false indignation. Do you not think Sarah can handle herself? If there is a tit for tat response, it will make her look weak in the long run. Just an opinion……….


Looks more like ”chivalry-is-dead” to me.

I had heard that those on the Left refuse to open doors for ladies, assist them to their chairs, stand when they leave the table and so on.
But this idea that they must defend themselves from all comers on their own is a new low!

I haven’t been following this issue at all, but kudos to Curt, Todd Palin and any others who defend a lady.

NanG For a Cal Tech honor grad.your #11 comment “refuse to open doors for ladies etc” is truly bizarre.Are you a birther?

Got news for you, Rich.

We ladies were treated very well at school.
In fact, manners were very important in those days at school.
Since I graduated in the mid-1960’s perhaps things have gone downhill.
But, more than 40 years ago, I married a gentleman.

And I’m amazed by feminists in the way things like stoning women to death for being raped without 4 eye-witnesses to back up their story, scraping off all of girls’ external genitalia, and forcing young girls to marry cousins are all equated with just being part of another separate but equal culture.

I am somewhat amazed by your conflating the idea that ”men ought to be polite to women,” with the belief that ”Obama was not born in HI.”

Those are two different things, nothing alike.
IF those on the Left think you MUST be nasty to females to prove your liberal credentials, I want nothing to do with them.

Being one of the very best at figuring out what made up an unknown stain or smear has nothing to do with either one of the above things, either.
(And I did that before computers could help.)

NanG As an Officer and a Gentleman” by Act of Congress” I assure you I don’t fall into the nasty crowd you deride. I can also assure you this is definately not a right/left issue and to so assert is yes Bizarre, as are birther theories.
Therefore the reason I juxtaposed the issues.Are you a birther?Do you think feminists condone the horrific actions you described above?
And yes,I would be suprised if a lady with your educational background answered affrmatively to either of the above queries.

Semper Fi

Nan, You write that you “heard that those on the Left refuse to open doors for ladies”. Do you not know any non-conservatives? If you have no personal experience, aren’t you just passing along rumor and hearsay with zero foundation to support it? I can assure you that conservatives don’t have a monopoly on being gentlemen. I know this because I happen to know liberals and conservatives and everyone in between. I also know that all conservatives aren’t redneck racists because some of my best friends are conservative. It’s tough to hang a silly label on a person you know, no matter how much you disagree on politics. Your quaint chivalry observation – but more so, your odious comments about ‘feninists’ tacitly supporting rape and genital mutilation – are just further examples of how it’s impossible to have a constructive dialogue with a person who feels a need to divide everything into two simplistic categories: Conservative/Good and Non-Conservative/Evil.

Your quaint chivalry observation – but more so, your odious comments about ‘feninists’ tacitly supporting rape and genital mutilation

Please list one leftist woman-rights group that has publicly condemned the savage treatment of the world’s Moslem women…

*I won’t be holding any breath*

You can hold your breath. it only took ten seconds.

Of course you might be disappointed that they don’t make a big stink about religion. They’re concerned with the suffering of the people involved, not your political hobbyhorse.

Rich and TOM; hi, NAN G; is very true in her comments, and highly intelligent, so
PLEASE don’t try to put her in a BOX, she’s to big to fit in [matter of brain comparison],
I agree that the conservatives I know here and other BLOGS, are very polite and their core are cleaner than the others,a matter of respect for other they show,

Tom and Rich,
what I personally know is what you would call anecdotal…..therefore my personal experience would, of necessity, be a hasty generalization.

I do know plenty of liberals, living in So Cal.

I’ve seen (for one example) Obama-T-shirted men let a woman behind them open the door for herself when they could have easily paused for a second & held it for her.
I could go on and on but it would STILL be a hasty generalization.
However, I could also add what other ladies have shared with me.
All of what I’ve seen over more than 60 years.
Eventually it become less of a hasty generalization.

Up until very recently NOW was quiet about all those actions against women in another culture.
In very recent months NOW has quietly begun to murmur against such acts.
To the extent that NOW stands up against such thing I salute them.

Now, just because one thing is ”Bizarre” and another thing is also ”Bizarre,” does not equate the two things.
I’ll stand by that.
I think you are simply trying to do a slightly clever version of an ad hominum attack against me.
Can you think of any other ”Bizarre” things you want to equate me with believing in?

This whole thread is about ”a deranged Palin hating liberal believes Sarah will run for president because…..”
So, hyperbole and logical fallacies are built right in.

NanG I didn’t say you believed BHO wasn’t born in Hawaii.I asked.

“hasty generalization”
‘in recent months Now has quiety begun to murmer etc.”

Soft shoe to the rear.

Nan, my point is that simplistic negative generalizations like those are both usually false and an underhanded political tactic. Do we really need to get into how groups throughout history have been demonized as a way to leverage support? And where does it get you, but further from the truth? If you want to hate a liberal, at least hate him for who he truly is, not some cartoon version you’ve constructed in your head via anecdote and selective memory.

rich wheeler: hi, ON YOUR 7, you said, IT’S going to be brutal,
WELL YES brutal for all of the DEMOCRATS for sure. bye

NAN G you are right on target, aim and …bye


Of course you might be disappointed that they don’t make a big stink about religion. They’re concerned with the suffering of the people involved, not your political hobbyhorse.

How is religion-based crime a “political hobbyhorse”?

Glad to see how OUTRAGED!11! they are about stoning! Too bad they can’t even point at the Taliban (and 90% of Moslems) who will KILL a woman for having an abortion…But no. Operation Rescue are terrorists, but the Iranian Mullahs and Saudi’s are not even mentioned:

Speak Out Against Anti-Abortion Terrorism
Groups like Operation Save America and Operation Rescue use intimidation tactics to scare away women from exercising their right to obtain abortion care. By signing this petition, you will send a message that these actions are an organized form of terrorism that must stop.

Pffft. Weak as hell. Try again fluffer.

I predict here and now that The eventual Republican nominee will be N.J. Gov. Chris Christie, with Ma. Sen. Scott Brown for his his VP selection. Thereby locking up the northeast for the GOP in the general election. This will lead to a landslide victory for the team! Sarah Palin will be extremely important with fund raising activities and motivational rallies during the campaign. She can best serve our nation by remaining on FOX News for duration. As for her qualifications to be our next POTUS I unequivocally state here that she is VERY qualified to be the next Commander in Chief of the United States of America! Should she run, I will support her enthusiastically!All that being said, however, I think the shortest odds are on the Christie/Brown ticket to victory!

O/T but 9th Circuit allows 11 countries to participate in suit against AZ

Glad to see how OUTRAGED!11! they are about stoning.

Pffft Freakin weak as hell, man.

You stated I couldn’t find “one leftist woman-rights group that has publicly condemned the savage treatment of the world’s Moslem women” and I found it. Rather than be a stand-up guy and admit that you were mistaken in your baseless assertion, you take it in another direction (much as I predicted you would).

And once again you are proven wrong.

Now will you apologize to all the women in this organization whom you have slandered?

Oh, and don’t bother with an apology to me: this one’s on the house.

2012 is two years off. The 2010 Election should be the tipping point.
Let’s not get your knickers in a knot over Sarah Palin right now.
She is as free to run for office as any potential candidate but has not announced
anything at this point in time.

Two years is a long time and the field for either Party is subject to change. At present I have no predictions or favorites but I believe that a candidate that is an outsider and not soiled by poor choices or a poor voting record in DC may be more appealing than those that can’t remember the lie they told last or who they told it to.

Fiscal responsibility is a priority, Immigration, the real Unemployment numbers and Home Foreclosures are larger issues than race, gender or religion. Not meddling with the Constitution, Over Regulation of Business or Negotiable Ethics should be issues.

Right now neither Party has much to shout about.

Blogforce Christie/Brown ticket is interesting choice.I feel Conserv. wing of party will push for a more right wing ticket.My dark horse pick is Thune/Rubio.
Good chance Clinton and Biden will flip flop jobs in 2012.Obama/Clinton ticket will be very tough on east and west coasts even for Christie/Brown.

Fascinating — Todd Palin is pissed off because Joe Miller apparently did not “endorse” Sarah running for president, even questioning her qualifications to be president. But it is “deranged” for a liberal to conclude from Todd’s outbursts that she IS running?

Seems to me that, in your haste to slam a lib, you ignored the inherent logic in the libs conclusion that Sarah is running. If she were not running, then why would Todd have cared about Miller not endorsing her?

Miller, if you read the transcript, was NOT asked if he ”endorsed” Sarah, simply if she were ”qualified” to run.


Let’s check the US Constitution, shall we?
35 years old.
Born in the USA.
Hasn’t already served as President twice.
What am I missing?

It would have been so easy for Miller to say, “Sure, she’s qualified!”
(I mean, who isn’t?)

The idea that Miller wouldn’t even do that must have peeved the Palin’s more than it would us average men-and-women-on-the-street who also qualify but don’t even consider running for president.

plainjane 31: hi, on your 26 link, THEY may as well bring GOVERNER BREWER
TO NUREMBERG to be prosecuted by the whole WORLD, when we know that illegals are coming
from many country and some harbour terrorist and or AMERICA HATERS;
WHAT is this to have the support of 11 CONTRYS has to do with THE affairs of
IS there no trusted JUDECIAL COURT POWER enough for doing the right judging on the
STATE of ARIZONA? AS we know now the UNITED STATES did not join the WORLD ORDER
TO behave like having those concern CONTRYS coming in to accuse one GOVERNER and her SUPPORTIVE ARIZONIANS.

The elephant in the room is moderate Repub. write in candidate Lisa Murkowski currently down only 2 points to Miller on RCP. She could steal this election if Miller goes too far right.No love lost between Palin and Murkowski so Miller can’t appear too Palin friendly.

Today Joe Miller said this:

We know what qualified means don’t we?

We know we have a constitutional requirement for somebody that’s going to run for president.

Of course, she is qualified.”

I’ll tell you the exact same thing that I just said this last week while was in D.C., that is, if she puts her name in the hat, and that’s totally up to her, there are a number of others that are there as well.

Any one of those would make a far better presidential candidate than what we have right now in the Oval Office.

But her decision to run is hers alone.

It’s not our decision as to whether or not she runs.

It certainly is a sideline to what’s going on right now in Alaska.

And we aren’t going to fall into the trap again that the media is trying to plan to create this as being some sort of a struggle between the Murkowskis and the Palins.”

I am wondering if this whole thing wasn’t an attempt to make a mountain out of a molehill.
I mean, the real issues should be WHO and HOW did the email get leaked.

Good old Ronald Reagan had what he called ”the eleventh commandment.”

It read:

“Thou shalt not speak ill of any fellow Republican.”

I do think Joe Miller might be caught between a rock and a hard spot, what with his TEA Party roots and his write-in opponent’s supposedly ”moderate” Republicanism.

What could he do?

Probably he could have handled it better.
But at least he didn’t break that eleventh commandment.

And it also looks like the Palins did OK in a tough situation.

Now, who and how did the emails get ”leaked?”