Christine O’Donnell – Senator or martyr for the cause…[Reader Post]


Tuesday’s selection of Christine O’Donnell as the GOP nominee in Delaware has brought to a boil the debate that has been simmering in the Republican Party for years. The front lines of that fight played themselves out in front of cameras throughout the week. The first shot came from Karl Rove on Tuesday night when he savaged her on Sean Hannity. While Rove said that he was supporting the Republican, he made it crystal clear that he thought she was unelectable and that Delawareans had made a huge mistake. The other side of the argument was delivered by South Carolina Senator Jim DeMint. In responding to criticism that his support of O’Donnell essentially stripped the GOP of the opportunity of picking up Delaware and potentially gaining a majority in the Senate, DeMint said: “I don’t want the majority back if we don’t believe anything” and “I’d rather lose fighting for the right cause than win fighting for the wrong cause.” The lines have been drawn… just in time for the American people to make a decision.

It might seem counter-intuitive, but what Rove and DeMint are seeking to do is the same thing… compile a governing majority. Where they differ however is how they want to govern. For Rove the goal is to have a majority that is part of the squishy middle whereas DeMint wants a majority that is clearly conservative. Rove and many of the GOP establishment are happy to maintain the squishy / big government policies that were part of the Bush administration. Amnesty, prescription drug programs, steel tariffs, billions for AIDS research in Africa, etc. While Barack Obama may have perfected the big government model, George Bush was no stranger to its design and Karl Rove was right there with him the whole way. Jim DeMint on the other hand, along with the tea party movement, is largely focused on small government, lowering taxes and securing the borders. Jim DeMint states point blank that he doesn’t want a governing majority simply for the sake of getting cushier offices and new letterhead. Rather, he would rather stay in the minority fielding a team upon whom the GOP can count to support basic conservative principles than field a winning team full of RINOs.

His reasoning is simple: It’s better to have players on your team who you can count on than to have a roster full of players about whose support you are dubious. There is a battle royale taking place for the heart of the American people. In any battle a general wants to focus his attention on the objectives ahead rather than have to spend his time plugging leaks in his foundation. In this battle, Jim DeMint wants the American people to have a clear choice. He wants the Republican brand to stand for something specific, something conservative. He is making the case that Americans, when given a clear choice between the progressive agenda the Democrats have foisted upon them and a conservative agenda that focuses on smaller government and lower taxes, will choose the latter. That clarity of message is imperiled when people running under the Republican banner don’t adhere to its most basic tenets.

When the established GOP puts forward candidates like Mike Castle who do not understand the fundamental difference between Democrats or Republicans, it’s easy to see how the electorate might be confused and think there’s not much difference at all – see Dede Scozzafava or Arlen Specter. Every time a RINO votes for bigger government or higher taxes, the public gets confused as to who stands for what. A perfect example of this is Olympia Snowe’s vote for ObamaCare in the Senate Finance Committee. Her vote allowed Robert Gibbs to claim that ObamaCare had bipartisan support. When a politician’s votes or positions demonstrate that either an R or a D by their name would fit equally well, then the letters have ceased to have any meaning at all and as a result voters feel like they have no real choices.

That is what Jim DeMint is trying to avoid. He understands that the only option in this battle for the soul of the country is to give voters a clear choice. Having once voted for the disastrous mirage of “Hope and Change” most Americans are looking for candidates who will give them sensible ideas about how to solve our economic malaise. Christine O’Donnell is clearly not a perfect candidate, but then church is where one goes to find perfection, not the ballot box. She is however a conservative who promises to man the ramparts against higher taxes and the metastasizing cancer of government intervention and regulation. Delawareans may indeed choose to send to Washington a tax and spend big government progressive like Chris Coons, but by nominating Christine O’Donnell the tea party has forced the Republicans to strengthen the foundation of the message they will carry into the 2012 elections. She may end up being a martyr for the cause, but if in the process she helps save the country from the progressive contagion that is rapidly eviscerating our freedom and prosperity, I’m guessing that is a sacrifice she is more than willing to make.

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I think the message of the Tea Party is clearly understood by both Republicans and Democrats. I also think the concept of “Don’t Tread On Me” is scary enough that even if someone like “Pet” Coons is elected that we will see a DINO faction within the Democrats be formed. If “Pet” fails to follow the New Doctrine he will surely find himself a one termer . . . I have a suspicion that We The People are prepared for a series of One Termers . . . so let “Pet” win . . . if he does . . . The People will be watching.

And I quote:

“..raising a banner of no pale pastels, but bold colors which make it unmistakably clear where we stand on all of the issues troubling the people..”

I ‘think’ a rather prominent Republican said that, and it still holds true today. We want a clear DISTINCT difference between conservative and liberal views, the ‘mushy’ middle can fade away hopefully in this election!

Do Ya think that Congress is worried?

Congress to give itself a long vacation?

House leaders are considering adjourning as early as the end of this week, which would give lawmakers five and a half weeks to campaign before the Nov. 2 election but could also leave them exposed to allegations that they didn’t finish their work in Washington.

The House hasn’t adjourned before Sept. 30 in an election year since 1960.

Well, maybe this Congress has been the best one in 50 years … right? Er, no. Not only has the 111th Session of the House failed to produce a budget for the fiscal year starting in nine days, they haven’t even produced the necessary budget resolutions that precede the appropriations. Instead, they’re trying to get a continuing resolution passed to keep government operating for a few weeks while Democrats attempt to convince voters that this amounts to leadership.

Who do they blame for this problem? Guess:

There’s been no decision made yet, and insiders caution that the scenario is dependent upon the Senate and House completing action on a stopgap spending bill to keep government agencies running through the election. But a House leadership aide said they are working with the Senate to pass the spending measure, known as a continuing resolution, “as soon as possible, so we’ll see if Republicans expose how extreme they are to the American people by standing in the way (of the measure) and risking shutting down the government.”

Let’s have a small reality check here. Democrats have a 77-seat majority in the House and an 18-seat majority in the Senate. On budget matters, the filibuster does not exist; remember “reconciliation”? Republicans have no means to stand in the way of Democrats on continuing resolutions or budgets.

The only reason Democrats haven’t produced a budget is political cowardice. They will either have to cut spending, raise taxes, or see an enormous budget deficit in FY2011. They don’t want to cut spending, and voters will send them into the wilderness for a generation if they hike taxes before the midterms. They want to wait until the elections are over to hike taxes and show yet another massive deficit.

This session of Congress should definitely go away. It should also never come back.

If Christine O’Donnell is going to be studied and picked apart for an excuse to martyr her, I think it only fair that Chris Coons’ trip to Africa (Kenya) as a youth (OLDER than O’Donnell when she dated the warlock, btw) that Coons admitted radicalized him.

Back in his twenties, Coons associated with Black Liberation Theologists in South Africa who also influenced Jeremiah Wright and his Trinity UCC Church in Chicago.

I think the people of Delaware might not be all that ready to put an Obama-clone into the Senate, adding even more tax burden, white guilt, job-killing bills and phony stimulus to their already heavy load.

I think we might just see a big win for Christine O’Donnell as Tea Party voters (R’s I’s & D’s) vote for her along with most Republicans and maybe more than a few fiscally conservative Democrats.

Watching the reaction to O’Donnell, all the knives are out. Mostly on the left, but I’m not happy about the sour-grapes crowd on the right, but that is telling.

That she is getting the Palin treatment tells me they fear her and candidates like her. I think though that because of the way Palin was treated, these continuous attacks and slurs will hit an increasingly cynical ear with the independants. We never had the left. It’s the middle and the right that will vote or stay home.

It is about this over-the-top persoanl attack memme that I hope is going to be seen as the shrill screach that it is. The left and the stasists are scared. There is a movement afoot and they are soon to be on the outside looking in.

There is an old adage “I would rather die on my feet than spend the rest of my life on my knees.”

This is DeMint’s stance. It is better to have a few honorable people than a gaggle of those who would sell their souls for the prestige of being one of the Beltway elites. Now it is up to the American people to decide what they stand for; honor and honesty, or back room deals like the Cornhuster Kickback or the Louisiana Purchase.

Who cares what Christine O’Donnel did as a highschooler? She wasn’t dealing drugs (or even using them like our current POTUS did) and is there anyone in this country who can survive scrutiny of their high school buddies? We were told during the last election that the youthful indiscretions of Obama did not matter; he had matured and grown up. Now we are being told that they DO matter when it comes to Christine O’Donnel. Seems the DNC wants to now rewrite the rules to suit them, just as they have always done, Democratic youthful indiscretions, OK; Republican youthful indiscretions, unacceptable.

It is this double standard that is driving our nation apart. Make the rules and let everyone abide by them then let the chips fall where they may. I remember how Nancy Pelosi campaigned in 2006 on the
“culture of corruption” in the GOP and how she was going to drain the swamp. We now see that the water is still in the swamp and the only thing that has changed is the name of the alligators; Rangle, Waters, etc.

It is time to throw those who stand for nothing out. Unfortunately, Arizona decided to keep McCain who would sell out to the next Ted Kennedy wannabe. So why don’t we just hang a sign out in D.C. that says “Honorable people need not apply”?

Folks, we have seen where RINOs abandoned the GOP on the most critical votes. We have even seen some of them defect to the side they should have been on in the first place- the left, when they were threatened with losing the GOP nomination. Electing a RINO just because they have an R next to their name is a failed strategy that the Tea Party people are trying to stop.
If you needed any more proof as to how right they are, look at how the RINOs react when they lose. That tells me the right decision was made.

I totally agree. I would rather be a member of a party that stands for something even if it losess battles rather than lose the war. The party that loses it soul to win a few battles will eventually lose the war. Stand for something and let the chips fall where they may. I am willing to deal with it.

The establishment, both republican and democrat, are scared to death of the reformers in the Tea Party movement or even in new people not affiliated with this movement. They all want the status quo of reliable people who will be on the take of the lobbyists and other power brokers in DC. This is a get rich quick business for these politicians and they do get rich. Those earmarks have been proven to indirectly go to these crooks. Look at Murtha and Pelosi. Earmarks to companies that don’t exist and why are we giving money to private companies. This is why both parties denigate Palin and refuse her a seat on the table. She reformed both the democrat and republican parties in Alaska and will do the same in DC. The establishment hate her for this. Numerous crooks of both parties went to jail for their crimes. The rest of the country who do not have reformers have congresspeople still getting rich on our dime. Reform is mainly why I support her. I want DC cleaned up.

Bottom line, We are sending Folks that work for US to town, DC, with a “grocery list” so to speak. If they bring back apples instead of potatoes, spent too much or did not deliver the “items” requested, should you send them to town with Your Tax Dollars for another try?

If they “overdrafted” your Checking account buying things You did not Need or Asked for or never bought the items on Your list but those on “Their List” would you pay them to do it to You again?

Now, I understand that this may be over simplified for most of you but give it a moments thought.

There was a theory that Republicans could not take control of the Senate because of Christine O’Donnell.

BUT…..there’s a new development.

West Virginia Democrats had been expected to maintain the Senate seat once held by Robert Byrd ever since the popular Democratic governor, Joe Manchin, announced he would seek the seat.

But now the seat may be back in doubt, with a new poll by Democratic firm Public Policy Polling showing that the unpopularity of national Democrats in the state was weighing on Manchin, and that the Republican John Raese had taken a 46 percent to 43 percent lead, which is within the margin of error.

Now, I had thought (I could be wrong) this West Virginia battle was one of those in the ”Strong Democrat” lists.
If it loses that standing, it won’t matter if the voters in Delaware choose Christine or Chris!

Christine O’Donnell is going to beat Coons. I’ve seen enough so-called big upsets by conservatives and close polling (which always skewed in favor of democrats anyway) to believe that O’Donnell will ride the anti-big government wave in America — otherwise known as the Tea Party Express — to a win in November.

She raised almost $2 Million in two days. And she’s a recognized fiscal conservative, the most important kind of conservative right now.

What do you want for your country?
Do you want more of the same? More earmarks? More political payoffs? More compromise? More appeasement? More compromise with big government?
Or do you want to return to the Founding Fathers, to return to limited government, an end to czars, and end to end-arounds to the Constitution, an end to unlimited Federal power? How about an end to a Federal mandate that all buy health insurance? How about an end to massive cabinet offices which only do harm (Education, HSS, Interior, and so on)?
Do you want Lisa Murkowski, who thinks she is entitled to her Senate seat? Do you want Mike Castle, who thinks he is entitled to his Senate seat?
Do you want Sen. Lindsey Grahamnesty (Rino, SC), who has never met a Republican with whom he could agree or a Democrat with whom he can disagree? Or Sen. Snowe (Rino, ME) or Sen. Collins (Rino, ME)?
The attack on O’Donnelll makes it clear that the establishment (Starring the Architect, Karl Rove) is devoted to the perpetuation of Federal power.
And that Karl Rove dances to the tune of Rahm Emannuel, and Saul Alinksy.
Makes me physically ill.

When Marxists fear you they smear you. The voters in Deleware are not stupid and they are pissed with the status quo in DC. My money is on O’Donnell.

Blumenthal is almost out of cash in CT, McMahon will win there, Boxer is the walking dead and Dingy Harry Reid is right beside her. My prediction R-53. D-47.

Take note of all the Republicans who are taking stands against the “Non Establishment” Conservatives, these people need to be held accountable for standing against another Republican and losing an election. It will be their fault if O’Donnell loses, they gave the Dems a load of ammunition and then stood back and watched them blow holes in her character without mentioning her stance on the positions of her candidacy.

Who else saw Henry Payne’s political cartoon for Sept 18th?

(I hope that brings up the right one.)

It’s perfect!

I think we should look at reality compared with the two ”rules.”

The William F. Buckley Rule says conservatives should vote for the most rightward electable candidate.

The Limbaugh Law says that when the country is in open revolt against liberalism and Republicans are riding an election wave, you should vote conservative every time.

REALITY is that the voters in Delaware chose the more conservative candidate.
We may win, we may lose.

But what is happening in the Republican Party is that Tea Party candidates are being welcomed in with open arms and pocketbooks.

We saw it in FLA with Marco Rubio.
We saw in in Penn. with Pat Toomey.
Sharron Angle and Joe Miller in their states are being supported by the Republican Party.

AND, so is Christine O’Donnell in Del.

I read that the Republican Party is giving her the full amount they would have given Mike Castle had he won.

So, there’s no “Civil War,” that’s just whistling past the graveyard be the mainstream media and the Dems.

I am not so sure the GOP understands yet.

Yet their operatives routinely bitch about the TEA party “splitting the vote with threats of third party runs.” Let’s see, Florida, now Alaska, the GOP is rapidly becoming the “third party.”