Say What? Sept. 6, 2010 [Reader Post]



Ed Schultz: “Hold it right there!  I could get every union group in this country.  I could get every progressive group in this country.  The main bloggers.  This could be the Ed march.  Folks, 300,000 people on the heels of 6 months promotion—that ain’t no big shakes.”  Beck’s “Restoring Honor” gathering was marked as the 5th or 6th largest gathering in D.C. in history.

Jimmy Breslin in Harper’s Magazine article: “All day on television yesterday you had the aimless babbles of this Beck, who looks like he eats Bibles.”  And, even less coherently, he writes: “Then what was it, only a couple of years later, when the skies screamed nameless revenge and hurled James Earl Ray into Memphis to shoot Martin Luther King and that night, when riots broke out everywhere, I sat with Andrew Young in a musty room in Memphis and he talked so quietly about the madness of the air people were breathing. The identical madness that was in Los Angeles where it built another stadium for murder. And all day yesterday, while they squalled and broke out poor Jesus at rallies to help them promote race and baseline dumbness, many could barely wait for September 11th, when they can act as owners of the place where the World Trade Center stood. Look around; they say they are victims but they appear to be just another mob trying to take us apart.”

Mary Landrieu: “So Glenn Beck has to go back and look at the facts because he is preaching a gospel that doesn’t exist today and never will; we follow the gospel, [brother and New Orleans Mayor] Mitch [Landrieu] and I, of Jesus Christ, and we know what to do.”

Imam Rauf: “When you try to bridge a relationship between any two sides where there have been a tension reaching such a level, one of the things which you have to explain to each side is why the other side feels angry.  Whether it’s, you know, marital counseling between the husband and the wife, you have to explain to the husband actions that he has done which in the perception of the wife has offender her and vice versa.”

Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad: “If the leaders of the region do not have the guts, then the people of the region are capable of removing the Zionist regime from the world scene.”
The pro-government crowd chanted back: “Death to America. Death to Israel.”


Time Magazine article headline: “What’s Good About Rising Unemployment” (that’s right; no question mark)

Lizz Winstead, co-founder of The Daily Show and alumna of the late Air America Radio, said, on Ed Schultz’s radio show yesterday: “Ed, I’ve always wished that somebody would invent, maybe you and I could go into business and do this, if somebody would invent, you know those shock collars that you put on the dog? (Schultz laughs) That when they bark they get jarred? If we could make one that actually fact-checked and we just put it around Glenn Beck’s neck and when he spoke (pause), or just fake tears, if it could detect when tears were actually crocodile tears, and then you just get electrocuted by the water and jarred, like, that would be awesome! Force him to wear it.”  Of course, this is only a joke.

Kathleen Sebelius “Unfortunately, there still is a great deal of confusion about what is in [the reform law] and what isn’t, so, we have a lot of reeducation to do.”

Mike Norman of John Thomas Financial: “Deficits add to the savings and income of the priva sector…then the government spends, it adds to the demand…[the federal debt] is simply an accounting entry on its books.”

CBS’s Harry Smith: “As we’re standing here looking at it right now, just if you can step away, was the stimulus big enough?”

Bruce Raynor of Workers United: “The biggest problem in this country is income inequality.”

A caller leaving a message for Sean Hannity: “We are not going to be ignored, you tea-bagger f#%!  And now we’re on to Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity who fear us the most.  You guys are no longer in control.  Lizzy and Dick Cheney have been silenced and now we are going to destroy and obliterate Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity.  And guess what?  You know what, tea-baggers? You may know where Lance lives but we know where Rush lives; we know where Sean Hannity lives, we know where Lizzy ‘the skank’ Cheney lives and we are not going to go away.  We are going to destroy you f&#! a#^$$# fighting back; we are sick of you f&#! a#^$$# you guys are &#%^ and you know what, quite frankly, I can’t wait for Rush Limbaugh to die from a heart attack and I can’t wait for Sean Hannity’s major uh um whatever it’s called, you know, his headpiece to explode.  Those two guys are dead; dead in the water; we are going to destroy them.”

Dolores Huerta: “Our tema, our theme will be: Republicans hate Latinos, OK? Republicans hate Latinos.”

Some liberals say intelligent things, now and again:

Chris Matthews: “You know, sometimes I really support the President in a lot of his views, in fact all of them almost. But I have to tell you, Michael, if he doesn’t get rid of that damn teleprompter, it’s like an eye test. He’s just reading words now.”

Speaking of which, the AP seems to have finally figured out the TEA party movement: “Is the tea party the new Republican Party?  …the tea party has taken hold in the Grand Old Party, unseating lawmakers, capturing nominations for open seats and forcing Republicans to recalibrate both their campaign strategy and issues agenda. Out is talk of delivering federal dollars back home; in is talk of fiscal discipline.”


“The left wants us to demonize the TEA party because of a few nutcases but is quick to warn us not to condemn Muslims because of a few nutcases.” An email to O’Reilly from memory.

Rand Paul: “The mood of the country is, that President Obama is wrong about most of the issues of the day.  They don’t really understand why you vilify people who make over $200,000/year because those to the people who hire you; those are the people who create the jobs.”

Tom DeLay: “Only Democrats think that tax cuts are a spending program.”

C.L. Jackson: “That’s what threw the Black people off; they abandoned salvation for integration.”

Monica Crowley: “Look, the Tea Party has an issue with the content of Obama’s policies, not the color of his skin, and I find it amazing that the NAACP would waste its time on nonexistent racism in the Tea Party when there are so many problems that still plague the black community like black on black violence, like fatherlessness, like education and drugs and guns in the inner cities. And so it seems to me to be a straw man that the NAACP set up because they are less willing to really confront all of those vexing problems in the black community.”

“The lowest unemployment rate for Obama was the day he took office,” said Ann Coulter (quoted from memory).

From Conservative Review #142 (HTML)   (PDF)

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