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U can haz broken link to “Rest of story”

So now being white is no longer relevant? The descendants of those who founded this nation and BUILT the wonderful structure that is the U.S. Constitution – we don’t count any longer? That is such unadulterated horsehist I cannot even begin to tolerate it!

The overwhelmingly white news readers at NBC, ABC, CBS, PBS, and CNN were all amazed at their own lack of diversity and tolerance for non-whites.

Predominantly white. Hey, that’s funny…that describes TAXPAYERS too!!! I wonder if the networks will mark THAT as well??

This goes to the point I made in the other thread at at my home blog:
Glenn Beck’s predominately white rally

A couple of your commenters disagreed with my analogy, but I think it’s accurate. It involves black engagement.

By pointing out that the crowd was “overwhelmingly white” (I don’t know if that’s true or not), they give themselves and readers permission to ignore the substance of the people’s concerns. It’s the lazy cowards way of dealing with issues they rather not deal with.

john, hi, AND It’s again sugjesting some racist cards, other wise, they have
NO need to mention it. WE”R getting use to those insinuations by now.


Hey Robert, check this lady out.

I’d say she’s engaged.

Yeah Aye, I saw that but one lady confronting Al does not make black engagement anymore than 2,000 black attendees at Glenn Beck’s rally makes it diverse…My point is they are not have really never been politically active unless the black POTUS was about to happen. I think even the next time a black POTUS comes around they will not be as active as they were in 07.