Code Pink Tells Gold Star Mom That Her Son Deserved To Die [Reader Post]


There aren’t many things worse in life than losing a child, no matter what age:

I still clearly remember the day that I was summoned home by my oldest son Kristofer to find the Navy officers and chaplain waiting inside my home to tell me the most painful and agonizing words I would ever hear, “We are sorry to inform you that your son Marc Alan Lee was killed in action.”

Marc Alan Lee served his nation and lost his life in doing so. Through her pain, Debbie Lee still sees the greater principles.

I have always been a patriot and understood that our men and women serving have paid for my freedoms but since the day Marc willingly sacrificed his life, I understand in a much deeper way the cost and sacrifice that our brave warriors and their families make. “Freedom isn’t free” is a reality not just a patriotic slogan.

It is a humbling thing to read. Then on top of this grief, Jodie Evans twists the knife:

Yet Jodie Evans and her Code Pink degenerates taunted me and made light of my son’s sacrifice telling me, “Your son deserved to die in Iraq if he was stupid enough to go over there.”

Doesn’t that just warm your heart? The gals of Code Pink have quite the resume.

Jodie Evans and Code Pink have sent $600,000 to the terrorists in Fallujah.

Desiree Anita Ali-Fairooz of Code Pink assaulted Condi Rice in 2007.

Code Pink disrupted Sarah Palin’s speech in September, 2008.

Jodie Evans and Medea Benjamin of Code Pink met with Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in September 2008.

Jodie Evans, an Obama bundler, is also pals with Hugo Chavez.

Now Code Pink is raising money for “Moonbeam” Jerry Brown.

These people are simply despicable.

Debbie Lee said:

It took every ounce of reserve in my body to not level these idiots to the ground. These same people who call terrorists “freedom fighters” says that my son, who gave up his life for their freedoms, deserved death.

I am far less certain I could conduct myself so honorably.

Marc Alan Lee is a hero.

So is Debbie Lee.

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I cannot imagine any woman telling another woman that her son deserved to die. It shows how far we have sunk that she cannot even recognize the humanity of the situation. If you believe that the war is wrong, fine, but we should always stand by those who suffer even if we disagree with them. Certainly don’t twist the knife.

“Jodie Evans and Code Pink have sent $600,000 to the terrorists in Fallujah.”

Doesn’t that mean that the United States government can declare Kode Pinkk a terrorist organization? Isn’t what they’re doing the same as what the Holy Land Foundation got indicted for?



How about providing comfort and material support for enemy combatants during a period of war, or possibly treason?

Won’t argue with that either.

They should be investigated, but they’re not against the GZM, so, they’re safe……


Anyone with prior military service who is supporting Brown, needs to re-evaluate that position.

What say you Mr. Wheeler?

I will honestly tell you, that your answer will determine many things.

Classic liberal progressive moonbattery. Let’s verbally attack the very folks who maintain your right to verbally attack them. Kind of like biting the hand that feeds you.

I won’t disparage Code Pink’s right to verbally assault this mother of a fallen soldier, much as I don’t disparage the Cordoba House’s right to build where they wish. I will, however, question the judgment of people who ‘can’ do something that they ought naught do.

I would LOVE to kick Jodie Evans in the cu…..booty. Loathe her.

Patvann I will NOT be voting for Brown.Can’t believe Dems couldn’t run someone better.My problem with Whitman is her failure to vote in last few elections.Doesn’t make sense to me.

John Galt #7 You respect and uphold the right and freedom of speech,religion, and property rights but question the wisdom of certain acts.I agree and so does BHO.

So did Casey Sheehan deserve to die also? (Cindy Sheehan’s son)

I cannot understand that she is free to continiue her life in code pink,
SURELY, should be trial treason with a military court,
WHY are thoses not pursued by JUSTICE and execute. THEY are responsible for the deaths of so many.IT’S incredible to not prosecute such TRAITORS.

rich wheeler…I am a distant relative of a few Lee Virginians, Patrick Henry and Light Horse Harry to name a few.

One signed the Declaration of Independence.
Marc Alan Lee is a hero.

and You ain’t!

OT Totally agree Marc Alan Lee is a hero

You’re damn right I’m not a hero and neither are you.

@ LT Richard Wheeler.

I posted, then recalled/withheld a message.

You are in my timezone.

I am holding out that you’ll recall certain “things”.

I am holding out that you won’t let him down.

I await…longer than I’ve given any man, let alone a Democrat.

richard wheeler, yes, OT is a hero. I’M dam right.

Patvann Please clarify #16.Did yousee my no on Brown in #11
Recently learned you were a Navy Seal. Impressive
I would never intentionally let down a fellow Marine.What can I do to help? Just ask

Bees I’m glad O.T. is your Hero.


Bees, you are a hero.

Thank you Mr. Wheeler.

Before your “#11”, the last impression you left, (on another post) was that you were voting straight Dem in this coming election here in CA.

That would have made me and my hero very sad, given Mr. Browns associates, and my sons affinity for Marines of all “denominations”.

I’m glad I waited, and I have belayed my pending retort. (Now deleted)

Thank you again.

If Code Pink were ever to tell me that my son deserved to die while defending our country…There Will Be Blood! I can promise them. There Will Be Blood!

Patvann Glad we’re square on that.I’ll never vote for someone I believe does not support our military.My favorite pol is Sen Jim Webb D.Va. V.N. 03 combat Marine,Navy Cross recipient and best selling author.Check him out.He was my first choice for veep in 08.



I respect Webb a lot, but unfortunately for the Dems (and this country), he’s the last of his kind.

He did great things not only while he was in the Corps, but FOR the Corps as Assistant Sec of Def under Reagan, as well.

Many of the Navy though, despised his sexism toward women in the military, and he alienated me for several years starting with the “macaca” episode, and his very sudden liberal-bend at the behest of Reid.

rich wheeler, all the HEROS belong to all who view the valor and deeds bye their courage to face impossible tasks for their country.s FREEDOM.

If I was on scene and heard the bitch tell someone her soldier son deserved to die the bitch would be dead and I would be happy in jail. Why are people listening to this BS and letting them walk away?

If I lost a son and someone said that to me,,, Thank Goodness most people are better human beings than me.

What an ignorant, low life, common useless bitch; you may quote me as often as you like.

Patvann Re Scotch-Irishman Webb who comes from a family of fighters I think the sexism thing was overplayed.I believe Allen’s arrogance brought him down in the macaca incident.I know he was a darling of the conservatives but talk about a silver spoon Webb’s Marine war hero record helped pull huge upset and give Dems control of Senate in 2006.
Read “A TIme To FIght” to get insight on why he switched parties.Don’t believe he cowtows to Pelosi or Obama but he is a proud Democrat and a proud Marine.


I might WANT to do “something”, but I would have to first pull the most savage and dangerous thing in my home off of her dead and destroyed body…AKA “Mom”.
She’s reading this over my shoulder and it’s everything I have to keep her here even now.

IMHO, I believe he switched because his political career was ending and he had burned his bridges in being so against the Iraq war he voted for. To go from Reaganite to Pelosi-tool (who quickly handed him 3 choice positions, above more senior Dems) leaves no other reason.

It was nice of him to mend fences with Bush, after he had got so defensive about Bush simply asking: “Howz yer boy?” in passing.

I’ll assume you know about Webb’s fine son. A Marine in Iraq who actually was the one who instigated the “make-up” session after coming home.

As an American, this makes me sick to my stomach to know these people actually breathe air. As a former Marine that has lost brothers in combat, this makes me absolutely, homicidally angry… figuratively speaking (sort of). Please God, let one… just ONE little piss ant turd try and tell me any one of my boys deserved to die and I will with every fiber of my body, ruin their meaningless existence.

As a citizen of the commie state of Kalifornia, this is also where my candidate for governor, Jerry Brown spent his Saturday night. Schmoozing and yucking it up with all the Code Pink scumbags at Jodie Evans’ house. What a tool. He’s just as bad as they are.

i can only say that no pink code nitwit would finish a sentence like that to me before she was laying on her backside. how dare they think they speak for us. they don’t. and i was against the iraq war.

Patvann # 28 I am aware of Sgt Jimmy Webb as well as Mac’s Marine son’s Iraq service.Webb ,like Obama, was against Iraq invasion from the get go and like Obama was not yet in Congress to vote up or down.Being he’s a Senator,it was Reid not Pelosi who appointed him to committee positions.He is a strong defender of 2nd amendment rights.Says “I’m the only person in the history of Virginia elected to statewide office with a union card,two Purple Hearts and three tattoos”

@Mr. Wheeler

John Galt #7 You respect and uphold the right and freedom of speech,religion, and property rights but question the wisdom of certain acts.I agree and so does BHO.

You may agree, Obama does not.

-When you force a private higher learning institution to cover up the very symbols that spell out Jesus’ name, you are not for freedom of religion.

-When you have the US cosponsor, with Egypt, a UN resolution on “hate speech”, that calls on countries to condemn and criminalize all speech that advocates “national, racial or religious hatred that constitutes incitement to discrimination, hostility or violence.”, you are not for freedom of speech.

-When you have your campaign threaten tv stations to stop running ads by the NRA or the American Issues Project, or else, you are not for freedom of speech.

-When you advocate claiming another’s property, so that your benevolent government can then issue it to someone who didn’t earn it, you are not for property rights.

-When you appoint Czars, who face no congressional questioning, and are responsible to no one, who can enact rules(legislation?) that affects people that have no voice against it, you are not for freedom of speech.

-When you support legislation that puts regulation of one of the greatest engines of free thought, communication, economic activity, and information, in the hands of government, you are not for freedom of speech, nor property rights, nor freedom of religion.

It’s not that hard, Mr. Wheeler, to find actions by Obama contrary to his, and his followers’, stated assertions that he somehow is a great defender of the Constitution.

Don’t the Marines or the Navy have a special intervention squad who can give these a special psychological treatment with the sjambok on their behinds?

And Code Pink? Don’t their acts fall under the term ‘treason’, and is there no hangman waiting around the corner, with a rope? Or just, like in their commie paradise they’d like to have, with a shot into the back of the head?


I stand corrected. (RE. Webb) …and my Giants smashed things today!

Oh…maybe not officially, but I can assure you that THIS old “mothrfukinpollywog” has mentally created many-a-scenario that if written, would land me in a great deal of trouble.

The worse thing the Bush admin did (or didn’t do, as the case may be) was to ignore the treason by Code Pink. They assumed it would have backfired politically for the Republicant’s, so they did nothing. This gave motivation to the rest of these leftist assholes, and turned off every man who ever served.

I want them hung. After 2 days, I want their heads on a pike in front of Congress, their bodies fed through a chipper, and fed to sharks. Then I would beat their mothers just for having them.

But then again, that’s the nice side of me speaking. “Taz” undoubtedly has some other creative things in mind, but I try to keep him in a secure box, sorta-speak. (He’s kinda rowdy.) 😉

PATVANN: hi, dont hold out, get it out of every one system, thoses CODE PINK are
MAKING everyone sick of listening to their treason. bye

Code Pink are traitorous scum and if Brown plays up to them he is no better. They should hang or at the very least, be sent over to their Taliban friends. Hang the vermin bitches.

Looking at this objectively, they should be deemed as a terrorist organization and thus thrown in Gitmo. The way I see it is if they can open their wallets for the terrorists in Iraq and provide them the means to continue to fight against us, then they are guilty by association. “Birds of a feather” right??? Or if all else fails, we can just do what Skook suggests and hang the vermin bitches! 😈

I am very sorry for Mrs. Lee and the loss of her son Marc. I lost my dear nephew to the Iraq war in 2004.
That being said. Jodie Evans is a close friend of mine. I have worked closely with Jodie in the peace movement and know how deeply she feels the loss of every life to these needless wars. Jodie herself has had to deal with the loss of a child. Jodie feels as I do, and how most Gold Star Families I know feel… despite which side of the war debate you are on, to criticize or second guess someone who has lost a child or loved one to war is deplorable. As I said, I know Jodie very well. I know her to be a loving, compassionate woman who does what she does as an activist to honor and preserve human life. She is never the kind of person who tears others down. My sister and I have had to deal with the slanderous lies and tactics of Move America Forward in the past. This article needs to be questioned and looked at with a skeptics eye. To use a grieving mother to forward political agendas is abhorrent.