How Long Does It Take The White House To Get A Story Right [Reader Post]


Bill Clinton practices his clown perp walk

On February 18,  Larry Kane, a television news anchor in Philadelphia, asked Congressman and former Admiral Joe Sestak:

“Were you ever offered a job to get out of this race?” Kane was referring to the Democratic Senate primary against Arlen Specter.

“Yes,” Sestak answered.

“Was it Navy Secretary?”

“No comment,” said Sestak.

According to Kane, Sestak talked about staying in the race but added that he “was called many times” to pull out. Later, Kane asked:

“So you were offered a job by someone in the White House?”


At the end of the taping, Sestak looked surprised and said, “You are the first person who ever asked me that question.” His response to Kane appeared spontaneous and unscripted.

Kane called the White House Press Office that afternoon and played the interview for a staffer, who promised that someone would call Kane back. A few minutes later, at 3:45 PM, another staffer called and said the White House would call back with a reaction “shortly.”

Kane’s station played the report aired all night. At 6:45 the next morning, 15 hours later, a Deputy Press Secretary called and said, “You can say the White House says it’s not true.

“On the Friday before Memorial Day, 100 days later, a classic news dump day, the White House Counsel Robert Bauer issued his report. He claimed that White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel enlisted the support of Bill Clinton, “who agreed to raise with Congressman Sestak options of service on a Presidential or other Senior Executive Branch Advisory Board.”

Remember, when Kane asked a second time, “So you were offered a job by someone in the White House,” Sestak did not equivocate. He said nothing about an “uncompensated” advisory position or an offer by a White House liaison, he simply said, “Yes.”

Someone’s lying, and Scooter Libby went to jail for less.

Now that there has been sufficient time to construct a story that would imply the least amount of collateral damage: Bill Clinton and Joe Sestak, both decide to come clean about the story at almost the same instant on the late Friday afternoon before Memorial Day, right after the President has lunch with Bill Clinton.  The Obama White House typically uses this technique to drop the more dubious and ambiguous news stories to avoid the most intense media scrutiny.

This is Joe Sestak’s version:

Last summer, I received a phone call from President Clinton. During the course of the conversation, he expressed concern over my prospects if I were to enter the Democratic primary for U.S. Senate and the value of having me stay in the House of Representatives because of my military background. He said that White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel had spoken with him about my being on a Presidential Board while remaining in the House of Representatives.

I said no. I told President Clinton that my only consideration in getting into the Senate race or not was whether it was the right thing to do for Pennsylvania working families and not any offer. The former President said he knew I’d say that, and the conversation moved on to other subjects.

Bringing in President Clinton to conduct questionable election negotiations as stated while his wife is Secretary of State raises interesting questions of ethics, if Clinton has been chosen because of his apparent immunity to past charges of perjury, his teflon-like coating may be wearing thin and the unlikely premise that the ‘position’ offered was with zero pay is inconsequential as far as using illegal methods to influence election results.

The question is whether the offer by the White House violated federal bribery and extortion laws.  Last month, Congressman Darrel Issa R CA, asked Attorney General Holder to conduct an independent investigation into the matter,  not surprisingly  the Justice Department has been slow to initiate the investigation.

“It’s not the kind of thing anybody likes to talk about, but it does go on,” said former Reagan Justice Department official Michael Carvin. “But it does fall within the literal language of the statute.”

This situation is a possible violation of the law, it has been compounded by the tendency of the White House to assume that the regional Machine politics of Chicago will work in DC, that lies and obfuscation will make problems disappear.  This Chicago attitude of Obama and Rahm will probably be their undoing.

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Mark Levin was all over this last night. Talking as a lawyer, which he is, he could destroy this garbage in 2 court sessions. Right now he has his Landmark Legal Foundation paging the brush for critters. Not tough to do with this corrupt White House. William the impeached playing patsy, is of course, just hillarious.

Caption, Clinton, “did I just step in

“he was called many times” doesn’t match up with the concocted story as told by the “Slick-meister”. “he knew I’d say that”, sounds more like one conversation. Who else talked to Sestak???

OIL guy from ALBERTA: hi, do you think that drilling so deep could have trigger a pressure that was to strong for their equipments to control?; like in the deep, we know of strong currants and other factor like sudden earthquakes happen unsexpected in deep sea?. bye 🙄

That photo is excellent. Bubba has to be so pissed right now he’s seeing red. What you are witnessing is Bill telling Obama. “I’m going to put this foot up side your face.” a la Billy Jack.

As I speak, Bubba is mumbling to himself how Obama screwed him again. He has to be plotting some kind of revenge like Pvt Pyle in FMJ sitting in the latrine.

The Clintons were pushed aside by his own people because they wanted the radical in. There was no guarantee HRC would have beat McCain. Bill is childish, Obama is childish, HRC is just plain mean and Rahm is a guy who likes to wear ballerina garb.

What could go wrong here?

Hi Bees. The downhole presure is mainly due the driving mechanism of the length of the horizontal leg of the hole. There’s plenty of weight atop it.

I read that they had a packer or pack off, as you folks call it. That’s the open hole plug, that i forgot to tell Mata about it. You run stationary pipe to the depth you want, rotate a little on it, sit some weight on it, and then rotate at 50 rpm for 10 min. to really engage it. Its like an inner coiled spring. I believe this is what failed to keep the gas and oil downhole. The bop was open also. It did not completely close. That bop is 5 stories high and has 6 sets of rams. 4pipe rams and 2 shearing sets. Massive and of course, extremely expensive. Wasn’t enough, unfortunately, even as overkill.

OIL guy from ALBERTA: thank you for that explanation,very gracefull of you, i was also wondering, where that methane come from?, is it a componant in the oil?. bye 🙄

Yes, Bees, methane is a hydrocarbon, like the components of oil. Its lighter than say octane, which is the fuel for your car. ch4 as compared to c8h18. You can see that the octane is by having more carbon and hydrogen components, thus a liquid, and the much lighter methane, is a gas. When you crack crude you get all sorts of gases, even polyethylene which is of course cooled to make thermoplastics. The octane produced is usually isomers( different structures) and can be seperated by octane ratings, thus your premium, regular, etc. Organic chem and chem engineering can be loads of fun. Methane pressure can be part of the driving mechanism.

Thanks for the extras, Oil Guy. That Bees… she’s a bright incandescent from our northern neighbor, eh? Gotta watch that one. Behind all that broken French to English is a crackerjack mastermind.

Get updates of the latest to my ebox daily. I see they’ve called off the top kill. It’s a reverse tug of war in pressure with mud and well oils/gas…. one they apparently feel they have lost. Now they are moving to plan B…. er, C…. er D… er…. But at least there is always another plan. I also check into The Oil Drum regularly, as well as Rigzone.

This latest is risky… cutting off a kinked portion of the riser and attempting to lower a device over the area that will allow them to try and capture a substantial amount of the oil leaking out. It sounds much like the original concrete cap they tried to lower, but had the freezing over. So I’m not sure how this is differing. No details yet that I’ve seen. But they say it’s been standing by and ready during the mud pumping period.

It’s a bitch blazing new ground 5000 feet below sea level. It may be we find out that management at that level is just out of reach of today’s technology. Odd when you think we can reach the moon, but still are stymied by conditions at our seabeds. Tomorrow? Another story. The news bobs as frantically as a weather buoy during a hurricane, so it’s hard to keep up and post. Every day brings a new twist on the attempts. But with this error we gain learning experience – however, it’s at the high price of lives lost and damage.

Too bad they don’t let this nation explore in reasonable depth territory, don’t you think?

Other than that, the technology wows me… despite the heart break.

Don’t leave us… I value your input on their endeavors.

After November, we will get some investigation into this.

Why is clintoon goose-stepping?

Sestak is really disappointing for a 3 star admiral. His evasion and partial answers are pathetic. It’s not what one would have expected from someone so high up in the chain of command of a military service. He ought to either tell the complete story or should never have opened his mouth in the first place. His behavior is weaselly and I would want him nowhere near leadership.

But I also said that about Obama.

drjohn: you know,there might be something behind his having told the media,even more than we know and want to beleive. he has decide to make it public for a well thought purpuse for sure, that was not only small talk, other things will develop if he get the right support. this’s my view of that. one time i was employed and my coworkers gave me a subject to mention on the next meeting, they said they would support my subject, so i did raise that problem at the meeting,and the big guy in charge denied all of it and insult me,and no employees stood up to back me up . that was a good lesson of life for me,and i was so disgusted that i quit on the spot. relation to SESTACK made me think of that support he might not find to his truth. bye 🙄

Oil guy, can you please explain the rational and effectiveness of fracturing and cementing the wells that are already established?

The truth is a good place to start.It is unconscionable for a Commissioned Officer to have issues
with honesty. I expect Career Politicians to be less than truthful and Clinton or the Current Regime are folks that would be less than truthful when the truth would serve them better. Sestak knows better and the commission of a felony would destroy both his pension and benefits.

There is just no excuse for his statement or conduct. Period.

OLD TROOPER: hi, i was refering to SESTAK but he said that someone offer the deal, so he did not offer a deal himself,and he refused it so ,it’s the one that offer the deal who should get the rapt of loosing his job, or getting impeach ?. bye 🙄

The White House also wants us to believe that this is hooey because Obama appointed Ray Mabus as Sec of Navy, but have you looked at the history of Secretaries of the Navy? Only 6 have ever served 3 or more years. All the others are 1 or 2 years, some as little as a couple of weeks. Three, including Mabus, have alread served under Obama. I don’t think it is far fetched to think that Obama could have promised Sestak the Sec Navy job in a year or two.

SKOOKUM: hi, you are right, but i was so young, and trying to help them on their problems, i learned fast, and it serve me in later time, but that was who i still am, i just like to help on problems, i beleive on finding solutions to any thing. bye glad you have your AIR back. 🙄

The person who made the offer committed a crime. And the people who cover up and deny that it happened are also committing crimes, because when people know felonies like bribery in public office are happening, they are supposed to tell the FBI. Now that they have come up with this story, we can add “conspiracy” to that list of crimes. I would say that throwing Clinton in the mix only makes things much worse for the WH and Sestak, because the more people involved, the greater the chance that they will contradict each other and unravel their own plot. Plus, unless 0 has some blackmail hold on Clinton that means his life, or his family’s lives, umm… He was awfully nasty to both Clintons in the campaign. I wouldn’t want to be him depending on Clinton kindness right now.

Contradictions between the White House and Sestak accounts
The following contradictions exist between the official White House account and the original Sestak interview:

• White House: “White House staff did not discuss these options with Congressman Sestak.”
•: Sestak: Replied “Yes” to the question “you were offered a job by someone in the White House?

• White House: “It has been suggested that discussions of alternatives to the Senate campaign were improperly raised with the Congressman. There was no such impropriety. ”
• Sestak: Replied “Yes” to the question “Were you ever offered a job to get out of this race?

• White House: “It has been suggested that the Administration may have offered Congressman Sestak the position of Secretary of the Navy in the hope that he would accept the offer and abandon a Senate candidacy. This is false.”
• Sestak: Replied “No comment” to the question “Was it Navy Secretary?”, when a simple “No” would have sufficed. In a separate interview, MSNBC says that Sestak did confirm the offer of the Secretary of the Navy position.

“If proven, the reported actions of the Obama administration are clear violations of three federal laws. The impact and fallout from documented violations, as well as the refusal of the Holder Justice Department to appoint a Special Counsel to investigate this matter, have the potential to eclipse the Watergate scandal of the early 1970’s – it is that serious.”

From: Timeline: The Sestak Bribe and the White House Coverup

The law regarding election bribery is very specific. Obama made the offer of a job to encourage Sestak to quit his primary opposition to Specter. It was Obama who owed Specter due to Specter’s voter for Obama’s health care bill. And, in return, Obama would give Sestak a job only Obama is qualified to offer. THE LAW AGAINST THIS TYPE OF BRIBERY WAS WRITTEN FOR THIS TYPE OF BEHAVIOR. It is a felony. It is worth an investigation. And, it should definitively lead to Obama’s impeachment and removal.

Those individuals, senators and congressmen who do not agree that this should be investigated are co-conspirators in this felony. It’s a shame that Obama’s Chicago-style politics tries to muck-up what should be free and fair elections; elections decided by voters and NOT by crooked politicians — the law is very clear on this point.

AdrianS on May 30, 2010 at 2:26 PM

ADRIAN: hi, is the word of SESTAK not enough?, he went public with it, bye 🙄

OIL guy from ALBERTA: thank’s again, my question was because i was wondering how the 7 mans died of, probably the explosion, who can tell, i felt that they could have delayed to help the others,we will never know, but the family would like toknow. bye 🙄

Mr. J in Texas. Fracturing is a well completion process used in stimulating production zones. Silica is highly pressured to increase the porosity and permeability of the ancient reef which is usually the target area.

Cementing is a cureall for many processes and problems. Casing runs, whipstocks, plugs and abandonment runs(tombstones). The cement run in the GOM for (Bho Pal) is a well killer. They have to cut the riser off to get to the top for a seal and inject the cement in or find a kill line valve on the bop- to cement off the annulus. Google the terms for more info.

The latest I heard was that the riser is being cut and a bungy plug and conduit will be attempted.

First, unless the government says it is a crime it isn’t. Take the Philly New Black Panthers case. That was a clear violation but Holder found nothing wrong.

Second, Thanks for the input on the problem sealing off the rig. I had no idea the upper area was five stories high. If plugging it doesn’t work, can they clear the rig and then seal the hole with explosives?

Sorry,I couldn’t be more available. My daughter had trouble with her rental on a quick turnaround. Ok, where do I start?

Bees, everybody’s pet. A crew consists of :

driller and maybe an assistant
derrickhand and maybe an assisstant
motorhand ( floor leader and half assed mechanic)
stud roughneck
dummy roughneck
lease hand or roustabout

2 mudhands, therefore they probably had 2 drillers
2 company reps ( takes a least 2 to play cribbage)
1 naval type
That’s my lineup for 11.

My hunch for the explosian is the bank of diesel engines that raced to an explosian in the methane enriched atmosphere around the rig floor. I’ve seen this before. To save the engines you have to really move to close the intake manifolds and save the engines from flying apart.

Ok, Mata. Flopping Aces has put up the best commemoration for Memorial Day, I’ve seen so far.

Imagine that. FA has its own, fallen hero in Major Galloway. Hope and prayers, people ,and all the best to the Galloway’s. What a classy site!

There’s talk of faulty casing and a failing blowout preventer. Hole trouble before the blowout. Pressure tests of 6500 psi. Looks like some skirting of federal laws.

For deep holes I prefer Bethlehem, Dofasco, and to a lesser extent Kawasaki. Ipsco can be used on more shallow holes. Steel content and threading are critical. Availibility? By the way, Cameron has to answer for their bop.

Hey Arch, glad to meet you. You have more control with cement and a surefire well kill. Don’t worsen the mess.

On a casing run every 40 foot connection is measured for torque. There’s a computer readout and a paper trail for the integrity of the casing string. Any leaks can be found with a packer and more pressure tests. Where the leak is found you run a patch. At 6500 psi there was a leak or leaks. With this MMS and administraton there is going to be a gong show.

OIL guy from ALBERTA, thank you, that tell me thoses who died where possibly experts so closse to the engine trying to fix. i hear, ALBERTA has more people than housing, is’nt it . bye 🙄

Oil Guy from Alberta: This is I’m sure an idiotic question…. but it seems to me they could insert a bladder into the pipeline and inflate it with some sort of quick set foam or cement – sort of like a balloon angioplasty that cardiologists do to open clogged arteries. Is this at all feasible? Seems so obvious to me.